Unveil the Magic of Digital in the City of Ram: Your Ayodhya wants a Digital Marketing Agency in Ayodhya

Harness the power of “Ram Rajya” for your business in the digital realm! As the digital revolution marches to every corner of Uttar Pradesh, Appinnovix expands its digital marketing services in Ayodhya. The ruling era of E-Commerce requires smart digital marketing solutions. So, you can now count on Appinnovix as your perfect digital marketing agency in Ayodhya.

After our 15+ successful years as the best digital marketing agency in Lucknow, Dubai, Oman, and even the US, we now provide digital marketing services in Ayodhya. Appinnovix is now ready to take the small startups and businesses of Ayodhya to the international level.

As a matter of fact, we are ready to blend our strategic outlook, creativity, and data-driven insights to deliver engaging digital marketing campaigns to drive unlimited traffic to your business websites.

Unlock the Untapped Potential: Partner with the Leading Digital Marketing Experts

Appinnovix uses its excellence in providing the following services as the best digital marketing agency in Ayodhya to make your business grow in a couple of months-

1. Mobile App Development Services in Ayodhya

Appinnovix provides the best mobile app development services in Ayodhya for small to large-scale businesses. Mobile Application is the need of every business in the current scenario. A mobile application does not only improve the user experience of the customers, but it is also an important digital marketing tool that can help a business gain valuable insights about its customers. Moreover, a mobile application further allows you to stay connected with your customers 24*7 through push notifications.

Appinnovix is the only mobile app development agency in Ayodhya that provides custom mobile app development for every business. So, get your tailor-made mobile app today by connecting with us!

2. Website Design Company in Ayodhya

Appinnovix also specializes in different types of website designs services. We offer excellent WordPress Development, Custom CMS Development, PHP Development, and Shopify Development in Ayodhya and other parts of India. Appinnovix always ensures that it delivers the fastest loading and the most User-Friendly business websites to create value for your customers. Through, our custom website designs, we strive not to minimize but rather eliminate the bounce rate on your business website.

Choose Appinnovix for web Design services, as our team of expert web developers does not only indulge in development. Rather, once you visit Appinnovix, our developer’s team will listen to your business goals, needs, mission, and vision to analyze your Target Audience. We believe in following a client-centric approach and providing the best-suited IT consulting services. As per your needs and in accordance with your budget, Appinnovix is the only Website Designing Agency in Ayodhya to provide all-in-one place web solutions for your business.

3. Website Development Agency in Ayodhya

Ayodhya, steeped in history, is embracing the digital wave! While the options for website development agencies within the city limits might be smaller than metros, several talented providers cater to the region’s needs. You’ll find options for diverse budgets and project types from agencies like Appinnovix Technologies offering comprehensive web Development Services in Ayodhya.

Lucknow, the state capital, boasts a wider range of agencies like Appinnovix Technologies, readily serving clients in Ayodhya. we have a solid developer team in Web Development and will create any kind of Website like E-commerce, Custom website etc.

3. SEO Company in Ayodhya

Web Development and Mobile App development are only the foundations of great digital marketing. To create a splendid palace of success, Search Engine Optimization of your business website to make it more findable is what a digital marketing agency in Ayodhya requires to do! Creating a business website or e-commerce store becomes futile if Google does not list your business on the top results of its results page. However, most IT companies will only help you with a mobile application and a business website.

Appinnovix on the contrary, will also make your mobile app and business website appear on the top of a Google page when your TG looks for a business like yours! So, choose Appinnovix to avail SEO services in Ayodhya and be found!

4. Social Media Marketing agency in Ayodgya

When it comes to digital marketing, Social Media Marketing agency in Ayodhya must never be ignored. Social Media Marketing is the heart and soul of the digital marketing process. In the present scenario, around 40% of consumers browse social media platforms to find goods and services. Specially, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat are some social media platforms in spotlight for the digital marketers. At present, over 90% of marketers use social media to promote a business through reels, short videos, ads, and posts.

So, when will you promote your business on Social Media? Unlock a huge number of new customers with Appinnovix’s Social media marketing services. Appinnovix is the only social media marketing agency in Ayodhya at present that has expert social media marketers from different parts of the World. So, do a favor to your business this year! Let it stand out on Social Media with the best social media marketing services provided by us!

Digital marketing agency in ayodhya

5. Local Business Promotion in Ayodhya

Winning the local areas and then expanding to nearby cities to conquer the whole nation is a royal historic trait! And to be the king in your business industry, you must follow this royal strategy. Therefore, local business promotion(Google Business Page) is way more important than you think. A profit-centered digital marketing agency in Ayodhya will make fake promises of making you a star in the world overnight. However, the honest, strategic, and client-centric digital marketing agency in Ayodhya will always emphasize more on local SEO(Google business Page).

So, if you have just started doing business in Ayodhya, then let Appinnovix make you shine in Ayodhya first. Then, from Ayodhya, Appinnovix, the best digital marketing agency will help you win the surroundings. Eventually, ending up winning the whole UP, India, and then International markets! Keep a tight reign on your customers with our best digital marketing services in Ayodhya!

6. Graphics Design Company in Ayodhya

Humans are visual creatures! The more they see, the more they love, the more they remember, and the more they get impressed. Therefore, using amazing and spell-binding graphics on your business websites, e-commerce stores, and social media pages is a great technique to draw the attention of your TG. Appinnovix has a full-fledged team of digital marketers in Ayodhya and abroad. Our content developers and graphic designers specialize in creating the most attractive, yet informative Infographics, Social Media Posts, Posters, and more!

Currently, Appinnovix is the only digital marketing agency in Ayodhya to provide all-in-one place digital marketing services. So, give us a chance to handle your social media posts and experience a sudden increase in website traffic! We will design such SM posts with HD graphics that your TG will not be able to resist clicking. An improved CTR is our responsibility!

7. Animated Videos Promotional Company in Ayodhya

Did you know that studies have found that today around 33% of Indians use Social Media which is equivalent to 470 million approx? Moreover, about 80% of these Indian Social Media users like to watch video content online. This is equivalent to 376 million Indians. Wohhhh! It implies that if you promote your business through short animated videos on social media platforms, you get a potential reach of 376 million people in India alone! Furthermore, the number of social media users is likely to increase only in the coming years.

So far, Appinnovix has provided its clients with eye-catching video content for business promotions. Our clients have witnessed an enormous improvement in the CTR. Appinnovix is therefore your one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs! We are the only digital marketing agency in Ayodhya providing digital marketing consulting to content repurposing services.

Appinnovix Technologies is not just a web development agency, rather we pose ourselves as an IT consulting firm in India. However, most of the web development agencies in Ayodhay, Lucknow, and even in NOIDA will just create a mobile app or a website as per your instructions. Appinnovix believes in creating value for its customers. When you come to Appinnovix for any web development, mobile app development, or digital marketing needs, Appinnovix scrutinizes your business like its own. Afterward, we provide the most suitable strategy in terms of business goals as well as the customer’s budget!

Our Testimonial as a Digital Marketing Agency in Ayodhya

We are already promoting so many companies in Lucknow, And every company doing great job with online services, Like if you find any company services or products in the google or Social Media so you can easily find him with the keywords.

Appinnovix are dealing almost every sectors in IT fields like, Pets Shop, Photography and videography, Event management services, Ecommerce, Catering Services, Laundry Services, Hair Wigs products and services, makeup Artist, banking Software and many more.

So, contact Appinnovix Technologies today, and let us create value through the right digital marketing campaigns for your business!

Our Conclusion on digital marketing services in Ayodhya

Appinnovix Technologies appears to be a digital marketing agency based in Lucknow, India, offering services like SEO Services in Ayodhya, PPC, social media marketing Services in Ayodhya, content marketing, and Website Development Services in Ayodhya. They also provide software development and mobile app development Services in Ayodhya. We have a great team of all kind of services and we already win so many companies trust and make then a personal brand to global brand. So if you want to any kind of Services feel free to contact us!

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AI in Ecommerce: 9 Uses, Benefits, and Impact

Why AI in Ecommerce is The Only Future!

Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce or AI in Ecommerce is the future of the Ecommerce industry. To stay available to the customer 24*7, Ecommerce uses a double workforce to work shift-wise during the day and night. However, it makes the Ecommerce company pay through its nose and it burns a large hole in its pocket. But today’s era is the era of shining IT developments and artificial intelligence is one of its most valuable innovations.

Did you know that you do not necessarily need ‘human intelligence’ to take orders, schedule delivery, and collect payments? Also, you can elevate your Ecommerce company’s performance by offering virtual shopping assistance. Well, if not! Then you are living decades back! The ECommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Nykaa are already using AI on their Ecommerce websites and apps.

AI in Ecommerce

Also, big cosmetic brands like Lakme, Sugar, and more are using AI-based Virtual stores to offer try-and-buy facilities to their customers. It has surely improved their sales in revenue in the past years. And worry not! You too can make the best use of AI in Ecommerce business and can make your customer and app experience much better.

In this blog, Appinnovix is revealing 10 ways to use AI in Ecommerce business for a better user and company experience. Also, we are explaining the need and benefits of using AI in Ecommerce keeping in mind the future! So, this blog is helping all the Ecommerce companies future-proof! Let’s scroll down and find out more!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When a machine demonstrates human-like cognitive skills, it is called Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, the ability of a machine to perform tasks like humans. For example, demonstration of language processing, learning from data, understanding, problem-solving, and reasoning skills by a machine.

Alexa is one of the most prominent examples of AI. It exemplifies a machine demonstrating human intelligence or cognitive skills of natural language processing (NLP) and understanding. Just like one orders his mom or a younger sibling to turn the light on or off. Alexa is now a new family member.

Likewise, Google Translate, autonomous vehicles, robotic surgeries, and healthcare diagnosis via MRI, X-ray, and CT scan machines are also some real-life AI examples. When it comes to AI in Ecommerce, product recommendations by an app based on your search is a good example.

However, the use of AI in Ecommerce is not limited to product recommendation. Rather, it has a great role to play. How? Let us find out in the next section!

Website Development Agency

How to Use AI in Ecommerce?

Let’s consider a situation. On the upcoming weekend, you are going to a party and you need a good outfit to wear for the day. If we consider this situation 10 years back, what we would do? Clearly, we would go to our favorite shop and buy from the shopkeeper. And if you have lived in that era do you remember that-

  • In spite of having decided that you are going to wear black or pink, the shopkeeper sold you white or red instead. You must have heard from him that what he chooses for you looks better on you!
  • Many times, you will not find the kind of design that you are looking for. You might have decided to wear a suit but the shopkeeper sold you a saree.

Now come to the the latest date! Today! If you want to buy an outfit you can simply open any Ecommerce app. Then, you can apply filters of outfit type, color, design, and whatnot! Moreover, the app also provides you with customized recommendations. And now you are no longer supposed to wear what the shopkeeper has chosen for you!

Using AI in Ecommerce

All these are examples of using AI in Ecommerce. AI being ‘artificial’ will never try to be over-smart like a shopkeeper with you! If you ask for red, it will recommend red. This is the best part about Artificial Intelligence AI is more intelligent than a human but it lacks human emotions. Therefore, AI never tries to ‘influence’ or mince about the matter with its users like a shopkeeper does. Rather it performs what we say!

AI in Ecommerce

Ironically, in the present-day scenario, it would not be wrong to mention that AI understands us better than a human does! And, such use of AI in Ecommerce is the key to its success! So, if you are planning to go for an Ecommerce business or already have one. Then, you must embrace AI in your business. Here we are revealing –

9 Ways to Use AI in Ecommerce

Here are the 9 most popular ways to use AI in Ecommerce and make your business completely future-proof!

  1. Image Recognition

Have you ever wished to dress up exactly like your favorite celeb? Or have you ever wished to look exactly like your favorite movie star? Of course, Yes! Everyone learns fashion from the entertainment industry. We come across different wearable designs with the help of television, social media, OTT, and other entertainment platforms.

However, the search bar that an e-commerce app provides is insufficient to search for that particular look. Also, finding something exactly the same is next to impossible. Even though, you can go to a shopkeeper, show him the picture and ask for the same look. However, you will again end up buying something altogether different falling prey to his sugar-coated marketing tactics. And you will regret it later.

Key Take Away

Now consider this situation like an entrepreneur! If you have an Ecommerce business then you can solve this problem by introducing AI in Ecommerce. A web developer can integrate AI-based Image Recognition systems (like Google Lens) into your e-commerce app. Then, your customers can open the application and can upload a picture there. The AI is capable of showing 99.99% similar products to the customer. And believe us, in no time your e-commerce application will become so popular, that you will not be able to handle the traffic!

