An Easy and Comprehensive Guide to Simple Mobile App Development

In today’s digital world, simple mobile apps development have become a crucial part of our lives. They make things easier, more fun, and help us stay connected. However, developing a mobile app might seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much technical knowledge or programming experience.

But don’t worry! Creating a simple mobile app can be a manageable task, even for beginners. This article is a beginner’s guide to mobile app development, where we’ll explain the steps involved in bringing your app idea to life.

We’ll start by understanding what your app needs to do and who it’s for. Then, we’ll create a basic design called wireframes to visualize how the app will look and work. We’ll also focus on designing the user interface, which means making the app easy and enjoyable to use.

After that, we’ll move on to the actual development process, where we’ll write the code that brings the app to life. We’ll talk about testing the app to make sure it works properly and fixing any issues we find.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to make the app available to others by deploying it to app stores like the App Store or Google Play Store.

Throughout this guide, we’ll also emphasize the importance of user experience – making sure the app is user-friendly and provides a smooth experience.

Whether you have a great app idea or simply want to learn more about mobile app development, this guide will give you the knowledge and tools to get started. So, let’s dive in and turn your app idea into a reality!

  1. Understanding Simple Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a thriving industry that creates innovative and user-friendly applications. Before creating a mobile app, it’s important to understand some basic concepts.

  • Platforms and Programming Languages:

Simple Mobile apps development are mainly developed for two platforms: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). Each platform has its own programming languages and development frameworks. iOS apps are built using Swift or Objective-C with Apple’s development framework called Xcode. Android apps are developed using Java or Kotlin within the Android Studio environment.

  • Development Frameworks and Tools:

Developers use frameworks and tools to make app development easier. For iOS, Xcode is the main development environment, offering features like code editing, testing, and layout design. Android developers primarily use Android Studio, which provides similar features.

  • Development Process:

The Simple mobile app development process follows these steps:

  1. App Concept and Planning: Define the purpose, target audience, and key features of your app. Research the market and understand user expectations and competitors.
  2. App Design: Create visual representations of the app’s structure and user flow. Design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to make the app attractive and easy to use.
  3. Development: Write code using the chosen programming language and framework. Implement the app’s features, integrate external services, and ensure smooth data flow and error handling.
  4. Testing and Debugging: Regularly test the app for bugs and performance issues. Test it on emulators and real devices to make sure it works well on different platforms and screen sizes.
  5. Deployment: Prepare the app for distribution by creating developer accounts on app stores like the App Store or Google Play Store. Follow platform-specific guidelines for submitting and reviewing the app.

In simple terms, mobile app development involves choosing the right platform, programming language, and tools. It follows a process of planning, designing, developing, testing, and deploying the app.

mobile app development process

  1. Defining App Requirements

Defining the requirements of a mobile app is an important step in its development. It ensures that everyone involved understands the app’s purpose, target audience, and key features. Well-defined requirements act as a roadmap for the development team, helping them work efficiently. Here are the essential things to consider when defining app requirements:

  • Purpose and Value Proposition:

Clearly define what the app is meant to do and how it benefits users. Identify the unique selling points and value it brings to the market.

  • Target Audience:

Understand who the app is for. Conduct thorough research to learn about the people who will use the app – their age, location, interests, and technical skills. This information shapes the app’s design and features to meet the needs of the target audience.

  • Key Features and Functionality:

Identify the most important features that the app should have. These features should align with the app’s purpose and address the needs of the target audience. Start with essential features and consider additional ones for future updates, avoiding overwhelming the users.

  • User Interface and User Experience:

Pay attention to how the app looks and feels to users. Design a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation. Test the app’s usability and gather feedback to improve its design.

  • Technical Considerations:

Consider the technical requirements of the app. Determine which platforms the app will be available on (iOS, Android, or both) and the minimum supported versions. Decide if the app needs to integrate with other services or APIs. Define any specific security or privacy requirements to guide the development process.

  • Budget and Timeline:

Establish a realistic budget and timeline for app development. Consider the resources needed for design, development, testing, and maintenance. Break the development process into phases and set milestones to track progress. Stick to the budget and timeline to ensure smooth development.

  • Competitor Analysis:

Study similar apps in the market and understand their strengths, weaknesses, and unique features. This analysis helps you differentiate your app and improve the user experience. Learn from their successes and failures to add value to your target audience.

In simple terms, defining app requirements means understanding what the app does, who it’s for, and what features it should have. It also involves creating an attractive and user-friendly design, considering technical aspects, setting a budget and timeline, and learning from competitors.

Defining app requirements is a critical step in mobile app development. Clear and well-defined requirements ensure alignment among stakeholders and provide a roadmap for the development team. By investing time and effort in this phase, an app can be created that addresses user needs, delivers a seamless experience, and stands out in a competitive app market.

  1. Wireframing and Prototyping: Simplifying Mobile App Development

Wire-framing and prototyping are important steps in creating mobile apps. They help developers, designers, and stakeholders visualize and refine the app’s structure, layout, and user flow before starting the actual development process. Let’s understand the significance of wireframing and prototyping in making successful mobile apps.


Wireframing involves creating a simple visual representation of the app’s user interface (UI) and its basic components. It focuses on the app’s layout, where things are placed, and how users navigate through the app. Wireframes provide a basic framework for the app, giving everyone a clear idea of how it will work.

The benefits of wireframing include:

  1. Seeing the App’s Structure: Wireframes show how different screens and features are connected. It helps identify any missing parts or issues with how the app is organized, ensuring a logical and easy-to-use design.
  2. Finding Problems Early: Wireframes help catch design and usability issues early on. This allows for improvements and changes before spending time and effort on actual development.
  3. Collaboration and Communication: Wireframes act as a visual tool for communication between the development team, designers, and stakeholders. They provide a common understanding of the app’s structure and functionality.


Prototyping takes wireframing further by creating interactive and detailed representations of the app’s interface and user experience (UX). Prototypes simulate the app’s functions and allow users to interact with it as if it were a real app. This helps in testing and refining the app’s design and functionality.

The advantages of prototyping include:

  1. Testing and Gathering Feedback: Prototypes allow for testing the app with real users and getting their feedback. This helps identify issues, improve user experience, and validate design choices.
  2. Iterative Design and Fast Development: Prototyping supports an iterative design process. Feedback is used to improve the app’s UI and UX, saving time by catching design problems early on.
  3. Showing Functionality to Stakeholders: Prototypes give stakeholders a clear idea of the app’s features. They can interact with the prototype and understand how the app will work.

Tools for Wireframing and Prototyping:

Several tools are available for wireframing and prototyping, ranging from simple sketching tools to specialized software. Popular tools include Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, and Axure RP. These tools provide pre-made design elements and collaboration features, making wireframing and prototyping easier.

Wireframing and prototyping are important steps in Simple mobile app development. They help visualize the app’s structure, layout, and user flow, allowing for collaboration, identifying design issues, and validating concepts before actual development. By using wireframing and prototyping techniques, developers and designers can streamline the app development process, improve user experience, and increase the chances of creating a successful and user-friendly mobile app.

  1. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are important for creating mobile apps that users enjoy using. UI design focuses on how the app looks and how users interact with it, while UX design focuses on the overall experience and how easy it is for users to accomplish their goals. Let’s take a closer look at each of these design aspects.

UI Design:

UI design involves creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for the app. This includes choosing colors, fonts, buttons, icons, and other visual elements. Here are some key points to understand about UI design:

  1. Visual Hierarchy: It’s important to organize the elements in a way that helps users focus on the most important information first. This can be done by making important elements bigger, using different colors, or placing them in prominent positions.
  2. Consistency: Keeping a consistent design throughout the app helps users navigate and understand it better. This means using the same buttons, icons, and navigation styles across different screens.
  3. Responsiveness: Mobile apps need to work well on different devices with various screen sizes. Designing for responsiveness means making sure that the app adjusts and looks good on different screens.
  4. Typography: Choosing fonts that are easy to read and match the app’s style is important for UI design. The right font can enhance the app’s appearance and make it more enjoyable to use.
  5. Color Scheme: Colors can evoke different emotions and set the tone for the app. Choosing a color scheme that fits the app’s purpose and creates a harmonious look is essential.

UX Design:

UX design focuses on creating a positive and smooth experience for users when using the app. Here are some points to understand about UX design:

  1. User Research: It’s important to understand the target users of the app and their needs. This helps in designing an app that meets their expectations and solves their problems.
  2. User Flows: User flows map out the steps users take to accomplish tasks in the app. Designing clear and logical flows helps users navigate the app easily and find what they need.
  3. Information Organization: Organizing the content in a way that makes sense to users is crucial. Proper labeling, grouping, and hierarchy help users find information quickly.
  4. Usability Testing: Testing the app with real users helps identify any issues or problems they may encounter. This feedback is valuable in improving the app’s usability and making it more user-friendly.
  5. Error Handling: Designing clear error messages and providing helpful instructions when users make mistakes is important. Good error handling helps users understand and recover from errors easily.
  6. Performance Optimization: Optimizing the app’s performance ensures that it loads quickly and responds smoothly. A fast and responsive app improves the overall user experience.

UI and UX Design Together:

UI and UX design work together to create a great app. A visually appealing UI attracts users, while a well-designed UX ensures that they can use the app easily and achieve their goals. Consistency between UI elements and user-friendly interactions are important for a cohesive experience. Prototyping and testing help refine the design based on user feedback.

By paying attention to both UI and UX design, app developers can create mobile apps that are visually appealing, easy to use, and provide a positive overall experience for users.

best mobile app development services

  1. Development

Simple Mobile app development have become a part of our lives, offering convenience and functionality. If you have an idea for a mobile app and want to create it, this guide will help you through the process.

  • Understand Your App’s Purpose:

Clearly define what your app will do and how it will help users. This will keep you focused and ensure that your app meets their needs.

  • Know Your Audience:

Learn about the people who will use your app. Find out their preferences and behaviors to design an app that they will enjoy using.

  • Sketch the App’s Structure:

Create a simple diagram or flowchart that shows how users will navigate through your app. This will help you plan its functionality and user experience.

  • Create Wireframes and Prototypes:

Make basic layouts of your app’s screens called wireframes. Build interactive versions of your app, called prototypes, to test and improve the user experience.

  • Design the Look and Feel:

Design a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Choose colors, fonts, icons, and other elements that will make your app attractive and easy to use.

  • Develop Your App:

Start building your app based on the design and structure you have planned. Choose the right development approach, such as native, hybrid, or web app development.

  • Test and Improve:

Thoroughly test your app on different devices and operating systems to make sure it works well. Gather feedback from users and make improvements based on their suggestions.

  • Publish and Promote:

Submit your app to the app stores, like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Follow their guidelines and promote your app through social media and other channels.

  • Analyze and Update:

Track how users are using your app and gather insights using analytics tools. Use this information to make updates and enhancements to improve your app over time.

By following these steps and continuously improving your app, you can create a successful mobile application that meets the needs of your users and provides a great experience.

  1. Backend Development and API Integration: Boosting Simple Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are a part of our daily lives, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? That’s where backend development comes in. It involves building the infrastructure that supports the app’s functionality, like storing and retrieving data. Another important part of app development is API integration, which allows the app to communicate with other services.

Backend Development:

Backend development focuses on creating the server-side components of a mobile app. This includes designing databases, servers, and the logic that makes the app work smoothly.

Server-Side Technologies: Backend developers use special programming languages and frameworks for server-side development. They provide tools and libraries to build strong and scalable backend systems.

Database Management: Backend development involves choosing and managing databases. Databases store and organize the app’s data, making it easy to find and use.

User Authentication and Security: Backend development ensures that users can log in securely and protects their data from unauthorized access.

API Integration: API integration allows the app to communicate with other services and use their features.

Retrieving and Sending Data: APIs help the app fetch data from other sources, like weather information or social media feeds. They also let the app send data to other systems, like submitting content or processing payments.

Third-Party Service Integration: APIs make it possible to connect the app with third-party services. For example, an e-commerce app can use an API to securely process payments.

Streamlining Development: API integration saves time and effort by using pre-built features. Instead of building everything from scratch, developers can use APIs to add desired features to the app.

Enhancing User Experience: API integration improves the app’s user experience by providing real-time information, social sharing options, and personalized content.

Backend development and API integration are crucial for mobile app development. They provide the foundation and functionality needed for modern apps. By building a strong backend system and integrating relevant APIs, developers can create apps that are secure, scalable, and offer a great user experience.


In conclusion, having a good understanding of the basics of Simple mobile app development is important if you want to create successful apps. This includes knowing about the different platforms, programming languages, development frameworks, and the overall development process. With this knowledge, you can effectively communicate with developers, make informed decisions, and bring your app idea to life. Remember that mobile app development is always evolving, so it’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to create apps that are user-friendly and up to date. Keep learning and exploring to create innovative mobile applications.

Local SEO Tips

The Most Effective Local SEO Tips to Grow Your Business in 2024

Are looking for some Local SEO Tips or Local SEO services in 2024? Well, you are at the right place! The role of Local SEO Serviceis often more important than basic SEO for business growth. Have you ever imagined how difficult it is to put your step directly onto the highest rung of a ladder? Clearly, the chances of losing your balance and falling down are the most predictable phenomena.

Similarly, trying to optimize your business website for the national and international audience straightaway without paying attention to Local SEO is an equally worse idea. ‘How’ and ‘Why’- all your queries will find a valid answer in this blog. So, here we begin with your complete and comprehensive guide to local SEO in 2024-

What is Local SEO and Why it is Important?

