Google Core Updates March 2024

Hundreds of Websites Deindexed by Google with March 2024 Core Updates (Google Core Updates March 2024): A Case Study by Appinnovix!

Google made drastic updates to its algorithms this year. Especially, March 2024 Google Updates, aka Google Core Updates March 2024 have massively impacted millions of websites worldwide. The updates resulted in massive deindexing of thousands of websites causing million-dollar revenue loss for deindexed websites.

Are you also one of the deindexed businesses? If yes, then it’s time to move on! Move on to a new content strategy for your website. In this blog, we are revealing the findings of our Case Study that answers some important questions like

  • Why did Google make drastic changes to its Algorithms in March 2024?
  • What are the Google Core Updates March 2024?
  • How can I save my website from deindexing?
  • What if I have been deindexed?
  • How can I get my website reindexed after Google Updates 2024?

The Case:

Google Core Updates March 2024 Led to Deindexing of Thousands of Websites

With the advent of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Gsper AI, Article Spinner, Quiltbolt, Google Bard, Gemini, and more, content publishing skyrocketed in FY 2023-24. Consequently, Google’s expenditure increased due to excessive indexing that requires massive infrastructure.

Additionally, Google which has a proven track record of emphasizing User Experience above anything else found that the low-quality content generated by AI tools is misleading the readers and worsening their UX.

Therefore, to save its costs, and improve user experience, Google updated its indexing algorithms in March 2024 which led to the deindexing of millions of websites having poor-quality and AI-generated content.

Not only the Blog posts, Web Pages, and Landing pages but Google also the promotional links, inadequate PPC advertisements, and all other forms of misleading and poor-quality content. As a result, over 800 websites were deindexed within 2 weeks of the updates.

Why These Websites Were Deindexed After Google Core Updates March 2024?

The above case proves that the major reason for deindexing certain websites after Google’s March 2024 updates was poor quality and misleading content! Websites that were publishing AI-generated content without any research had to face deindexing. Additionally, the websites that were hosting unethical, misleading, and overly promotional advertising content also had to bear the brunt.

Therefore, the major reasons for website deindexing include

  • AI-generated content
  • Unoriginal content
  • Overly promotional content
  • Misleading content of any type
  • Unethical content of any type
  • Irrelevant content on a web page

Furthermore, Google’s major internal reasons to deindex these websites were

  1. Adverse Effects on the User Experience due to bad quality content
  2. Secondly, the increased expenditure of Google

So, as a matter of fact, Google can’t compromise the user experience and therefore will host only high-quality, research-based, user-friendly, and human-generated original content that is helpful for the audience.

Now, if your website too has been deindexed, or you have been practicing any of the above unethical tactics, then you will certainly come under the radar of Google Algorithms March 2024. But you know what’s good? It’s not too late yet!

You still have 2 months as per Google itself to undo all the wrongs! Happy? Well, you must be! So, let’s undo all the unethical practices on your website today, and save you from deindexing. And even if you have been deindexed, we will help you recover!

But before starting the recovery, it is important to have a quick overview of Google Core Updates March 2024! So, let’s scroll down and check.

A Quick Overview of Google Core Updates March 2024

Google made major changes in its algorithms in March 2024, that majorly revolved around content quality. However, there are also some underlying and additional factors that you need to know if you wish to save yourself from deindexing. Here are the 5 Major Google Core Updates March 2024 in brief-

Quality Ranking Algorithms

As already discussed above, no AI-generated content, unoriginal content, and poor-quality content are going to rank on Google anymore. So, if you are just spinning the existing articles or using generative AI tools for writing and publishing website content, then you will have to face deindexing. Moreover, remember that our studies have found that all the deindexed websites (100% of them) had AI content on their website.

Scaled Content Abuse

Have you ever searched a query on Google and come across some pages that appeared to answer your questions? Then you opened that page but did not find the answer inside? Ah, worry not! You will no longer find such search results with the Scaled Content Abuse algorithm. And if you have used this black-hat technique on your website, you too are going to face the consequences.

Expired Domain Abuse

Expired domains were a boon for black-hat SEO masters until Google’s March 2024 Core Updates peaked in. The Expired Domain purchase and repurpose was an unethical technique to fool people and gain traffic. For example, if a popular business with goodwill closes down and its domain expires, another unethical business purchases it and gets free website visitors (possibly sale as well). Consider the following instances-

  • A popular business of herbal products closes down and its website domain expires, the same domain is purchased by a cannabis or alcohol dealer. The audience of former business, unaware of the closure visits the website and gets tempted.
  • Another example can be the purchasing of the expired domain of an ethical and popular game by a casino gaming business. This too tempts the visitors and they fall prey to additions.

However, from now onwards, this black-hat technique is not going to help.

Site Reputation Abuse

Taking advantage of your goodwill and reputation is always a bad practice. Be in real life or in virtual reality! If you are a business whose website is doing great and you take advantage of your amazing site reputation by hosting unethical third-party pages. Then soon, you both are going to be caught red-handed by Google. For example

  • A medical website hosting a page that promotes cannabis (unethically).
  • Online gaming website that hosts and promotes unregulated casino game pages.
  • An educational website hosting porn pages.

All these foul practices will land both websites in hot water!

Interaction to Next Paint (INP)

Apart from the content, when it comes to User Experience, the website’s user interface also matters. If a website runs really slow, then it worsens the user experience. Eventually, under the INP update, Google will also deindex websites that have an INP speed of more than 500 ms. So, also update your website speed apart from the content upgrade and save your website from the deindexing drive.

Websites That Made The Hay When the Sun Shined!

Appinnovix also discovered that goodness always wins in the end. And the Google Algorithm Update March 2024 did not prove devastating for all the businesses. Rather, many businesses made the hay when the sun shined. The websites offer well-researched, authentic, and original content to their audience. Some of these businesses are

  • FreshersLive: A website sharing content in categories centric to people’s lives such as entertainment, technology, lifestyle, sports, gaming, and more. Got its 5 million pages indexed after Google’s March 2024 Core Updates.
  • OldTimeMusic: A website that shares news, articles, and blogs about old songs, music, and meanings of lyrics. (2.5 Million new pages indexed)
  • Borderpolar: A technical content website that offers helpful technical content about software tools, games, and technologies.
  • OkayBliss: A website that deals with lifestyle blogs and articles and solves people’s queries about their ‘how to’ life issues.
  • Gardening ABC: A website dedicated to gardening and farming, disseminating knowledge about fertilizers, seeds, gardening hacks, and more.

When we looked at these websites, we discovered the content on these websites solves mostly the user’s queries about personal life. Basically, these websites work on the YLYM approach (Your Life Your Money). So, content that is now more people’s life-centric is being prioritized.

Have You Also Lost the Google Core Updates March 2024 Battle? Here is How to Get Reindexed!

So, are you regretting using AI content now? Are you scared that soon you will be deindexed? Or you have already been facing the deindexing issues and wanna recover? Well, no worries! Here are some quick tips to recover your website once again!

Digital Marketing in Lucknow

Revamp Your Website Content

Let the bygones be bygones! You still have 2 months to revamp your website content if you have used AI content on it. Get yourself a good content writer today and ask him or her to rewrite content for your website. And do not forget to check the AI percentage with the free tools available. Make sure that your writer does not use even 10% of AI tools for content generation.

Bid Adieu to Content Generative-AI Tools

If you are using any Generative-AI Tool such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, Article Spinner, and Quiltbolt to produce or rewrite content, then say goodbye to this practice today. Start building your own writing skills or hire a content writer. If you are just paraphrasing your competitor’s content and dreaming of ranking like them, then alas! You will never be able to fulfill your dream. So, it’s time to be unique and think differently!

Stop Hosting Low-quality Third-Party Content on Your Website

Are you hosting unethical third-party pages for a couple of extra coins? Uhh..Ohh! Soon this practice is going to make Google deindex you both! So, stop this practice immediately, and find some other ethical sources of extra income. Do not promote unethical businesses through your domain. Likewise, avoid overly promoting your business on other guest posting sites as well. Because, this too is against the latest Google March 2024 Core Updates.

Avoid Repurposing of Expired Domain

Are you using an expired domain of a formerly popular business for your business? Stop using this black-hat SEO technique today. Especially, if you are running a not-so-ethical business such as online rummy, betting, casino, cannabis, and alcohol-related business. The expired domain can no longer reawaken your business anymore.

Be Original, Think Different!

Last, but not the least, try to be original and solve people’s queries through your website content. So must be your approach while conducting business. If you focus more on ‘selling’ your products and services even when you know that these are only extravaganza or not useful enough, then certainly the business fails. Likewise, your content on the business website must also serve your target audience’s problems, queries, and needs. Otherwise, leaving Google rankings, to sustain your business will also become a daunting task for you.

Concluding Remarks

To conclude, we can say that truth wins no matter how fancy the falsehood is! So, finally, the battle between AI content and human content ends and it is only the first victory of Humans over AI. Summing up, Appinnovix would emphasize to all its readers that be original in their website content and stop foul SEO practices today. Additionally, do not bother too much about deindexing as per the latest Google Core Updates March 2024. You still have 2 months to better your web pages.

Google Update reference

Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint: Know the Newest Google Algorithm 2024

Have you ever paid attention to your website’s responsive speed during User Interaction? And, do you know that as per the latest Google Algorithm Updates in 2024, your website’s user interaction speed will heavily impact your SERP ranking? (Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint)

Oh, well, well! If you are unaware of this fact, then you must stay hooked on this article. Effective, from March 2024 onwards, as per the latest Google updates, Interaction to Next Paint, aka, INP is the newest metric of the web vitals. Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint will measure your website’s responsive speed to ensure accurate user interaction.

So, what is the ideal INP measurement as per the latest update, why it is important, and how you can improve your website’s INP score? All this treasure of knowledge is waiting down for you.

So, let’s scroll down and understand Interaction to Next Paint as an important web vital metric in 2024 after the latest Google Algorithm updates-

What is the ‘Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint’ (INP) Metric?

As already discussed above in the intro, Interaction to Next Paint or INP is the latest web metric that defines a website’s responsive speed. Simply put, how much time a web page takes to read, process, and execute the user’s input or instructions is called Interaction to Next Paint or INP metric.

Let’s understand with a simple example. Suppose you have entered Appinnovix Technologies’ official website. Now you wish to know about its Web Development Services. So, you hover over the ‘Services’ tab and click on Custom CMS Web Development.

Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint

Now after clicking, how much time the Appinnovix Website takes is the Interaction to Next Paint or INP metric value in general. However, the overall INP measurement will take all the clicks, taps, and keyboard interactions throughout the interaction session into consideration while calculating INP.

The quicker a website responds or performs the required action, the better will be the INP value. However, the more time a website takes to function, the worse will be the Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint value. Furthermore, a good INP value will result in better indexing and ranking of your website.

Needless to say, if your INP metric value is not good, then your website will also have to suffer poor indexing and lower rankings on Google SERP. Till now, Google has been using First Input Delay as a metric, and Interaction to Next Paint will replace FID on March 12th, 2024.

Why ‘Interaction to Next Paint’ Metric is Important?

In a survey held recently, the IT industry discovered that 57% of website visitors prefer to abandon the web page if it takes more than 10 seconds to load. Furthermore, 40% admitted to abandon in just 3 seconds. Eventually, a good website speed is indeed a web vital to keep the website traffic hooked and engaged.

IT industry always prioritizes user experience and user interface. And Google, the only most popular search engine worldwide, lays special emphasis on user experience. The TG of the Google search engine is the entire world. And therefore, it keeps on making its services more user-friendly.

Content SEO and content development and translation in other non-English languages are core evidence to prove that each and every searcher on Planet Earth is indeed very important to Google.

Therefore, website loading speed and Interaction to Next Paint metric are very important to improve User Experience. The better the User Experience, the better the website ranking!

How to Identify A Good V/S Poor Interaction to Next Paint Value?