  1. Product Recommendations

AI in ecommerce is certainly a boon. But did you know that AI is useful in getting data insights too? Well, in the present times, data analytics tools are quite popular. Data analytics tools have not replaced any sales and marketing employees. However, these tools collect the personal data of the browsers and present the same in insightful charts, diagrams, and reports.

As an entrepreneur, you can collect data like browsing history, purchase details, and preferences of the consumer. A web developer can integrate these data analytics tools into your ecommerce app. Once, you get such insightful data about your customer you may plan the product recommendations accordingly.

In this way, AI in Ecommerce can benefit both you as well as your customers. If the customer gets the right product recommendations. Then, clearly, his or her engagement and loyalty will increase on your e-commerce app.

Key Take Away

Integrate data analytics tools on your e-commerce app. With the help of these tools collect the personal data of your customers. Then, the AI will recommend the best-suited products to the customers. Eventually, not only the customer engagement but also the sales will increase on your e-commerce app.

  1. 24*7 Virtual Assistance and Chat Bots

Although today almost everyone prefers online shopping, some oldies might complain about not getting assisted by a human. After all, even artificial intelligence is an invention of the human mind. Then, clearly, human intelligence will always be seen as superior. However, the main reason for buying online is the 24*7 hour availability of the seller.

AI in Ecommerce

While markets are time-bound and people are job-bound, arranging time for ‘shopping’ on weekends becomes difficult. Eventually, people prefer e-commerce apps that allow anytime anywhere virtual shopping experience. However, technology has its own pros and cons. Therefore, sometimes some issues might arise while buying online. For example-

  • Payment Issues: Money is deducted from the bank account, but the app shows pending.
  • Delivery Time Issue: A buyer might be willing to change the delivery time and date.
  • Mind Change: Sometimes, the buyer changes his/her mind and wants to cancel the order and order some other product.

And many others. So, people who are not tech-savvy may be frightened by these thoughts. But, wait! What if they get a virtual assistant? An app developer can also integrate AI-based virtual assistants and chatbots into an Ecommerce app. This improves the shopping experience, user experience, and also the credibility of an ecommerce app. Currently, Myntra and Sugar Cosmetics are already using this feature!

Key Take Away

So, AI in Ecommerce can revolutionize human-machine interaction. With the help of AI-based chat-bots and Virtual Avatars of sales representatives, an ecommerce entrepreneur can enhance the credibility and user experience for the customers. Surely, it will bring more customers to the app.

Also, a point worth mentioning here is that Virtual Assistants and Chatbots require NLP technology. That is, Natural Language Processing Technology. And NLP is already well-evolved and well-developed. Rather it is quite common these days in various devices.

Therefore, due to its easy availability, integrating NLP into the E-commerce app is not very time and cost-consuming. Rather, NLP has a vital role to play in the Future of AI in Ecommerce.

  1. Virtual Try-On Rooms

The most disturbing part of Ecommerce till now was its failure to provide try room online. Of course, it is impossible to check the fitting of an outfit without wearing it. Every brand has a different size measurement. A Large size from brand X may be different from brand Y.

Likewise, when it comes to buying cosmetics, without applying the sample to the skin it is impossible to judge its color, texture, and compatibility with our skin tone. But, Artificial Intelligence can solve up to 80% of this problem. Currently, Myntra is providing virtual Try-On rooms on its ecommerce app. This feature is a mix between AI and metaverse.

AI in Ecommerce

With the help of AI, the buyer can check the color of a lipstick straight to her lips. Even a shopkeeper cannot provide this facility. Myntra has also implemented the concept of Metaverse, which is a mix of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It allows its user to create his or her virtual 3D avatar with exact body dimensions and skin tone. The buyer can check an outfit with its 3D avatar virtually. Thus, checking the fitting of the outfit.

Key Take Away

In this way, AI has solved a pressing problem in the field of Ecommerce for buyers. Most of the time, a user used to order an outfit and check it at home. If not happy with the fitting, the customer used to return the product.

It used to result in high returns, exchanges, and more time-wastage. In the case of cosmetics, no Ecommerce app allows returns as well! So, this issue was pulling the growth of ecommerce apps down. However, the use of AI in Ecommerce changed the whole picture. And today, the virtual try-on feature is popularising online purchases.

  1. Personalized Marketing

AI in Ecommerce is not a boon for the customer only. Rather, for the ecommerce business owner it is an even bigger boon. AI has removed many obstacles from the ecommerce business as we have already discussed above. However, the use of AI is not limited to the aforementioned points only. There are various AI tools for Ecommerce apps that can perform data analytics automatically for the sales and marketing teams.

Some top AI-driven data analytics tools include Salesforce, Adobe Analytics, Custora, Segment, Tableau, and Google Analytics. These tools collect valuable customer data such as their preferences, buying behavior, interests, and more.

Moreover, these tools are also capable of generating personalized Email marketing content, push notifications, and website content for them. Have you ever noticed that once you visit a product on an Ecommerce application, Google keeps on advertising that product and its similarities on every search?

And sometimes, you see that product so many times that you even end up buying that product. No matter whether you need it or not! Well, friend that is the power of AI!

Personalized Marketing with AI in Ecommerce

Key Take Away

So, if you have your own ecommerce business or you’re a marketing manager or team lead. Then, you must research well on these AI-driven data analytics tools. You must pick one tool that best suits your business requirements and must implement it in your ecommerce website or ecommerce app. It will help you generate personalized marketing content and pitch your customers. Eventually, it will help you increase the sales!

  1. Generate Product Descriptions with AI

AI in the Ecommerce industry also helps in generating simple and SEO-Friendly content for websites. As we already know NLP is the most popular part of artificial intelligence. Its ability to process, understand, and produce human-like natural language also enables it to generate product descriptions. Whenever a person buys a product he or she always checks for its description along with customer reviews.

So, ecommerce entrepreneurs can also use AI to create product descriptions (and some paid reviews too). It will reduce the burden on the marketing teams. Also, it will help your content writers to focus more on promotional blogs, articles, and press releases.

Key Take Away

Product descriptions are generally short and simple. It does not require a human brain, time, and effort. So, implement AI in your ecommerce app and divert your writers to bigger tasks! Ask them to spend more time on guest posting, on-page posting, press releases, and social media posts! It will help you perform the marketing process in a smoother and better way!

  1. Make AI Your SEO Assitant Tool

Information Technology is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, IT is the most rapidly evolving field. It is developing at such a high speed, that many web developers and even users get dejected. Already it takes weeks to learn one technology. But as soon as we learn one, the other comes to exist.

Likewise, Google algorithms and SEO guidelines also keep on updating. Since, a human being is not a machine, experiencing tiredness and frustration at learning this fast can prove a disadvantage for the entire IT industry. However, AI tools can assist the SEO executive by providing the latest guidelines. This will reduce the time and effort of browsing the latest literature on this topic.

In fact, did you know that if you ask ChatGPT to produce an SEO-friendly blog, it will give you a complete structure of the blog? However, if you are wondering how to write the whole blog with it, then you will never be able to produce the right content! But ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool that can reduce your research efforts. Also, it can provide you with a guided blog structure. (Just like your English teacher did when you were in class 11).

Key Take Away

SEO is an IT process and hence evolves as fast as any other technology. Spending hours researching search engine optimization latest guidelines can exhaust the executive. Likewise, reading various blogs and articles to write one blog can exhaust the content writer.

ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool that eradicates the long research hours and efforts. It is a platform to get all the information in one place! So, you can use this AI tool in Ecommerce for better and faster optimization!

  1. AI Can be Your Inventory Manager

When it comes to Ecommerce, inventory management and supply chain management are the two most crucial business processes. Since Ecommerce is a completely virtual shopping world, therefore, it becomes difficult to manage inventory and supply chain processes. However, AI in Ecommerce can help the teams to keep a close check on the stock. Certain AI-driven tools have the capability to analyze data and predict product demand fluctuations.

Likewise, these tools are also capable of performing warehouse management and supply chain logistics optimization. When it comes to Supply Chain Management, transportation and route optimization by analyzing traffic and weather patterns is one of the most valuable features. By recommending the shortest, safest, and fastest delivery route, AI helps in reducing cost, time, and effort!

Key Take Away

Certain AI tools like Oracle SCM Cloud, E2Open, Blue Yonder, and IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite, etc. can ease out the inventory and supply-chain management process in the Ecommerce industry. Therefore, one must implement AI in Ecommerce to optimize inventory management and supply chain management. It will save a great deal in cost-efficiency and time management!

  1. Use AI Algorithms for Dynamic Pricing

Did you know that AI algorithms are so smartly programmed that they can also offer dynamic and competitive product pricing suggestions? Well, if not, then you must know it! Different AI-driven tools that one uses for inventory management will also provide you with product pricing suggestions! So, go ahead and grab one right now for your Ecommerce app.

Key Take Away

In this way, we can say that AI in Ecommerce has not one but various benefits and uses. You can implement AI in your ecommerce business for dynamic pricing, demand fluctuation predictions, stock management, and even supply-chain management. It saves long research hours and effort. And optimizes different business processes in a single go!

What Are the Benefits of Using AI in Commerce?

On the basis of the above discussion, we can list the following benefits of using AI in Ecommerce-

  1. Better Shopping Experience: It improves the shopping experience for the customer by providing a myriad of virtual features. For example, virtual try-on, outfit tries with a 3D avatar in a metaverse, searches by image recognition, and applying filters to get the best product.
  2. Business Process Automation and Optimization: AI in Ecommerce is also beneficial for the entrepreneur as it offers optimization and automation of different business processes. For example, automation and optimization of inventory management, content generation, supply-chain management, and SEO processes.
  3. Personalized Marketing: With the help of AI-driven data analytics tools, AI in ecommerce provides SEO-optimized and personalized marketing content for each customer. This proves a better pitch than a boring marketing email or SMS.
  4. Makes You More Competitive: Also, AI tools provide dynamic pricing and demand fluctuation predictions in advance. This enables the business to be more competitive and ahead of time (just like the IT industry).
  5. Cost, Time, and Effort-Efficiency: Overall, by automating different business processes, AI allows the human brain to focus on more complex tasks. It saves their research time and effort. Also, by generating graphical data insights and reports, allows them to focus more on decision-making. Eventually, AI saves their time, effort, and cost!

Summing Up

So, it is worth concluding that the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce is highly remarkable. In fact, AI is the only future of the e-commerce industry. Leave future, if you are an ecommerce business and you want to survive in this highly competitive business environment. Then AI is your only savior. It allows you to stay up-to-date, fast, and even ahead of your time. By automating various business processes, AI saves a great deal of time, effort, and cost. Also, AI is capable of demonstrating human-like intelligence in data analytics processes.

Eventually, it reduces the workload of the teams. And help them stay more focused on decision-making and problem-solving. So, if you are an Ecommerce company, then embrace AI with the best of your spirits. And believe us, in no time AI will take your business to a place where the sky will be the only limit!

7 WordPress Statistics You Must Know in 2023 to Grow Business

Did you know that you can use WordPress Statistics as the key to the ultimate business growth in 2023? Well, if you are surprised to hear that, let us provide you access to this ultimate treasure. In today’s blog, Appinnovix is sharing the latest WordPress Statistics 2023 along with its captivating usage for the business! But before that let us also know some quick facts about WordPress to learn something from its business model.

Introduction to WordPress

  • WordPress came into being in the year 2003 as a blogging platform. But soon it expanded as a Content Management System and later as a website development platform.
  • The parent company of WordPress is Automattic which is headquartered in San Fransisco, California, USA.
  • Matt Mullenweg, an American Entrepreneur and Web Developer has developed WordPress and founded Automattic.
  • Do you know that WordPress is an open-source web software and not a blogging platform?
  • Today WordPress has over 31, 000 WordPress themes in total of which around 10,000 themes are free of cost.

Clearly, during its 20 years of existence, WordPress has witnessed miraculously tremendous success with its growth-oriented business approach. And you too can benefit from WordPress this year! Know the latest WordPress Stats and find some exclusive ideas from Appinnovix to grow your business with WordPress Stats!

So stay glued to this article and get ready to benefit from the latest WP Stats this year!

1. WordPress Statistics 2023: How Many Websites Were Created with WordPress in 2023?

According to Colorlib, an IT Consulting company, about 810 million websites on the globe were created using WordPress in 2023. Some popular reasons behind using WordPress websites by users include-

  • User-friendly interface
  • No coding required
  • Flexibility in website development
  • Availability of over 31,000 free and premium website themes
  • Most important, its SEO-friendliness

When a website development platform allows such features, then it is natural for web developers to opt for this option. Therefore, WordPress is the most popular platform for website development all over the world. In fact, none of its competitors has been able to beat it in terms of market share discussed further in this blog.