As we already know, Search Engine Optimization is an IT process of making a business website visible on Google search, local SEO is the foundation of the same. Local SEO is the process by which you can make your business visible to your local or surrounding area of business.

Simply put, Local SEO is very important to make your business grow. Especially, in today’s date and age, it is vital to have a good Google appearance and visibility to pitch to the target audience. Also, doing local SEO is not rocket science. But Just by following our few Local SEO Tips in 2024, you can master the art and science of local SEO.

Did you know that only creating a SEO Google my Business listing, which is also free of cost, is also one of the most popular local SEO strategy?

In fact, it is beneficial for every business owner regardless of whether he has a business website. If you already have a business website, Local SEO serves as an off-page SEO technique by creating a backlink for your business website. On the contrary, if you do now own a business website, then it makes you appear on Google even in absence of a business website.

Sounds just? So, let us now discuss in detail how local SEO can help our business grow in 2023-

How Local SEO Company Can Make Your Business Grow in 2024?

Local Search Engine Optimization is very important for a business as it brings unpaid and natural traffic to a business website. When a business flourishes locally, the chances of expanding the business to national and international levels are also multiplied further. How? Let us discuss this in detail-

It Justifies a Systematic Approach to Business Growth

Growth and development are systematic processes. Be it human development or business development, growth and development have a uniform pattern that moves from general to specific directions. Eventually, when a business is up to grow, it grows in a pre-defined direction-

When a business grows locally and starts bringing good income along with great customer satisfaction, then it becomes possible to expand the business to other larger areas. It is because starting a business directly on a larger scale might bring greater responsibilities, requires a larger investment, and might result in larger losses. Therefore, it is better to begin at the local level and thus, locally optimizing the business first is a judicious move.

Local SEO Lays Foundation for Regular SEO

When your business begins to do well at the local level, there are chances of getting free-of-cost word-of-mouth marketing. Your local customers satisfied with your services tend to inform their friends and relatives in the nearby areas. And this way, customers begin to visit your store from other parts of your locality as well. Now at this point, you need to work on the regular SEO of your business.

Actually, no matter whether your business is visible to long-distant areas until you have a good local impression which reflects in your Google ratings, online customer reviews, and oral recommendations, no potential visitor might take the risk of traveling a long distance!

Eventually, local SEO lays the foundation for regular SEO. When your business products and services are positively reviewed online, then regular SEO is worth it as it will bring a good number of new customers from other areas.

Google Knows Everything

How many times do you have to use the ‘SEO Near Me’ feature these days? Do you know that Google is the most visited search engine having 89.3 Billion visits per month? Additionally, Google encounters 8 Billion searches per day, and 46% of the shoppers begin their product hunt with Google search (Mohsin, 2024)!

Although Google near me is not used today in the era of total automation, Google is smart enough to use your device location and show you the most convenient ‘near-by’ results. Therefore, it is necessary to locally optimize your business with proper business descriptions and location tags to master the organic searches on Google!

Improves Online Visibility of Business

As stated earlier, about 46% of shoppers depend upon Google to find a product or a service. Also, according to Clark (2024), about 99.9% of shoppers read Google reviews before buying a product. Whereas, 96% of the shoppers look specifically or negative reviews.

Furthermore, Zalani (2024) states that around 69% of the total digital traffic comes from local and organic searches. In simple words, we can say that Google shows the most relevant results to the searcher. Therefore, when you search for a product or service, the first Google SERP would show the nearby services only! This is called organic search!

So, when you do Local SEO for your business, the chances of reaching more Target audiences organically and naturally multiply 10 times.

More Physical and Tangible Traffic to the Store

This is India, and ‘online’ is still a debatable and doubtful phenomenon these days. Whenever a person thinks of doing anything ‘online’, no matter how educated or skilled he is, he first worries about online frauds and cybercrimes.

Similarly, when a person finds your business online, he would first visit your store or would make you a call for his mental satisfaction. In this way, your store gets more physical traffic as well.

More Leads Imply More Conversions Business

When a potential customer visits your store, he is likely to be impressed and make a purchase. Also, when a person comes from a distant place, it is natural to buy a product even if it is not needed. So, it is good to show off your business online with local SEO and bring more traffic not only to your business website but also to the store. Eventually, there are higher chances of lead conversion to actual business.

How to Do Local SEO in 2024?

So, let us now come to the main matter of concern- how to do local SEO for your business. There are many ways to locally optimize your business appearance. Also, some local SEO techniques are free of cost and do wonders for your business. Local SEO tips & techniques also serve as an off-page SEO technique by creating backlinks for your business website.

Simply by creating some business listings, social media pages, and blog posts with the best-suited organic keywords, you can easily master local SEO tips & skills for your business.

So here are the best Local SEO Tips in 2024 along with some expert techniques by Appinnovix exclusively for our readers’ community-

Use Google My Business

When it comes to Local SEO Tips in 2024 and beyond, SEO Google My Business SEO technique will always be the first suggestion of every SEO expert. And so is ours. The first step you have to take for your local search engine optimization is to create a Google Business Listing. Creating a business listing profile on Google is free of cost. Moreover, Google Business listing is not rocket science at all. Use the following steps to start with google listing-

Local SEO Tips 2024

  1. Visit Google Business Profile Page Here
  2. Then, choose the ‘Manage Now’ option from the upper right-hand side corner of the website.
  3. You will have to sign in to your Google account first.
  4. Then, start with adding all the relevant business information to the profile- add your business name, description, photographs, and most importantly your location and contact details.
  5. Furthermore, once you have created the profile, share the same with as many people as possible and request them to provide good business ratings and reviews.

Local SEO Tips to Follow When Creating Google Business Listing

  • Always use a catchy business name and do not forget to target organic keywords for local search engine optimization.
  • Say, for example, Appinnovix is undoubtedly the best web development company in India. But we always target our local audience by keeping on using keywords like best SEO company in Lucknow’, ‘top web and app development company in Barabanki’, andBest web development company in Uttar Pradesh. This technique of using organic keywords always benefits us and brings more inquiries from surrounding areas.
  • Additionally, while describing your business in the Google listing, use organic keywords. Keep the description simple without any flowery language. Also, use active voice and more transition words in the description. It will improve the readability of local SEO content.
  • Do provide your detailed and most specific location address and contact details to receive more inquiries and in-store traffic.
  • Moreover, never overlook the importance of adding maximum photographs and inviting maximum business reviews from your customers.

To learn about this topic in detail, read our former blog on the topic ‘Business Listing Sites List

There are many business directories and online bookmarking sites that are free of cost and easy to use. However, creating a Google My Business profile is also sufficient. Nevertheless, if you have time and you are ready to invest in creating more backlinks for your business website, then using other business directories and business listing sites can also prove fruitful.

Some of the popular business listing sites include JustDial, Sulekha, India Mart, Crunchbase (USA), and Hotfrog. By creating a business listing here, you not only get additional backlinks but also your Google search visibility improves.

To know more about the top free business listing sites, read our previous blog Business Listing Sites List Here!

Embrace Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a boon for the local SEO tips of a business. All the social media platforms are highly optimized already on Google. Having a business profile page on any of these social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn, guarantees to appear on the first Google SERP.

You can also locally optimize your business pages on social media platforms just by following some expert local SEO tips for optimizing business pages on social media platforms-

Local SEO Tips in 2024 for Business Pages on Social Media Platforms

  1. Always create business profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as these are the highly visible platforms on Google’s first SERP.
  2. Also, provide all the information about your business such as Business name, description, photographs, and even founder details.
  3. Remember to target the most organic keywords in the business description. For example, ‘We are the best XYX services in ABC City, ‘you can avail the best XYZ services in the whole ABC State ‘we provide top XYZ services in India’ and so on!
  4. Furthermore, location tags or geo-tags are most important while making a social media business page. So, always choose a location tag while adding address on the business page.
  5. Also, keep your social media pages active by keep on posting relevant marketing content on these social media platforms. And never forget to add a location tag along with the organic keywords in the post.

For more information about location tags or Geo-Tagging, visit our former blog Geo-Tagging in SEO Here

Keep On Posting Local SEO Content on Business Websites

Apart from social media platforms and business listing sites, the primary weapon to promote business locally, nationally, and internationally is undoubtedly the business website. No business listing or social media page can replace the indispensable business website at any cost. The impact that a website leaves on the customer is not comparable to any other online marketing tool.

In fact, once a visitor happens to find your business via Google listing, he is 100% more likely to visit your website. Eventually, never overlook the importance of a website. Moreover, you can also use the business website for local search engine optimization. You can add location, contact details, and relevant business descriptions on the website as well.

However, follow these expert tips to do the local SEO tips of your business website-

How to Do Local SEO tips of a Business Website

  1. Always use organic keywords along with regular keywords in the website content.
  2. Remember to keep the Metadata highly optimized. Your Meta Title and Meta Description must always contain the target organic keyword.
  3. Moreover, the metadata should be in accordance with the Yoast Guidelines. Not aware of the Yoast guidelines? Well, let us sum up-
  4. Keep the content as simple as possible, and avoid any highly literary language.
  5. The sentences should be short and simple.
  6. Write the whole content in an active voice.
  7. Use more transition words and phrases such as- So, therefore, however, and, in this way, in a word, simply put, etc.
  8. Most importantly keeping your website active always is very important. So, the simplest technique is blog posting. It brings natural and engaging traffic to a website. Therefore, ask your content writer to prepare some local SEO content pieces in the form of blog posts and keep your website posted!

To know more about having a business website, read our previous blog- Creating Website for Small Business Here.

Do Not Forget Google Maps

Furthermore, Google Maps is another overlooked local SEO technique that most of small businesses ignore. But, Appinnovix suggests not to overlook the importance of Google maps. Although, when you create Google My Business listing, you will automatically get the business listed on Google maps.

However, if you still cannot find your business on Google maps, then add your business thereby visiting official site of Google Maps and follow the instruction below-

  1. Visit Google Maps on any device.
  2. Here, we are explaining the desktop or laptop version. See the image below-
  3. Once you visit the site, you will land on a page shown in the image above.
  4. Then, click on the 3 Lines highlighted in red on the image above.
  5. You will find the following commands-

6. Choose the ‘Add a missing Place’ option, then fill in the all required details.

The Best Local SEO Tools in 2024

Based on the above discussion, we can sum up that the best local SEO tools in 2023 include Google Maps, Google Business Profile, Business listing sites like Just Dial and Sulekha, and Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. So, in the present-day scenario, we have an ocean of local SEO tips tools in our hands.

But, apart from these tools, one should have a sound knowledge of organic search and organic keywords. Therefore, before jumping to the above platforms, always conduct good keyword research. You can analyze the business profiles and pages of your nearby competitors.

Check keywords using some free tools such as WordStream and Semrush. For your convenience here we have provided you with direct links to the free keyword research tools in the preceding line of this paragraph. If you are a beginner, then these local SEO keyword research tools, techniques, and platforms are sufficient, to begin with.

However, just remember that WordStream keyword research is free forever, but Semrush will charge after a few trials. So, you can choose at your convenience. We are 100% sure, that if you follow these local SEO tips in 2024, you will definitely get positive results this year for your business.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Local SEO tips is extremely important for your business. As people now tend to research online before buying a product or service, therefore it is mandatory to have a positive image online. In order to get that positive online image, having a local SEO presence along with a good number of Google ratings and reviews by the customers is one the most effective techniques.

When your business leaves a great impression on local customers and you get positive Google ratings from them, you are more likely to attract customers from other locations as well. So, start optimizing your business locally with these experts Local SEO Tips in 2024 by Appinnovix and reach your desired business goals!

Can AI Content rank on Google?

AI Content: Can AI Create Content That Ranks High on Google?

Have you ever paid attention to the smart devices and intelligent systems you use daily? Don’t you feel that in the present-day scenario, your smartphone understands you better than anyone else? Well, I do feel like that, and I can make you feel the same way through this article! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is behind such user experience! AI has conquered the world in many ways. From driverless cars to smart homes, all are the blessings of AI. But do you know that AI is now also penetrating the world of content? Hmm….sounds interesting? So, are planning to replace your demanding Content Writer with an AI tool? Stop and read this article before taking any steps! Remember that on one hand, AI Generated Content can rank high on Google, but on the other hand, it may also be too imperfect to rank on Google at all!

In this article, Appinnovix Technologies is sharing the whole concept of using AI in content creation. There is a fine line between generating high-ranking AI content and poor-ranking AI content! And in this article, we shall discuss how to intelligently use Artificial Intelligence for content creation. So that, you can get the best AI-Powered Content ranking high on Google SERP. Also, we will list some best AI content-creation tools. So let’s dive into the world of AI Content Generation

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Before understanding AI Content Writing, we first need to understand AI. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by a machine in a human-like manner. But how a machine, smart device, or intelligent system can demonstrate human-like intelligence? Well, do you ever wonder how Google regularly advertises the products you browse on E-Commerce platforms? Sounds interesting?

Let’s take another example! Watch a funny reel on your Instagram, and then keep watching similar reels every time you log in. Also, listen to a party song on YouTube and see a party song playlist immediately built by YouTube exclusively for you! All, these are some subtle examples of using Artificial Intelligence in your daily life. Alternatively, it seems that Artificial Intelligence uses us to keep us engaged with our smart devices!