The best Interaction to Next Paint metric value is below 200 milliseconds. If your INP score lies between 200 to 500 milliseconds, then it is good but needs improvement. However, an INP value of more than 500 milliseconds is a poor value.

However, one must not consider Interaction to Next Paint as the First Input Delay metric only. Rather, INP is an upgraded version of FID. While FID was concerned about the load speed only, INP checks for the entire time consumed during the entire user interaction session.

INP measures the time taken by a website to respond to each click, tap, and even keyboard interaction. To simplify, we can say that FID was like a nice gift wrap with a good or bad gift (the website responsiveness). Whereas, INP will check not only the gift wrap but also the gift inside!

Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint

How to Optimize the ‘Interaction to Next Paint’ Metric?

Now the hot question in everyone’s mind is ‘How to optimize the Interaction to Next Paint metric?’ Well, Interaction to Next Paint can be optimized by eradicating Input, Process, and presentation delay elements. Some basic improvements in the website coding, DOM size, images, and animations will do a lot to optimize INP.

Now, in order to understand these elements, first we need to understand the main causes of poor INP score.

Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint

3 Main Reasons for Poor ‘Interaction to Next Paint’ Metric

Input Delays AKA Input Latency

Input Delay or Input Latency is the primary cause of Poor INP scores and slow-loading websites. However, if you do not have a technical background then let us understand Input Delay first!

Input in the technical context means the ‘command’ that a user gives to the browser or to the website. For example, typing the domain address, hitting ‘Enter’, and clicking and tapping on certain elements on the web page.

When it comes to Interaction to Next Paint metric, an Input Delay is a situation when a browser takes too much time to read the Input Command and execute the same. And the reason behind input delay is the disorganized reading and loading of a website’s codes, images, and scripts.

Say, for example, a teacher cannot read a student’s notebook written in poor handwriting! Similarly, when a browser sees ‘poorly coded’ websites, it fails to read them.

Processing Delay Components

Another cause behind a poor INP score or Interaction to Next Paint metric can be some process delay components. In the technical context, ‘process’ is the method by which a system (browser, server, or computer) calculates and analyses (or simply puts, understands) the given input (command).

‘Process’ is the mid-path and connecting link between the input (or command) and the output (result or execution). Say for example, while shopping online, if clicking on the ‘add to cart’ option is an input, then the product’s being reflected in the ‘my cart’ option is the ‘output’. Whereas, the calculation or the process by which the Ecommerce site understands this ‘command’ is called the ‘process’.

However, when for any reason if a system takes longer than usual time to ‘process’ a command, a process delay occurs. The main reasons behind a ‘process delay’ may be too many pop-ups, alerts, and dialogues.

Presentation Delay Components

It is not necessary, that delays might occur only at the ‘input’ or ‘processing’ stages. Rather, ‘presentation’ delays might also cause bad Interaction to Next Paint user experience. In the technical context, ‘Presentation’ refers to the final execution of an input or command given.

Alternatively, ‘presentation’ is also known as ‘rendering’. So, when a system takes a longer time to render graphics, scripts, and the options like clicks and taps to the user, it is a ‘presentation delay’.

In simple, words we can say, when a web page loads very slowly and the user is not able to see the graphics or touch on any elements, it is a ‘presentation dealy’.

Some major reasons for presentation delays include the use of large-sized animations and DOM Structures.

5 Technical Methods to Optimize the ‘Interaction to Next Paint’ Metric

So, it is hopeful that the main causes of Poor Interaction to Next Paint score are now clear to the readers. Let us now discuss some easy technical tricks in simple words that can do wonders to optimize your website’s INP scores-

1. Using HTML Attributes

HTML Attributes are some HTML codes that control the behavior of other HTML codes. Simply put, HTML attributes control the manner and order of a website’s graphics and script loads.

Schema data and metadata are the most significant examples of HTML Attributes. The use of HTML attributes can optimize Interaction to Next Paint by optimizing the Input Delay components.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Pop-ups, Alerts, and Dialogues

In the process delay section above, we discussed that unnecessary pop-ups, dialogues, and alerts cause process delays. For example, again consider that ‘Ecommerce site example’. Suppose a site visitor clicks on ‘add to cart’ and before performing the required action, the website asks the visitor ‘Are you sure you wish to add this item to your cart?’.

Now, here an alert or popup message is not only unnecessary but also can make the visitor think over his decision again. So, such pop-ups, dialogues, and alerts are not necessary to have. Likewise, check your website and find out if you can eliminate certain popups, alerts, and dialogues.

3. Minimize the DOM Size

DOM or Document Object Management is an HTML Interface. In simple words, it is a structured flowchart in the coding process that defines the entire website structure and functions. The larger the DOM, the more loading time a website will take.

Eventually, resulting in a slow-response website, and poor Interaction to Next Point. Therefore, while coding or developing a website, the developer must try to keep the DOM more concise. A smaller yet concise DOM size will optimize the INP score to a good extent.

4. Limiting Animations

Animations look really great on a website. However, using too many of them will cause presentation delays as animations require more load time due to their heavy sizes. Therefore, to optimize Interaction to Next Paint, the developers must try to limit the use of animations.

If animations are not really necessary, the developer must avoid them same. However, it is not necessary that one must strictly abstain from animations. Rather, using an appropriate size and number of animations is what is important to optimize INP.

5. Enable Caching and Avoid Long Tasks

When a website has too many JavaScript functions, it is obvious to have long tasks. In web development, a long task means having too many commands for a browser to read.

Simply put, when a website is fancy and full of animations, clearly when a visitor visits that website, the browser will have to read multiple commands to display.

In this case, the InputProcessingPresentation task will take longer to complete. Eventually, it will cause a presentation delay. Suppose, a browser is requested to load a script, images, animations, and 100 types of UI on a web page in a single time. On the contrary, another website would simply require a browser to read and render some scripts, images, and 10 types of UI actions.

Clearly, the latter type of website will load faster! However, again it does not mean that a developer needs to give up on building great websites. But, enable Caching!

Caching is a process by which a system stores some data from the inputs or instructions and remembers the same. So that when a visitor visits the website again, it loads faster than before. Caching stores JavaScript, Animations, HTML Attributes, etc, and renders a page faster when requested next time.

Final Thoughts

So, Interaction to Next Paint is the latest Google Update that will come into effect on March 12, 2024. Interaction to Next Paint or INP will be an important metric to define user experience and website responsiveness from March 2024 onwards. Furthermore, to optimize INP score, the developers would need to focus on some minor details. To optimize Interaction to Next Paint, the developers must utilize great coding skills, apply HTML attributes, minimize DOM and long tasks, and must remove unnecessary popups. By using these small tricks, a good INP score such as below 200 ms becomes achievable.

Interaction to Next Paint Metrics FAQs

What is Interaction to Next Paint?

Interaction to Next Paint is the latest Metric as per Google updates that will focus on improving the user experience. It will have a direct relation with website ranking from March 2024 onwards.

When Interaction to Next Paint or INP will Become Effective?

Interaction to Next Paint metric update will come into effect on 12 March 2024 all over the world. It is a part of the latest Google updates 2024.

What is a good INP score?

In a word, 200 milliseconds. However, if your INP score lies between 200 ms to 500 ms, then it is good but needs improvement. But, an INP score above 500 milliseconds is a poor INP score and requires immediate attention.

What causes a website to load slowly?

Certain input, process, and presentation delays such as disorganized loading of scripts and images, unnecessary popups, and long tasks are the main causes of slow-loading websites. Additionally, heavy file sizes like heavy animations and images also cause slow-responsive websites.

How does website loading speed relate to the INP metric?

The website loading and response speed directly relates to the Interaction to Next Paint metric. The faster a website loads and responds, the better the INP score like 200 milliseconds. However, a slow-loading and less responsive website would result in poor INP scores that can be as high as 500 or more milliseconds.

Is the Interaction to Next Paint Metric the same as the First Input Delay Metric?

In a word, no! Interaction to Next Paint metric is an upgraded version of the First Input Delay metric as per the latest Google updates 2024. While First Input Delay (FID) metric was almost the same as the Input Delay only. INP would take process delay elements and presentation delay elements as well in consideration in addition to Input (or First Input) delay.

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Are looking for some Local SEO Tips or Local SEO services in 2024? Well, you are at the right place! The role of Local SEO Serviceis often more important than basic SEO for business growth. Have you ever imagined how difficult it is to put your step directly onto the highest rung of a ladder? Clearly, the chances of losing your balance and falling down are the most predictable phenomena.

Similarly, trying to optimize your business website for the national and international audience straightaway without paying attention to Local SEO is an equally worse idea. ‘How’ and ‘Why’- all your queries will find a valid answer in this blog. So, here we begin with your complete and comprehensive guide to local SEO in 2024-

What is Local SEO and Why it is Important?

As we already know, Search Engine Optimization is an IT process of making a business website visible on Google search, local SEO is the foundation of the same. Local SEO is the process by which you can make your business visible to your local or surrounding area of business.

Simply put, Local SEO is very important to make your business grow. Especially, in today’s date and age, it is vital to have a good Google appearance and visibility to pitch to the target audience. Also, doing local SEO is not rocket science. But Just by following our few Local SEO Tips in 2024, you can master the art and science of local SEO.

Did you know that only creating a SEO Google my Business listing, which is also free of cost, is also one of the most popular local SEO strategy?

In fact, it is beneficial for every business owner regardless of whether he has a business website. If you already have a business website, Local SEO serves as an off-page SEO technique by creating a backlink for your business website. On the contrary, if you do now own a business website, then it makes you appear on Google even in absence of a business website.

Sounds just? So, let us now discuss in detail how local SEO can help our business grow in 2023-

How Local SEO Company Can Make Your Business Grow in 2024?

Local Search Engine Optimization is very important for a business as it brings unpaid and natural traffic to a business website. When a business flourishes locally, the chances of expanding the business to national and international levels are also multiplied further. How? Let us discuss this in detail-

It Justifies a Systematic Approach to Business Growth

Growth and development are systematic processes. Be it human development or business development, growth and development have a uniform pattern that moves from general to specific directions. Eventually, when a business is up to grow, it grows in a pre-defined direction-

When a business grows locally and starts bringing good income along with great customer satisfaction, then it becomes possible to expand the business to other larger areas. It is because starting a business directly on a larger scale might bring greater responsibilities, requires a larger investment, and might result in larger losses. Therefore, it is better to begin at the local level and thus, locally optimizing the business first is a judicious move.

Local SEO Lays Foundation for Regular SEO

When your business begins to do well at the local level, there are chances of getting free-of-cost word-of-mouth marketing. Your local customers satisfied with your services tend to inform their friends and relatives in the nearby areas. And this way, customers begin to visit your store from other parts of your locality as well. Now at this point, you need to work on the regular SEO of your business.

Actually, no matter whether your business is visible to long-distant areas until you have a good local impression which reflects in your Google ratings, online customer reviews, and oral recommendations, no potential visitor might take the risk of traveling a long distance!

Eventually, local SEO lays the foundation for regular SEO. When your business products and services are positively reviewed online, then regular SEO is worth it as it will bring a good number of new customers from other areas.

Google Knows Everything

How many times do you have to use the ‘SEO Near Me’ feature these days? Do you know that Google is the most visited search engine having 89.3 Billion visits per month? Additionally, Google encounters 8 Billion searches per day, and 46% of the shoppers begin their product hunt with Google search (Mohsin, 2024)!

Although Google near me is not used today in the era of total automation, Google is smart enough to use your device location and show you the most convenient ‘near-by’ results. Therefore, it is necessary to locally optimize your business with proper business descriptions and location tags to master the organic searches on Google!

Improves Online Visibility of Business

As stated earlier, about 46% of shoppers depend upon Google to find a product or a service. Also, according to Clark (2024), about 99.9% of shoppers read Google reviews before buying a product. Whereas, 96% of the shoppers look specifically or negative reviews.