Business Growth Tip

If you are planning to own a website this year for your business, we would recommend that you opt for a WordPress website. In addition to the above-listed benefits of WordPress, there are other benefits too. First of all, the website development process will be time and cost-saving even if you hire a web developer. And secondly, if you are a new business or a start-up unwilling to offer a fat fee to the web developer, then you can develop a website on your own. Also, if you feel stuck at any point, you will find thousands of YouTube videos and online blogs about ‘How to Use WordPress?’. This way you can save a great deal of time and cost!

2. WordPress Statistics Estimates the WordPress Usage Increases by 12% Each Year on an Average!

According to WordPress Usage Statistics, an estimate states that WordPress Usage increases by 12% every year. It implies that WordPress users are growing every year without any setbacks! So, on an estimate, if people created 810 million WordPress by 2023, and WordPress usage increases in number by 12% each year, then by 2028 we will have over 1.4 billion WordPress websites in the world.

WordPress Statistics

As a matter of fact, we can also estimate, that most of the users will be using WordPress websites and will become accustomed to its interface. Once, the users become habitual of using WordPress websites, it is possible that users might grow habitual of WordPress as much as they are habitual of using Google.

Business Growth Tip!

So, Appinnovix would advise all the existing and upcoming businesses, to opt for WordPress website development for their business. The more user-friendly the website you create, the more visitors you will get to your website.

Furthermore, as we discussed earlier WordPress is deemed as the most SEO-Friendly website development platform. Eventually, this will bring natural website traffic to your online site, and you can convert this online traffic into physical traffic for your business stores.

Did you know that around 1 Million popular brands are already using WordPress websites and WordPress CMS for their business growth? And most of these popular brands are from the media and journalism industries. To list a few anecdotal names we have-

  • Bloomberg
  • TechCrunch
  • CNN
  • Time Magazine
  • Microsoft News
  • Wired
  • Vogue
  • Angry Birds
  • The New York Times Company

And many more! Moreover, the reasons we have already listed above in this blog. So there is no need to explain again why WordPress is the choice of so many businesses these days.

Business Growth Tip!

So, if you are a media company or you are a startup planning to start an online news platform, then you must give WordPress a try. Use the free WordPress blogging platform and get access to free WordPress analytics for your platform. In this way, you can start your own news and blogging platform with 0 business investment!

4. WordPress CMS has the Largest 64.2% Market Share

When compared to its competitors, the latest WordPress statistics from the popular tech survey platform W3Tech reveal that of all websites using a CMS, 65.2% of them use WordPress. This WordPress Statistics is followed by Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and Joomla having 6.6%, 2.8%, 2.7%, and 2.6% market shares respectively.

WordPress Statistics

Business Growth Tip

As WordPress CMS has such a lion’s share in the market, WordPress is less likely to shut operations overnight. Therefore, one can see WordPress as the most reliable website development platform, web host, and CMS system. Furthermore, the two biggest reasons that make WordPress so popular are-

  • Its SEO-Friendliness and ability to rank quickly on Google SERP.
  • 10, 000 Free WordPress Templates for website development.

Since, these two reasons make WP this popular, users will continue to benefit from these two WP features throughout their lives. No business cuts down the qualities that bring ultimate success to it.

So, if you want to experience great SEO and enjoy free website development, then use WordPress for website creation. You may also pursue a WordPress development course and can start your own freelancing website development business with an investment of less than 25K INR!

5. 61.2% of WordPress Users Have the Latest WP Version as per WordPress Statistics

According to the Colorlib WordPress Statistics, 61.2% of the total WordPress users use the latest WordPress 6.2 Version. Furthermore, W3Tech states that a total of 74% of WordPress users have WordPress 6 Version as a whole.

WordPress statistics

The WordPress User statistics further reveal that WordPress Versions 5, 4, 3, and 2 have 20.1%, 5.5%, 0.4%, and 0.1% of users respectively.

Business Growth Tip

Thus, Appinnovix advises you to always keep your WordPress version up to date. Using the latest updated WordPress version for your WordPress website unlocks the latest and more exciting features for your website. This makes your business website more interactive, engaging, and interesting!

It will reduce the bounce rate from your web pages and will ensure traffic retention! Also, it will give more opportunities to your web page visitors to explore your blogs, products, and services more!

WordPress statistics further reveal that till September 2023, there are around 31,000 WordPress themes available to choose a website theme from. Of these 31,000 WordPress templates or themes around 10,000 themes are free to use. Furthermore, Divi is the most popular free WordPress Theme in 2023. Apart from Divi, Astra, Zakra, Elementor, Botiga, and Vogue.

These WordPress themes are not only free but also easy to customize. And even if you do not have any coding background, you do not have to bother. You may still create professional and free-of-cost websites with the help of these free WordPress templates.

Business Growth Tip

Are you looking for a career change? Do you feel stuck at your job? Well, why don’t you look forward to starting your own website designing business? Oh, you are not from the IT sector? Well, worry not! Pack yourself for 2 hours each weekend. Explore WordPress free website themes and master web design at 0 investment! And in just a few weeks, you will be ready to launch your exclusive website design business!

7. 97% of Bloggers in The World Use WordPress for Blogging

Lastly, one of the most important WordPress Statistics in 2023 is that there are over 600 million blogs on the Internet in this world. And around 97% of bloggers use WordPress for posting blogs. In a nutshell, WordPress is the home to 60 million blogs in this world. However, many blogs are dedicated to content marketing, but the number of health, beauty, personal care, beauty, and tech blogs is no less.

Furthermore, more than 80% of bloggers have reported in a survey, that writing blogs has driven results. People have connected to bloggers and many bloggers in the IT and beauty sectors have gained popularity through their blogs. Also, many people tend to read blogs of their interest on a daily basis. And these WP stats can make you popular too this year. How? Read the tip below-

Business Growth Tip

Do you feel you are good at reviewing any beauty product? Or you can help a naive person by buying a phone, tablet, laptop, or any other gadget? Or are you great at providing health and fitness tips? Well, try finding an area you are good at! And if you are a keen writer on top of it, then believe us! You can start your WordPress blog today and experience popularity in 2024!

Final Thoughts

So, WordPress statistics reveal that it is not only WordPress that is getting famous but also the bloggers and businesses associated with WordPress are growing popular day by day. Many people use WordPress for free website development for their businesses and blogs. The SEO-friendly nature of WP and its other exciting features discussed above in this blog have made WordPress popular among people. And people in turn, by using these WordPress features, free website themes, and CMS plugins have gained popularity further.

So, you too can plan to give WordPress a chance in your career and business. And Appinnovix is sure that you too will make history as WordPress has made! Have a great year ahead! Appinnovix Wishes you all the best!

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How to Fix HTTPs Error 422?

All About What Is HTTPs 422 Error & How to Fix HTTPs 422 Error Status Code is here!

HTTPs Errors are of many types and in our previous blog we have already discussed fixing the most common types of HTTPs errors. However, HTTPs 422 Error is an uncommon yet quite often encountered error while browsing.

The 422 status code is different from the other types and it requires more technical knowledge to fix it. And that is because the HTTPs 422 Error occurs when there is an issue in the coding of that web page from the end of the developer! When the issue is in the coding, then certainly a coder and a few codes may fix HTTPs 422 Error.

So, basically, this blog is for the developers and it tries to resolve their issues with the 422 status code. However, if you are not a developer, you can still add some technical knowledge to your life and can stay tuned to the blog. So, let’s dive into some details.

https error code

What is HTTPs 422 Error?

HTTPs 422 Error is a condition when the server understands your request, but cannot process the same owing to certain causes. The status code for error 422 mentions ‘unprocessable entity’ in its code message.

So, HTTPs 422 Error unprocessable entity is simply not the browser’s fault. Rather, this condition occurs when there are issues from the developer’s end. Furthermore, there may be various reasons behind returning to the 422 status code. And before knowing how to fix HTTPs 422 Error, it is important to know some underlying causes of returning to status code 422.

Causes of HTTPs 422 Error

There can be numerous causes leading to an HTTPs 422 Error. However, the most common is a semantic error. Simply put, if the developer has made some mistake while coding a web page, it might return to the 422 status code.

Moreover, there is another possibility, that the developer made no mistake in the coding. But there was an interruption in the process of uploading the file. It may be a network issue, server issue, or anything that interrupts the upload.

An interruption in the upload results in file corruption. And the corrupt files often return to status code 422. Therefore, we can say that it is the developer who can fix HTTPs 422 Error from his end.

Apart from the developer, switching service providers can also help fix HTTPs 422 Error. But all in all, there are majorly 2 causes behind an HTTPs 422 Error

  1. Coding Errors (Semantic Error)
  2. A Corrupt file (or interruption during the file upload)

So, let us now find some ways how to fix HTTPs 422 Error in the next section.

How to Fix HTTP 422 Error Status Code?

So, if you are returning to an HTTPs 422 Error again and again, then let’s find some ways to fix your issues. There are a number of ways to fix the the 422 status code from simple to easy. So, let us begin with the simple ones and move to the harder ones-

1. Switch the Service Providers

There are chances that your service provider is facing issues and therefore you are not able to upload or view the file. The service provider issues may result in interruptions while uploading a file. And this may make the file corrupt.

So, if you are facing HTTPs 422 Error status time and again, the first step you must take is to change the service provider as soon as possible. And try uploading the file again. This should be the first move toward how to fix HTTPs 422 Error.

error code 422

2. Check for Malware

Sometimes there are malware and viruses in your PC that interrupt your PC and internet performance. Therefore, while uploading a file to the server, the data gets interrupted. Moreover, the file may also get corrupted.

Eventually, running a malware scan and removing the same may help you to resolve HTTPs 422 Error. Once, the anti-virus scan is complete and you have removed the virus, then try uploading the file again.

error code 422

3. Look for Semantic Errors in the File

However, if you are still returning to HTTPs 422 error, then server or malware is certainly not the issue. And now it’s time to look for the semantic errors in the file. Simply put, you can say that maybe you erred while coding the file.

So, proofread the file once and try to figure out if any semantic errors exist in the code. And if so, then fix the codes and debug your file.

https 422 error code

4. Ensure that the Data Base is not Corrupt!

Finally, check if the data became corrupted while trying to upload a file on the server. As stated earlier, a database may become corrupt during an interruption while uploading a file. And if that is the reason, you will also need to put some extra effort to fix them.

In fact, if a corrupt file is an issue then in addition to the 422 status code, a file may also show specific WordPress-related errors. For example, the pages might not load or the feature you have added might not function well.

Also, when the database corruption is due to some other reason than malware, then fixing the HTTPs 422 error may not be easy. You should require some tools to fix HTTPs 422 Error unprocessable entity.

https 422 error code

Tools to Fix HTTPs 422 Error Unprocessable Entity

If you have already tried all the methods we have explained above, but still you are returning a 422 status code. Then, now it’s time to take the help of some technical tools to fix the HTTPs 422 Error status code.

There are mainly two types of tools to fix HTTPs error 422 status code in WordPress

  1. WP-DB Manager

The easiest method to remove errors from a database is activating the WP-DB manager. WordPress Dashboard Manager, aka, WP-DB Manager is a plugin tool that automates the repair process while uploading a database to the server.

Using WP-DB Manager is quite simple and will resolve the HTTPs error 422 in 95% of the cases. To, use this plugin, follow the steps below-

How to fix HTTPs 422 Error with WP-DB Manager?

  1. Go to the WordPress Plugins on your site.
  2. Search, download, and activate WP-DB Manager.
  3. Once, activated, then on the left-hand side of your site, you will get a new ‘Database’ option like in the image below-
https 422 error code
  1. Follow the command- Database > Repair DB as highlighted above.
  2. Then, select the tables that you want to fix. However, if you are not sure which table contains errors and bugs, then you can also select all the tables.
  3. Finally, click on the ‘Repair’ Option and here you go with an error-free file!

2. WordPress Debug Feature

Now, if you are still facing issues and wondering how to fix HTTPs error 422, then the final step you can take is to access WordPress Error Logs Feature. You must now give a try to the WordPress Debug Feature. So, follow the steps below now-

  1. Access your File Transfer Protocol Client (FTP Client) application.
  2. Then find and open the wp-config.php file.
  3. Now, once the wp-config.php file is open, find the line that reads ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging.’
  4. Right before this line you have to add two codes as below-

define ( ‘WP_DEBUG’ , true ) ;

define ( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’ , true ) ;

Ensure, that the above code contains ‘true’ in the end and is not set to ‘false’. Furthermore, sometimes, this condition may also lead to a public display of the errors. And this might be confusing for the visitors and for hackers it will be an open treasure to hack your site.