In a similar way, the biometric security in your smartphone is the next level of human-like understanding between you and your smart device. Do you know that the famous Siri on the latest iPhone series (iPhone XI onwards) responds to its owner’s voice only? Even if you try hard to articulate the voice of its owner, it will never respond to you! Such a level of understanding between a smartphone and its owner! OMG! I wish such understanding develops between all of us and our partner!


Understanding the Role of AI in Content Generation

Now coming to our main matter of concern- AI in Content Creation! So, in simple words, we can say that now your smart devices and machines can also write for you! Yes, you heard that right! AI-Generated Content is any type of content that a machine creates or generates for you like a human. All you need to do is to provide a topic and some keywords to the AI content-creating tool and in a few seconds your article will be ready!

In recent years, technology has expanded its horizon in a dramatic manner, and developments in the field of AI have taken the life-experience to next level. Recently, OpenAI, a popular research laboratory based in San Francisco, California has developed a language model named Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) which utilizes deep learning to produce human-like textual content!

To everyone’s surprise, when AI tools generate textual content, it usually produces simple sentences which increase the chance of ranking high on Google! Oh, so you have just made up your mind to kick out your content writer? Well, don’t be that excited, and always remember two things-

  1. Artificial Intelligence is a creation of the Human Mind.
  2. Human Intelligence still holds superiority over artificial intelligence. There is a popular saying in our Indian culture- ‘A Guru never teaches everything to his disciple’ and so is the relation between AI and its creator!

So, replacing your content creator may not be a really cool idea. In fact, it might turn the tables on you by generating poor-ranking content that does not even make any meaning. However, it might save some of your costs. To understand better, we will need to quickly discuss the pros and cons of AI-Powered Content.

Advantages of AI-Generated Content

AI content tools have multiple benefits. Some of them include-

  • AI tools create Headings and Sub-Headings of an article or blog automatically which improves readability.
  • The Auto-gen content is usually in simple language and AI uses no flowery language which further improves the readability and the chances of ranking high on Google alike.
  • Keyword research is not a problem while generating content through an AI tool, but the AI generator auto-detects some relevant keywords and prepares a copy with evenly distributed keywords.
  • Similarly, writing a meta-description for the blog or article copy is also an automatic task with AI content generator tools.

In this way, one can judge that if one needs a simple content marketing copy in form of a social media post, blog post, or article without tolerating the tantrums of the content writer, then AI content tools can prove a boon! But, wait a minute and have a look at the other side of AI tools.

Disadvantages of AI-Powered Content

In spite of its ability to perform the process of content writing all by itself, Artificial Intelligence is still unable to compete with the creativity of your content writer. So, have a look at what AI generator cannot do for you-

1. Content Research:

Any AI content generator tool will not do the content research the way your writer does. Your content writer makes you pay through your nose because he or she just does not write content, rather it takes a lot of research to make one engaging marketing or non-marketing content!

The writer will collect statistical and scientific facts and data from reliable sources like Statista, Government websites, news articles, and research papers. But on the contrary, the AI tool will gather information from non-reliable blog posts ranking high already on Google!

2. Creativity:

Moreover, AI-Powered Content can never be out of the box. Rather, only simple informative content is presented by means of AI content generators. A content writer on the contrary knows the value of reader engagement. Eventually, the writer always designs content in a reader-friendly manner.

They apply techniques like using story-telling methods of writing, interactive tone, and real-life examples in their content to ensure that the Target Group reads the copy with interest. Especially, when it comes to marketing copy and advertising content, catchy lines and creativity are all that we need. But AI fails to fulfill that requirement!

You may get the content generated from an AI tool. Also, the AI content might look as perfect as done by humans. It will include proper keyword research, headings, sub-headings, and even relevant images. But in the end, you will have to create the backlinks on your own!

So, AI does 80% job only, and for the remaining 20%, you still need human assistance. So, there is no complete package of AI content marketing tools.

4. Adding the Right Images:

AI acts in a robotic manner and in order to get the task done in seconds, it overlooks the quality. While a human will use the most interactive and eye-catchy images in the content marketing copy, the AI tool will just copy-paste an image found most quickly! In this way, AI content is not able to engage its reader and the chances of increased bounce rate remain at peak!

5. Grammatical Errors:

Have you ever tried Quiltbolt? Hearing that first time? Well, let us explain! Quiltbolt is an AI content tool that is best known for its paraphrasing abilities. If you have done academic writing or know an academic content writer, then you must have heard about Quiltbolt. However, let us introduce Quiltbolt further, it is an American AI tool. But, if you try it for paraphrasing a piece of content you will find-

  • Firstly, it just converts the active voice to the passive voice and vice-versa in name of paraphrasing.
  • Secondly, the content it reproduces is grammatically incorrect many times! Yes! An American making grammatical errors in English due to its Artificial Intelligence.
  • Additionally, Quiltbolt reproduces the content with Artificial or programmed intelligence. Now suppose, you and your friend paraphrasing the same content simultaneously! Its programming is such that-
    • It will first convert the voice
    • Then it will replace some of the terms with a similar term
    • Later, if you rephrase again and again, it will just shuffle the words here and there meaninglessly!
  • Ultimately, you and your friend, both will end up having the same content and when you post it on different websites, it will never rank due to plagiarism!
  • The Google ranking will be hindered due to grammatical errors and the use of passive voice as both are against the rules of Content Management Systems.

So, did you understand the fact that since an AI content tool is programmed systematically, it will produce the same content for everyone? Suppose 5 people generate AI content on the topic- ‘What is Artificial Intelligence’ with the same AI tool! All 5 will get the same content and none will rank on Google!

6. Lack of Subjectivity, Opinion, and Judgement:

Additionally, while preparing marketing copy, subjectivity, opinion, and judgment on the writer’s part are the soul of a blog post, article, or any other type of marketing content! However, AI tools cannot generate opinions in a human-like manner. Although, the AI tools might pick some subjective content from other similar posts, only to paraphrase and reproduce! Eventually, it takes the soul of content away!

So Can AI Content Rank High on Google?

In a word, yes, it can! But it is not necessarily true in all cases. In spite of using AI content generation tools, Human Intelligence is a necessity to proofread the content and bring life to it with creativity. Content writing is a combination of art and science. It is the art of conveying a message to a particular Target Group in a scientifically convincing manner! When we compile research, systematic data collection, technology, analytics, psychology, and literature together, then we get a content writer!

Eventually, using AI tools for high-ranking content generation may be a good idea but it requires careful proofreading and testing on appropriate Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress engine. Failing to present the content in accordance with CMS guidelines can only make the content rank poorly. It might lead to re-writing which eventually leads to the wastage of time and effort!

Moreover, not all the AI content generators are reliable sources, but only a few hold water! So, let us now list the 5 best AI content generator tools, to reduce the time, effort, and your (paisa per word) PPW cost-

Best 5 AI Content Generator Tools


1. WriteSonic

This particular AI Content generator tool claims to produce marketing copies, blog posts, and even product descriptions. However, the tool gives one free trial, but later it becomes fully paid. Also, WriteSonic claims to be based completely on the latest GPT-3 technology. Moreover, since this article is not generated via AI Tool, let us inform you that our content writer has tried the free version as part of her content research, and she claims that WriteSonic has an easy User Interface. Also, the platform offers a set of templates for different types of content.

2. Copy.Ai

Copy AI claims to produce content for marketing copies, sales advertisements, social media marketing, and any other SEO content. Not only has this, but Copy AI also offers content in 25 languages. Although, it produces content in the simplest form of a language and is suitable for producing voluminous content only. So, if you need a larger piece of content for your Pillar-Page post, then Copy AI may be the right choice.

3. AI Writer

The best part about AI Writer is that it claims to produce plagiarism-free content. Moreover, AI Writer is also tested by our writer and it has an easy User Experience. However, the writer opines that it is more like an article spinner only and one can get no engaging content with this tool. However, the content is SEO-Friendly.

4. INK

The features of INK include-

  • 60 Writer Templates
  • User-friendly experience
  • 30 Languages
  • SEO-Friendliness
  • Ability to generate marketing content, YouTube descriptions, and website content as well

5. Ryter

Ryter is another popularizing AI content writer that has-

  • Free plan to produce 5000 characters a month
  • 30 templates for marketing copies and product descriptions
  • GPT-3 based AI generation tool

Final Verdict: To Use or Not to Use AI Content Creator, That’s the Question!

To conclude, we can say that technology is to use only! So, it is good to use AI content writer tools without hesitation. AI tools can provide simple and easy-to-understand high-Google ranking content. However, overdependence on AI content generator tools and fantasizing to eliminate the human content writers altogether is not an option. In order to bring creativity, engagement, and grammatically error-free content, human intelligence is a necessity. Therefore, Appinnovix Technologies recommend using AI tools for facilitation only. Moreover, coupling Human and Artificial Intelligence together can produce the best-ranking content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Generated Content?

AI Generated Content or AI-Powered Content is textual content that is produced by an intelligent device, system, or any other machine. AI-generated content tends to articulate human-like text. However, it may or may not be grammatically accurate and cohesive.

Does AI-Powered Content Rank High on Google?

Simply put, AI-powered content may or may not rank high on Google depending upon various factors. The choice of AI tool, its features, and also manual backlink creation together affect the Google search ranking.

What is GPT-3 Technology?

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model developed by Open AI, an American IT research Lab. This language model is autoregressive in nature. Also, it is a language model technology that tends to generate human-like textual content using deep learning, machine learning, and AI technology.

Does Google Penalize AI Content?

Google may or may not penalize AI Content. It depends upon the type of content generated by the AI tool. If an AI tool is capable of generating content in accordance with the Google Webmaster guidelines, then it may rank high on Google. An AI tool producing content as per the requirements of CMS can rank higher on Google. However, it will still need human proofreading and editing to reach the utmost level of perfection.

How to Rank AI Content High on Google?

AI content can rank high on Google if it is backed by proper keyword research. Also, if the AI generator is capable of distributing the keywords evenly, then the content has a good chance of ranking high in Google. However, to increase the chances of making the content rank high on Google, proper proofreading by expert content writers and sufficient backlink creation by the SEO team are more important.

Will AI Content Writer Tools Replace Content Writers?

In a word, never! AI content writing tools are never perfect. In fact, most of the time they produce content that is grammatically incorrect and is in passive voice. Both conditions worsen the Google ranking of the content. Moreover, certain AI tools even produce sentences that are neither cohesive nor meaningful! Additionally, AI tools do not produce creative and out-of-the-box content. Eventually, so far AI has no capability to replace human content writers!

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Software Development Company in Lucknow

Identify the Genuine Software Development Company in Lucknow!

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs in India. Every year, millions of tourists visit Lucknow to taste the age-old Indian Mughal culture. However, over the past years, Lucknow has progressed in a dramatic manner. And today, the city of Nawabs is not confined to cultural importance alone. But Lucknow has also emerged also as home to a myriad of software development companies. However, not every software development company in Lucknow is trustworthy like Appinnovix Technologies and various frauds take place here!

Additionally, custom software development is a common demand of businesses these days. But, many a times we fall prey to fraudulent website development companies. It is not easy to identify a fraudulent web and app development business in Lucknow. So, in this blog Appinnovix brings some useful tips to identify the ‘red flags’ while choosing a developer company in Lucknow

Why Do We need to Be Careful While Looking for a Software Development Company in Lucknow?

Did you know that in Lucknow, one person falls prey to cybercrime every 10 minutes? However, software development companies are not the only reason. But still, a fraud software company plays a vital role in both forgery and cybercrimes. As we said earlier, Lucknow is progressing fast and now also housing various IT start-ups. But not every software development company in Lucknow is worthy to trust. Some of the companies do not have software knowledge and their sole aim is to make money anyhow! Therefore, it is important to be careful while looking for a software development company in Lucknow.

Moreover, if you fall prey to a fraud software development company in Lucknow, you will not only suffer money but also data loss. On one hand, the fraud company will take money from you, on the other hand, they can also steal your sensitive personal data only for misuse. Apart from that, some over-smart software companies can also charge you unfairly for a simple software service. Furthermore, let’s have a broader look at-

How a Fraud Software Development Company in Lucknow Can Cheat me?

A fraudulent software development company in Lucknow will have multiple ways to cheat you. Some of them are listed below-

1. A Fraud Software Development Company in Lucknow Will Offer Alluring Prices

A fraud website development company will often allure you by offering exceptionally low development service prices ‘initially’. However, if you finally decide to take software development services from them, they will keep on introducing additional requirements and increasing the cost of services. It is because they know very well, that you can’t deny when you have already spent on software and rather you will get the work done anyhow.

2. They Will Stop Responding to Your Phone Calls After Taking Money

Also, once they have delivered you the product like a software, mobile app, or website and if it is not working well afterward, they will never be responding to your call as soon as they receive their payment. Eventually, in the end, a fraud software development company in Lucknow can make you whine and cry helplessly. And later on, you will have to find another website development company and start all over again.

3. Your Personal Data Might Be on Their Radar

However, not all fraud developer companies cheat you financially but some are over-smart. A fraud software company can also be keeping an eye on your company’s personal data. They can steal sensitive business information or can also provide software or app with weak encryption which is easy to hack and spy on. Eventually, they can sell this sensitive data to hackers and to your competitors.

4. Your Bank Account Passwords Are on Target

Additionally, a fake software development company in Lucknow can also ask you to pay through unknown online payment gateways. This way, they can steal sensitive bank details like account numbers, passwords, OTPs, debit card numbers, and CVV. Eventually, you can also fall prey to bank account fraud if you are trapped by a fake mobile app development company.