Furthermore, Zalani (2024) states that around 69% of the total digital traffic comes from local and organic searches. In simple words, we can say that Google shows the most relevant results to the searcher. Therefore, when you search for a product or service, the first Google SERP would show the nearby services only! This is called organic search!

So, when you do Local SEO for your business, the chances of reaching more Target audiences organically and naturally multiply 10 times.

More Physical and Tangible Traffic to the Store

This is India, and ‘online’ is still a debatable and doubtful phenomenon these days. Whenever a person thinks of doing anything ‘online’, no matter how educated or skilled he is, he first worries about online frauds and cybercrimes.

Similarly, when a person finds your business online, he would first visit your store or would make you a call for his mental satisfaction. In this way, your store gets more physical traffic as well.

More Leads Imply More Conversions Business

When a potential customer visits your store, he is likely to be impressed and make a purchase. Also, when a person comes from a distant place, it is natural to buy a product even if it is not needed. So, it is good to show off your business online with local SEO and bring more traffic not only to your business website but also to the store. Eventually, there are higher chances of lead conversion to actual business.

How to Do Local SEO in 2024?

So, let us now come to the main matter of concern- how to do local SEO for your business. There are many ways to locally optimize your business appearance. Also, some local SEO techniques are free of cost and do wonders for your business. Local SEO tips & techniques also serve as an off-page SEO technique by creating backlinks for your business website.

Simply by creating some business listings, social media pages, and blog posts with the best-suited organic keywords, you can easily master local SEO tips & skills for your business.

So here are the best Local SEO Tips in 2024 along with some expert techniques by Appinnovix exclusively for our readers’ community-

Use Google My Business

When it comes to Local SEO Tips in 2024 and beyond, SEO Google My Business SEO technique will always be the first suggestion of every SEO expert. And so is ours. The first step you have to take for your local search engine optimization is to create a Google Business Listing. Creating a business listing profile on Google is free of cost. Moreover, Google Business listing is not rocket science at all. Use the following steps to start with google listing-

Local SEO Tips 2024

  1. Visit Google Business Profile Page Here
  2. Then, choose the ‘Manage Now’ option from the upper right-hand side corner of the website.
  3. You will have to sign in to your Google account first.
  4. Then, start with adding all the relevant business information to the profile- add your business name, description, photographs, and most importantly your location and contact details.
  5. Furthermore, once you have created the profile, share the same with as many people as possible and request them to provide good business ratings and reviews.

Local SEO Tips to Follow When Creating Google Business Listing

  • Always use a catchy business name and do not forget to target organic keywords for local search engine optimization.
  • Say, for example, Appinnovix is undoubtedly the best web development company in India. But we always target our local audience by keeping on using keywords like best SEO company in Lucknow’, ‘top web and app development company in Barabanki’, andBest web development company in Uttar Pradesh. This technique of using organic keywords always benefits us and brings more inquiries from surrounding areas.
  • Additionally, while describing your business in the Google listing, use organic keywords. Keep the description simple without any flowery language. Also, use active voice and more transition words in the description. It will improve the readability of local SEO content.
  • Do provide your detailed and most specific location address and contact details to receive more inquiries and in-store traffic.
  • Moreover, never overlook the importance of adding maximum photographs and inviting maximum business reviews from your customers.

To learn about this topic in detail, read our former blog on the topic ‘Business Listing Sites List

There are many business directories and online bookmarking sites that are free of cost and easy to use. However, creating a Google My Business profile is also sufficient. Nevertheless, if you have time and you are ready to invest in creating more backlinks for your business website, then using other business directories and business listing sites can also prove fruitful.

Some of the popular business listing sites include JustDial, Sulekha, India Mart, Crunchbase (USA), and Hotfrog. By creating a business listing here, you not only get additional backlinks but also your Google search visibility improves.

To know more about the top free business listing sites, read our previous blog Business Listing Sites List Here!

Embrace Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a boon for the local SEO tips of a business. All the social media platforms are highly optimized already on Google. Having a business profile page on any of these social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn, guarantees to appear on the first Google SERP.

You can also locally optimize your business pages on social media platforms just by following some expert local SEO tips for optimizing business pages on social media platforms-

Local SEO Tips in 2024 for Business Pages on Social Media Platforms

  1. Always create business profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as these are the highly visible platforms on Google’s first SERP.
  2. Also, provide all the information about your business such as Business name, description, photographs, and even founder details.
  3. Remember to target the most organic keywords in the business description. For example, ‘We are the best XYX services in ABC City, ‘you can avail the best XYZ services in the whole ABC State ‘we provide top XYZ services in India’ and so on!
  4. Furthermore, location tags or geo-tags are most important while making a social media business page. So, always choose a location tag while adding address on the business page.
  5. Also, keep your social media pages active by keep on posting relevant marketing content on these social media platforms. And never forget to add a location tag along with the organic keywords in the post.

For more information about location tags or Geo-Tagging, visit our former blog Geo-Tagging in SEO Here

Keep On Posting Local SEO Content on Business Websites

Apart from social media platforms and business listing sites, the primary weapon to promote business locally, nationally, and internationally is undoubtedly the business website. No business listing or social media page can replace the indispensable business website at any cost. The impact that a website leaves on the customer is not comparable to any other online marketing tool.

In fact, once a visitor happens to find your business via Google listing, he is 100% more likely to visit your website. Eventually, never overlook the importance of a website. Moreover, you can also use the business website for local search engine optimization. You can add location, contact details, and relevant business descriptions on the website as well.

However, follow these expert tips to do the local SEO tips of your business website-

How to Do Local SEO tips of a Business Website

  1. Always use organic keywords along with regular keywords in the website content.
  2. Remember to keep the Metadata highly optimized. Your Meta Title and Meta Description must always contain the target organic keyword.
  3. Moreover, the metadata should be in accordance with the Yoast Guidelines. Not aware of the Yoast guidelines? Well, let us sum up-
  4. Keep the content as simple as possible, and avoid any highly literary language.
  5. The sentences should be short and simple.
  6. Write the whole content in an active voice.
  7. Use more transition words and phrases such as- So, therefore, however, and, in this way, in a word, simply put, etc.
  8. Most importantly keeping your website active always is very important. So, the simplest technique is blog posting. It brings natural and engaging traffic to a website. Therefore, ask your content writer to prepare some local SEO content pieces in the form of blog posts and keep your website posted!

To know more about having a business website, read our previous blog- Creating Website for Small Business Here.

Do Not Forget Google Maps

Furthermore, Google Maps is another overlooked local SEO technique that most of small businesses ignore. But, Appinnovix suggests not to overlook the importance of Google maps. Although, when you create Google My Business listing, you will automatically get the business listed on Google maps.

However, if you still cannot find your business on Google maps, then add your business thereby visiting official site of Google Maps and follow the instruction below-

  1. Visit Google Maps on any device.
  2. Here, we are explaining the desktop or laptop version. See the image below-
  3. Once you visit the site, you will land on a page shown in the image above.
  4. Then, click on the 3 Lines highlighted in red on the image above.
  5. You will find the following commands-

6. Choose the ‘Add a missing Place’ option, then fill in the all required details.

The Best Local SEO Tools in 2024

Based on the above discussion, we can sum up that the best local SEO tools in 2023 include Google Maps, Google Business Profile, Business listing sites like Just Dial and Sulekha, and Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. So, in the present-day scenario, we have an ocean of local SEO tips tools in our hands.

But, apart from these tools, one should have a sound knowledge of organic search and organic keywords. Therefore, before jumping to the above platforms, always conduct good keyword research. You can analyze the business profiles and pages of your nearby competitors.

Check keywords using some free tools such as WordStream and Semrush. For your convenience here we have provided you with direct links to the free keyword research tools in the preceding line of this paragraph. If you are a beginner, then these local SEO keyword research tools, techniques, and platforms are sufficient, to begin with.

However, just remember that WordStream keyword research is free forever, but Semrush will charge after a few trials. So, you can choose at your convenience. We are 100% sure, that if you follow these local SEO tips in 2024, you will definitely get positive results this year for your business.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Local SEO tips is extremely important for your business. As people now tend to research online before buying a product or service, therefore it is mandatory to have a positive image online. In order to get that positive online image, having a local SEO presence along with a good number of Google ratings and reviews by the customers is one the most effective techniques.

When your business leaves a great impression on local customers and you get positive Google ratings from them, you are more likely to attract customers from other locations as well. So, start optimizing your business locally with these experts Local SEO Tips in 2024 by Appinnovix and reach your desired business goals!

Can AI Content rank on Google?

AI Content: Can AI Create Content That Ranks High on Google?

Have you ever paid attention to the smart devices and intelligent systems you use daily? Don’t you feel that in the present-day scenario, your smartphone understands you better than anyone else? Well, I do feel like that, and I can make you feel the same way through this article! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is behind such user experience! AI has conquered the world in many ways. From driverless cars to smart homes, all are the blessings of AI. But do you know that AI is now also penetrating the world of content? Hmm….sounds interesting? So, are planning to replace your demanding Content Writer with an AI tool? Stop and read this article before taking any steps! Remember that on one hand, AI Generated Content can rank high on Google, but on the other hand, it may also be too imperfect to rank on Google at all!

In this article, Appinnovix Technologies is sharing the whole concept of using AI in content creation. There is a fine line between generating high-ranking AI content and poor-ranking AI content! And in this article, we shall discuss how to intelligently use Artificial Intelligence for content creation. So that, you can get the best AI-Powered Content ranking high on Google SERP. Also, we will list some best AI content-creation tools. So let’s dive into the world of AI Content Generation

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Before understanding AI Content Writing, we first need to understand AI. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by a machine in a human-like manner. But how a machine, smart device, or intelligent system can demonstrate human-like intelligence? Well, do you ever wonder how Google regularly advertises the products you browse on E-Commerce platforms? Sounds interesting?

Let’s take another example! Watch a funny reel on your Instagram, and then keep watching similar reels every time you log in. Also, listen to a party song on YouTube and see a party song playlist immediately built by YouTube exclusively for you! All, these are some subtle examples of using Artificial Intelligence in your daily life. Alternatively, it seems that Artificial Intelligence uses us to keep us engaged with our smart devices!

In a similar way, the biometric security in your smartphone is the next level of human-like understanding between you and your smart device. Do you know that the famous Siri on the latest iPhone series (iPhone XI onwards) responds to its owner’s voice only? Even if you try hard to articulate the voice of its owner, it will never respond to you! Such a level of understanding between a smartphone and its owner! OMG! I wish such understanding develops between all of us and our partner!


Understanding the Role of AI in Content Generation

Now coming to our main matter of concern- AI in Content Creation! So, in simple words, we can say that now your smart devices and machines can also write for you! Yes, you heard that right! AI-Generated Content is any type of content that a machine creates or generates for you like a human. All you need to do is to provide a topic and some keywords to the AI content-creating tool and in a few seconds your article will be ready!

In recent years, technology has expanded its horizon in a dramatic manner, and developments in the field of AI have taken the life-experience to next level. Recently, OpenAI, a popular research laboratory based in San Francisco, California has developed a language model named Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) which utilizes deep learning to produce human-like textual content!

To everyone’s surprise, when AI tools generate textual content, it usually produces simple sentences which increase the chance of ranking high on Google! Oh, so you have just made up your mind to kick out your content writer? Well, don’t be that excited, and always remember two things-

  1. Artificial Intelligence is a creation of the Human Mind.
  2. Human Intelligence still holds superiority over artificial intelligence. There is a popular saying in our Indian culture- ‘A Guru never teaches everything to his disciple’ and so is the relation between AI and its creator!

So, replacing your content creator may not be a really cool idea. In fact, it might turn the tables on you by generating poor-ranking content that does not even make any meaning. However, it might save some of your costs. To understand better, we will need to quickly discuss the pros and cons of AI-Powered Content.