So, you need to prevent the public display of this debugging code. And we have a simple code to do that as well. Now before, adding before the above 2 codes, add 2 core codes as below-

// Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

// Disable display of errors and warnings define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false ); @ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );

Now, the final document will appear as below-

// Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

// Disable display of errors and warnings define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false ); @ini_set( ‘display_errors’, 0 );

define ( ‘WP_DEBUG’ , true ) ;

define ( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’ , true ) ;

‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging.’


An HTTP Error 422 is a more bothering condition than any other HTTP error code. An error 422 status code returns when the server understands the request, but is unable to process or display the same. Usually, the reason for HTTPs error 422 unprocessable entity is on the developer’s end. The error might be due to a corrupt file (which happens due to interruption while uploading) or there might be some semantic errors in the file.

However, how to fix the HTTPs 422 error status code is not rocket science for the coder. There are simple to technical ways to fix an HTTPs error 422. Sometimes, fixing the HTTPs 422 error might be as simple as changing the service provider or running an anti-virus scan. And sometimes, one would need to take the help of technical tools like WP-DB manager. Furthermore, in certain cases adding 4 extra codes to the database manually can also astonishingly resolve HTTPs 422 error.

So do not bother if your file returns HTTPs error 422 again and again. Relax, sit, and try the above steps to resolve the issue. And if you still face troubles, then remember, that Appinnovix is there to help you out 24*7.

Happy Coding! That’s all for the day.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fix HTTP Errors is Right Here!

While trying to reach a website, have you ever encountered an HTTP error? Or have you ever wondered if you could fix an HTTP error? Sometimes, you might encounter an HTTP error 404 Not found, or HTTP error 500 Internal server error, or HTTP error 400 bad requests, and likewise many others. And these HTTP errors often occur when we try to visit a web page urgently. For example, while looking for an exam result or trying to apply for a job. And sometimes an HTTP error may occur when we are dying to read an interesting blog, like ours.

What We Are Going to Learn Today?

Well, jokes apart! HTTP Error codes are quite common while browsing, and fixing an HTTP error code is often quite easy. Sometimes it is an error from your side, and sometimes it is an error either on the website’s or on the server’s end. Well, the bottom line is that you can fix many of the HTTP errors and reach a website tension free! So, in this blog, we will discuss some common HTTP errors and some methods to fix HTTP error codes.

We will also try to explain things to both the coders as well as the website visitors! So, stay tuned if you are a browser. And also stay tuned if you are a new web development student!

What is an HTTP Error?

Coding is the heart and soul of web development. Whatever you see on your desktop, laptop, or even on your mobile, from needles to swords, everything is made up of certain codes. Not only this but also when you browse data online on some website pages, those website pages are also a result of coding.

HTTP Error

So, before knowing the HTTP error code, you must understand a couple of basic things-

  1. When you have to visit a website, you need to know its URL address.
  2. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. And reaching a website with its URL is the same as reaching your friend or relative’s house with his or her address.
  3. Whenever you type a URL on the search bar, you type a code that internet browsers understand and takes you to the website you need to visit.
  4. And codes are simply the language that a computer and its applications understand!

However, sometimes while typing the URL, either we commit a mistake or sometimes there are some technical problems with the website that prevents the internet browser from performing the necessary actions.

In simple words, we can say either a typo or a technical issue prevents the browser to display the requested web page. And this might be an HTTP error!

So, simply put, an HTTP error is what prevents you from vising a website. And there might be several reasons for that! Knowing the reason can help you faster. So, let us now know some reasons behind HTTP Errors.

What Causes an HTTP Error?

Technically, there are 100+ types of HTTP error codes officially and unofficially. So, there are over 100 causes for an HTTP error. Furthermore, each HTTP Error code comes with an HTTP Error Code message. To fix an HTTP error, knowing and understanding the HTTP Error Code message is all that you need.

Although, discussing all the 100+ HTTP Error types in a single blog is neither practical nor feasible. Therefore, we have researched and handpicked some most common types of HTTP errors that a user often encounters. So, let us learn about these most common HTTP errors and let us find out the ways to fix these common HTTP errors

Some Common Types of HTTP Error Codes

Like always, we are discussing some common HTTP Errors in a language comprehensible to the layman. So, worry not if you are just an internet user, we are flaunting no technical language today.

HTTP Errors code

Some most common HTTP Errors that a user might encounter in his day-to-day life are as below-

HTTP Error 301 Moved Permanently

As the HTTP Error 301 code message ‘Moved permanently” suggests, it is a condition when website data has moved to a new address. This condition is just like a similar condition where you visit your friend years later and get to know that the friend has moved to a new house.

https errors codes

When HTTP Error 301 occurs, it implies simply that the URL address has changed to reach this website. Also, there might be various reasons that an organization changed its website address. For example-

  • Rebranding:

It is the most common reason why a business changes its website URL address. Sometimes, a business undergoes rebranding, that is a change of business name, logo, and also services. So, maybe the website you are looking for has now changed its name and eventually has changed the website address as well. Usually, businesses prefer website URL addresses in the name of their business name only.

For example, look at our website URL- https://appinnovix.com/, which is on our business name. However, in the future, if we wish to change our name, we would also change our website address so that people can reach us easily.

Thus, in such a case if someone would type https://appinnovix.com/ on the search bar and press enter (or return), then an HTTP Error 301 might occur and the website might ask you to visit another URL. Also, it makes the website’s SEO better!

  • Merger & Acquisition:

Sometimes, a larger firm acquires a smaller firm as a part of business growth and expansion. In such cases, the website of the acquired business redirects to the acquiring business’s website. It is because sometimes, the acquiring firm considers maintaining two separate websites as an ‘extra cost on business.’ Therefore, they decide to keep a single website only.

  • Separation:

In certain cases, it is possible that a business offers different types of services. And now the business is willing to expand one particular type of service to lay more focus on its development. Eventually, they create a separate business branch to look after that particular service.

Alternatively, in some cases, the business partners (if any) decide to part ways. Then, they also decide to conduct business separately. This might also cause a change in the URL.

error fixing

How Hero Honda Website Looked Back in 2001

One such case is Hero Motocorp and Honda Motors. During the early 90’s they both were merged and the company name was ‘Hero Honda’. Therefore, the website was also www.herohonda.com

Later they decided to part ways, and today both have separate websites.

  • Closure:

In certain unfortunate cases, when a business decides to close operations, it sells its domain address or website URL to some other business. In such a case, you might return an HTTP Error 301 (Moved Permanently).

HTTP Error 400 Bad Request

The most common reasons behind HTTP Error 400 (Bad Request) include the following-

    1. Typos in the URL: You might have typed the URL incorrectly. So, check the URL and find if you have correctly spelled the URL.
    2. Cache and Cookies: Today, whenever we visit a website, it would always ask us to accept some cookies. These Cashe and Cookies sometimes cause HTTP Error 400.
  • File Size Too Large: When a website comprises really fancy animations, its size becomes too large. And owing to weak networks, the website might not load and can cause an HTTP Error 400. Furthermore, to fix HTTP Error 400 (Bad Request) in case the file size is too large, either switching to another stronger network or removing animation from the website can help.
  • Server Error: In certain cases, the problem is neither on the side of the visitor nor on the side of the web developer. But, a weak server or certain technical server issues may also cause HTTP Error 400.

In a nutshell, HTTP Error 400 (Bad Request) is when due for any reason, your browser is unable to display the requested URL.

HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized

Next comes HTTP Error 401 (Unauthorized). As you may also anticipate from the message in the bracket, that is, ‘(Unauthorized)’, it is a condition when the website visitor must have authority to access a website! Well, if it is sounding a little complicated, then let us simplify the same for you!

Can anyone visit your Instagram chatbox without logging in to your Insta account? Clearly, the answer is no! The login credentials give authority to the visitor to visit a page in certain cases. So, if you get an HTTP Error 401 (Unauthorized), so there is a possibility that you need to have some login credentials to access the website. And that will be the only way to fix HTTP Error 402 (Unauthorized).

However, sometimes you will also encounter an HTTP Error 401 (Unauthorized) when the website owner has blocked your IP address or your country/state/region due to security or whatever reasons.

HTTP Error 403 Forbidden

This HTTP Error is quite similar to the one already discussed above. However, the only difference is that a visitor may have valid credentials, but he or she is not privileged enough to still access the website.

Again sounding complicated? Well, let us clarify with another example. Suppose you work with Appinnovix as of now, but you got an opportunity to shift to the USA with some larger firm. So, you decided to leave your job at Appinnovix. But when you joined here, Appinnovix like any other company created your employee portal.

Now, you have the credentials to visit our HR and employee portal, but as soon as you leave, you shall never be able to visit the portal with existing credentials. Our IT team will remove access from you!

Similarly, you might have login credentials to visit any other website, but the website owner might have blocked your IP or country from visiting his/her site. And in this case, you will return to HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden). You may or may not be able to fix HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden) depending upon the reason. And this part we shall discuss in the next section!

HTTP Error 404 Not Found

Furthermore, as the name suggests HTTP Error 404 (Not Found) occurs when the browser is unable to find the web page you have requested. The reasons are quite simple. Either the website owner has deleted the requested web page or has moved the webpage to some other URL.

Simply put, the data either no longer exists or its URL address has been changed. And unfortunately, as a visitor, you can do nothing to fix an HTTP Error 404 (Not Found).

HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error

Another common type of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Error is HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error. However, when an HTTP Error comes with a 500 (Internal Server Error) code message, it implies that the browser is unable to display the requested web page, but the reason is not clear.

So, this type of HTTP error might occur due to a varying number of technical reasons. It might either be a server issue, a weak internet network, or any other technical issue from the website’s end. However, the browser is unable to identify the exact one!

When the reason remains unknown, fixing an HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error might be a tough job. However, sometimes one might solve this issue within a couple of seconds.

HTTP Error 503 The Service is Unavailable

A Hypertext Transfer Protocol Error Code with error message 503 The Service is Unavailable occurs when the issue is purely on the server’s side. In this case either the server is down or under maintenance.

So, simply trying to visit the website after a couple of hours or switching to another browser can be helpful in fixing HTTP Error 503 (Service is unavailable).

How to Fix an HTTP Error?

So, now we have understood some common types of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Errors or HTTP Errors. Now, let us find some ways to fix these errors while being a searcher! Take the following steps to fix an HTTP error in general-

  • Check the URL Once

Sometimes, the HTTP Error might be due to some common typo in the URL. So, check the URL once and try to figure out any spelling mistakes in it. If you find one, then correct the URL and try to reach the website. For example, look at the following URLs and try to figure out the difference-

These URLs might appear the same, but check carefully! They are not!

  • Try Editing the URL

Sometimes, you need to edit the URL in the following ways-

  1. Suppose a URL is https://appinnovix.com/ However, you are unable to reach the website, and an HTTP Error code returns.
  2. Then, the first thing you may do is simply remove the ‘s’ from the ‘https’ in the URL address. And try- http://appinnovix.com/ instead.
  3. However, if it does not work, the next thing you can do is to add a ‘www.’ after the ‘https’ and before ‘appinnovix.com’ and try- https://www.appinnovix.com/ or http://www.appinnovix.com/
  4. Alternatively, you can also try to remove the existing ‘www.’ from the URL.
  1. Go Advance!

In certain cases, an error might occur with another type of HTTP Error stating that ‘Your Connection is not Private’. Your computer screen will appear like this in such a case-

connection error

In this case, you would need to click on ‘Advance’ as highlighted above, and 99%, you will be able to access the website.

  • Clear the Browsing Data, Cookies & Cashe

However, if the above tricks fail to work, then you must do one thing. Go to the Browsing History and select clear browsing data. While clearing the data choose the option of clearing the cache and cookies as well.

You can take a reference from the image above. And do not forget to choose both the options we have circled above. Afterward, restart your device and then try to access the website. In this way, you can fix HTTP Errors easily.

connection error

  • Do Some Google Research

However, if you are still unable to reach the website, you must simply do a Google search. Especially, if the HTTP Error code comes with the HTTP Error Code ̋301 Moved Permanently. It is because it must be the case of a changed URL address. And therefore, a Google search is necessary to find out the new address.

Just type the business name followed by the keyword ‘website’ or ‘official website’ or ‘home page’. For example- ‘Appinnovix Website’, ‘Appinnovix Official Website’, or ‘Appinnovix Home Page’.

Alternatively, you can stalk the social media accounts of the business such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to check if they have updated a new website address.