5. Forget About Getting Any Software Services

Above all, the most common type of fraud is when a company takes money from you but never delivers any software service. So, the wrong software development company in Lucknow can also ditch you after taking money. And instead of getting a poor quality service, you might end up getting no software service at all.

However, if you want to save yourself from such fraud, you need to be a careful and aware customer. Keep the following points in mind while seeking software services from a Lucknow-based Software Development Agency

How Can I know that A Software Development Company in Lucknow is Genuine?


Be smart and investigate their background thoroughly before blindly signing any contract or pact with them. Once, you research thoroughly the background and history of the software development company in Lucknow, only then you should proceed to do any business with them. For example, remember the following steps-

1. Check the Website of the Software Development Company Thoroughly

Always check the website of the software development company from which you are planning to take software development services. Actually, when a company is there to do business seriously and honestly, it will own a well-built responsive website for sure. It is because owning a website often burns a hole in the pockets. But when a business is serious, it will see it as an investment.

Moreover, by looking at their website, you can also judge their skills and expertise. Because no website development company will get its website developed by some other developer company. Rather, the company will self-design its website. So, if they have a good quality website, they have good quality developers! For example, you can check Appinnovix Technologies’ official website and you will understand that Appinnovix has high-quality web development skills!

While stalking the website, also always find the privacy policy and legal notices on the website of the software development company in Lucknow. It will give you their Headquarter information so that you can know who you may contact in case of a dispute. Additionally, privacy policy document also offers detail about what sensitive data a website collects and how they use such data. Eventually, you can understand their business in a better way.

However, if such information is not disclosed on the website of the software development company, then it implies-

  • Either the business is too new and inexperienced
  • Or the business is fraudulent

Whichever be the case, if you want high quality work, you must avoid to contact with such businesses.

3. Find Contact Information

It is most important that you visit the ‘contact us’ page of the software development company’s website. If the company offers clear and robust contact details including-

  • Headquarters Address (Correspondence Address)
  • Responsive contact number
  • Valid Email ID
  • Details of all other branches

Then, the company is definitely reliable. However, it is your job to contact them to verify the details. So, visit their office at the given address if possible. Call the number given and mail them on the ID you found on their website. Then see if they are responsive or not.

4. Believe a Software Development Company in Lucknow Having Multiple Branches

Moreover, Appinnovix suggests that do not rely upon a company that has a single location. Rather, if taking software services for the first time, choose a company that has more than one branch. It is because, when a web development company has a single local branch, it implies that either it is a new business or a business that has not grown for a longer time.

So, you should always avoid the local software development companies in Lucknow. Rather, you must rely only on a well-developed business. For example, Appinnovix is one the best software development companies in Barabanki, and also other parts of Uttar Pradesh!

5. Check and Google Search Their Clientele

Also, on their website, you should also look for their clientele. A software development company never forgets to flaunt its valuable clientele. If a company has a good number of corporate clients of small and medium sizes, then it means that the company is reliable.

However, do not forget to Google search the clientele companies and check even if they exist or not. Sometimes, a company can also offer fake client information. So, you will need to cross-verify the details with your own efforts.

6. Meet in Person if Possible

Moreover, the best way to identify a genuine software development company in Lucknow is to meet the company in person. Although in the present-day hybrid and remote work culture we often take leverage not to visit the service provider. However, when taking services from a business for the first time, it is important to meet them in personal 3 to 4 times. It offers an opportunity to observe the company closely and develop a healthy trust in the business relations.

What If I Have Been Cheated by a Fraud Software Development Company in Lucknow?

In spite of taking utmost care, a fraud software development in Lucknow can still con you. So, if you are that unlucky, we are sorry to know that first. Secondly, we advise that you need not worry. But follow the following tips-

1. Prevention is the Only Cure

In such cases, prevention is the only cure. There is no use in crying over spilled milk. Eventually, one must always be careful while taking services from a software development company in Lucknow. So, never trust a business unless you visit them in person 3-4 times. Also, avoid sharing sensitive business and bank information with these companies.

Always, cross-verify the education, skills, and expertise of the developer team. And do not choose freelance app developers, web developers, and software developers from online portals just to save money.

2. Never Pay Online Via Unknown Platforms

Also, never pay through unknown payment gateways, mobile apps, or web apps. Rather, choose traditional offline and online payment methods such as UPIs, QR Scan, Cash, and Checks. Providing credit or debit card details to an unknown company may land you in problems. So, be careful even at the time you reach the stage when you decide to take services from a particular company.

3. Report the Scam

Finally, in spite of taking this much care, if you have still fallen prey to a fraudulent company, then you must report the scam to the nearest police station. If it was an online crime, then you will need to visit the cyber cell of the police. However, if you shared OTP with the fraud company at your own will, even the law will not save you.

Thus, remain careful! Also, you can visit the normal police station branch if the fraud type was not cyber for example, you visited the company, and made the payment, but received very poor quality and no redressal. In such case, the consumer laws will apply and you can seek legal help!

Final Thoughts

Finding the right software development company in Lucknow is not cakes and ale. Apart from being the city of Nawabs, Lucknow is also a land of cyber criminals and fraudulent companies. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while taking any kind of software services, financial services, and even web development services from an organization here. So, be a smart consumer, and always choose what is best for you!

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Creating Website for Small Business

Read This Before You Start!

With a rapid rate of digitalisation and the massive focus of the Government of India on campaigns like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’, small businesses based in Indian households have gained great momentum. In the present-day scenario, homemakers and young students have tasted empowerment and financial independence especially by starting small home-based businesses. However, these creative minds have great potential to globalize their business. But their business fails to reach people only because they do not recognise the need of having a website for small businesses! Small or large, a business website has a myriad of benefits for a business. And especially in the case of a small business, a website always proves a boon! There are many top website development company, like Appinnovix Technologies, that can help you get the best small business website in your budget in 2024.

So, are planning to have a website for your small business in 2024? Well, if yes, then you must read our latest blog carefully before you start! In this blog, today Appinnovix Technologies is going to present a complete guide to small business websites for you. And today we will learn-

  • 10 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Business Website
  • Benefits of Creating Website for Small Business
  • What Should Be Your Small Business Website Design?
  • How Much Does It Costs to Create a Small Business Website in 2024?

10 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Website for Your Small Business

Maybe, you are highly satisfied with your small business performance and your nearby customers are loyal to you. But don’t you feel like expanding your small business to a medium one? Profit may not be the sole, but it is the primary aim of every business. Moreover, growth and development are not only the necessities of life but also for a business. So why don’t you plan business expansion in 2024? A small business website built with a good website development company can help your small business grow. How? Well, here are the top 10 reasons-

1. Look Trustworthy & Genuine with a Small Business Website

Trust is a major issue when you advertise your small business. In our day-to-day life, we come across many small business advertisements, but we often overlook their existence as we overthink of the-

  • The credibility of small business
  • Product Quality
  • Returns and Exchange etc.

However, when you have a professional business website designed by a top website designing and development company, and you advertise the website and not the business. Then, your business appears credible to the TG. So, having a business website makes your small business appear genuine and not a scam.

2. Look Professional & Serious as a Small Business

People are quite smart nowadays. They would often opine that if a business is maintaining a website, which of course takes a good amount of time and effort invested, then the business must be serious enough and the product quality would also be professional.

On the contrary, if your small business does not have a business website, the TG will always be skeptical of your product quality, deadline abidance, and professionalism. So, when you invest in a website a good amount of money and effort, people judge that yes, you are here for the business on a serious note.

3. Flaunt Your Business Style & Your Happy Customers

Furthermore, when you add pictures of your physical place of work, customer testimonials, team, and products on the website, then it leaves a positive impression on the visitor or Target Customer. Moreover, it also enhances your business image. However, you can flaunt these pictures via social media as well, but when you do it on your website, your small business looks more professional.

Also, nowadays, people prefer to visit a business website only as they get additional information from there. Social Media offers only images but the website offers detailed business information in a well-organized manner.

4. Appear on the First Page of Google SERP as the Best Small Business

A professional website design and development company uses various SEO techniques and relevant keywords to make your business appear on the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This helps you appear on Google when people search for a business using keywords like-

  • XYZ business near me
  • The best XYZ company in the ABC state
  • Best XYZ services near me
  • The best SYZ services in ABC state and more

These are the top keywords that people use to look for a business. They might be searching for a restaurant, beauty salon, wedding planner, or even a website designing company. So, whatever small business you have, you need an optimized business website to make your presence felt among the best businesses of your kind!

5. Generate More Leads

When you come in notice via Google, believe us, you will generate uncountable leads for your business. Do you know that researchers have found, that in 2022 Google had over 4.2 billion users from around the world? Not only this, but with the growing population, this number is determined to increase only! Also, according to Fit Small Business, a website dedicated to educate small business entrepreneurs and aspirants-

  • Around 71% of small businesses already have a website today.
  • 97% of potential customers learn about a small business from the internet only.
  • Especially, half of the potential customers find a local business via Google only.
  • 62% of the searchers ignore a small business without a website presence.
  • Also, around 5% of potential customers judge a small business by its website appearance.

Clearly, a small business website and its website design have a great role to plan in business lead generation. So, always remember these stats while creating website for small business.


6. Invite Investors to Fund Your Small Business

Apart from generating leads, if you are planning to expand your business, then with the help of a professional-looking website, you can also invite investors to fund and invest in your small business. As stated earlier, around 38.5% of people judge a business on the basis of its website design, hence you must get your website designed by a good website designing company.

Afterward, when you look for investors, they always ask for a link to your business website on a primary basis. Eventually, if you pitch 100 investors, you are likely to get at least 38 investors for your business based on stats. Also, the chances of receiving angel funding or getting acquired by a big brand multiply a hundred times.

7. Hire People or Make New Business Partners

Even if you are already a medium-sized business not limited to a couple of family members and friends as team members. Then, you might be looking for hiring expert professionals. However, sometimes a start-up, small business, and even a medium business face trouble in maintaining good employee retention. Freshers tend to join small businesses but head toward large corporates after receiving training and gaining experience. This harms the reputation and productivity of a small business to a great extent. Also many times, people do not apply for a job in your business when you lack a professional website doubting it is a scam.

However, when you have a professional website that offers a transparent job listing, existing team information, and a resume submission feature, then a job aspirant finds it more impressive and credible. Eventually, you get access to more educated and professional job seekers. A professional website development company will always add this feature to your website design while creating website for small business. And if they don’t, you must remind them!

8. Make Your Small Business an Online Business

Also, you should remember that the pandemic has changed our lifestyle as a customer to a great extent. Today we rely completely on e-commerce and online business services. Owing to the social distancing norms and busy corporate schedules, visiting crowded and time-bound markets is now too old-school. All the customers prefer to buy things online today. Eventually, you must consider making your small business an online business. Especially, if you are dealing in clothes, groceries, medicines, and food items, then having an online e-commerce store is a necessity. So, always ask your chosen website development company to add an e-commerce store to your small business website. This will bring more sales to your small business.

9. Know Your Customers Better with Data Analytics

Did you know that having a website also gives you insightful information about your customers? And this insightful data helps you judge your customer needs better and plan business activities accordingly! Suppose you get information like-

  • At what price a product was bought maximum during a month?
  • Which product is in the card of most of your customers but is not bought due to higher price?
  • In the particular time slot, your e-commerce website is visited by the largest number of customers
  • The location of your customers and similar other personal information

Woooo……isn’t that like a genie’s magic? How easy it will become to plan sale prices, timings, and alluring offers for your customers! Additionally, the boost it will give to your business sales will be exceptional! Your chosen website designing and development company will always help you get insightful website data analytics. And your business will fly like a rocket!

10. Build a Business Community with Regular Blogs

Fit Small Business also explains that the businesses that offer blogs to their readers generate 67% of more leads. Also, around 61% of US buyers make a purchase after reading a blog. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact a website development company today, and get a professional business website for your small business right away. Also, do not forget to get the ‘Blogs’ tab on your business website. And build a business community with regular blog posts. Also, do not forget to market your products in a subtle manner in your blog posts. Then see how it boosts the sales of your small business!

Top Benefits of Having a Website for a Small Business

So, all in all, we can sum up the following benefits of creating website for small business

  • Increases business credibility.
  • Also, brings professionalism to business appearance.
  • Makes businesses searchable on Google.
  • Helps generate more leads.
  • Increases business sales.
  • Improves business image.
  • Leaves a good impression on potential customers and investors.
  • Brings insightful customer data to light.

Thus, having a good business website has a myriad of benefits for your small business.

The Right Small Business Website Design

So, are you planning to create a professional business website for your small business in 2024? Well, if yes, then you must be wondering how to make the perfect-looking professional website for your small business! So, remember that you must instruct your chosen website designing and development company to add the following content and features on a primary basis to your business website.

The Design

The small business website design must always be professional and the content should be well-organized. Make sure, that you use light and professional colors in the website design. Also, add optimized images to the small business website design. Moreover, the load time must be as short as possible. The user interfaces that the performance of your small business website must be fast and smooth so that no visitor contributes to an increased bounce rate.

If you wish to know more about- How to Improve Your Website Performance then you must read our previous blog right Here.

Furthermore, you must remember the expert tips from Appinnovix Technologies for creating websites for small business-

The Content

Content is the king of Digital Marketing. And a business website is the primary tool of digital marketing. A website gives you a virtual space to present your small business and pitch your products and services to billions of people. Therefore, the website design must be professional and the website content needs to be engaging and informative. So, always ensure the following while creating website for small business

  • Be precise and accurate while writing information
  • Provide maximum business information on the small business website
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes as it will make you look less professional
  • Use enough variety in content and use written content, image, and video content in good proportion.