Advantages of AI-Generated Content

AI content tools have multiple benefits. Some of them include-

  • AI tools create Headings and Sub-Headings of an article or blog automatically which improves readability.
  • The Auto-gen content is usually in simple language and AI uses no flowery language which further improves the readability and the chances of ranking high on Google alike.
  • Keyword research is not a problem while generating content through an AI tool, but the AI generator auto-detects some relevant keywords and prepares a copy with evenly distributed keywords.
  • Similarly, writing a meta-description for the blog or article copy is also an automatic task with AI content generator tools.

In this way, one can judge that if one needs a simple content marketing copy in form of a social media post, blog post, or article without tolerating the tantrums of the content writer, then AI content tools can prove a boon! But, wait a minute and have a look at the other side of AI tools.

Disadvantages of AI-Powered Content

In spite of its ability to perform the process of content writing all by itself, Artificial Intelligence is still unable to compete with the creativity of your content writer. So, have a look at what AI generator cannot do for you-

1. Content Research:

Any AI content generator tool will not do the content research the way your writer does. Your content writer makes you pay through your nose because he or she just does not write content, rather it takes a lot of research to make one engaging marketing or non-marketing content!

The writer will collect statistical and scientific facts and data from reliable sources like Statista, Government websites, news articles, and research papers. But on the contrary, the AI tool will gather information from non-reliable blog posts ranking high already on Google!

2. Creativity:

Moreover, AI-Powered Content can never be out of the box. Rather, only simple informative content is presented by means of AI content generators. A content writer on the contrary knows the value of reader engagement. Eventually, the writer always designs content in a reader-friendly manner.

They apply techniques like using story-telling methods of writing, interactive tone, and real-life examples in their content to ensure that the Target Group reads the copy with interest. Especially, when it comes to marketing copy and advertising content, catchy lines and creativity are all that we need. But AI fails to fulfill that requirement!

You may get the content generated from an AI tool. Also, the AI content might look as perfect as done by humans. It will include proper keyword research, headings, sub-headings, and even relevant images. But in the end, you will have to create the backlinks on your own!

So, AI does 80% job only, and for the remaining 20%, you still need human assistance. So, there is no complete package of AI content marketing tools.

4. Adding the Right Images:

AI acts in a robotic manner and in order to get the task done in seconds, it overlooks the quality. While a human will use the most interactive and eye-catchy images in the content marketing copy, the AI tool will just copy-paste an image found most quickly! In this way, AI content is not able to engage its reader and the chances of increased bounce rate remain at peak!

5. Grammatical Errors:

Have you ever tried Quiltbolt? Hearing that first time? Well, let us explain! Quiltbolt is an AI content tool that is best known for its paraphrasing abilities. If you have done academic writing or know an academic content writer, then you must have heard about Quiltbolt. However, let us introduce Quiltbolt further, it is an American AI tool. But, if you try it for paraphrasing a piece of content you will find-

  • Firstly, it just converts the active voice to the passive voice and vice-versa in name of paraphrasing.
  • Secondly, the content it reproduces is grammatically incorrect many times! Yes! An American making grammatical errors in English due to its Artificial Intelligence.
  • Additionally, Quiltbolt reproduces the content with Artificial or programmed intelligence. Now suppose, you and your friend paraphrasing the same content simultaneously! Its programming is such that-
    • It will first convert the voice
    • Then it will replace some of the terms with a similar term
    • Later, if you rephrase again and again, it will just shuffle the words here and there meaninglessly!
  • Ultimately, you and your friend, both will end up having the same content and when you post it on different websites, it will never rank due to plagiarism!
  • The Google ranking will be hindered due to grammatical errors and the use of passive voice as both are against the rules of Content Management Systems.

So, did you understand the fact that since an AI content tool is programmed systematically, it will produce the same content for everyone? Suppose 5 people generate AI content on the topic- ‘What is Artificial Intelligence’ with the same AI tool! All 5 will get the same content and none will rank on Google!

6. Lack of Subjectivity, Opinion, and Judgement:

Additionally, while preparing marketing copy, subjectivity, opinion, and judgment on the writer’s part are the soul of a blog post, article, or any other type of marketing content! However, AI tools cannot generate opinions in a human-like manner. Although, the AI tools might pick some subjective content from other similar posts, only to paraphrase and reproduce! Eventually, it takes the soul of content away!

So Can AI Content Rank High on Google?

In a word, yes, it can! But it is not necessarily true in all cases. In spite of using AI content generation tools, Human Intelligence is a necessity to proofread the content and bring life to it with creativity. Content writing is a combination of art and science. It is the art of conveying a message to a particular Target Group in a scientifically convincing manner! When we compile research, systematic data collection, technology, analytics, psychology, and literature together, then we get a content writer!

Eventually, using AI tools for high-ranking content generation may be a good idea but it requires careful proofreading and testing on appropriate Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress engine. Failing to present the content in accordance with CMS guidelines can only make the content rank poorly. It might lead to re-writing which eventually leads to the wastage of time and effort!

Moreover, not all the AI content generators are reliable sources, but only a few hold water! So, let us now list the 5 best AI content generator tools, to reduce the time, effort, and your (paisa per word) PPW cost-

Best 5 AI Content Generator Tools


1. WriteSonic

This particular AI Content generator tool claims to produce marketing copies, blog posts, and even product descriptions. However, the tool gives one free trial, but later it becomes fully paid. Also, WriteSonic claims to be based completely on the latest GPT-3 technology. Moreover, since this article is not generated via AI Tool, let us inform you that our content writer has tried the free version as part of her content research, and she claims that WriteSonic has an easy User Interface. Also, the platform offers a set of templates for different types of content.

2. Copy.Ai

Copy AI claims to produce content for marketing copies, sales advertisements, social media marketing, and any other SEO content. Not only has this, but Copy AI also offers content in 25 languages. Although, it produces content in the simplest form of a language and is suitable for producing voluminous content only. So, if you need a larger piece of content for your Pillar-Page post, then Copy AI may be the right choice.

3. AI Writer

The best part about AI Writer is that it claims to produce plagiarism-free content. Moreover, AI Writer is also tested by our writer and it has an easy User Experience. However, the writer opines that it is more like an article spinner only and one can get no engaging content with this tool. However, the content is SEO-Friendly.

4. INK

The features of INK include-

  • 60 Writer Templates
  • User-friendly experience
  • 30 Languages
  • SEO-Friendliness
  • Ability to generate marketing content, YouTube descriptions, and website content as well

5. Ryter

Ryter is another popularizing AI content writer that has-

  • Free plan to produce 5000 characters a month
  • 30 templates for marketing copies and product descriptions
  • GPT-3 based AI generation tool

Final Verdict: To Use or Not to Use AI Content Creator, That’s the Question!

To conclude, we can say that technology is to use only! So, it is good to use AI content writer tools without hesitation. AI tools can provide simple and easy-to-understand high-Google ranking content. However, overdependence on AI content generator tools and fantasizing to eliminate the human content writers altogether is not an option. In order to bring creativity, engagement, and grammatically error-free content, human intelligence is a necessity. Therefore, Appinnovix Technologies recommend using AI tools for facilitation only. Moreover, coupling Human and Artificial Intelligence together can produce the best-ranking content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Generated Content?

AI Generated Content or AI-Powered Content is textual content that is produced by an intelligent device, system, or any other machine. AI-generated content tends to articulate human-like text. However, it may or may not be grammatically accurate and cohesive.

Does AI-Powered Content Rank High on Google?

Simply put, AI-powered content may or may not rank high on Google depending upon various factors. The choice of AI tool, its features, and also manual backlink creation together affect the Google search ranking.

What is GPT-3 Technology?

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model developed by Open AI, an American IT research Lab. This language model is autoregressive in nature. Also, it is a language model technology that tends to generate human-like textual content using deep learning, machine learning, and AI technology.

Does Google Penalize AI Content?

Google may or may not penalize AI Content. It depends upon the type of content generated by the AI tool. If an AI tool is capable of generating content in accordance with the Google Webmaster guidelines, then it may rank high on Google. An AI tool producing content as per the requirements of CMS can rank higher on Google. However, it will still need human proofreading and editing to reach the utmost level of perfection.

How to Rank AI Content High on Google?

AI content can rank high on Google if it is backed by proper keyword research. Also, if the AI generator is capable of distributing the keywords evenly, then the content has a good chance of ranking high in Google. However, to increase the chances of making the content rank high on Google, proper proofreading by expert content writers and sufficient backlink creation by the SEO team are more important.

Will AI Content Writer Tools Replace Content Writers?

In a word, never! AI content writing tools are never perfect. In fact, most of the time they produce content that is grammatically incorrect and is in passive voice. Both conditions worsen the Google ranking of the content. Moreover, certain AI tools even produce sentences that are neither cohesive nor meaningful! Additionally, AI tools do not produce creative and out-of-the-box content. Eventually, so far AI has no capability to replace human content writers!

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Forum Submission Sites

The Best Forum Submission Sites: Website List!

After a great response to our previous blog-‘PPT Submission in SEO’, today Appinnovix brings another unique off-page SEO technique exclusively for you. Forum Posting in SEO is another unique but effective off-page SEO technique in digital or SEO marketing. However, lesser-known, yet forum posting gives highly effective outcomes in website SEO. Many of our readers must be hearing about forum posting or forum submission for the first time. But no fear, when Appinnovix is here. As we discussed PPT submission in detail in our previous blog, today we will discuss about forum submission.

In this blog, we will first explain the meaning of Forum submission. Then we will also provide you with top 15 forum submission sites with high DA scores. So, let us make you ready to have an edge over your competitors-

What is Forum Submission?

Simply put, forums are online discussion platforms where debates, discussions, and conversations take place. Forum submission is the means to partake in such online conversations. These days, just like PPT submission, forum submission is another off-page SEO technique that may be less popular but is highly effective. Now the question is ‘why a business would like to partake in forum posting?’ Well, an online discussion may be on any topic such as new emerging technology, personal health, hygiene, fashion, or anything.

So, whatever industry you work in, there is a forum discussion topic on it. By forum posting about your product, industry, or brand, you can create brand awareness for your products. Also, you get a chance to market your product directly to the target group.

Top 5 Forum Submission Sites: Appinnovix Expert Picks

However, the internet is loaded with a myriad forum submission sites, but as per our content and web experts, the following 5 platforms have the highest DA and they are the best forum submission sites in 2023-

1. Quora

Who has not heard about Quora? But did you know that Quora is a forum posting site? Well, sometimes we tend to find things while they are already present around us. Quora is the fit example of that. This platform has a Domain Authority Score of 93 which is extremely good. Moreover, Quora is a popular platform for public discussions in India.

At present, Quora has over 300 million users alone in India. In this way, even if your business is limited to India, Quora can be the best forum submission platform for the online SEO marketing of your business. Thus, pitch your products to 300 million Indians today with a forum post on Quora!

2. Reddit

Yes, you read that right! Apart from being a popular PPT submission site, Reddit also allows forum posting facilities. Moreover, this American platform has a DA of 93 points and it houses around 50 million users from around the world. Eventually, Reddit can kill two birds with one stone. And you can post PPT and forum simultaneously on this platform. It will save you time and effort. And also, it will improve your appearance on Google SERPs by making your website SEO better with sufficient backlinks.

3. Discord

Although, Discord is a newbie in the world of SEO marketing, yet it is the fastest-growing forum posting platform today. Not only this, but Discord allows its user to share video, image, and voice content as well. It gives chatting facilities to anyone at any time. At present, Discord holds 100 million users, and the number is growing at a fast pace. And the cherry on top is that it has a DA score of 93 points which is way too sufficient for improving off-page SEO.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow offers online forum discussion facilities in the Question-Answer format as Quora does. The platform has a DA score of 92 though, the only limitation of this platform is that it is dedicated to the field of technology and stack development. Eventually, if you are in a technical business like web development, app development, or digital marketing then Stack Overflow can be a house to you. However, in the opinion of Appinnovix, this platform is best suited for the IT-schools, colleges, and institutes.