Furthermore, you can also check on social media if the company has recently gone through a rebranding, acquisition, merger, or closure. It will help you a lot! This will help you a lot in fixing the HTTP Error without any technical tactics.

  • Try VPN

Finally, if all the tricks fail and you are still dying to visit a website, then try accessing it with a VPN. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN allows you to hide or ‘change’ your ‘IP Address’. And this trick will be useful while trying to fix the following HTTP Error cases-

  • 400 Bad Request: If there is a server error, VPN can help reach a website.
  • 401 Unauthorized: When you have the login credentials, but the owner has blocked your country from accessing the website. Then try a VPN from another country with VPN.
  • 403 Forbidden: Similarly, also in the case of HTTP error 403 forbidden, you might need a VPN to access the webpage.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: When the server is unable to identify the cause of the error, you can try a VPN as a possible solution. however, it may or may not solve your problem.

Additionally, we would like to suggest that while looking for a VPN, you will need to install it for Chrome as an extension. Like we install Grammarly! Moreover, Appinnovix would suggest ‘Set Up VPN’ as the best free VPN service.

With Set Up VPN, you will just need to sign up with your Google account, and the free version offers VPN from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Switzerland. And this free version is more than enough for you!

  • Switch the Browser

Are you searching the web page with Google Chrome? Well, if still not able to reach the website, then try switching to some other browser. For example, go with Mozilla Firefox or any other browser (or search engine) you have right now! This might also help you to fix the HTTP Error.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, HTTP Error Codes or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Errors are quite normal to encounter while browsing. However, fixing HTTP errors is not a rocket science and does not require deep technical knowledge, Rather, to fix HTTP errors, a couple of tricks like editing the URL, using a VPN, and switching the browser are more than enough. So, now onwards, do not get disheartened as you encounter an HTTP Error, rather try fixing it with the help of this blog!

Creating Website for Small Business

Read This Before You Start!

With a rapid rate of digitalisation and the massive focus of the Government of India on campaigns like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’, small businesses based in Indian households have gained great momentum. In the present-day scenario, homemakers and young students have tasted empowerment and financial independence especially by starting small home-based businesses. However, these creative minds have great potential to globalize their business. But their business fails to reach people only because they do not recognise the need of having a website for small businesses! Small or large, a business website has a myriad of benefits for a business. And especially in the case of a small business, a website always proves a boon! There are many top website development company, like Appinnovix Technologies, that can help you get the best small business website in your budget in 2024.

So, are planning to have a website for your small business in 2024? Well, if yes, then you must read our latest blog carefully before you start! In this blog, today Appinnovix Technologies is going to present a complete guide to small business websites for you. And today we will learn-

  • 10 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Business Website
  • Benefits of Creating Website for Small Business
  • What Should Be Your Small Business Website Design?
  • How Much Does It Costs to Create a Small Business Website in 2024?

10 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Website for Your Small Business

Maybe, you are highly satisfied with your small business performance and your nearby customers are loyal to you. But don’t you feel like expanding your small business to a medium one? Profit may not be the sole, but it is the primary aim of every business. Moreover, growth and development are not only the necessities of life but also for a business. So why don’t you plan business expansion in 2024? A small business website built with a good website development company can help your small business grow. How? Well, here are the top 10 reasons-

1. Look Trustworthy & Genuine with a Small Business Website

Trust is a major issue when you advertise your small business. In our day-to-day life, we come across many small business advertisements, but we often overlook their existence as we overthink of the-

  • The credibility of small business
  • Product Quality
  • Returns and Exchange etc.

However, when you have a professional business website designed by a top website designing and development company, and you advertise the website and not the business. Then, your business appears credible to the TG. So, having a business website makes your small business appear genuine and not a scam.

2. Look Professional & Serious as a Small Business

People are quite smart nowadays. They would often opine that if a business is maintaining a website, which of course takes a good amount of time and effort invested, then the business must be serious enough and the product quality would also be professional.

On the contrary, if your small business does not have a business website, the TG will always be skeptical of your product quality, deadline abidance, and professionalism. So, when you invest in a website a good amount of money and effort, people judge that yes, you are here for the business on a serious note.

3. Flaunt Your Business Style & Your Happy Customers

Furthermore, when you add pictures of your physical place of work, customer testimonials, team, and products on the website, then it leaves a positive impression on the visitor or Target Customer. Moreover, it also enhances your business image. However, you can flaunt these pictures via social media as well, but when you do it on your website, your small business looks more professional.

Also, nowadays, people prefer to visit a business website only as they get additional information from there. Social Media offers only images but the website offers detailed business information in a well-organized manner.

4. Appear on the First Page of Google SERP as the Best Small Business

A professional website design and development company uses various SEO techniques and relevant keywords to make your business appear on the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This helps you appear on Google when people search for a business using keywords like-

  • XYZ business near me
  • The best XYZ company in the ABC state
  • Best XYZ services near me
  • The best SYZ services in ABC state and more

These are the top keywords that people use to look for a business. They might be searching for a restaurant, beauty salon, wedding planner, or even a website designing company. So, whatever small business you have, you need an optimized business website to make your presence felt among the best businesses of your kind!

5. Generate More Leads

When you come in notice via Google, believe us, you will generate uncountable leads for your business. Do you know that researchers have found, that in 2022 Google had over 4.2 billion users from around the world? Not only this, but with the growing population, this number is determined to increase only! Also, according to Fit Small Business, a website dedicated to educate small business entrepreneurs and aspirants-

  • Around 71% of small businesses already have a website today.
  • 97% of potential customers learn about a small business from the internet only.
  • Especially, half of the potential customers find a local business via Google only.
  • 62% of the searchers ignore a small business without a website presence.
  • Also, around 5% of potential customers judge a small business by its website appearance.

Clearly, a small business website and its website design have a great role to plan in business lead generation. So, always remember these stats while creating website for small business.


6. Invite Investors to Fund Your Small Business

Apart from generating leads, if you are planning to expand your business, then with the help of a professional-looking website, you can also invite investors to fund and invest in your small business. As stated earlier, around 38.5% of people judge a business on the basis of its website design, hence you must get your website designed by a good website designing company.

Afterward, when you look for investors, they always ask for a link to your business website on a primary basis. Eventually, if you pitch 100 investors, you are likely to get at least 38 investors for your business based on stats. Also, the chances of receiving angel funding or getting acquired by a big brand multiply a hundred times.

7. Hire People or Make New Business Partners

Even if you are already a medium-sized business not limited to a couple of family members and friends as team members. Then, you might be looking for hiring expert professionals. However, sometimes a start-up, small business, and even a medium business face trouble in maintaining good employee retention. Freshers tend to join small businesses but head toward large corporates after receiving training and gaining experience. This harms the reputation and productivity of a small business to a great extent. Also many times, people do not apply for a job in your business when you lack a professional website doubting it is a scam.

However, when you have a professional website that offers a transparent job listing, existing team information, and a resume submission feature, then a job aspirant finds it more impressive and credible. Eventually, you get access to more educated and professional job seekers. A professional website development company will always add this feature to your website design while creating website for small business. And if they don’t, you must remind them!

8. Make Your Small Business an Online Business

Also, you should remember that the pandemic has changed our lifestyle as a customer to a great extent. Today we rely completely on e-commerce and online business services. Owing to the social distancing norms and busy corporate schedules, visiting crowded and time-bound markets is now too old-school. All the customers prefer to buy things online today. Eventually, you must consider making your small business an online business. Especially, if you are dealing in clothes, groceries, medicines, and food items, then having an online e-commerce store is a necessity. So, always ask your chosen website development company to add an e-commerce store to your small business website. This will bring more sales to your small business.

9. Know Your Customers Better with Data Analytics

Did you know that having a website also gives you insightful information about your customers? And this insightful data helps you judge your customer needs better and plan business activities accordingly! Suppose you get information like-

  • At what price a product was bought maximum during a month?
  • Which product is in the card of most of your customers but is not bought due to higher price?
  • In the particular time slot, your e-commerce website is visited by the largest number of customers
  • The location of your customers and similar other personal information

Woooo……isn’t that like a genie’s magic? How easy it will become to plan sale prices, timings, and alluring offers for your customers! Additionally, the boost it will give to your business sales will be exceptional! Your chosen website designing and development company will always help you get insightful website data analytics. And your business will fly like a rocket!

10. Build a Business Community with Regular Blogs

Fit Small Business also explains that the businesses that offer blogs to their readers generate 67% of more leads. Also, around 61% of US buyers make a purchase after reading a blog. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact a website development company today, and get a professional business website for your small business right away. Also, do not forget to get the ‘Blogs’ tab on your business website. And build a business community with regular blog posts. Also, do not forget to market your products in a subtle manner in your blog posts. Then see how it boosts the sales of your small business!

Top Benefits of Having a Website for a Small Business

So, all in all, we can sum up the following benefits of creating website for small business

  • Increases business credibility.
  • Also, brings professionalism to business appearance.
  • Makes businesses searchable on Google.
  • Helps generate more leads.
  • Increases business sales.
  • Improves business image.
  • Leaves a good impression on potential customers and investors.
  • Brings insightful customer data to light.

Thus, having a good business website has a myriad of benefits for your small business.

The Right Small Business Website Design

So, are you planning to create a professional business website for your small business in 2024? Well, if yes, then you must be wondering how to make the perfect-looking professional website for your small business! So, remember that you must instruct your chosen website designing and development company to add the following content and features on a primary basis to your business website.

The Design

The small business website design must always be professional and the content should be well-organized. Make sure, that you use light and professional colors in the website design. Also, add optimized images to the small business website design. Moreover, the load time must be as short as possible. The user interfaces that the performance of your small business website must be fast and smooth so that no visitor contributes to an increased bounce rate.

If you wish to know more about- How to Improve Your Website Performance then you must read our previous blog right Here.

Furthermore, you must remember the expert tips from Appinnovix Technologies for creating websites for small business-

The Content

Content is the king of Digital Marketing. And a business website is the primary tool of digital marketing. A website gives you a virtual space to present your small business and pitch your products and services to billions of people. Therefore, the website design must be professional and the website content needs to be engaging and informative. So, always ensure the following while creating website for small business

  • Be precise and accurate while writing information
  • Provide maximum business information on the small business website
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes as it will make you look less professional
  • Use enough variety in content and use written content, image, and video content in good proportion.

Additionally, while designing website for small business, ask the website designing and development company to add following pages or tabs-

Home Page

Always make your home page alluring. It must appear lively and must provide a summary of your business. For example, if you are in web design and development, then your homepage must inform the same primarily. Like- “We are the Best Web and App Development Company in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh”. You must also include the number of successful years you have been in business for. Say for example- “we have been serving the areas of Lucknow, Greater Noida, Noida, and even Delhi for the past 10 years”. This adds credibility to your small business.

Also, flaunt your business values, ethics, and ethos on your business website homepage. Most importantly, add a slideshow of images having the happy and smiling faces of your business workers. It brings a positive vibe to the visitor and he or she is likely to trust your business and your claims faster.

About US

Then, comes the ‘About Us’ page. ‘About Us’ page is the backbone of a small business website. Not only the potential customers but also the business investors and the top corporate researchers visit this website page to find out more about your small business. Eventually, your ‘About Us’ section needs to be the most informative section on your small business website. Also, you must instruct the website development company to include the following information on the About Us page-



The founded year, founder details, and the developments your small business has gone through since its inception are the most vital information. How you came into this business and how many successful years you have spent in the industry is a ‘must have’ on the about us page. So, provide this information clearly on the About Us page.


Who are the founder of the business and the leaders of the business is the piece of information that most investors would look for while planning to invest in your business. Also, job seekers and job aspirants look for leadership information before applying for a vacant situation in your small business. So, add images of your founders and leaders along with their titles and qualifications. Adding their experience and expertise information further makes the small business website appear more professional.

Team and its Expertise

Likewise, never forget to flaunt your team of experts and their skills and expertise on your small business website. This further leaves a better impression on the website visitors and they are likely to make business with you quicker. Additionally, when you add pictures of your staff members to your website, it also motivates your workers and their loyalty and respect increase towards the company! Thus always add team members’ happy photos to the About Us page while creating website for small business.

Apart from the above, the following pages or tabs must also adorn your small business website-

A Detailed List of Services

Always provide a robust list of the products and services that you offer to your customers. For example, you must check the official website of Appinnovix Technologies. We never forget to list even a single product or service that we offer. It is because sometimes it happens that a customer visits the small business website for a particular product, but buys another product or service as well if it leaves a good impression on him.

And to leave a good impression on your customer, you must provide precise and informative product descriptions. Also, add images of your products if applicable. Moreover, you must also try to include a portfolio of successful projects delivered so far!