Additionally, while designing website for small business, ask the website designing and development company to add following pages or tabs-

Home Page

Always make your home page alluring. It must appear lively and must provide a summary of your business. For example, if you are in web design and development, then your homepage must inform the same primarily. Like- “We are the Best Web and App Development Company in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh”. You must also include the number of successful years you have been in business for. Say for example- “we have been serving the areas of Lucknow, Greater Noida, Noida, and even Delhi for the past 10 years”. This adds credibility to your small business.

Also, flaunt your business values, ethics, and ethos on your business website homepage. Most importantly, add a slideshow of images having the happy and smiling faces of your business workers. It brings a positive vibe to the visitor and he or she is likely to trust your business and your claims faster.

About US

Then, comes the ‘About Us’ page. ‘About Us’ page is the backbone of a small business website. Not only the potential customers but also the business investors and the top corporate researchers visit this website page to find out more about your small business. Eventually, your ‘About Us’ section needs to be the most informative section on your small business website. Also, you must instruct the website development company to include the following information on the About Us page-



The founded year, founder details, and the developments your small business has gone through since its inception are the most vital information. How you came into this business and how many successful years you have spent in the industry is a ‘must have’ on the about us page. So, provide this information clearly on the About Us page.


Who are the founder of the business and the leaders of the business is the piece of information that most investors would look for while planning to invest in your business. Also, job seekers and job aspirants look for leadership information before applying for a vacant situation in your small business. So, add images of your founders and leaders along with their titles and qualifications. Adding their experience and expertise information further makes the small business website appear more professional.

Team and its Expertise

Likewise, never forget to flaunt your team of experts and their skills and expertise on your small business website. This further leaves a better impression on the website visitors and they are likely to make business with you quicker. Additionally, when you add pictures of your staff members to your website, it also motivates your workers and their loyalty and respect increase towards the company! Thus always add team members’ happy photos to the About Us page while creating website for small business.

Apart from the above, the following pages or tabs must also adorn your small business website-

A Detailed List of Services

Always provide a robust list of the products and services that you offer to your customers. For example, you must check the official website of Appinnovix Technologies. We never forget to list even a single product or service that we offer. It is because sometimes it happens that a customer visits the small business website for a particular product, but buys another product or service as well if it leaves a good impression on him.

And to leave a good impression on your customer, you must provide precise and informative product descriptions. Also, add images of your products if applicable. Moreover, you must also try to include a portfolio of successful projects delivered so far!

Contact Information

Last but not the least, contact information is the ultimate information that helps you generate business leads and queries. Therefore, provide valid contact information on the business website. Make sure that you remain available on the provided phone number and email address. Lest you should lose the business lead. Moreover, add Headquarter Address in addition to the phone number and email address. Also, you must ask the website development company to add a Google Maps Link on the contact page itself.

This page must disclose the Privacy and Cookies policies such as what information the website collects for analytics. Also, you must offer the legal terms of your business. This will further help build trust among the visitors!

Cost of Creating Website for Small Business in 2024

So, now you must be curious to know that how much it costs to create a website for a small business in 2024! Well, simply put, the cost of building a website for a small business ranges from $200 to $10,000 depending upon the website design, pages, and features. Moreover, in India, the cost of creating website for small business is INR 10, 000/- to INR 2, 50, 000/-. However, on average if you add fewer animations and choose a simple website design, then you may get the job done within a price bracket of INR 10, 000/- to INR 50, 000/-.

The website features and content pages listed above are sufficient for a small business website. So, Appinnovix Technologies advises you to go for the above pieces of information only during the initial stage. Once you start generating a good number of leads and your revenue increases, then you must go for adding fancy and advanced website features. For example, having an online store with virtual try-on products may replace a simple online store in the future. Likewise, you can increase the animations as well after your revenues increase.

Final Thoughts

So, we can sum up that having a business website for a small business is really important these days. By building a professional small business website, you can not only boost the credibility of your business but also you can leave a more positive impression on your potential customers and investors. Also, lead generation and increasing sales become much easier with a Creating Website for Small Businessas a digital marketing tool. So, hire a professional website designing and development company today to create a website for a small business of yours in 2024. Start the New Year with a new business website. Appinnovix Technologies wishes your small business all the very best!

Forum Submission Sites

The Best Forum Submission Sites: Website List!

After a great response to our previous blog-‘PPT Submission in SEO’, today Appinnovix brings another unique off-page SEO technique exclusively for you. Forum Posting in SEO is another unique but effective off-page SEO technique in digital or SEO marketing. However, lesser-known, yet forum posting gives highly effective outcomes in website SEO. Many of our readers must be hearing about forum posting or forum submission for the first time. But no fear, when Appinnovix is here. As we discussed PPT submission in detail in our previous blog, today we will discuss about forum submission.

In this blog, we will first explain the meaning of Forum submission. Then we will also provide you with top 15 forum submission sites with high DA scores. So, let us make you ready to have an edge over your competitors-

What is Forum Submission?

Simply put, forums are online discussion platforms where debates, discussions, and conversations take place. Forum submission is the means to partake in such online conversations. These days, just like PPT submission, forum submission is another off-page SEO technique that may be less popular but is highly effective. Now the question is ‘why a business would like to partake in forum posting?’ Well, an online discussion may be on any topic such as new emerging technology, personal health, hygiene, fashion, or anything.

So, whatever industry you work in, there is a forum discussion topic on it. By forum posting about your product, industry, or brand, you can create brand awareness for your products. Also, you get a chance to market your product directly to the target group.

Top 5 Forum Submission Sites: Appinnovix Expert Picks

However, the internet is loaded with a myriad forum submission sites, but as per our content and web experts, the following 5 platforms have the highest DA and they are the best forum submission sites in 2023-

1. Quora

Who has not heard about Quora? But did you know that Quora is a forum posting site? Well, sometimes we tend to find things while they are already present around us. Quora is the fit example of that. This platform has a Domain Authority Score of 93 which is extremely good. Moreover, Quora is a popular platform for public discussions in India.

At present, Quora has over 300 million users alone in India. In this way, even if your business is limited to India, Quora can be the best forum submission platform for the online SEO marketing of your business. Thus, pitch your products to 300 million Indians today with a forum post on Quora!

2. Reddit

Yes, you read that right! Apart from being a popular PPT submission site, Reddit also allows forum posting facilities. Moreover, this American platform has a DA of 93 points and it houses around 50 million users from around the world. Eventually, Reddit can kill two birds with one stone. And you can post PPT and forum simultaneously on this platform. It will save you time and effort. And also, it will improve your appearance on Google SERPs by making your website SEO better with sufficient backlinks.

3. Discord

Although, Discord is a newbie in the world of SEO marketing, yet it is the fastest-growing forum posting platform today. Not only this, but Discord allows its user to share video, image, and voice content as well. It gives chatting facilities to anyone at any time. At present, Discord holds 100 million users, and the number is growing at a fast pace. And the cherry on top is that it has a DA score of 93 points which is way too sufficient for improving off-page SEO.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow offers online forum discussion facilities in the Question-Answer format as Quora does. The platform has a DA score of 92 though, the only limitation of this platform is that it is dedicated to the field of technology and stack development. Eventually, if you are in a technical business like web development, app development, or digital marketing then Stack Overflow can be a house to you. However, in the opinion of Appinnovix, this platform is best suited for the IT-schools, colleges, and institutes.

5. GitHub Community

GitHub is another popular forum posting site. Mostly, marketers use GitHub for guest posting. However, GitHub Community also allows users to hold forum discussions. At present, GitHub Community claims to house around 83 Million users worldwide. The number of users is a bit small though, but the DA score of GitHub Community equals 49 which is good enough for creating backlinks with a 500-word forum post.

How Forum Submission is Important for Website SEO and Business?


Forum Posting is a boon for our website SEO as it helps create sufficient backlinks for your business website. You just need to be careful about the keywords and brand communication in your forum post. Moreover, forum submission in SEO is not limited to creating backlinks for off-page SEO but it has various other benefits too. For example-

  • Forum posting helps in connecting to the target audience directly. You may address their queries and issues directly over the forum submission platforms. Also, it further multiplies your appearance on Google SERPs. The more you are active online, the more you are likely to be on top of SERPs. Thus, forum submission helps in online marketing and SEO marketing
  • Also, forum posting is helpful in making new business contacts. You may find business people of similar industries and make contacts with them. Hold valuable discussions with people of the same business niche and multiply your knowledge with these forum submission platforms.
  • Forum submission makes you look knowledgeable and scholarly person. It makes your business image better. And these days, the young generation prefers to believe in a wise and learned businessmen only. So, if you present scientific facts about your products on forum posting sites, the audience is likely to believe faster.

Writing the Best Content for Forum Discussion Platforms: Pro Tips for Forum Posting Content

Having understood the benefits of forum posting for business relations, customer management, and website SEO, you must now be curious to know ‘how to write the best content for forum discussion’. Well, in simple words, while you write content for forum submission, you must look as knowledgeable as Albert Einstein, Shashi Tharoor, and Shakespeare. But worry not! We are not asking you to read thousands of books, newspapers, and novels. But Appinnovix, like always, explains to you how to ‘look’ scholarly in the forum posting activity. So follow these tips-

How to Write Forum Posting Content?

Word Count

Always remember that these days, people prefer short reading time due to busy life schedules. Therefore, do not write forum posting content of more than 500 words. Unlike on-page SEO, you do not need 2000-3000 words of content for forum submission. And within this word limit, you have to present only the important facts and a justification of how your products are distinguishable and useful.


Also, the topic of your forum submission must be relevant to your product and industry of business. For example, do not waste your time and effort writing about fashion and trends when you have a mobile phone manufacturing business. Always choose relevant topics and pitch your products the right way.


Conduct thorough research on the topic you are writing for. For example, if you are writing about smartphones, then remember that IT is the most rapidly advancing sector. So, when you pitch your latest smartphone to the customers, make sure that you provide detailed information about all the features that are trending high. Such as 5G network support, processor details, RAM and ROM explanation, and so on. Moreover, over include scientific facts, the latest research discoveries, relevant stats, and numeric data and figures in the forum posts. It will give weightage to your claims. Also, add links to online accessible research topics and facts, it further improves the SEO of your forum submission content.

Tone and Language

Additionally, never use marketing language in Forum posting. Appinnovix suggests you write in a friendly tone like a blog, but present information like a scholar or researcher that appears like an academic piece of writing. After all, if you sound like a learned industry expert, only then you will be able to impress the present-day audience. However, keep the language simple and comprehensible, so that the readability of your content does not fall apart.


If possible, then also try to add more bullet points, images, graphs, and smart charts to your forum content. This will make the content readable and help you in SEO marketing. When your forum post is readable, it is more like to appear on the top results of Google SERPs. The more your content is discoverable, the more your business is discoverable.

What to Keep in Mind while Writing for Forum Discussion platforms?

Apart from these valuable tips, Appinnovix also suggests that never try to demean your competitor through forum posting. It is because forum submission websites are public and accessible worldwide. So, if you speak ill of your competitors on a public platform, it may lead you into legal trouble.

Eventually, be cautious while writing content for forum discussion platforms. Furthermore, make no false claims about your product as an experienced customer is likely to comment publically. It will also harm your image. Moreover, if possible, always take help from a professional content writer as he or she can do the job best for you!

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Content for Forum Posting Platforms

All in all can sum up that one should not commit the following mistakes while writing for a forum submission website-

  1. Never write defaming content about your competitors.
  2. Also, do not post anything on a forum submission site. Rather, write completely research-based content on an online forum.
  3. Avoid content larger than 500 words as it is a technique of off-page SEO. If you write too long content, then the bounce rate (people not reading the content fully) will increase and it will destroy your SEO marketing

Some Other Forum Posting Sites

So, now we have provided you with the best 5 forum posting sites to begin your new SEO marketing journey in 2023. However, by posting on 2-3 forum submission sites, out of the above website list, you can create sufficient backlinks to improve your website SEO. But still, if you want more, then you may go for the following sites as well-


All of the above forum posting sites are do-follow websites with a good DA score. Eventually, you can post forums on any of the above website lists.


What is Forum Submission?

Forum Submission is an off-page SEO technique that helps improve website SEO by creating backlinks for business websites. Additionally, forums are online discussion platforms where a business can spread product and brand knowledge via debates and discussions. This off-page SEO technique helps in online marketing and boosts website SEO.

Is Forum Submission same as Forum Posting?

In a word, yes! Forum posting and forum submission are the same and they can be used interchangeably.

Does Forum Posting Really Improve Website SEO? How?

Yes, forum posting really improves your website SEO. It helps your business create sufficient backlinks. You can offer links to your company website pages, online product pages, and E-commerce store pages via a forum posting. This helps improve the SEO and also helps in the online marketing of your products.

Which is the best Forum Submission Site?

However, there are many forum submission sites, but in the opinion of Appinnovix, Quora, Reddit, and GitHub are the best!

How many words should I write for a Forum Discussion Platform?

For Forum posting, the content must not exceed 500 words. It is because writing long content on forum submission sites increases bounce rates. So, try to be concise, engaging, and informative with short and knowledgeable content while posting online for forum discussion platforms.

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Social Bookmarking Sites List

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Directory Submission Sites List
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Article Submission sites

Top PPT Submission Sites List

PPT Submission in SEO: Top PPT Submission Sites List

PowerPoint Presentations or PPTs are one of the most engaging types of content in the digital world. Apart from being traditional and the oldest content type, PPTs also fit in the new era of digital and visual appeal.