5. GitHub Community

GitHub is another popular forum posting site. Mostly, marketers use GitHub for guest posting. However, GitHub Community also allows users to hold forum discussions. At present, GitHub Community claims to house around 83 Million users worldwide. The number of users is a bit small though, but the DA score of GitHub Community equals 49 which is good enough for creating backlinks with a 500-word forum post.

How Forum Submission is Important for Website SEO and Business?


Forum Posting is a boon for our website SEO as it helps create sufficient backlinks for your business website. You just need to be careful about the keywords and brand communication in your forum post. Moreover, forum submission in SEO is not limited to creating backlinks for off-page SEO but it has various other benefits too. For example-

  • Forum posting helps in connecting to the target audience directly. You may address their queries and issues directly over the forum submission platforms. Also, it further multiplies your appearance on Google SERPs. The more you are active online, the more you are likely to be on top of SERPs. Thus, forum submission helps in online marketing and SEO marketing
  • Also, forum posting is helpful in making new business contacts. You may find business people of similar industries and make contacts with them. Hold valuable discussions with people of the same business niche and multiply your knowledge with these forum submission platforms.
  • Forum submission makes you look knowledgeable and scholarly person. It makes your business image better. And these days, the young generation prefers to believe in a wise and learned businessmen only. So, if you present scientific facts about your products on forum posting sites, the audience is likely to believe faster.

Writing the Best Content for Forum Discussion Platforms: Pro Tips for Forum Posting Content

Having understood the benefits of forum posting for business relations, customer management, and website SEO, you must now be curious to know ‘how to write the best content for forum discussion’. Well, in simple words, while you write content for forum submission, you must look as knowledgeable as Albert Einstein, Shashi Tharoor, and Shakespeare. But worry not! We are not asking you to read thousands of books, newspapers, and novels. But Appinnovix, like always, explains to you how to ‘look’ scholarly in the forum posting activity. So follow these tips-

How to Write Forum Posting Content?

Word Count

Always remember that these days, people prefer short reading time due to busy life schedules. Therefore, do not write forum posting content of more than 500 words. Unlike on-page SEO, you do not need 2000-3000 words of content for forum submission. And within this word limit, you have to present only the important facts and a justification of how your products are distinguishable and useful.


Also, the topic of your forum submission must be relevant to your product and industry of business. For example, do not waste your time and effort writing about fashion and trends when you have a mobile phone manufacturing business. Always choose relevant topics and pitch your products the right way.


Conduct thorough research on the topic you are writing for. For example, if you are writing about smartphones, then remember that IT is the most rapidly advancing sector. So, when you pitch your latest smartphone to the customers, make sure that you provide detailed information about all the features that are trending high. Such as 5G network support, processor details, RAM and ROM explanation, and so on. Moreover, over include scientific facts, the latest research discoveries, relevant stats, and numeric data and figures in the forum posts. It will give weightage to your claims. Also, add links to online accessible research topics and facts, it further improves the SEO of your forum submission content.

Tone and Language

Additionally, never use marketing language in Forum posting. Appinnovix suggests you write in a friendly tone like a blog, but present information like a scholar or researcher that appears like an academic piece of writing. After all, if you sound like a learned industry expert, only then you will be able to impress the present-day audience. However, keep the language simple and comprehensible, so that the readability of your content does not fall apart.


If possible, then also try to add more bullet points, images, graphs, and smart charts to your forum content. This will make the content readable and help you in SEO marketing. When your forum post is readable, it is more like to appear on the top results of Google SERPs. The more your content is discoverable, the more your business is discoverable.

What to Keep in Mind while Writing for Forum Discussion platforms?

Apart from these valuable tips, Appinnovix also suggests that never try to demean your competitor through forum posting. It is because forum submission websites are public and accessible worldwide. So, if you speak ill of your competitors on a public platform, it may lead you into legal trouble.

Eventually, be cautious while writing content for forum discussion platforms. Furthermore, make no false claims about your product as an experienced customer is likely to comment publically. It will also harm your image. Moreover, if possible, always take help from a professional content writer as he or she can do the job best for you!

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Content for Forum Posting Platforms

All in all can sum up that one should not commit the following mistakes while writing for a forum submission website-

  1. Never write defaming content about your competitors.
  2. Also, do not post anything on a forum submission site. Rather, write completely research-based content on an online forum.
  3. Avoid content larger than 500 words as it is a technique of off-page SEO. If you write too long content, then the bounce rate (people not reading the content fully) will increase and it will destroy your SEO marketing

Some Other Forum Posting Sites

So, now we have provided you with the best 5 forum posting sites to begin your new SEO marketing journey in 2023. However, by posting on 2-3 forum submission sites, out of the above website list, you can create sufficient backlinks to improve your website SEO. But still, if you want more, then you may go for the following sites as well-


All of the above forum posting sites are do-follow websites with a good DA score. Eventually, you can post forums on any of the above website lists.


What is Forum Submission?

Forum Submission is an off-page SEO technique that helps improve website SEO by creating backlinks for business websites. Additionally, forums are online discussion platforms where a business can spread product and brand knowledge via debates and discussions. This off-page SEO technique helps in online marketing and boosts website SEO.

Is Forum Submission same as Forum Posting?

In a word, yes! Forum posting and forum submission are the same and they can be used interchangeably.

Does Forum Posting Really Improve Website SEO? How?

Yes, forum posting really improves your website SEO. It helps your business create sufficient backlinks. You can offer links to your company website pages, online product pages, and E-commerce store pages via a forum posting. This helps improve the SEO and also helps in the online marketing of your products.

Which is the best Forum Submission Site?

However, there are many forum submission sites, but in the opinion of Appinnovix, Quora, Reddit, and GitHub are the best!

How many words should I write for a Forum Discussion Platform?

For Forum posting, the content must not exceed 500 words. It is because writing long content on forum submission sites increases bounce rates. So, try to be concise, engaging, and informative with short and knowledgeable content while posting online for forum discussion platforms.

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Top PPT Submission Sites List

PPT Submission in SEO: Top PPT Submission Sites List

PowerPoint Presentations or PPTs are one of the most engaging types of content in the digital world. Apart from being traditional and the oldest content type, PPTs also fit in the new era of digital and visual appeal.

Today, in the world of digital marketing, almost every type of business tends to allure its target audience with an engaging social media presence. Instagram reels, Facebook posts, and even WhatsApp and E-mail marketing are used vigorously.

And this necessity to master social media and digital marketing has generated a huge demand for engaging content. Undoubtedly, a PowerPoint presentation can be an effective tool to communicate more visually and less verbally.

Therefore, in this blog, today we are going to discuss the importance of PPT submission in digital marketing. Also, we will try to access the top PPT submission sites list with the help of this blog.

What is PPT Submission?

PPT submission is an off-page SEO technique in which one submits business PPT content to a third-party website that has high domain authority. As a matter of fact, PPTs have been the most traditional and engaging business content tool for years.

Eventually, posting engaging and informative PPT content on PPT submission sites helps promote your business. Additionally, it also creates backlinks and improves your website SEO. Sometimes, a business invests a great deal in business website development.

But still, his business fails to appear on the first search engine result page (SERP) on Google. Therefore, by creating business profiles, and business listings, and posting engaging content on various social platforms a business tries to market digitally.

PPT submission is also one such digital marketing technique. And in PPT submission a business posts PPT content on PPT submission sites.

What PPTs I Should Submit to Promote My Business?

Appinnovix knows that PPT submission must be an altogether new concept for many of its readers. However, Appinnovix will simplify the concept for its readers as much as possible. Simply put, PPT submission is the same as posting an image, reel, or status on any social media platform. However, the only difference is that in PPT submission you will have to post the PPT content on PPT submission websites. So, before jumping directly on the PPT submission sites list, you must first understand that what type of PPT content will be suitable for your business to post on PPT submission sites. Follow these tips from Appinnovix digital marketing experts

Pro PPT Tips by Appinnovix

  • Always make your PPT alluring and engaging with professional appeal.
  • It may be about your business, the services you provide, your products, and their importance for your TG.
  • Your PPT content must have more visuals and fewer words.
  • Even if you have to write some content, make sure it is anecdotal and presented in bullet points only.
  • Simply put, avoid long paragraphs. You can opt for blog posting if you want to write paragraphs.
  • If possible, hire a freelance PPT expert so that your PPT is best to engage your audience.
  • Avoid too dark or too light fonts and colors to make it alluring.
  • And most importantly, create as many hyperlinks as possible to your website content to create maximum backlinks.

What Kind of PPTs I Should Not Submit on the PPT submission sites?

Apart from the aforementioned do-follow tips, you should also keep in mind what not to post on a PPT submission site list-

  • Your PPT must be precise and in bullet points avoid using long and boring paragraphs while submitting a PPT on the PPT submission site.
  • Also, make it universal. Use simple English language and try not to be a Shashi Tharoor or Shakespeare. The language must be as simple as you find in the book of a 4th or 5th standard child.
  • Additionally, the PPT design must not be too difficult to read or stare at for a low-vision person.
  • Never post any abusive or inappropriate content.
  • Also, remember that you must focus on presenting your services and products as the best. And you must never try to demean any of your competitors. Otherwise, your competitor will post poor comments on your PPT and it will negatively affect your target audience.

How Does PPT Submission Help Your Business?

PPT submission is an off-page SEO technique that helps create sufficient backlinks for a business. And creating backlinks helps improve the website SEO. Apart from this, even if the business website fails to rank high on the Google SERPs, these PPT submission sites have high DA (domain authority) and a business becomes visible. Therefore, PPT submission proves extremely beneficial for a business. Also, it acts as one of the most efficient SEO and digital marketing tool for business. Apart from these technical benefits, PPT submission has some psychological benefits as well like-

  • PowerPoint presentations appeal more to the target audience. It is psychologically proven that visual scenes are not only more attractive, but also it is easier to remember information that is presented visually.
  • PPT offers a detailed demonstration of your business, goods, and services in fewer words. Therefore, not only the target audience but also your business investors prefer PowerPoint presentations.
  • Eventually, with PPT submission, you can not only improve your website SEO but also can attract some investors and receive angel funding. So, choose the right PPT submission site and give your best to grow your audience and get more investors.

So, let us now find out the top PPT submission sites list where you can improve your website SEO and grow your business-

The Top 07 PPT Submission Sites

Here is the list of websites that offers PPT submission. We will first discuss the top 07 do-follow PPT submission sites with high DA. Then we will also provide you with the remaining 15 PPT submission sites list.


1. SlideShare

The most popular PPT submission site in the whole world is SlideShare. SlideShare does not only has a high domain authority. But, also the popularity of this platform is really high all over the world. The Domain Authority of SlideShare is such that it always ranks on the first page of the Google SERP. So, it can prove the best PPT submission site to improve your website SEO. Apart from this, students rely most on SlideShare for educational notes. Eventually, if your target group (TG) comprises young adults then you can encash golden opportunities from this platform.

Say for example, you can post educational content in accordance with your product line and offer hyperlinks to your products. Suppose, you offer grooming products, you may create an engaging PPT on marketing tactics, organizational leadership, and management. Also, you can offer examples of your organization and your products.

You can access SlideShare at-

2. SlideServe

Another free-of-cost PPT submission site is SlideServe. Not only it is free of cost, but it also allows its users to upload PPTs in more than 4 languages. Also, one can create and share PPTs by creating free channels of own. The SlideServe website also claims that at present it has 1.2M users and 420k+ daily visitors. Eventually, you can not only market your business digitally here but you may also find valuable business contacts.