Contact Information

Last but not the least, contact information is the ultimate information that helps you generate business leads and queries. Therefore, provide valid contact information on the business website. Make sure that you remain available on the provided phone number and email address. Lest you should lose the business lead. Moreover, add Headquarter Address in addition to the phone number and email address. Also, you must ask the website development company to add a Google Maps Link on the contact page itself.

This page must disclose the Privacy and Cookies policies such as what information the website collects for analytics. Also, you must offer the legal terms of your business. This will further help build trust among the visitors!

Cost of Creating Website for Small Business in 2024

So, now you must be curious to know that how much it costs to create a website for a small business in 2024! Well, simply put, the cost of building a website for a small business ranges from $200 to $10,000 depending upon the website design, pages, and features. Moreover, in India, the cost of creating website for small business is INR 10, 000/- to INR 2, 50, 000/-. However, on average if you add fewer animations and choose a simple website design, then you may get the job done within a price bracket of INR 10, 000/- to INR 50, 000/-.

The website features and content pages listed above are sufficient for a small business website. So, Appinnovix Technologies advises you to go for the above pieces of information only during the initial stage. Once you start generating a good number of leads and your revenue increases, then you must go for adding fancy and advanced website features. For example, having an online store with virtual try-on products may replace a simple online store in the future. Likewise, you can increase the animations as well after your revenues increase.

Final Thoughts

So, we can sum up that having a business website for a small business is really important these days. By building a professional small business website, you can not only boost the credibility of your business but also you can leave a more positive impression on your potential customers and investors. Also, lead generation and increasing sales become much easier with a Creating Website for Small Businessas a digital marketing tool. So, hire a professional website designing and development company today to create a website for a small business of yours in 2024. Start the New Year with a new business website. Appinnovix Technologies wishes your small business all the very best!

Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow

Appinnovix Begins its Journey to Becoming the Best Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow!

Hurray!! Your best web development company, Appinnovix, is now on its way to becoming the best Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow. After months of persistent hard work and constant research, we have finally developed our own Nidhi Software Company. This latest software from our developers’ team will adorn our Business Intelligence line that comprises our HRM, Invoice, MLM, and Real Estate management tools. So, in this blog, we are discussing who all can benefit from our new service. Also, in this blog, readers may find a detailed specification list of Nidhi Software Company by Appinnovix Technologies-

What is Nidhi Company and Who Can Benefit from It?

It was in 2013 that the Government of India (GOI) decided to end the monopoly of banks in the banking system of India. In order to promote financial liquidity and a simplified bank process in rural and urban India alike, GOI launched NIDHI banks.

A Nidhi Bank or a Nidhi company aims at providing financial services to its members. Although, Nidhi company offers majorly banking features, but in a more simplified manner. Nidhi Bank comes under the category of Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) and is driven by the ethos of mutual benefits.

Also, a vital aim of the GOI behind the formation of Nidhi Company was to promote the habit of savings among Indians. Simultaneously, it saves the Indian audience from complex paper works prevalent in the Indian banking system.

However, the Nidhi banks can be considered a boon for the rural and humble population of India. But it does not mean that the urban and literate population cannot benefit from it. There are no locality, age, or educational restrictions to becoming a member of Nidhi bank. Popularly, even the audience lacking formal education or literacy can also avail the benefits. So, everyone can benefit from Nidhi company’s banking services.

So, when Nidhi banks are for everyone’s benefit, Appinnovix has launched a Nidhi Company software in Lucknow for the benefit of Nidhi Banks. Now let us find out how our team of developers defines their heavenly weapon for the Nidhi company management system-

Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow

What is Nidhi Company Software?

The IT sector has been advancing at a rapid pace day by day. Each new day brings a new technological advancement to the world. And Business Intelligence (BI) tools are a unique gift of the IT sector for small to large-sized businesses. Business Intelligence tools allow judicious and optimum use of Human Resources by eliminating clerical work. The pretty small clerical things that earlier used to take human efforts are now conquerable with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this way, the BI tools allow a business to use its HR more optimally and encourage judgment and decision-making among them.

Today there exist many Nidhi companies in Lucknow as well. And therefore the demand for Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow is increasing in parallel to the rising demand for Nidhi banks.

How It Will Benefit the Nidhi Companies?

In a similar way, bank management too had certain clerical processes that took human intelligence earlier. But now the bank and finance BI tools like Tableau, MS Power BI, Domo, and more have simplified the big data storage, retrieval, and processing issues miraculously. That data management and data analytics that took days of calculations are now as simple as a couple of computer clicks. Nidhi Company Software also allows a smooth Nidhi bank management for its users by automating the following processes-

  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Creating profiles of new members and storing and managing relevant data
  • Passbook update
  • Rate of Interest and total loan or FD amount calculation
  • TDS deduction
  • Internet Banking facilities
  • Salary and Incentive calculations for the staff
  • Nidhi compliance management as per GOI

However, it is worth mentioning that not every Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow has been able to provide an all-in-one place user experience so far. And the bank management and bank process for Nidhi companies are yet to be simplified. Keeping, the market needs in mind, the Appinnovix web developers’ team took deep research, and tried to automate maximum bank processes in its product. So, let us now find out what Appinnovix Nidhi company software has to offer-

Features of Appinnovix Nidhi Company Software

Appinnovix has made the most diligent efforts to automate a maximum number of bank processes. Here are the most intriguing features of our Nidhi Company Software by Appinnovix that are sufficient to beat any other Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow

nidhi software company

Managing Your Routine Nidhi Bank Management Tasks

Appinnovix has introduced fully automated bank management features for Nidhi Banks like-

  • Member database creation and storage
  • NDH 3 preparation
  • Deposit account opening
  • Loan account opening
  • Passbook updates
  • Bank statement generation

So, be happy and relieve your workers of their unnecessary public dealings. And use their knowledge, skills, efficiency, and intelligence in some ‘real’ processes. While ‘Artificial Intelligence will take care of the clerical jobs, let the ‘real intelligence’ take problem-solving and decision-making roles for your business.

Automating the Financial Processes

In a similar way, the bank and finance processes such as-

  • Rate of Interest calculation
  • Loan interest calculation
  • EMI calculation
  • TDS deduction
  • Opening of Loan account and form filling

All these Nidhi software features by Appinnovix are ready to take the load off your accountant’s chest. By auto-performing these financial tasks, Appinnovix Nidhi company software leaves enough space for your finance team to focus on decision-making. Also, the finance team can focus on business development and research work. Additionally, it will allow your finance team to focus better on monitoring and optimizing the financial health of your Nidhi Company. Also, we would emphasize that any other Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow will hardly provide such complete automation.

nidhi software company in lucknow

Automated Lending Processes

From filling out the loan form to the deduction of EMIs from the concerned accounts, now the Nidhi software is up to eradicate all the human efforts in bank loan handling. The software is capable of doing the complete process fully automated. So, now you may use your finance team in business development and customer relation handling. Also, let us take pride in mentioning that Appinnovix is the only indigenous Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow that provides such needle-to-sword industry automation for the Nidhi bank loan processes.

Let them focus on bringing more customers, and enhancing the cash liquidity in Indian markets. Be the largest contributor to boosting the purchasing power of your borrowers. Let them fulfill their dreams. And let your business goals be fulfilled as well.

Ensuring Compliance with GOI

Appinnovix team has also paid particular attention to compliance management. When it comes to a bank and finance business, it becomes imperative to adhere to government norms. Even the slightest error may lead to major consequences. A human might err, and make the entire organisation suffer. But mechanization is the key to eradicating calculation errors and adhering to the rules. While you may not expect such an in-built compliance management system from a Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow, the Appinnovix team has paid special attention to the compliance module.

So, the Appinnovix team has developed an in-built notification system that will notify the user as immediately as a wrong bank entry is made. Not only this but also the system will notify all the failures to EMI and TDS payments. So, in this way, now you need not worry about any errors, flaws, misconducts, and even frauds in your Nidhi Company.

Simplifying Some HRM Processes As Well

To add a cherry on top, our developers’ team has also provided the in-built salary and incentive calculation features. So, now you may also free your HR managers from clerical work. And you may now let them exercise their analytical skills in uplifting employee efficiency. Additionally, use your HR managers in boosting the morale of your employees. And see your organization flourishing day by day at a much more rapid pace.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Appinnovix has tried to introduce an ‘all-at-one’ place experience for the Nidhi companies. Our developers’ team has undertaken deep market research and the end product is Appinnovix Nidhi Company Software. The team has tried to compile all the major Nidhi bank processes into a single software. Nidhi banking is now a matter of a few clicks. So, now the software is waiting for implementation in the market. However, already our loyal and age-old customers have pre-booked the services. In fact, some of the companies have also started working with the software and their reviews have been satisfactory.

However, constant updates in the IT sector bound Appinnovix to work for the further development of the software continuously. And Appinnovix is already working on major updates. So, there will be a lot more to come in the upcoming times. This software by the company will enable the Nidhi companies to focus more on decision-making, problem-solving, researching, and developing the business further. The software has the potential to replace unnecessary human effort in clerical jobs. Eventually, the companies will be able to use their employees’ analytical skills to better fulfil the business goals.

Also, we must admit that our valuable team of developers and our loyal customers have helped together to make Appinnovix the leading web and mobile app development in Lucknow. And now we are hopeful that the hard work, research, and toil of our developers coupled with the faith of our age-old clients will also make us the best Nidhi software company in Lucknow.

Further, to read a critical review of Appinnovix Nidhi Company software, click right here and see what the tech experts have to say about our little new Nidhi Software weapon!

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Why E-commerce Website Development is Important

7 Reasons Why E-Commerce Website Development is Important for Your Business!

Learn How Having Your Own E-Commerce Website Matters!!

The growth of E-Commerce is crystal clear since the time of the pandemic. From small to large-sized businesses, today everyone is aware of the importance of having an online presence. However, to go online most businesses, especially the small and medium ones prefer well-established E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. But overlooking the need for its own E-commerce website development may have many disadvantages.

Therefore, today we are discussing the top 7 pros, cons, and benefits of having your own E-commerce store. We will discuss in detail why you must prefer your own e-commerce store over existing e-commerce platforms. Also, we will discuss which website development company can let you achieve your goals in your budget.

1. Practice Your Fundamental Right of Freedom

When you tie up with an already well-established E-Commerce platform, you are immediately burdened with the policies of these platforms. There are certain ‘standards’ and ‘regulations’ that these companies will impose upon you. And you will need to modify your products, production processes, and even marketing techniques as per their policies. On the contrary, when you have your own e-commerce website, you are free to practice your monopoly rights over your business. In a nutshell, you may work at your own pace and on your own rules. And e-commerce website development is the key to your freedom.

2. Minimised Commission, Optimized Profits

What do you think? Tie-ups with the e-commerce platforms are free of cost? Not at all! In the world of trade and commerce, no entrepreneur is up for your help. But the sole motive of every businessman is profit. However, the E-commerce platforms will not charge you directly. But the load will instead come into the pockets of your customers in name of shipping charges and hidden commission.

Eventually, the price of your commodity will get higher. And this may lead your customers to opt for cheaper substitutes. However, with your own e-commerce website development, you can offer fair and minimal prices to your customers, which will definitely increase your sales.

3. Let Your Customers Exercise their Fundamental Freedom Virtually

E-commerce website development is a boon these days. Remember that an already established e-commerce platform will only allow selected features. But, having your own e-commerce platform can let you have the best ones. The present time is the time of virtual and augmented reality. And during the pandemic, ‘try-on’ virtually is a feature that has gained exceptional popularity. In fact, the try-on feature or virtual stores are now more popularised than offline physical shopping.

For example, the big cosmetic brands are now offering try-on facilities virtually while this feature can never be availed offline. Shopping for lipsticks has become so very easy for ladies with the virtual ‘try-ons’. And hence, they are shifting towards online shopping of cosmetics by leaps and bounds. So, focus on building an online virtual store, especially if you have a cosmetic, jewellery, or apparel business. Market your online store and see how the traffic over your website gets boosted!

4. Do Not Let Others Become ‘Big-Billionaires’ at Your Profit’s Cost!!

Apart from these, another con of partnering with the established e-commerce store is that these platforms are retailers. And to promote their sales, they keep on launching different types of sales every now and then. For example, the big-billion day sale by Flipkart! Undoubtedly, the customer gets crazy deals over the biggest brands and saves tonnes of money by shopping online. But what about the brand then? Will you find an iPhone 12 being sold as low as Rs. 40,000/- anywhere else? Not at all! But to promote their sales, e-commerce platforms apply such tactics.