Today, in the world of digital marketing, almost every type of business tends to allure its target audience with an engaging social media presence. Instagram reels, Facebook posts, and even WhatsApp and E-mail marketing are used vigorously.

And this necessity to master social media and digital marketing has generated a huge demand for engaging content. Undoubtedly, a PowerPoint presentation can be an effective tool to communicate more visually and less verbally.

Therefore, in this blog, today we are going to discuss the importance of PPT submission in digital marketing. Also, we will try to access the top PPT submission sites list with the help of this blog.

What is PPT Submission?

PPT submission is an off-page SEO technique in which one submits business PPT content to a third-party website that has high domain authority. As a matter of fact, PPTs have been the most traditional and engaging business content tool for years.

Eventually, posting engaging and informative PPT content on PPT submission sites helps promote your business. Additionally, it also creates backlinks and improves your website SEO. Sometimes, a business invests a great deal in business website development.

But still, his business fails to appear on the first search engine result page (SERP) on Google. Therefore, by creating business profiles, and business listings, and posting engaging content on various social platforms a business tries to market digitally.

PPT submission is also one such digital marketing technique. And in PPT submission a business posts PPT content on PPT submission sites.

What PPTs I Should Submit to Promote My Business?

Appinnovix knows that PPT submission must be an altogether new concept for many of its readers. However, Appinnovix will simplify the concept for its readers as much as possible. Simply put, PPT submission is the same as posting an image, reel, or status on any social media platform. However, the only difference is that in PPT submission you will have to post the PPT content on PPT submission websites. So, before jumping directly on the PPT submission sites list, you must first understand that what type of PPT content will be suitable for your business to post on PPT submission sites. Follow these tips from Appinnovix digital marketing experts

Pro PPT Tips by Appinnovix

  • Always make your PPT alluring and engaging with professional appeal.
  • It may be about your business, the services you provide, your products, and their importance for your TG.
  • Your PPT content must have more visuals and fewer words.
  • Even if you have to write some content, make sure it is anecdotal and presented in bullet points only.
  • Simply put, avoid long paragraphs. You can opt for blog posting if you want to write paragraphs.
  • If possible, hire a freelance PPT expert so that your PPT is best to engage your audience.
  • Avoid too dark or too light fonts and colors to make it alluring.
  • And most importantly, create as many hyperlinks as possible to your website content to create maximum backlinks.

What Kind of PPTs I Should Not Submit on the PPT submission sites?

Apart from the aforementioned do-follow tips, you should also keep in mind what not to post on a PPT submission site list-

  • Your PPT must be precise and in bullet points avoid using long and boring paragraphs while submitting a PPT on the PPT submission site.
  • Also, make it universal. Use simple English language and try not to be a Shashi Tharoor or Shakespeare. The language must be as simple as you find in the book of a 4th or 5th standard child.
  • Additionally, the PPT design must not be too difficult to read or stare at for a low-vision person.
  • Never post any abusive or inappropriate content.
  • Also, remember that you must focus on presenting your services and products as the best. And you must never try to demean any of your competitors. Otherwise, your competitor will post poor comments on your PPT and it will negatively affect your target audience.

How Does PPT Submission Help Your Business?

PPT submission is an off-page SEO technique that helps create sufficient backlinks for a business. And creating backlinks helps improve the website SEO. Apart from this, even if the business website fails to rank high on the Google SERPs, these PPT submission sites have high DA (domain authority) and a business becomes visible. Therefore, PPT submission proves extremely beneficial for a business. Also, it acts as one of the most efficient SEO and digital marketing tool for business. Apart from these technical benefits, PPT submission has some psychological benefits as well like-

  • PowerPoint presentations appeal more to the target audience. It is psychologically proven that visual scenes are not only more attractive, but also it is easier to remember information that is presented visually.
  • PPT offers a detailed demonstration of your business, goods, and services in fewer words. Therefore, not only the target audience but also your business investors prefer PowerPoint presentations.
  • Eventually, with PPT submission, you can not only improve your website SEO but also can attract some investors and receive angel funding. So, choose the right PPT submission site and give your best to grow your audience and get more investors.

So, let us now find out the top PPT submission sites list where you can improve your website SEO and grow your business-

The Top 07 PPT Submission Sites

Here is the list of websites that offers PPT submission. We will first discuss the top 07 do-follow PPT submission sites with high DA. Then we will also provide you with the remaining 15 PPT submission sites list.


1. SlideShare

The most popular PPT submission site in the whole world is SlideShare. SlideShare does not only has a high domain authority. But, also the popularity of this platform is really high all over the world. The Domain Authority of SlideShare is such that it always ranks on the first page of the Google SERP. So, it can prove the best PPT submission site to improve your website SEO. Apart from this, students rely most on SlideShare for educational notes. Eventually, if your target group (TG) comprises young adults then you can encash golden opportunities from this platform.

Say for example, you can post educational content in accordance with your product line and offer hyperlinks to your products. Suppose, you offer grooming products, you may create an engaging PPT on marketing tactics, organizational leadership, and management. Also, you can offer examples of your organization and your products.

You can access SlideShare at-

2. SlideServe

Another free-of-cost PPT submission site is SlideServe. Not only it is free of cost, but it also allows its users to upload PPTs in more than 4 languages. Also, one can create and share PPTs by creating free channels of own. The SlideServe website also claims that at present it has 1.2M users and 420k+ daily visitors. Eventually, you can not only market your business digitally here but you may also find valuable business contacts.

So, you may access SlideServe at-

3. LinkedIn

Surprised to see LinkedIn on this list? Well, natural but not needed. Although, so far people identify LinkedIn only as a job search portal. But, LinkedIn has expanded its horizon to education, content, and social connectivity spheres as well. Simply by keeping your profile or business page ‘public’ on the LinkedIn platform you can share almost any type of content with a large audience. Today, LinkedIn houses nearly 875 million users all over the world.

Moreover, you may simply upload your PPT content on your business profile page at this platform. Additionally, if you wish to share the PPT as a post only, click on the ‘+’ icon (which is add post). Then, you will automatically get an option to upload an image, pdf, doc, or PPT file.

So, access LinkedIn right here and get a free-of-cost profile and business page-

4. Microsoft Sway

Unlike the other PPT submission sites provided in this blog, Microsoft Sway is a presentation program. However, it is one of the most user-friendly PPT programs and has alluring features. And especially, if you are not willing to hire a PPT expert and cannot even create engaging PPT content on your own, the in-built PPT templates in Microsoft Sway will prove a boon for you. Also, you can share your PPT content online with Microsoft Sway.

However, the only disadvantage of Microsoft Sway is that it allows you to share PPT content with your selected friends and co-workers only unlike the other public and social platforms. But, engaging PPT content is just a ‘sign in’ away and you can use any of your Email accounts or even phone number to sign in. Additionally, Microsoft Sway is an MS office family programme but it works as a web app and you do need not to download the program.

In fact, you can access Microsoft Sway here- and see the magic works.

5. Google Drive

Our employed and student group audience must be aware of Google Drive. Google Drive is another online PPT submission platform that belongs to Google- the king of the internet. Therefore, being worried about the DA and PA scores is futile while uploading and sharing a PPT via Google Drive. However, Google drive will also allow you to share content with whom you wish to share. In a nutshell, your PPT will not be a publically accessible document. However, you will need to sign in for Google Drive as well. But the process is similar to signing in to the MS Sway!

You can access Google Drive at- and start uploading PPT and other MS Office documents to share.

6. Slides

This platform also provides you with features similar to MS Sway. But the difference is that you can share publically your PPT content here. Apart from PPT submission, also offers creative and easy-to-edit PPT templates. So, if you are not an expert PPT creator, then Slides is another platform you may rely on. Also, you can share your business PPT content publicly with this platform.

But at present Slides has only 2 million creators and the platform is still seen as a start-up. Also, the PPT templates are highly professional without a doubt, but they are not free to use. However, it is always best to give a try to every new thing as you never know what trends overnight in the digital world.

Here is the gateway to Slides-

7. Reddit

Now, let us discuss an amazing business content-sharing platform- Reddit. Reddit is an American social platform that allows its user to share business content of any format publically. In addition to sharing content, Reddit also serves as a discussion forum where its users may connect with each other to hold discussions. Therefore, Reddit can prove a vital digital marketing tool for generating leads via engaging and alluring business content. Additionally, Reddit also serves as a PPT submission site with a good domain authority (DA score).

So, you can access Reddit here to explore more about it-

In the opinion of Appnnovix, the 7 best PPT submission sites or PPT submission platforms are as provided above. All these platforms are extremely popular not only among business people but also among the audience. Therefore, you can use these free-to-access high DA PPT submission platforms for the improvement of your website SEO. Use PPT submission for online marketing of your business with consistency and raise the digital marketing bar for your competitors. Once you access and understand these websites completely, you can also access the following sites to add more backlinks for your website SEO

Some Other PowerPoint Presentation Submission Sites

The following PowerPoint submission sites are also ‘do-follow’ websites with high DA scores. Once well-familiar with the above-mentioned 7 platforms, start creating backlinks with-



1. What is PPT submission in digital marketing?

PPT submission in digital marketing is an off-page SEO technique that is used to improve website SEO. By submitting PPT content to a PPT submission site, one can create sufficient backlinks for his or her website SEO.

2. How PPT submission can benefit my business?

With PPT submission, you can create a sufficient number of backlinks to your business website and improve your website SEO. Additionally, if you use ‘do-follow’ PowerPoint submission platforms like SlideShare with high DA scores, you may also appear on the first page of Google SERP.

3. How PowerPoint Submission is important in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has various channels including business websites, apps, social media platforms, and more. But PPT submission is a less popular but more effective digital marketing tool. So, if your business already has a digital presence with a good website and social media, then PPT submission will help you to raise the bar with your competitors.

4. What are the top free PPT submission sites?

In a word SlideShare. Apart from it, all the aforementioned sites are one the leading PPT submission sites all over the world.

5. Is PDF submission is same as PPT submission in SEO?

In a word, NO! PPT submission is uploading PPT content on a PPT submission site to improve website SEO. Whereas, PDF submission includes the submission of PDF documents. A PPT submission site may or may not offer PDF submission facilities. And if not, then one can submit PDF papers on different research publishing platforms like Research Gate, Emerald, and more. However, it is going to take deep research work and will target only the scholarly audience. But PPT submission targets a bigger and less specific audience and is easier. Also, PPT submission will consume less time and effort.

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How Much Does Progressive Web App Development Cost in 2023?

“Mobile Apps” is probably one of the most trending terms these days. Goods or services, today, we can avail anything with a mobile app. Did you know that Play Store and App store, both house around 3.5 million and 2.2 million apps respectively? And no doubt, that the app market is going to depict a huge bounce in the upcoming years. Moreover, IT is a highly progressive sector that goes through upgrades consistently. Therefore, it may be predicted that App Store and Play Store will no longer dominate the app market. Rather, almost every web design and development company tries to bring progress in the field of mobile app development. And progressive Web app development is a new-found trend that has the potential to dominate the web development industry.

However, if you are new to the field of IT and low little of web and app development, then Appinnovix brings a complete guide to progressive App development for you.

So, in this blog, we will discuss-

  • What is a Mobile App?
  • Why a mobile app?
  • Mobile App Development Cost Overview
  • Types of Mobile Apps: Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps
  • Why Choose Progressive Web App Development Over Native Apps
  • App Development Costs
  • How to get a budget-friendly app for business?

What is a Mobile App?

Any computer program or software that provides certain types of functions is known as an application in the IT world. Simply put, the programs that we use on our smart devices are nothing but ‘applications’ or just ‘apps’. In this way, all the programs that we can use on our smartphones are mobile apps. For example, WhatsApp messenger, Zomato, Uber App, Ola App, and even Temple Run are all examples of mobile apps. In fact, if you download these apps from Play Store or App Store, don’t be amazed to know that these two are also prominent examples of mobile apps.

All around the world smartphone penetration has been quite steady over the past few years. At present, the global number of smartphone users has been estimated up to 6.3 billion. And the companies like Xiaomi, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo, and a few others have played a vital role in the growth of the number of smartphone users. The pocket-friendly smartphone devices, that these companies develop, make smartphones accessible even to low-income groups. However, these smartphones are nothing more than a dummy without web and app development services. Eventually, the development of smartphone manufacturers and a web design and development company go hand in hand.

Why Mobile Apps are Significant to a Business?

We can judge from the above discussion that the number of smartphone users is already at a remarkable stage at present. Moreover, this number will rise with the rise in population in the upcoming years. As per estimates by Statista, a popular open-source for research data, the number of smartphone users will far surpass the benchmark of 7.6 billion by 2027. Likewise, the IT sector will continue to progress at a much rapid pace. Even developing countries today own 5G networks and the developers are striving to launch 6G by 2024. Consequently, every web design and development company will strive to upgrade its services steadily.

Additionally, the factors like pandemic and the resultant change of lifestyle of people worldwide have further boosted the growth of smartphone manufacturing and IT businesses. Now people are accustomed to availing of all kinds of goods and services through a mobile app. Why anyone would step out of home when everything is available at the doorstep anytime and anywhere? So, having a mobile app is vital for all kinds of business in the present-day scenario. Small or big, your business requires a mobile app to grow at a rapid pace!

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Mobile App for Business?