So, you may access SlideServe at-

3. LinkedIn

Surprised to see LinkedIn on this list? Well, natural but not needed. Although, so far people identify LinkedIn only as a job search portal. But, LinkedIn has expanded its horizon to education, content, and social connectivity spheres as well. Simply by keeping your profile or business page ‘public’ on the LinkedIn platform you can share almost any type of content with a large audience. Today, LinkedIn houses nearly 875 million users all over the world.

Moreover, you may simply upload your PPT content on your business profile page at this platform. Additionally, if you wish to share the PPT as a post only, click on the ‘+’ icon (which is add post). Then, you will automatically get an option to upload an image, pdf, doc, or PPT file.

So, access LinkedIn right here and get a free-of-cost profile and business page-

4. Microsoft Sway

Unlike the other PPT submission sites provided in this blog, Microsoft Sway is a presentation program. However, it is one of the most user-friendly PPT programs and has alluring features. And especially, if you are not willing to hire a PPT expert and cannot even create engaging PPT content on your own, the in-built PPT templates in Microsoft Sway will prove a boon for you. Also, you can share your PPT content online with Microsoft Sway.

However, the only disadvantage of Microsoft Sway is that it allows you to share PPT content with your selected friends and co-workers only unlike the other public and social platforms. But, engaging PPT content is just a ‘sign in’ away and you can use any of your Email accounts or even phone number to sign in. Additionally, Microsoft Sway is an MS office family programme but it works as a web app and you do need not to download the program.

In fact, you can access Microsoft Sway here- and see the magic works.

5. Google Drive

Our employed and student group audience must be aware of Google Drive. Google Drive is another online PPT submission platform that belongs to Google- the king of the internet. Therefore, being worried about the DA and PA scores is futile while uploading and sharing a PPT via Google Drive. However, Google drive will also allow you to share content with whom you wish to share. In a nutshell, your PPT will not be a publically accessible document. However, you will need to sign in for Google Drive as well. But the process is similar to signing in to the MS Sway!

You can access Google Drive at- and start uploading PPT and other MS Office documents to share.

6. Slides

This platform also provides you with features similar to MS Sway. But the difference is that you can share publically your PPT content here. Apart from PPT submission, also offers creative and easy-to-edit PPT templates. So, if you are not an expert PPT creator, then Slides is another platform you may rely on. Also, you can share your business PPT content publicly with this platform.

But at present Slides has only 2 million creators and the platform is still seen as a start-up. Also, the PPT templates are highly professional without a doubt, but they are not free to use. However, it is always best to give a try to every new thing as you never know what trends overnight in the digital world.

Here is the gateway to Slides-

7. Reddit

Now, let us discuss an amazing business content-sharing platform- Reddit. Reddit is an American social platform that allows its user to share business content of any format publically. In addition to sharing content, Reddit also serves as a discussion forum where its users may connect with each other to hold discussions. Therefore, Reddit can prove a vital digital marketing tool for generating leads via engaging and alluring business content. Additionally, Reddit also serves as a PPT submission site with a good domain authority (DA score).

So, you can access Reddit here to explore more about it-

In the opinion of Appnnovix, the 7 best PPT submission sites or PPT submission platforms are as provided above. All these platforms are extremely popular not only among business people but also among the audience. Therefore, you can use these free-to-access high DA PPT submission platforms for the improvement of your website SEO. Use PPT submission for online marketing of your business with consistency and raise the digital marketing bar for your competitors. Once you access and understand these websites completely, you can also access the following sites to add more backlinks for your website SEO

Some Other PowerPoint Presentation Submission Sites

The following PowerPoint submission sites are also ‘do-follow’ websites with high DA scores. Once well-familiar with the above-mentioned 7 platforms, start creating backlinks with-



1. What is PPT submission in digital marketing?

PPT submission in digital marketing is an off-page SEO technique that is used to improve website SEO. By submitting PPT content to a PPT submission site, one can create sufficient backlinks for his or her website SEO.

2. How PPT submission can benefit my business?

With PPT submission, you can create a sufficient number of backlinks to your business website and improve your website SEO. Additionally, if you use ‘do-follow’ PowerPoint submission platforms like SlideShare with high DA scores, you may also appear on the first page of Google SERP.

3. How PowerPoint Submission is important in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has various channels including business websites, apps, social media platforms, and more. But PPT submission is a less popular but more effective digital marketing tool. So, if your business already has a digital presence with a good website and social media, then PPT submission will help you to raise the bar with your competitors.

4. What are the top free PPT submission sites?

In a word SlideShare. Apart from it, all the aforementioned sites are one the leading PPT submission sites all over the world.

5. Is PDF submission is same as PPT submission in SEO?

In a word, NO! PPT submission is uploading PPT content on a PPT submission site to improve website SEO. Whereas, PDF submission includes the submission of PDF documents. A PPT submission site may or may not offer PDF submission facilities. And if not, then one can submit PDF papers on different research publishing platforms like Research Gate, Emerald, and more. However, it is going to take deep research work and will target only the scholarly audience. But PPT submission targets a bigger and less specific audience and is easier. Also, PPT submission will consume less time and effort.

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Digital Marketing Institutes in India

Digital Marketing is a newly emerging phenomena in India. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the importance of digitalization has been realized by the entire world. Especially, the business is now dependent upon digital platforms up to 80%. Eventually, marketing, which is heart and soul of business, too has moved to the digital platforms. Not only this, but it is worthy to mention that digital marketing has also generated multiple jobs in the Indian markets. And it is now one of the most promising career in India. So, if you too are looking forward to make a career in digital marketing, then here are the best digital marketing institutes in India to start with 2024-

Understanding Digital Marketing and Its Significance

Before we discuss the best digital marketing institutes of India, it is necessary to first understand the complete concept of digital marketing. However, many people believe that by digital marketing, we mean only by the Social Media Marketing. But that’s not correct. The term ‘digital’ is an umbrella term under which comes multiple ‘media.’ And social media is just a small part of it. Marketing a product digitally indeed means to promote it on-

  • A business website
  • Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube
  • Blog websites
  • E-Commerce platforms
  • Emails and more

These Media of Digital Marketing require written, video, animated, and pictorial ‘content’ to market a brand in the most effective way. Additionally, having an abiding logo and an engaging website are also a part of content. So, ‘content’ is the tool for digital marketing. Whereas, there are certain techniques in digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing that complete the concept of digital marketing.

In this way, one should understand that digital marketing is a vast concept. And it is a product of IT and creative skills. Therefore, its vastness also paves way for multiple positions professionally. Whenever you search for a job in digital marketing, there will be thousands of option open for you all over India. If you master these skills, then sky will be the only limit for your career!

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Institutes in India

So now when you are aware of the complete digital marketing concept, always remember the following while choosing the right digital marketing institutes in India for yourself-

  • The institute must have an experienced group of faculty.
  • Also, check their curriculum and make sure that they offer to cover the complete concept (as discussed above- Platform + Tool + Technique).
  • They give you practical training.
  • Placement assistance and training.

With Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow How Many Job Opportunities

Right now, We have just open the and check the job opening in lucknow on the post of Digital marketing managers. So we have got this result.

digital marketing job opportunities


Top 6 Digital Marketing Institutes in India to Make You Shine

Now let us find the top 5 digital marketing institutes in India for you that suits your career as well as your pocket-

1. Appinnovix Technologies

Appinnovix Technologies provide the industrial training in Digital Marketing. The main benefits of this institute your trainer is already doing Digital Marketing work, so they are teach what they did. So in Lucknow you can search who will provide best course, Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow so you will get Appinnovix is the best for you.

The Location:

digital Marketing institute in Lucknow

The Lucknow capital of Utter Pradesh that connect you easily with Delhi and Gurugram, you can easily to join best Digital Marketing institute in Lucknow as appinnovix and be a part of IT company.

Experience Teacher

In the Appinnovix We have not a teacher, We have real Developer who have more than 5+ year experience in Digital marketing, SEO, SMO and Graphics Designer, They are teach those things which is working in real time and you know what is your study productive or not.

Certified Developer of Digital Marketing Course

Anand Jaiswal Founder of Appinnovix Technologies who have Google Certified Developer and they have various skills Like Business Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Email Marketing, And Website Design and Development.

Google Certificate for Advance Digital Marketing Course

Harshit Gupta Senior Digital Marketing Manager who have more than 5+ year Experience in Digital Marketing, Specially Backlink Creation. He is very friendly and he take his juniors like a brother and teach every small things that is very important in Digital marketing Course.

Saurabh Tiwari is the core team developer, he has doing great work in the Appinnovix and also doing for his own blogging site and earn more than 1000 USD in a month using Digital Marketing.


  • Appinnovix Website:
  • Address: 1/746, Vardan Khand, Sec-1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, India
  • Courses: Certificate to Advance Digital Marketing Course.
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Fees: 15,000/-
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 9511181999

So, if you find Appinnovix Technologies suitable, then we would recommend you to kindly contact the Company with the information provided above.

2. DigiSkolae, Lucknow

DigiSkolae is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in India. You will find DigiSkolae in Lucknow-the city of Nawabs. However, there are many digital marketing institutes in Lucknow, but DigiSkolae is a trustworthy name. The reasons why DigiSkolae comes first in our list include-

The Location:

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs and has the best connectivity from NOIDA and Delhi. Both NOIDA, as well as Delhi, have multiple job openings for digital marketing professionals every now and then. Eventually, DigiSkolae has been able to make connections in both places and at the completion of the course, many recruiters come from both job hubs.

Digital Marketing institute in India

Experienced Faculty:

Additionally, the DigiSkolae faculty has years of practical, corporate, IT, and marketing experience. Yes! You heard that right! Here at DigiSkolae, you will be able to learn not only about the theory of digital marketing. But also you may learn from the corporate experience of your faculty members. Most importantly, the faculty is bound to give personalized attention to the learners.


Other institutes offer the least flexibility, and the duration is a minimum of 6 months. With DigiSkolae, you can start working in just 5 months with an Advance Digital Marketing Certification in your hand. Also, the institute focuses more on practical training and during your studies, you will be working with great companies on their live projects.

Apparently, DigiSkolae is the best digital marketing institute in Lucknow as of now. Also, once you join here, you will realize that it is indeed the best digital marketing institute in India.


  • DigiSkolae Website:
  • Address: Digiskolae, F 3, Goel Plaza near Lekhraj Metro Station, Faizabad Road, Lucknow
  • Courses: Certificate to Advance
  • Duration: 5-6 Months
  • Fees: 45,000/- INR
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 9519000321

So, if you find DigiSkolae suitable, then we would recommend you to kindly contact the institute with the information provided above.

3. Freelancers Academy, Navi Mumbai

Another shining name in the field of digital marketing courses is Freelancers Academy. Freelancers Academy is located in Navi Mumbai and is the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai for working professionals. As we discussed earlier, digital marketing is an ‘emerging’ phenomenon. Therefore, not only young students but also existing professionals willing to make a career switch are also seeking professional certification. For example, there are many freelance content writers, graphic designers, and working sales professionals are now seeing digital marketing as a career catalyst.

For these people, Freelancers Academy is a great option as it offers flexible batches during weekdays and on weekends. So, if you are working or freelancing already, there is no need to sacrifice work. But with Freelancers Academy you may study and work simultaneously. However, they offer placement assistance only within Mumbai. So, before joining check whether you are willing to make a career in Mumbai.


  • Freelancers Academy Website:
  • Address: North Side, Near Charni Road Station, 3 A New Queens Road, Charni Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004
  • Courses: Certification (SEO, SEM, SMO, Google Analytics, Email and Mobile Marketing)
  • Duration: Not Available
  • Fees: Not Available
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91937262170 (Charni Road Branch)

For Fees and duration information, you can directly contact to the institute with these details.

4. Delhi Courses, New Delhi

If you are a Delhite or simply a small town being who wants to settle in Delhi, then getting a promising job in Delhi NCT or NCR is the key for you. And Digital Marketing is a promising career that can open your gates to stay flourishing in Delhi. So, what are you waiting for? Call Delhi Courses today and book your seat in the digital marketing courses offered by Delhi Courses institute. This institute is a leading name not only in Delhi but also all over India.