Eventually, when such a sale comes on big brands, undoubtedly, your small brand is going to suffer. Clearly, people will prefer a 40, 000/- 5G iPhone 12 over your 25-30,000/- Oppo, Vivo, and even Samsung by adjusting their budgets accordingly. But generally, who will suffer? The tradesmen! You will have to compromise your profit margins every now and then in the name of sales. So, better choose a good website development company, and develop your own e-commerce store!

5. Become An Independent Brand

Jockey, Reebok, Addidas, Bata, Lakme, and whatnot! Each big brand today has an independent e-commerce website today! However, these brands apply both kinds of marketing tactics and have tie-up with established e-commerce platforms as well. But sometimes, it happens that when a product is out of stock on the e-commerce platform due to a ‘sale’, the customer in urgency prefers to buy it from the brand website.

Also, by keeping the prices low on your own e-commerce website, you may attract customers better. A pro tip for you is that keep the prices such that you include shipping and packaging charges already in the listed price. Do not show it separately as the e-commerce platforms do! And just like these aforementioned brands, one day your brand name will also count as an independent!

6. Aim to Conquer the World

Did you know that these e-commerce platforms that you choose to partner with, have national and international versions? Simply put, the Amazon for the Indian audience is ‘Amazon.in’, and that for the American audience is ‘Amazon.com’. Similarly, every country has its own variant. Even in a single country, not all goods are deliverable to certain locations. Then, why are you limiting yourself to a selected city, state, or even country?

Expand your horizons nationally and internationally with e-commerce website development for your business. While Amazon Australia will fail to display your products to the Australian audience, you may reach them with your own website and vigorous marketing. Also, having an e-commerce platform is one of the major techniques of digital marketing. So, use a suitable brand name and proper keywords to optimize your website. And let your business appear in the top searches abroad as well.

7. Cut Your Competition, Improve Your Products

Another fact that we generally overlook while tying up with a third-party online retailer, is that the competition is so high over there. A customer on the already established e-commerce platform has the power to choose from so many options. And the customized search techniques used by the customers may not even let your product appear in the search results. For example, suppose you have an apparel business and a customer searches with the keyword ‘pink lace dress women’ which you do not have in stock! But, many of your competitors have the same! So how are you feeling after wasting so much time and effort in partnering with these platforms?

Now consider another situation in the same business. You have your own e-commerce website and you market your product vigorously. With marketing tactics, you have achieved a good number of audience, and your customers are now also aware of your online store. The customers who are already happy with your goods and services and are loyal to your products will directly open your website. Also, not only they will buy from you but also share the links with their friends and relatives. This will further promote your business. And also if they search in a customized way, you may gather the data of their searches and develop the products accordingly!

So if your customer is searching for a pink lace dress, produce one and notify the customer. Likewise, if they are searching for ‘stretchable denim’, produce the same and advertise! You have all the data available to you ‘who is searching what’! We hope you got the point!

E-commerce Website Development

Which Website Development Company Can Help?

We are hopeful that the idea of your own e-commerce website development must be understood to the fullest by you. Now the next question appears how to have your own e-commerce website or online virtual store? The answer is simple! A web development company can help you get one. However, whenever we think of web development, we often consider big multinationals like Infosys, IBM, and Capgemini! Taking services from them might be suitable when your earnings are millions. But, if you are a small or even medium-sized business, then taking services from these international corporates may dig a large hole in your pocket!

But worry not! Why do you underestimate the Indian IITians and IT professionals? There are many tech-companies with Indian origins that can help you get your desired online virtual store without burning a hole in your pocket. And Appinnovix Technologies is also one of them. Additionally, you may also do your own research to find out a suitable business for yourself at your own location. The small-scale Indian start-ups will indeed give you better services at a more suitable price. If you are unsure how then you must read our other blog titling- Get to Know the Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in India.

Final Thoughts

Having your own e-commerce website is very important in the present-day scenario. The process of partnering with already established e-commerce giants can not only be quite complex, but it can also make you lose your monopoly over the business. Also, instead of minimizing the competition, third-party e-commerce platforms multiply your competition a thousand times. Eventually, owning e-commerce website development with the help of a good website development company will let you have a better-optimized presence.

Also, you may grow your business more than these third-party online retailers by offering a better user interface with a virtual store option. So, go ahead and get your e-commerce platform designed today!

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How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress: The Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial

Today owning a website is simply an indispensable part of a business. In fact, a website is not just a need but a necessity in business these days. So, in this digital world, web development is the hottest industry growing daily. And, content marketing and web development are now two aspects of the same coin. Every website needs great and engaging content which is also SEO-friendly. However, Appinnovix has discussed various SEO improvement tips and tools and web development in the previous blogs. But today we are revealing a ‘panacea’ named WordPress to build professional-looking websites and manage content in an SEO-friendly way.

In this blog, we will discuss a complete step-by-step tutorial to install the WordPress tool to manage your website. Additionally, as always we will also explain the important theories of WordPress to our beginner readers. So let’s start-

What is WordPress and Why it is Used?

Let us be precise and to the point in this blog, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build and host your own website(s). WordPress offers you plugin architecture and ready-to-use templates for building professional-looking websites. Also, using WordPress you can build your own-

  • Websites
  • Online Stores
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Blogs

Moreover, WordPress offers two types of plans- a Free Plan and a Premium Plan. You may choose as per your needs and budget. Let us now move to the next question. What WordPress is Used for? Well, WordPress has the following uses-

  1. It helps you build websites.
  2. Then, it enables you to host the website that you have built.
  3. Also, you can customize the website as per your business needs.
  4. You can check for the SEO-friendliness and readability of the website and its content

Moreover, you can understand WordPress Development as the act of installing software that helps you build, develop, customize, and host a website. And there are two types of WordPress installation methods-

  1. Building a free website with WordPress.Com
  2. And, secondly using WordPress.Org for a third-party host.

Confused? Well, let us explain

What is WordPress Org V/S WordPress.Com?

Don’t worry! There is not much ado about WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com. Actually, if you are a beginner then you must know that many professionals prefer web hosting services from third parties like-

  • Bluehost

  • GoDaddy

  • HostGator

  • WP Engine

  • Kinsta

And many others. Third-party hosting is used by professionals who have specific requirements in terms of website speed, appearance, mobile responsiveness, size, and some other technical features. However, if you are a beginner or non-IT individual who wants to run your own blogs or online stores, then the free version of WordPress is sufficient for your needs. So now let us explain the free version first-


If you are a beginner who wants to have your own website but does not have the core technical knowledge about hosting and purchasing a domain, then choose WordPress.Com. WordPress.Com is a complete package for the beginner’s website. And remember that beginner’s website does not mean that it will not look professional or will have development flaws. In fact, it is like leaving everything up to WordPress and focusing on the business. However, you may not find fancier templates, bug fixes, SEO analytics, readability scores, online payment collection, and others in a free plan. But if you want a simple and beautiful website, then a free version will be best for you. In fact, if you are about to start your blog, then WordPress free plan is just made for you. To install WordPress this way you will need to-

  • First, go to WordPress.com
  • Then, create a login account. You may use your existing Google or Facebook account.
  • Alternatively, you can also manually sign up with your personal E-mail ID and password.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the welcome page-


  • Then, simply click on ‘Start your website.’
  • Afterward, you will get the option of choosing a domain name for your website. Just use the keywords. For example, if you want to build a website on Makeup review, then use the keyword ‘makeup review’ and WordPress will automatically suggest you the domain names. However, Appinnovix will suggest you use the website title you have decided as the keyword in the domain. It is a special SEO tip from us!
  • Finally, WordPress will ask you a few questions about your website goals-\


  • You may choose as many as you want and then proceed to create a website by choosing the suggested templates.
  • Also, remember, WordPress.com will offer you free and premium plans as below-


  • Now as per your needs, you may pick a paid plan, or alternatively, you can click on the link-Start with a free site highlighted above.
  • Afterward, you can choose a suitable template, and customize the same.

So, this is how you can first build a free website with the WordPress development tool. By following the above steps discussed in this tutorial, you will be able to own a website that WordPress will host for you free of cost. Now when it comes to content management (CMS) tools like readability and SEO analytics, you will need to install plugins.

But remember that Plugin tools are not free of cost. You will need to pay monthly, half-yearly, or annual fees to run the plugins. Also, the plugin tools will require periodical renewal. However, if you are already aware of the Yoast SEO and readability guidelines, then you will not need the plugins. But if you still feel under-confident in your content readability and SEO friendliness, then we will advise you to get Plugins for your website. Here is how to install WordPress plugins-

  • Open Google and type the URL of your new website/WP-admin.
  • For example, if you have created a website named Makemebeautiful.wordpress.com then type on the search bar- wordpress.com/WP-admin
  • You will reach the dashboard of your publishing website which will look like the below one-


  • Open Google and type the URL of your new website/WP-admin.
  • For example, if you have created a website named Makemebeautiful.wordpress.com then type on the search bar- wordpress.com/WP-admin
  • You will reach the dashboard of your publishing website which will look like the below one-

So, now you are ready with your free-of-cost WordPress website. However, for certain features, you will need to pay a fixed amount periodically. Now, let us discuss the WordPress Installation steps for those Web Developers who prefer third-party hosting services for WordPress-

Now Let’s Get a Domain and Third-Party Host

Depending upon the speed, size, codes, and some other technical requirements, many web developers prefer third-party hosting services for a better user experience. Also, there are some popular third parties that WordPress has specific tie-up with such as-

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • WP Engine
  • Flywheel
  • Kinsta
  • DreamHost and more.

For these websites, WordPress installation is not a long process. In fact, on these platforms, you will just need to link your WordPress account. So, let us explain how to install WordPress in Bluehost, and in the rest of the hosting parties, the process will be quite similar. The sole aim of choosing Bluehost for this tutorial is that it is the most commonly used WordPress hosting service globally. Also, these days, mobile responsive websites are trending high and Bluehost is a well-known server to provide mobile responsive websites-

How to Installing WordPress for Bluehost-

  • Firstly, visit https://www.bluehost.in/
  • Then, choose your plan from basic, plus, and choice plus options
  • Afterward, you will need to create a domain name for your business and click on next-


  • After creating a domain name for your business, and by clicking on ‘next’ as highlighted in the above image, you will need to fill in the below details-


  • Once, you are done with these details then scroll down, accept T&C, and then proceed to pay-

how to install wordpess

  • Once, you purchase the domain and create the login details for yourself, Bluehost automatically installs WordPress for you. Now your job is to-
    • Log in to your Bluehost account and the following dashboard will appear-


    • Click on My Sites and then choose Create New Site.
    • Then add a website name and tagline and click on next.
    • Afterwards, Bluehost will ask you to choose the plugins you want for your site. You may choose the plugins as per your needs.


    • Do not forget to select your domain name with highlighted drop-down menu while keeping the directory section blank.
    • Once you click ‘next’, WordPress will automatically be installed on your Bluehost account.
    • Now again login to your Bluehost account and this time the screen will look like the following-


    • Go to My Sites and choose Manage site. And then login to your WordPress account.

So, congratulations, now you have successfully set up WordPress on the Bluehost hosting server and now you may create WordPress websites with the help of this tool. Apart from Bluehost, the process will be similar in the case of all WordPress-specific hosting servers. However, these days other servers such as GoDaddy are also getting popular these days for CMS and Web Development. However, you can install WordPress CMS for these non-WordPress-specific platforms too. We will soon try to bring a visual blog tutorial on how to install WordPress for GoDaddy. For today, that’s all!

Final Remarks

Having WordPress manage your website and blog content is one of the easiest processes. You may get a free or paid version as per your requirements. However, we will suggest you couple your WordPress account with Yoast Plugins, as it will be the most pocket-friendly and fruitful deal. Just like in Bluehost, you can install the WordPress Development tool for other WordPress-specific hosting servers too like WP Engine, Flywheel, and others. Moreover, if you are just a passionate blogger, then having a free WordPress website is also a great option for you.

We are hopeful, that you found the answers to most of your queries through this blog. Stay tuned with Appinnovix to keep reading more IT, web development, and technical content like this!

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15 Web Development Trends For 2023

Ditch the Old School SEO and Embrace These Latest 15 Web Development Trends For 2023 and Beyond!

Web Development services are the lifeline of the world today. World Wide Web (WWW) is what our day starts and ends within the present-day context. From needles to swords, now humans tend to seek everything on the Internet. And each web development company in India has joined the race of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to appear in the top-most results on the Google Search Engine Result Pages. However, did you know that no matter how optimized your content is! Even if your content is highly-optimized and appears as the first result on Google, but the user finds it difficult to understand, it will lose its worth!