So, are you now curious to know how much a mobile app will cost for your business? If yes, then let us tell you that mobile app development is not cake and ale, but this investment often burns a big hole in your pocket! However, one must not see it as an expenditure but an investment. Moreover, the average mobile app development cost ranges from $2000 to $12, 500, that is, from 1.5 lac/- INR up to 50 lac/- INR.

The cost range is quite wide but it depends upon various factors we have already discussed in our previous blog. For example, these factors include-

However, in this blog, we will first discuss the types of mobile apps briefly. And then we will discuss the cost of these apps straight away while focussing on progressive web app development. However, if you want to know about the mobile app development costs in 2024, then you must read our previous blog right HERE.

Three Major Types of Mobile Apps that a Web Design and Development Company Can Provide

Broadly speaking, there are 3 major types of mobile apps and relevant mobile app development techniques. We can understand these 3 major types below-

Native Apps

The most popular kind of mobile app development is native app development. Native apps are mobile applications designed specifically for a specific platform. Apps developed for iOS and Android, for example. We will need to download native apps from either the App Store or the Play Store. Also, native apps will consume device memory on downloading. However, in today’s world, these are the most popular types of apps. The reason for this is that these apps are accessible from anywhere at any time and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Performance-wise, till-date native apps are unbeatable. The fastest-performing and easiest-to-access apps are only native apps so far. Although complex to develop, native apps bring the maximum revenue to every web design and development company. However, to bring such cutting-edge user experience, native apps also require the latest and most competent app development technology. Likewise, they cost much higher than the other two types of apps.

Web Apps

Then comes, the most basic, and probably also the most primitive app type-web apps. Web apps are more responsive websites that provide an app-like user experience. Simply put, web apps are websites that function like apps. For example, we have the Uber website, or web app, which is the most appropriate example of a web app. If you are already using the Uber mobile app, you must also use your web browser to search for the Uber website. Likewise, Twitter and Facebook are other examples of web apps. Obviously, the interface will be the same as in your mobile app.

However, less popular, but web apps have several advantages, of which few include the-

  • Ability to function even on a 2G networks
  • No need to download
  • Eventually, no memory issues and it might prove bliss for the Apple device users
  • And most importantly, a much smaller app development cost as web apps are the easiest to develop for any web design and development company!

The only con of web apps is the user experience issues. The over-dependence on a browser makes web apps more time-consuming for a user. Eventually, these are less popular among users. However, the IT sector is bound to provide what is best for the public. Therefore, a mid-alternative is gaining popularity these days which is-

Progressive Web App Development (PWA Development) or Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications, as the name implies, are programs that have the functionality of both native and web apps. Progressive or Hybrid applications are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world. And the reason for their rising popularity is their low cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. To put it simply, hybrid apps have functionalities that are similar to native apps. Moreover, today every web design and development company will suggest its customer opt for PWA development. PWAs allow users to download web applications to their home screens, receive push notifications, and even operate offline. This is feasible due to current browser improvements as well as the Cache and Push APIs.


Why Choose Progressive Web App Development Over Native Apps?

A progressive web app or a hybrid app can have combined features of a native and web app. For example, a user will find an app icon on the device’s home screen like a native app. However, on touching the icon, the user will land on a web app that runs over a browser. But it shortens the process of opening the browser, typing the URL, and then accessing the web app. Moreover, a progressive app will function even when the networks are not strong. And in some cases, the progressive web app can also function offline! Above all, it will cost almost half of a native app development cost! Isn’t that intriguing?

To sum up, progressive web app development advantages will include-

  • Best user experience, more downloads
  • More downloads will result in increased sales
  • Progressive app development costs will not burn a hole in the pocket
  • Last but not the least, one can avail maximum and the best technology at the lowest price!

Understanding the App Development Cost in 2024

Be progressive or a native app, the app development cost depends upon various factors. However, from the view of technology, one can we can say that the following factors play a prominent role is determining web app development costs-

  • The Technology User by the Web Design and Development Company

The latest the technology, the higher will be the cost of development. Generally speaking, native app development utilizes the latest and adapted versions of the technology. For example, Kotlin, Python, Java, and C++. However, a web app uses the most basic forms of programming languages and technology. Say, for example, HTML, Swift, and Ionic. A progressive web app development will utilize a combination of different types of upgraded and basic versions of the technology. Eventually, the cost will lie somewhere between that of native app development and web app development.

  • Number of Features One Adds to the App:

An app can have various features like user log in, payment processing, calling, and even GPS tracking. The more features your app and business model require, the higher will be cost of development. On average, you may judge the app development cost on the basis of the following estimates-

  • User Login- $500-$1,000
  • Profile Creation- $900-$1,000
  • Calling- $14,000—$16,000
  • Payments- $2,500-$3,000
  • Messaging- $900-$3,000
  • Maps- $3,000-$4,000

However, the cost might vary from web design and development company to company.

  • Use of animations and motion UI:

If you choose to develop a fancy app for your business, clearly you will require more animations and motion UI techniques. Eventually, it will multiply the progressive web app development cost by double. Additionally, if own an apparel business and need a virtual store for your progressive web app, then the cost will go even higher.

In a nutshell, progressive web app development might cost between $5000 and $12, 500 depending upon the complexity of the progressive web application you aspire to own. Additionally, factors like the location of the chosen web design and development company and its brand value will also affect the costs. The bigger the brand, the higher the cost!

How to Pull Down the Progressive Web App Development Costs in 2024?


While choosing progressive web app development for your business, you will need to optimize your approach toward the app development process. And your target must be to get enough efficiency and performance while minimizing costs. Therefore, you will need to choose between the features quite wisely. Appinnovix suggests the following-

  • Be Less Fancy, and More Upgraded

Always pay attention to quality and prioritize simplicity over fancy. In place of spending on animations and motion, make sure that the app development process is backed by the latest and highly upgraded technology. Eventually, pay attention to the web design and development company you choose. Ensure that the developer’s team is fully updated and knows the best. The coding techniques the developer uses will affect the efficiency of the app to a great extent. Even a slight code error might spoil the whole game. Moreover, poor encryption may lead to third-party penetration and cyberattacks. Therefore, prioritize the best the most secure coding techniques over fancy animations. So, choose the company and features wisely.

  • Use Fewer Animations

Secondly, never fall prey to a web design and development company’s sugar-coated talks. Always, face the sales team of the company with sufficient knowledge. These days what the sales and marketing team of an IT company does is fool the customer who lacks sufficient knowledge. So, you might get fooled if you do not know what Appinnovix has disclosed to you in this and its previous blog. The company will ask you to go for features that you do not even require. But adding them will only benefit the company. So, make sure that your service provider is adding no fancy animations unnecessarily to your progressive web app.

  • Be Ready for the Ready-Made Codes

Appinnovix will also give you a pro tip. So always remember that be progressive or native, it is not necessary to write each code for an app every time. Say, for example, if you need a progressive app with features like user login and profile creation, the developer can simply copy these codes from existing popular progressive apps like Twitter and Facebook. And the developer will require to just change the branding and appearance. However, the developer company will never disclose such things to you. But since Appinnovix prioritizes its customers’ welfare, hence we are letting you know it. In this way, you may ask the web design and development company to use ready-made and available codes as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

So, Appinnovix has now given you enough training to choose the right kind of web design and development company for app development. Moreover, we have also given you a complete guide to progressive web app development costs in 2023. On average, a progressive web app will cost you around $5000 and might go up to $12,500. So, now you may estimate that progressive web apps (PWAs) will have an edge over native apps in the upcoming times. Also, the budget and user experience friendliness of the progressive web apps will raise their demands. So, if you too have a small or large business, consider Progressive Web App development as a necessity.

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How Much Does it Cost to Create an App in 2023?

From needles to swords, everything is available on an app today! Agree? Well, of course, you do! Whether it is shopping for apparel, buying groceries, or ordering food from a small or big restaurant! Today, anything in this world is just a few clicks away. So, having a mobile app is a necessity these days if you are into any kind of business. In fact, no matter what industry you work for. But having an online presence is compulsory to grow your business. In such a case, the first question that strikes your mind will be ‘How much does it cost to create an app in 2023?’ So, Appinnovix dedicates this blog to all those who are looking forward to owning an app in 2023 for their business.

In this blog, we are explaining in detail the importance, cost, and factors affecting mobile app development in 2023. Also, we will try to share some tips to choose the right kind of app and the most suitable mobile app development company.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App: An Overview

However, owning a business app is a necessity these days. But mobile app development is not an easy investment. Whether you choose a local IT firm or a big multinational corporation, having a mobile app often burns a hole in your pocket. On average, mobile app development in India can cost around 1.5/- lac INR to 50/- lac INR. And this is equivalent to USD 2000 up to USD 12500. However, for too many of us, the bracket range of $2,000-$50,000 might seem a little confusing. Why the bracket is so large? Well, in a nutshell, it depends upon various factors. So let us now dive into the details and discuss what are the factors affecting the cost of mobile app development in India

What Affects Mobile App Development Cost in 2024?

Well, the major factors that would affect the mobile app development cost for your will include the following-

1. Type of Mobile App You Need for Your Business

Technically speaking, there are majorly 3 types of mobile apps-

  • Web App

The most basic type of an app is the web app. Web apps are more responsive websites that offer a user experience that is app-like. Simply put, websites that function like an app are web apps. The most suitable example of a web app can be the Uber website or Uber web app we can say. If you are already using the Uber mobile app, then you must also search the Uber website on your web browser. Undoubtedly, you will find the same interface as in your mobile app.

Also, for more clarity, we would advise you to open any E-commerce app and website of your choice. You will experience that using an e-commerce website is way too different from using an e-commerce mobile app. So, do not get confused between a website and a web app.

Also, remember that themobile app development process for a web app uses simple technology like-

  • HTML5
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript and
  • CSS

Moreover, the user does need not to download the app on his or her device. Eventually, web apps are more cost-saving. Therefore, web app development can cost you as low as $500 (around 40-50K INR).

  • Native App

Then comes the most popular native apps. Native apps are those mobile applications that are developed for a particular platform. For example, apps developed for iOS or Android. Native apps would require the user to download from either App Store or Play Store. Also, native apps take device memory. However, these apps in the present-day scenario are the most popular types of apps. And the reason behind this is the anytime anywhere accessibility and 24*7 hour availability of these apps.

The most popular examples include social media apps like Facebook and e-commerce mobile apps like Amazon and Flipkart. Additionally, Swiggy, Zomato, and even Fintech apps like Paytm are the most prominent native apps in India these days.

The native Mobile App development process is not as easy as web app development. So, it takes more complex and robust use of technology such as-

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • C++ and
  • React as well

Eventually, native mobile app development costs more time as well as more money. In fact, owning a full-fledged native app might cost you up to $100,000 (8-10/- lacs INR). However, the outcome is always worthy and delivers the best possible user experience.

  • Hybrid App

As the name suggests, Hybrid apps are apps that carry the features of both Native as well as Web apps. Hybrid apps are getting popular all over the world at a rapid pace. And the reason for their growing popularity is their cost-effectivity and user ease. To simply define a hybrid app, we can say that hybrid apps have features like native apps. For example, a hybrid app may-

  • Be responsive
  • Run faster
  • May function offline
  • Can connect to the device camera, contacts, etc.
  • And may also have an app icon on the device screen

But, simultaneously, the hybrid app will not require a necessary download from the app or play store. One can just add the icon to the screen of the device. And it will be like creating a bookmark for a website, but the user experience will be app-like!

The prominent examples include Twitter and Instagram! Also, the hybrid mobile app development process uses technologies like-

  • Ionic
  • Objective-C
  • Swift and
  • HTML5

Simply put, hybrid mobile app development would use both web technologies as well as Native app technologies. However, the cost will neither be as low as that of a web app nor it will be as high as that of a native app. You may get a hybrid app for your business in $10,000-$50,000 (8 lacs INR-40 lacs INR).

How much does it cost to create an app

2. Type of Business You Have

Apart from the type of app, the type of business you have also affected the mobile app development process and the relevant costs. Not all the businesses are same, and so are their requirements for a mobile app. For example, while a buying and selling business might require a virtual store feature, a financial business would have no use for it. Likewise, only an e-learning app will require attendance marking systems. So, the business type directly affects the features and complexities of an app. And eventually, it affects the cost incurred!

Also, let us understand this mechanism with a simple example. Consider the following individual app features and have a look at their average development costs-

  • User Login- $500-$1,000
  • Profile Creation- $900-$1,000
  • Messaging- $900-$3,000
  • Payments- $2,500-$3,000
  • Maps- $3,000-$4,000
  • Calling- $14,000—$16,000

So, the more you want, the more you will have to pay. Simply put, if you require an app like Uber or Ola that will take a maximum of the aforementioned features, it will take around 7-10 lacs in India at a small IT corporate. Moreover, if you choose a multinational corporate it might cost up to 15-20 lacs. Likewise, having a food delivery app like Zomato will take about 4-7 lacs at an Indian small to medium corporate. And a simple E-commerce web app will cost 2-4 lacs. However, an e-commerce native might cost up to 5-6 lacs on average!

3. Location for Mobile App Development Process

Moreover, the location of the mobile app development process also plays a vital role in the costs incurred. And that’s because of the cost of labour. As always, Appinnovix opines that taking IT services from Indian engineers is a way too better choice than going for an international brand. Appinnovix is proud to admit that Indian engineers are far more efficient than any other country’s engineers. In fact, even US houses the maximum number of Indian IT professionals at their small and large corporates. Then what’s the point in choosing an international corporate for IT services? And why pay through the nose for indigenous services? Have a look at the following table to ascertain the per-hour cost of IT labor country-wise-

Eventually, if you choose mobile app development services at Indian locations, it will cost you much lower for the equally competent quality. Moreover, if you choose small mobile app development companies in small cities like Lucknow, Banaras, Bhopal, and more, you might save a great deal of money without compromising the quality!