Additionally, you may also learn at their NCR centers in Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and even NOIDA. Also, the digital marketing curriculum at Delhi Courses makes it the best digital marketing institute in India. Apart from the traditional digital marketing tools and techniques, they also offer specialized courses in Google Adwords and Blogging. So, you can also become an influencer with their course!


  • Delhi Courses Website:
  • Address: 410, Chabra Complex, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station Gate No. 02, East Delhi, Delhi – 110092
  • Courses: Basic to Advance Certification in Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Google Adword
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Fees: INR 20,000/- (offline mode) and INR 25, 000/- (mnline mode)
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 999071 6846

5. UpGrad (Online)

However, if your work and freelancing schedules are too hectic to join even weekend batches, then online education is the best option for you. And in the field of digital education, UpGrad is the most renowned name in India. So, UpGrad is also a leading name when it comes to find out the best digital marketing institutes in India. With online batches, you can learn at your home’s comfort at any time and from anywhere.

So, for people with busy schedules, UpGrade is the right option. It also offers multiple types of digital marketing courses ranging from certificate to advanced diploma levels. Additionally, placement assistance is a cherry on top. Moreover, you will receive a MICA certificate valid all over India!


  • UpGrade Website:
  • Address: Online only
  • Courses: Advance Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication
  • Duration: 32-50 Weeks
  • Fees: INR 3, 256/- per month
  • Placement: Yes
  • Contact Number: Not Available

6. CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat (Online)

Another online option for people having tight schedules is the latest IIT Madras Digital Marketing course. IIT Madras since the time of the pandemic has been experimenting with its curriculum continuously. And these experiments are being extremely fruitful for many IIT aspirants. Now to be an IITian, you no longer need to pursue engineering. But you may also take the glory with various IT short courses offered at IIT Madras online mode. For example, the Advance Diploma in Data Analytics by IIT Madras was launched recently in 2022.

Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Analytics is another such option which is launched a couple of months ago. And the specialty of this course is that the industry professionals have designed it. Also, you will get a chance to learn directly from the IIT Madras faculty. Although, it is a collaboration between CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat. Additionally, they will also teach about marketing ‘data analytics’ which can give an exceptional boost to your skills and career.


  • IIT Madras Digital Marketing Course Website:
  • Address: Online Mode
  • Course: Advanced Certification In Digital Marketing And Analytics
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Fees: INR 5500/- Easy Installments (Monthly)
  • Placement Assistance: By Intelipaat
  • Contact Number: +91-7022374614

However, we are keeping it in the 5th position because IIT Madras holds information and technology as its forte. And marketing is not the niche of IIT. Although IT is an indispensable part of digital marketing, we opine that the candidate might not get the ‘creative’ exposure with them. But still, receiving certification from IIT is a boon! Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

So, the final thought is that digital marketing is a new phenomenon in India. The pandemic and trending culture of hybrid work and E-commerce have created a strong market for digital marketing professionals. Many existing and even new aspiring professionals are now seeing digital marketing as a rewarding career. However, having a strong IT background and a professional certification in digital marketing is mandatory to rise and shine. So, we have provided you with a detailed list of the best 5 digital marketing institutes in India. Now, it is completely up to you whether you opt for online or offline mode.

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Why E-commerce Website Development is Important

7 Reasons Why E-Commerce Website Development is Important for Your Business!

Learn How Having Your Own E-Commerce Website Matters!!

The growth of E-Commerce is crystal clear since the time of the pandemic. From small to large-sized businesses, today everyone is aware of the importance of having an online presence. However, to go online most businesses, especially the small and medium ones prefer well-established E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. But overlooking the need for its own E-commerce website development may have many disadvantages.

Therefore, today we are discussing the top 7 pros, cons, and benefits of having your own E-commerce store. We will discuss in detail why you must prefer your own e-commerce store over existing e-commerce platforms. Also, we will discuss which website development company can let you achieve your goals in your budget.

1. Practice Your Fundamental Right of Freedom

When you tie up with an already well-established E-Commerce platform, you are immediately burdened with the policies of these platforms. There are certain ‘standards’ and ‘regulations’ that these companies will impose upon you. And you will need to modify your products, production processes, and even marketing techniques as per their policies. On the contrary, when you have your own e-commerce website, you are free to practice your monopoly rights over your business. In a nutshell, you may work at your own pace and on your own rules. And e-commerce website development is the key to your freedom.

2. Minimised Commission, Optimized Profits

What do you think? Tie-ups with the e-commerce platforms are free of cost? Not at all! In the world of trade and commerce, no entrepreneur is up for your help. But the sole motive of every businessman is profit. However, the E-commerce platforms will not charge you directly. But the load will instead come into the pockets of your customers in name of shipping charges and hidden commission.

Eventually, the price of your commodity will get higher. And this may lead your customers to opt for cheaper substitutes. However, with your own e-commerce website development, you can offer fair and minimal prices to your customers, which will definitely increase your sales.

3. Let Your Customers Exercise their Fundamental Freedom Virtually

E-commerce website development is a boon these days. Remember that an already established e-commerce platform will only allow selected features. But, having your own e-commerce platform can let you have the best ones. The present time is the time of virtual and augmented reality. And during the pandemic, ‘try-on’ virtually is a feature that has gained exceptional popularity. In fact, the try-on feature or virtual stores are now more popularised than offline physical shopping.

For example, the big cosmetic brands are now offering try-on facilities virtually while this feature can never be availed offline. Shopping for lipsticks has become so very easy for ladies with the virtual ‘try-ons’. And hence, they are shifting towards online shopping of cosmetics by leaps and bounds. So, focus on building an online virtual store, especially if you have a cosmetic, jewellery, or apparel business. Market your online store and see how the traffic over your website gets boosted!

4. Do Not Let Others Become ‘Big-Billionaires’ at Your Profit’s Cost!!

Apart from these, another con of partnering with the established e-commerce store is that these platforms are retailers. And to promote their sales, they keep on launching different types of sales every now and then. For example, the big-billion day sale by Flipkart! Undoubtedly, the customer gets crazy deals over the biggest brands and saves tonnes of money by shopping online. But what about the brand then? Will you find an iPhone 12 being sold as low as Rs. 40,000/- anywhere else? Not at all! But to promote their sales, e-commerce platforms apply such tactics.

Eventually, when such a sale comes on big brands, undoubtedly, your small brand is going to suffer. Clearly, people will prefer a 40, 000/- 5G iPhone 12 over your 25-30,000/- Oppo, Vivo, and even Samsung by adjusting their budgets accordingly. But generally, who will suffer? The tradesmen! You will have to compromise your profit margins every now and then in the name of sales. So, better choose a good website development company, and develop your own e-commerce store!

5. Become An Independent Brand

Jockey, Reebok, Addidas, Bata, Lakme, and whatnot! Each big brand today has an independent e-commerce website today! However, these brands apply both kinds of marketing tactics and have tie-up with established e-commerce platforms as well. But sometimes, it happens that when a product is out of stock on the e-commerce platform due to a ‘sale’, the customer in urgency prefers to buy it from the brand website.

Also, by keeping the prices low on your own e-commerce website, you may attract customers better. A pro tip for you is that keep the prices such that you include shipping and packaging charges already in the listed price. Do not show it separately as the e-commerce platforms do! And just like these aforementioned brands, one day your brand name will also count as an independent!

6. Aim to Conquer the World

Did you know that these e-commerce platforms that you choose to partner with, have national and international versions? Simply put, the Amazon for the Indian audience is ‘’, and that for the American audience is ‘’. Similarly, every country has its own variant. Even in a single country, not all goods are deliverable to certain locations. Then, why are you limiting yourself to a selected city, state, or even country?

Expand your horizons nationally and internationally with e-commerce website development for your business. While Amazon Australia will fail to display your products to the Australian audience, you may reach them with your own website and vigorous marketing. Also, having an e-commerce platform is one of the major techniques of digital marketing. So, use a suitable brand name and proper keywords to optimize your website. And let your business appear in the top searches abroad as well.

7. Cut Your Competition, Improve Your Products

Another fact that we generally overlook while tying up with a third-party online retailer, is that the competition is so high over there. A customer on the already established e-commerce platform has the power to choose from so many options. And the customized search techniques used by the customers may not even let your product appear in the search results. For example, suppose you have an apparel business and a customer searches with the keyword ‘pink lace dress women’ which you do not have in stock! But, many of your competitors have the same! So how are you feeling after wasting so much time and effort in partnering with these platforms?

Now consider another situation in the same business. You have your own e-commerce website and you market your product vigorously. With marketing tactics, you have achieved a good number of audience, and your customers are now also aware of your online store. The customers who are already happy with your goods and services and are loyal to your products will directly open your website. Also, not only they will buy from you but also share the links with their friends and relatives. This will further promote your business. And also if they search in a customized way, you may gather the data of their searches and develop the products accordingly!

So if your customer is searching for a pink lace dress, produce one and notify the customer. Likewise, if they are searching for ‘stretchable denim’, produce the same and advertise! You have all the data available to you ‘who is searching what’! We hope you got the point!

E-commerce Website Development

Which Website Development Company Can Help?

We are hopeful that the idea of your own e-commerce website development must be understood to the fullest by you. Now the next question appears how to have your own e-commerce website or online virtual store? The answer is simple! A web development company can help you get one. However, whenever we think of web development, we often consider big multinationals like Infosys, IBM, and Capgemini! Taking services from them might be suitable when your earnings are millions. But, if you are a small or even medium-sized business, then taking services from these international corporates may dig a large hole in your pocket!

But worry not! Why do you underestimate the Indian IITians and IT professionals? There are many tech-companies with Indian origins that can help you get your desired online virtual store without burning a hole in your pocket. And Appinnovix Technologies is also one of them. Additionally, you may also do your own research to find out a suitable business for yourself at your own location. The small-scale Indian start-ups will indeed give you better services at a more suitable price. If you are unsure how then you must read our other blog titling- Get to Know the Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in India.

Final Thoughts

Having your own e-commerce website is very important in the present-day scenario. The process of partnering with already established e-commerce giants can not only be quite complex, but it can also make you lose your monopoly over the business. Also, instead of minimizing the competition, third-party e-commerce platforms multiply your competition a thousand times. Eventually, owning e-commerce website development with the help of a good website development company will let you have a better-optimized presence.

Also, you may grow your business more than these third-party online retailers by offering a better user interface with a virtual store option. So, go ahead and get your e-commerce platform designed today!

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: Influence Your TG, Enhance Your Business in 2022

Gone are the days when television used to be the only source of entertainment and updates. A decade back, people were highly dependent upon television commercial breaks for product information. Earlier, big brands preferred to choose top celebrities to appear in television commercials for their product. Well, that was the time when television commercials were the chief marketing source. However, in the present times marketing has become a much more complex process and many new techniques have evolved in this field. Influencer Marketing is one the most common and popular techniques in the present context. Through this post, Appinnovix has tried to-

  • Define Influencer Marketing
  • List Influencer Marketing benefits
  • Explain the importance of Influencer Marketing
  • Provide a detailed guide to starting influencer marketing for your business.

So let us now dive into the details, and let us know each and everything about influencer marketing

Who is an Influencer?

Before starting to define influencer marketing, it is important to understand who is an influencer first. Well, as we discussed earlier also, a decade back celebrities and sportspersons used to be ‘influencing’ an audience to buy a particular brand. However, even today big brands use Bollywood stars for their television commercials. But they are not restricted to this single traditional channel of brand communication.

Now, to come to the definition of an ‘influencer’, in simple words an influencer is a person who has many ‘fans’ and ‘followers.’ These fans and followers often listen to this person and connected emotionally to him or her. For example, there are so many fans of Shahrukh Khan in India and in abroad. So, when he says in the Denver Deodorant’s commercial-‘Denver is how I smell’, his fans will not only believe him but will also make an attempt to ‘smell’ like him.