So, stop targeting the Google Bot and start targeting the audience. And focus on the latest emerging web development trends that can help you overcome the bounce rates in 2022 and beyond. So, here are the top latest 15 web development trends for 2022 and beyond that Appinnovix explains for you-

1. Rising Virtue of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is the latest web development technology that offers web users a highly engaging interactive experience. To put it simply, virtual reality is using 3D technology and taking the user into a fantasy world. This technique is being used by many gaming zones to attract more customers. Additionally, the hospitality and real estate industries are also the top customers and demanders of this product. For example-

  • Virtual tours of a property

  • 3D Movies on the big screen

  • Virtual tours of a hotel

All these features enable a potential customer to know a hotel or a property better. Moreover, children are the biggest fans of 3D movies and games. Virtual Reality will continue to rise and will also make efforts to raise the bar. Eventually, focusing more on VR, conducting research on it, and developing further applications and websites with VR technology will prove a boon for your Web Development Business.

2. Augmented Reality- The Step Sister of VR

in Web Development Trends, Unlike taking VR, Augmented Reality (AR) tends not to take the user into a Fantasy world. But it enables the user to experience the App or website in his or her own environment. For example, in VR while watching Jurassic park in 3D will make a user feel that the Dinosaurs have surrounded him from all sides. But AR will let him interact with them! Augmented Reality is therefore a step-sister of Virtual reality. AR is the rising web development technology that enables a user to interact with Apps and websites. Some noteworthy examples include-

  • Virtual Try-On Makeup Features on Nykaa and Amazon

  • The latest Lakme App allows the user to try lipsticks and Eyeshadows with their front mobile cameras

  • Pokemon Go App by Nintendo that engages users in catching Pokemons in their surrounding locations.

However, it is mention-worthy that VR is the base of AR. But, both the trends will have a dominating effect on the web development industry in 2023. And all the web development services will have to pay a specific focus on VR and AR-based apps and websites. Especially, if your top customers include E-commerce stores, fashion retails, and Makeup businesses, then a strong knowledge of AR and VR will make you rise and shine in 2023!

3. Fake it Till Make It with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another web development technology that is getting popular by leaps and bounds. Have you enjoyed watching Hollywood movies like Men in Black? Where the machines and robots have assisted humans in a way we dream of! Well, AI is a small drop in the ocean of our fantasies! Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence used by computer devices to help us, humans. The top examples include-

  • The MS word and your mobile keyboard Autocorrecting your typing errors.

  • iOS Siri sets alarms, calls, and texts on the command of your voice.

  • Google maps assist you in reaching the desired destination while driving alone!

  • Face Recognition and Biometric Detection at your office gate.

Thus, AI is replacing your best friends, wives, and secretaries gradually! Well, joke apart! No machine can replace a human, but it can perform some of its tasks to reduce the load of humans. Therefore, AI is also getting popular by leaps and bounds and will continue to rise further in upcoming years. Moreover, AI is also a major focus of IT researchers and it will continue to rise further. Hence, as a web developer, it is important for you to stay tuned with the latest AI developments.

4. Conquering the World with Voice Recognition

As Google has vowed to spare no age group, sex, ethnicity, or nation, internet access for all is another matter of concern in web development. Accessibility for the rural, senior citizens, and differently-abled is a hot research area these days. Voice recognition is a major part of the accessible-for-all approach. It has come out as a boon for those who cannot type on smart devices like laptops, computers, and mobile phones. Voice recognition enables its user to use his or her voice to command a smart device. For example-

  • Siri in iOS

  • Alexa

  • Google keyboards with Mic

  • Search with Google Voice

These are some prominent examples of voice recognition. And apart from Android, iOS has raised the bar so high with its iPhone XII onwards series that it also ensures device security. Did you know that you can no longer talk to Siri on other’s iOS devices as it will not respond to the commands of a voice that does not match that of its owner? Oh Oh! Bad news! But worry not and if you are the provider of web development services, then start researching and developing your skills in Voice Recognition.

Web Development Trends

5. Connecting Connectivity Devices with IoT

The Internet is now old school and the Internet of Things is trending around. IoT is the latest web development trend that is developing gradually. However, at present, it is majorly accessible by the high-income groups only. But soon in the upcoming years, the IT sector will strive to make it accessible to middle and low-income groups as well. To define IoT in simple words, it is the art and science of connecting inert objects (things) with the internet or the web. Such that, the object or device senses the surrounding environment, assesses the necessary function required, and performs the same without any human interaction. The most prominent examples of IoT include-

  • AC sensors automatically increase the temperature limit when the rooms are properly conditioned.

  • Smart lighting that auto-brightens as the surrounding darkens.

  • Vehicles that can self-perform the Brake function when an object comes near to the car.

IT sector is going crazy after IoT these days. In fact, IoT has the potential to let humans live a king’s life and free their servants simultaneously. Eventually, software engineers and web developers who have extreme expertise in IoT will dominate the world in the upcoming time!

6. Motion UI

Gaming is central to all age groups these days. And Motion UI has a major role to play in the gaming sector. Gone are the days when people were dependent only on board games in name of indoor games. Today, web developers have developed numberless mobile and pc games to play indoors. And games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and various other car games have popularized the Motion UI as the latest web development trend.

In fact, web developers are not expected to implement Motion UI in website designs as well. As it will swift the User Experience and more audiences will be driven towards the website. Eventually, Motion UI will also dominate the IT and Web Development sectors in 2022 and beyond!

7. Personalisation with Machine Learning

We all need a friend and a partner who understands us. But what if we say that even the smart device that we use must understand our likes and dislikes? Well, isn’t that cool? So, Machine Learning (ML) is the mechanism in web development that targets at making the devices understand their users. However, ML is right now a toddler which is growing at a rapid speed in the field of web development. Some prominent examples include-

  • Optimized web searches such as Google near me feature

  • Social media friend and pages suggestions

  • Shopping advertisements on your web pages

  • Google articles and news feeds on you smart devices

All these are some basic examples of ML. These aforementioned results depend upon the insights that your device gains about you. And it will show the search results and suggestions based on these insights. What you browse all day on your internet allows your device to know what are your likes and dislikes. And based on these insights, the suggestions come your ways. ML is proving a boon in the Medical Industry as well. And if your clients are from the Medical, Healthcare, Pharma, and Biotech industries then you must work on your ML skills to retain your clients in the upcoming times.

8. Cloud Computing- A Rival that will have an “Edge” Over

In Web Development Trends Cloud computing is the latest technology that is planning to replace Edge computing in upcoming years. While edge computing stands for the storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data near the edge devices (mobile and PCs), cloud computing enables to perform these functions away from these devices. For example, Google Drive is the most suitable example of cloud computing in the present-day scenario. Google Drive has enabled users to store large quantity data for years and access it anytime anywhere with a Google account.

Moreover, cloud computing has also removed the dependency on memory cards, hard drives, and pen drives for data storage. Additionally, have you ever imagined what if your phone was stolen and you had no backup of your photos, important files, and social media passwords? Well, we can judge how horrendous the thought is! But cloud computing in web development has removed these obstacles too. And at the time when the IT developers are working on the 6G evolution, cloud computing will be the sole base!

9. Cyber Security- Evergreen Trend and Concern

In the previous generation, there was a time when almost everyone had an MBA and a B.Ed. degree. However, today is the time when almost everyone is striving to secure any IT degree, diploma, or certificate. During the pandemic, people observed that IT was the only sector in corporate that survived like no other. So, eventually, get ready for a flood of freshers in the IT sector. However, having a degree and having the skills are two altogether different concepts.

The IT professional with less knowledge and weak coding skills might survive but will not be able to have grand success until they code strongly. So, strong data encryption and perfection in coding will dominate the web development sector in upcoming years. And among all kinds of web development services, Cyber Security will be a major concern. Eventually, Apps and websites with strong codes and negligible possibilities of third-party involvement will rise astonishingly in demand. Thus, get ready to strengthen your coding and encryption skills.

10. Automation Testing

In the world of 24*7 connectivity, it is not possible to make a human work for more than 8 hours a day. Also, neither is possible to hire multiple staff in times of post-pandemic economic downfall. As a matter of fact, ‘automation’ is the weapon in the hands of the IT sector that can reduce the cost of operating and increase the 24*7 hour availability simultaneously. Therefore, in 2023 and beyond, automation testing of software will also trend high. Quality is a major concern when deploying a Business Intelligence solution in an organization. And a web developer cannot expect that after implementation of the solution, feedback will come and he will address the same. In fact, any client would want perfect software in a single go.

Therefore, it is important to test the solution several times before delivering and implementing it. But, testing by humans will be tedious and time-taking. Thus, Automation testing will trend at a rapid rate in the upcoming years. And the web developers will have to develop automation testing software and rely on the same.

11. JavaScript Will be Crowned as The Queen of Programming Languages

In Web Development Trends, The world is progressing so fast and IT is progressing faster than the world! We heard of 5G networks a few months ago only. But do you know that the developers are now working vigorously to contribute towards 6G? Almost every 2 months we receive software updates on our phones! But do you know that we use only 10% of features in our smart devices over their lifespan? Interesting!! Right? So, in the world of rapidity, JavaScript frameworks are about to rise!

JavaScript frameworks are pre-built codes that one can use in different software. So, when the web developer is free from writing the same codes again and again, it will not only save his time and efforts. Rather, it will help the web development industry to swift the IT sector further! And JavaScript is a simple code language with the Global language English as its base, which will dominate the IT sector in the upcoming years. It will be the first choice of developers all across the world.

12. Responsibility of Websites will Increase

In the era of smartphones, homes, watches, and more, people will expect even websites to be smart enough. Thus, responsive websites will gain importance in 2023. Today, people tend to access a website using different types of devices. However, certain websites are too heavy to work on mobile and tablets. While some websites are too simple for laptops and PCs. Eventually, a responsive web design that is adaptable in a smart way, is about to trend in the web development and web design sectors. Websites that can adapt their size, appearance, and interface as per the device are already trending in 2023. Moreover, it will continue to trend in upcoming years based on the universal rule- survival of the fittest.

13. Chillaxing with the Dark Modes

Although it is a basic and small IT development, the Dark Mode settings are becoming popular everywhere today. Actually, the increased screen time and increased health consciousness have necessitated Dark Mode settings in every device, app, and website. Even YouTube and Google have developed Dark Mode settings. Eventually, as a web developer, you too will need to pay attention to this minor specification. And, maybe in the upcoming times, it might also be a part of Google SEO as Google has vowed to prioritize user comfort, readability, and accessibility.

So far, we have discussed the general trends which are gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Now let us make you future-proof with the top 2 potentially rising trends that are silently ahead of all others-

14. Flashing Back to HTML with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

HTML is now history in IT! Do you feel so? Well, if yes, then you are on your way to doom. Do not underestimate the power of a common HTML code. And pay attention to Uber, Starbucks, and MakeMyTrip websites. If you have used the app of these companies, we will suggest you open another Tab on your PC and search for their online websites! And you will be astonished to see that these websites are 90% the same as the App on your phone! These are the latest Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs are the amalgamation of websites and apps and it is a new revolution and craze in the field of the web development sector.

These PWAs are nothing but websites that gives you an APP-like experience. Moreover, the size of these PWAs is really small to run even in 2G networks. And the development of PWAs is based on HTML codes to eradicate the slightest chances of hanging. PWAs are another way to increase accessibility for all anytime and anywhere. Therefore, if you too are a provider of web development services, then plan to grow as the leading web development company in India. Learn PWA development today and give wings to your business.

15. Blocking Cyber Attacks with Blockchain

Blockchain development is another future-proof trend that has the potential of replacing general coding and web development in upcoming years. As the Sun shines brighter, the Sunset time comes nearer. And we all know that the IT and web development sector is shining really high like the Sun at 3 PM in the afternoon. Moreover, it is advancing by leaps and bounds every day. Soon, Blockchain technology will replace simple coding systems.

Unlike simple codes, in Blockchain technology, the data or codes are first stored in the form of blocks. Every block has its own storage capacity. And when a Block (set of data structure) completes, the developer will create another Block and will link every Block. In this way, a chain of blocks or inter-connected data structures develops. Blockchain technology is a proven solution for data security. And Blockchain technology is more prone to replace simple web development practices.

Final Thoughts

Life is a race, if you do not run faster, others will crush you over! And IT sector is a living example of this. In fact, IT is the only sector that requires a professional to continuously adapt and learn new advancements. So, pay strict attention to these latest emerging trends in the web development sector and ensure your survival in the IT corporates in the long run! Never stop learning and adapt to these latest trends today!

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