4. App Design and Animations

Apart from the above major features, some additional factors that affect the mobile app development cost, especially in 2023 are the app design and animations. In order to engage the audience, and make the user experience more robust, companies generally prefer apps with more use of designs and animations. In fact, ever since Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have gained importance, mobile apps are becoming more complex to make and more costly to the pocket.

For example, features enhancing accessibility like text-to-speech, speech recognition, and other similar features are a necessity today. Similarly, the use of AI and augmented reality adds luxury to mobile app designs. Eventually, the more feature-loaded app you need, the more load you will need to bear in your pockets.

5. App Fixes & App Security

Cyber security is a vital force in the web and app development industry today. Especially, the apps that require payment and location features face major security concerns. Moreover, increasing cases of data theft also repel users from using social apps. The major causes of such cybercrimes include poor encryption of mobile apps, bugs, and viruses. Therefore, strong coding and encryption capabilities are required to make a cyber-secure mobile app. Therefore, we recommend that whenever you choose an app development company, make sure that all the developers are well-qualified and have enough experience. Never hesitate to invest more in cyber security features.

In fact, use your funds judiciously, and even if your budget is restricted, then avoid going for expensive designs and animations. But always invest generously in in-app security.

6. Coding Techniques

Sometimes, a business prefers to make an app that is brand new. So, from the beginning till the end, the developer works for around 3 months to code an app. However, if your business app requires certain features that are similar to other existing apps like log-in, payments, GPS tracking, and more. Then, you can ask the developer to copy the codes from existing apps and just change the appearance and brand icons. Believe us, it will save you tonnes of money.

Likewise, cross-platform development is a newly emerging phenomenon gaining popularity. These days, coders prefer to develop a native app such that it requires a minimum change of codes while shifting from the Android platform to iOS. This also reduces the cost of building native apps simultaneously for two different platforms. So, coding techniques in this way also play a vital role in determining the cost of mobile app development.

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Process?

So, finally, when you are aware of what makes a mobile app costly, you can follow the following tips to optimize your funds-

  • Always prioritize the features you want in your app.
  • So, never go for fancy animations until your budget is not restricted.
  • In fact, you must sit and make a list of processes that your business model requires. And add only relevant features to your app.
  • Moreover, study the audience of your business. If you do not require universal app designs, then you may avoid those additional features.
  • Last, but not least, you must always choose a medium IT corporate that is indigenous. However, if your budget is not restricted, then going for a brand will add more reliability.
  • Go for the latest trends like repeated coding and cross-platform development to save money.

Final Thoughts

Thus, we can conclude that in India, a mobile app development might cost from 1.5 lacs up to 50 lacs depending upon the features and technologies required. However, if you are in a non-IT business, then an IT firm may charge you way too much for additional features and animations, that your small business might not even require. Therefore, we have explained to you in detail what can help you save on mobile app development costs. Become an aware consumer so that no IT firm can charge you dishonest prices!

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Digital Marketing Institutes in India

Digital Marketing is a newly emerging phenomena in India. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the importance of digitalization has been realized by the entire world. Especially, the business is now dependent upon digital platforms up to 80%. Eventually, marketing, which is heart and soul of business, too has moved to the digital platforms. Not only this, but it is worthy to mention that digital marketing has also generated multiple jobs in the Indian markets. And it is now one of the most promising career in India. So, if you too are looking forward to make a career in digital marketing, then here are the best digital marketing institutes in India to start with 2024-

Understanding Digital Marketing and Its Significance

Before we discuss the best digital marketing institutes of India, it is necessary to first understand the complete concept of digital marketing. However, many people believe that by digital marketing, we mean only by the Social Media Marketing. But that’s not correct. The term ‘digital’ is an umbrella term under which comes multiple ‘media.’ And social media is just a small part of it. Marketing a product digitally indeed means to promote it on-

  • A business website
  • Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube
  • Blog websites
  • E-Commerce platforms
  • Emails and more

These Media of Digital Marketing require written, video, animated, and pictorial ‘content’ to market a brand in the most effective way. Additionally, having an abiding logo and an engaging website are also a part of content. So, ‘content’ is the tool for digital marketing. Whereas, there are certain techniques in digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing that complete the concept of digital marketing.

In this way, one should understand that digital marketing is a vast concept. And it is a product of IT and creative skills. Therefore, its vastness also paves way for multiple positions professionally. Whenever you search for a job in digital marketing, there will be thousands of option open for you all over India. If you master these skills, then sky will be the only limit for your career!

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Institutes in India

So now when you are aware of the complete digital marketing concept, always remember the following while choosing the right digital marketing institutes in India for yourself-

  • The institute must have an experienced group of faculty.
  • Also, check their curriculum and make sure that they offer to cover the complete concept (as discussed above- Platform + Tool + Technique).
  • They give you practical training.
  • Placement assistance and training.

With Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow How Many Job Opportunities

Right now, We have just open the and check the job opening in lucknow on the post of Digital marketing managers. So we have got this result.

digital marketing job opportunities


Top 6 Digital Marketing Institutes in India to Make You Shine

Now let us find the top 5 digital marketing institutes in India for you that suits your career as well as your pocket-

1. Appinnovix Technologies

Appinnovix Technologies provide the industrial training in Digital Marketing. The main benefits of this institute your trainer is already doing Digital Marketing work, so they are teach what they did. So in Lucknow you can search who will provide best course, Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow so you will get Appinnovix is the best for you.

The Location:

digital Marketing institute in Lucknow

The Lucknow capital of Utter Pradesh that connect you easily with Delhi and Gurugram, you can easily to join best Digital Marketing institute in Lucknow as appinnovix and be a part of IT company.

Experience Teacher

In the Appinnovix We have not a teacher, We have real Developer who have more than 5+ year experience in Digital marketing, SEO, SMO and Graphics Designer, They are teach those things which is working in real time and you know what is your study productive or not.

Certified Developer of Digital Marketing Course

Anand Jaiswal Founder of Appinnovix Technologies who have Google Certified Developer and they have various skills Like Business Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Email Marketing, And Website Design and Development.

Google Certificate for Advance Digital Marketing Course

Harshit Gupta Senior Digital Marketing Manager who have more than 5+ year Experience in Digital Marketing, Specially Backlink Creation. He is very friendly and he take his juniors like a brother and teach every small things that is very important in Digital marketing Course.

Saurabh Tiwari is the core team developer, he has doing great work in the Appinnovix and also doing for his own blogging site and earn more than 1000 USD in a month using Digital Marketing.


  • Appinnovix Website:
  • Address: 1/746, Vardan Khand, Sec-1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, India
  • Courses: Certificate to Advance Digital Marketing Course.
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Fees: 15,000/-
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 9511181999

So, if you find Appinnovix Technologies suitable, then we would recommend you to kindly contact the Company with the information provided above.

2. DigiSkolae, Lucknow

DigiSkolae is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in India. You will find DigiSkolae in Lucknow-the city of Nawabs. However, there are many digital marketing institutes in Lucknow, but DigiSkolae is a trustworthy name. The reasons why DigiSkolae comes first in our list include-

The Location:

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs and has the best connectivity from NOIDA and Delhi. Both NOIDA, as well as Delhi, have multiple job openings for digital marketing professionals every now and then. Eventually, DigiSkolae has been able to make connections in both places and at the completion of the course, many recruiters come from both job hubs.

Digital Marketing institute in India

Experienced Faculty:

Additionally, the DigiSkolae faculty has years of practical, corporate, IT, and marketing experience. Yes! You heard that right! Here at DigiSkolae, you will be able to learn not only about the theory of digital marketing. But also you may learn from the corporate experience of your faculty members. Most importantly, the faculty is bound to give personalized attention to the learners.


Other institutes offer the least flexibility, and the duration is a minimum of 6 months. With DigiSkolae, you can start working in just 5 months with an Advance Digital Marketing Certification in your hand. Also, the institute focuses more on practical training and during your studies, you will be working with great companies on their live projects.

Apparently, DigiSkolae is the best digital marketing institute in Lucknow as of now. Also, once you join here, you will realize that it is indeed the best digital marketing institute in India.


  • DigiSkolae Website:
  • Address: Digiskolae, F 3, Goel Plaza near Lekhraj Metro Station, Faizabad Road, Lucknow
  • Courses: Certificate to Advance
  • Duration: 5-6 Months
  • Fees: 45,000/- INR
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 9519000321

So, if you find DigiSkolae suitable, then we would recommend you to kindly contact the institute with the information provided above.

3. Freelancers Academy, Navi Mumbai

Another shining name in the field of digital marketing courses is Freelancers Academy. Freelancers Academy is located in Navi Mumbai and is the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai for working professionals. As we discussed earlier, digital marketing is an ‘emerging’ phenomenon. Therefore, not only young students but also existing professionals willing to make a career switch are also seeking professional certification. For example, there are many freelance content writers, graphic designers, and working sales professionals are now seeing digital marketing as a career catalyst.

For these people, Freelancers Academy is a great option as it offers flexible batches during weekdays and on weekends. So, if you are working or freelancing already, there is no need to sacrifice work. But with Freelancers Academy you may study and work simultaneously. However, they offer placement assistance only within Mumbai. So, before joining check whether you are willing to make a career in Mumbai.


  • Freelancers Academy Website:
  • Address: North Side, Near Charni Road Station, 3 A New Queens Road, Charni Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004
  • Courses: Certification (SEO, SEM, SMO, Google Analytics, Email and Mobile Marketing)
  • Duration: Not Available
  • Fees: Not Available
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91937262170 (Charni Road Branch)

For Fees and duration information, you can directly contact to the institute with these details.

4. Delhi Courses, New Delhi

If you are a Delhite or simply a small town being who wants to settle in Delhi, then getting a promising job in Delhi NCT or NCR is the key for you. And Digital Marketing is a promising career that can open your gates to stay flourishing in Delhi. So, what are you waiting for? Call Delhi Courses today and book your seat in the digital marketing courses offered by Delhi Courses institute. This institute is a leading name not only in Delhi but also all over India.

Additionally, you may also learn at their NCR centers in Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and even NOIDA. Also, the digital marketing curriculum at Delhi Courses makes it the best digital marketing institute in India. Apart from the traditional digital marketing tools and techniques, they also offer specialized courses in Google Adwords and Blogging. So, you can also become an influencer with their course!


  • Delhi Courses Website:
  • Address: 410, Chabra Complex, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station Gate No. 02, East Delhi, Delhi – 110092
  • Courses: Basic to Advance Certification in Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Google Adword
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Fees: INR 20,000/- (offline mode) and INR 25, 000/- (mnline mode)
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 999071 6846

5. UpGrad (Online)

However, if your work and freelancing schedules are too hectic to join even weekend batches, then online education is the best option for you. And in the field of digital education, UpGrad is the most renowned name in India. So, UpGrad is also a leading name when it comes to find out the best digital marketing institutes in India. With online batches, you can learn at your home’s comfort at any time and from anywhere.

So, for people with busy schedules, UpGrade is the right option. It also offers multiple types of digital marketing courses ranging from certificate to advanced diploma levels. Additionally, placement assistance is a cherry on top. Moreover, you will receive a MICA certificate valid all over India!


  • UpGrade Website:
  • Address: Online only
  • Courses: Advance Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication
  • Duration: 32-50 Weeks
  • Fees: INR 3, 256/- per month
  • Placement: Yes
  • Contact Number: Not Available

6. CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat (Online)

Another online option for people having tight schedules is the latest IIT Madras Digital Marketing course. IIT Madras since the time of the pandemic has been experimenting with its curriculum continuously. And these experiments are being extremely fruitful for many IIT aspirants. Now to be an IITian, you no longer need to pursue engineering. But you may also take the glory with various IT short courses offered at IIT Madras online mode. For example, the Advance Diploma in Data Analytics by IIT Madras was launched recently in 2022.

Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Analytics is another such option which is launched a couple of months ago. And the specialty of this course is that the industry professionals have designed it. Also, you will get a chance to learn directly from the IIT Madras faculty. Although, it is a collaboration between CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat. Additionally, they will also teach about marketing ‘data analytics’ which can give an exceptional boost to your skills and career.


  • IIT Madras Digital Marketing Course Website:
  • Address: Online Mode
  • Course: Advanced Certification In Digital Marketing And Analytics
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Fees: INR 5500/- Easy Installments (Monthly)
  • Placement Assistance: By Intelipaat
  • Contact Number: +91-7022374614

However, we are keeping it in the 5th position because IIT Madras holds information and technology as its forte. And marketing is not the niche of IIT. Although IT is an indispensable part of digital marketing, we opine that the candidate might not get the ‘creative’ exposure with them. But still, receiving certification from IIT is a boon! Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

So, the final thought is that digital marketing is a new phenomenon in India. The pandemic and trending culture of hybrid work and E-commerce have created a strong market for digital marketing professionals. Many existing and even new aspiring professionals are now seeing digital marketing as a rewarding career. However, having a strong IT background and a professional certification in digital marketing is mandatory to rise and shine. So, we have provided you with a detailed list of the best 5 digital marketing institutes in India. Now, it is completely up to you whether you opt for online or offline mode.

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