Now influenced by this commercial, his fans will definitely buy the product. However, in the present day scenario, people are more conscious will spending money. So they want genuine advice and complete product review from someone who has more knowledge and expertise. Therefore, people began to trust more on the ‘reviewers’ on social platforms before buying a product. However, started quite humble earlier, these ‘reviewers’ are now new celebs who are also the new ‘influencers.’

So we can define an influencer with three key terms-

  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Being a trustworthy public figure.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Now coming to the main topic, let us define influencer marketing. Well, influencer marketing is a technique of social media marketing or digital marketing. Influencer marketing is how a brand would like to approach a social media celebrity (influencer) to use and review their product. However, we can also say that they might request them to endorse the product and ‘influence’ people to buy it. Moreover, depending upon the type of product, the influencers use different kind of methods to promote a brand on their social media handles. However, it is not necessary for influencer marketing to promote our product on their social media account. Rather we may also approach the influencer to appear for a short commercial on our social media platform.

So depending upon the need and type of product, there are different methods used in influencer marketing. Let us now discuss these methods in the following section-

Types of Influencer Marketing

Content creation is a major part of social media influencer marketing. Content may be in the form of a piece of writing such as a blog, article, or guest post or in the form of videos like short advertising videos, demonstrations, and product reviews. However, the choice of the type of content depends upon the type of product. Also, the right combination of content type and the type of influencer marketing is important to influence the TG in the most positive manner. So here we are discussing the top 5 types of influencer marketing with real-life examples-

  1. Sponsoring the Blog Posts

According to WordStream, about 64% of consumers buy a product after researching their reviews thoroughly. Also, around 68% of them prefer to watch a video than read blog content. However, it is a no denying fact, that watching a video is not always possible. On one hand, carrying the headphones to crowded places, all the time seems hideous. On the other hand, watching a video requires greater attention and leisure. While travelling short distances or sitting in a silent zone like a school, college, hospital, or library, people will need to read. Reading is preferable, for a person has the choice of just going through the main points.

Additionally, a mention-worthy point is that there are many popular blogs on the internet that people find trustworthy. These blogs have a good number of readers. Some of the examples include-

    1. Neil Patel (Technology Blogs)
    2. Make Up and (Cosmetic Reviews)

influencer marketing in india


So, if you have any product to promote in a form of a blog, you may approach the top bloggers to write a product review for it. You may compensate the writer of the blog with a chargeable fee and you will also need to provide them with a sample of your product free of cost. Big content writers charge per word charges and some endorsement fees to write a blog for your product.

  1. The Game of Promo Codes: Affiliate Marketing

On the contrary, if your budget is too small and you cannot take the risk of distributing your product free to anyone, then in such a case affiliate marketing will suit you the best. In affiliate marketing, you may ask an influencer to either write a blog or shoot a video for your product. Then, just provide a promo code to the influencer using which a buyer may avail great discount. In this way, you can attract a good number of buyers for your product. For example check out in the following video, how MJO, a YouTube channel with 11.3M subscribers promotes Byju’s learning platform with this funny video-


(Watch How Byju’s Promotes Its Learning App in this Funny YouTube Video Here)

  1. Let’s Unbox It with Technical Guruji

Technical Gruruji is today the most sensational and revolutionary name in the field of technology. Technical Guruji is the most popular technology YouTube channel by Gaurav Chaudhary. Gaurav Chaudhary is best known for his knowledge and expertise in the field of technology. Gaurav is a Microelectronics graduate from BITS Pilani, Dubai. Clearly, his qualifications not only prove his reliability but also create trust among his followers. Additionally, Gaurav runs a YouTube channel in name of Technical Guruji and has 22.1M followers. Also, today every mobile, laptop or any other electronic buyer depend upon his advice to choose the best out of so many options.


(Check out Technical Guruji Unboxing iPhone SE 2020 Here)

So, if you have an electronic or tech product, then you may choose to promote it with Technical Guruji. Gaurav provides a complete unboxing and a detailed review of the products. Additionally, he also compares the products of same genre to provide his audience a clarity.

However, if you have a smaller budget, then you may opt for some of his competitors on YouTube. There are many people who review such electronic items on YouTube and other platforms today.

  1. Let Them Take over Your Social Media Handle and Give Away Your Product

Also, some brands prefer to give the influencer their social media handle for a particular time period. These influencers post engaging content on their social media accounts showcasing and endorsing their products. In simple words, it is a technique of signing an influencer as your brand ambassador for a particular time period.


Guneet Virdi Sponsoring TNW products on Her Instagram Handle

(Source: Instagram)

However, such campaigns are more popular on Instagram these days. It is because most of the influencers today prefer to make short demo videos on Insta only. Additionally, ‘give away’ is another technique that the influencers coupled with social media takeover marketing. They would endorse your brand, review it, and will also start a giveaway completion on either their own social media handle or yours. For example, Guneet Virdi-a makeup and beauty sensation in India often appears in such campaigns.

  1. Face a Genuine Review

Above all, you may opt for a genuine product review by an influencer on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or on a website blog. Whether you have a makeup product, a gadget, or any other kind of product, you may ask any of the reviewers with a good number of followers to use your product for a certain period of time and review the same. Also, you may find these reviewers on all kinds of social media platforms.

Why Influencer Marketing is so Important Today?

Now the next thought that might come to your mind is why Appinnovix Technologies is emphasizing social media influencer marketing to such a great extent. Well, we can list the following reasons for your quick understanding-

The shift in the Viewership:

Today, radio and television are no longer popular sources of entertainment but people prefer social media for entertainment and information.

Buyer’s Consciousness:

Also, the buyers are quite conscious today and they think at least 10 times before buying anything. Therefore, they prefer to research various reviews by great influencers on the internet before buying a product.

Reality Check:

Additionally, the influencers are best known for providing the most realistic reviews. At least in the videos and in images, a buyer may find the real-time appearance and original features of a product. So, this realistic experience makes influencer marketing more important than a 30-second TV commercial. Also, the motive of TV commercials appears to be ‘selling’ but that of an influencer video seems to be ‘telling’.

People’s Trust in Influencers:

To compare people’s faith in celebrities and in social media influencers, in the present context influencers have an edge over. It is because of their knowledge and expertise in the relevant field that people trust influencers more. Clearly, it does not matter for a smartphone buyer whether Salman, Shahrukh, or Hritik advertises for it. But, if Technical Guruji Gaurav Chaudhary endorses a smartphone, it speaks more volumes. Also, a point worth mentioning here is that even these influencers do not want their audience to lose faith in them. Hence, they are more conscious while endorsing a product.

Wider Reach:

All across the world, as per Statista, there are by the first quarter of 2022, there were 4.6bn active social media users. Also, this number is about to slope up in the upcoming years. Eventually, we can estimate that with the help of social media accounts we can reach such a large number of people.

What are the Benefits of Influencer Marketing?

On the basis of the above discussion, we can also list the benefits of Influencer Marketing briefly in the following points-

  • It gives you a much wider reach.
  • As people have more faith in the influencers, the chances of lead conversions get much higher.
  • Also, your TG gets a clear review and demonstration with the video content, which appreciates them for buying a product.
  • Additionally, an indirect benefit includes that influencers are conscious while choosing to endorse a product. So if they do not find your product up to the mark, you may also ask for suggestions from them. In this way, you get an opportunity to improve your product.

Best Platforms for Influencer Marketing in 2022

So, we hope that you have understood well all that we tried to explain you about social media influencer marketing. Now you must be wondering, which platform suits best to your product? So let us discuss some popular influencer marketing platforms in 2023-

  1. Instagram

As per Statista, as of January 2022, the total number of Instagram users was 230.25 million alone in India. Also, the United States comes second with 159.75 million users. Therefore, Instagram can be a great platform in 2023 for your influencer marketing campaign. Moreover, after the closure of TikTok, most of the popular influencers switched either to YouTube or to Instagram. Additionally, on Instagram, there are already so many influencers.

However, we will give you an Appinnovix pro tip. If your product belongs to the beauty, hospitality, glamour, fashion or a similar genre, then Instagram is the best platform for you.

  1. OTT Platforms

However, technically speaking OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix are not for social media influencer marketing, but you may plan a commercial over there. In the commercial, you may use an influencer as an ambassador. It is because OTT viewership is much larger today in comparison to television. Eventually, you can plan to have a commercial on them.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most comprehensive and trustworthy influencer marketing platforms. It has no time limit to upload a video. So, influencers prefer to make detailed product-review videos on YouTube. Through the YouTube platform, you can show a complete product review and even a demonstration and comparison. However, we would advise you that if you have an electronic gadget, a makeup product, or gym equipment, or a machinery product that requires a detailed demonstration, then you must opt for YouTube influencer marketing.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another popular platform to market your products. It offers you many free and premium features like video posting, creating a business page, and also sharing directly do follow links to your website. So, you may invite an influencer to take over your LinkedIn account and promote and endorse your product there. Moreover, LinkedIn also has a great number of users worldwide, which again gives a much wider reach.

Additionally, we would suggest that if your product belongs to a corporate genre like enterprise software, writing services, marketing, or any educational product, then LinkedIn will suit you the best.

  1. Facebook

Finally, last but not the least, Facebook is also a good platform where you may promote your product with influencer marketing. Also, Facebook is probably the oldest social media platform in our generation. So just create a business page for your work and ask an influencer to either take over it or post guest content on it endorsing your brand.

Why is Instagram on Top?

However, Appinnovix opines that Instagram and YouTube are the two best platforms in 2022. While Instagram comes first, YouTube is second in our opinion. We chose Instagram to be on the top because it provides a wide ocean of features for content posting. For example, Instagram reels, stories, Instagram pages, and business insights-all these features reduce the pains and costs of analytics and editing. Also, YouTube comes second due to its freedom in time-limit to post videos. Additionally, the maximum number of influencers are either on Instagram or YouTube.

instagram influencer

Benefits of Using Instagram for Influencer Marketing

How Can I Find an Influencer to Market My Product?

Well, to be brief these influencers often provide their contact details such as other social media handles and email addresses on their social media accounts. You may first try to write a formal mail to reach out to them. Also, you may approach some advertising agencies to do the work for you. Moreover, share some samples of your work with them. And wait for their response. Also, if you have good social and business connections then you may also try to meet them in person. In this way, you may reach out to them. Apart from this, you may have the following questions too-

Where to Find an Influencer?

Social Media Influencers are available on all kinds of social media platforms. We have already provided you with some of the most eminent examples above. So, in a word Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and similar platforms are best to find a suitable influencer.

What Qualities to Look for in an Influencer?

You must look for the following qualities-

  • A good number of followers
  • Suitable knowledge and Expertise
  • Quality in reviews
  • Authenticity
  • Quality of their content tools (like the video clarity, voice clarity, editing, grammar etc.)

Also, make sure that your TG aligns with the audience of the influencer. For example, if you wish to expand your brand outside India, then you must check if the influencer has a good viewership in the desired country or not.

How to Compensate the Influencers?

The influencer would demand a fee to endorse your product. However, if you do not have a great budget, in this case, you may opt for techniques like affiliate marketing, or free product supply for a particular period of time. If the influencer is impressed with your product, there are chances that he would agree to these alternative compensations.

Concluding Thoughts

So now with the help of the above discussion, we can conclude that Influencer Marketing is of utmost importance in the present context. With the increase in the number of users of social media platforms, social media marketing tactics have also gained momentum. And social media influencer marketing is one of the most popular techniques of digital marketing these days.

Hence, in this blog, we have given you a detailed account of various social media channels and social media influencer marketing platforms. So what are you waiting for now? Just go ahead and start tracking your new social media influencer marketing campaign. And do not forget to reach out to Appinnovix in the comments section below for any further queries.

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