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  • All Nidhi Documents Available.
nidhi software company

Simple & Affordable Pricing on Nidhi Software Company

Easy addition of unlimited members with automatic allocation of share

Provide framework to prepare statutory compliances of all Nidhi Companies.

Reconciliation of data and Atomization of return formulation

Accessibility of all Nidhi forms, Interest rates, Interest calculators

Nidhi Software company

What is Nidhi Software and Whom It is For?

Do you know why you need aNidhi Software Companyin 2023? As per the GOI initiatives, thebanking systemof India is about to go through a dramatic transformation. The digital revolution and our national aim to develop rural and urban India alike have together acted as a catalyst for the growth ofNidhi banks. In order to simplify thebank process, the GOI launched the idea ofNidhi companiesin 2013. ANidhi bankalternatively called aNon-Banking Financial Company (NBFC)is abanking systemthat offerssimplified, paperless,and document-free bankingto its members.

However, initially, the idea was to uplift the rural areas, but later the idea was popularised among urban families as well. And since thebank and financesector is now rapidly adopting theFinTechmodel of working,Nidhi Softwaredevelopmentis now a necessity. So if you too have a Nidhi business, then you need a reliableNidhi Software Companyto ease managing your routine business processes.

Nidhi Softwareis the backbone ofNidhi Banksas it speeds upbank management. Thus, Appinnovix Technology has designed an impeccable software solution forNidhi bankandNidhi Company!!

Important Features of Nidhi Software by Appinnovix

India’s Best Cloud based Nidhi Software Company

Per Day Working needs

Opening of deposits/loans

Creating new members, editing.

Automatic deposit/loan forms

Bank statement/Passbook creation

Fully Deposits module

Auto Interest rates and calculators

Auto TDS deduction from client

Online saving forms, FD, RD

Internet banking facility

Auto Employee Module

No manual/paper work

Salary and incentive calculation

All type of Loan module

Internet banking and auto loan calculator

Loan forms, procedure and everything

Auto Nidhi Compliance Module

Auto NDH 3 preparation

Auto due date reminder system

Notification for any Nidhi non compliance

Mobile application and best reporting

Other Facility

Auto share allotment and form printing

Online passbook updatio

Banking level software and with high security

What Makes Appinnovix the Best Nidhi Software Company in India?

Today, there is a myriad ofNidhi Software Companiesin India which makes it difficult to find the most trustworthy and professionalsoftware company. Appinnovix has a traceable history of 15+ successful years in the IT industry. Over the past 15 years, we have served over ten thousand national and international clients with premium quality and a high success rate.

Our team of professional and highly experienced software developers, testing engineers, digital marketers, and research content experts is what makes us so unique.Software companiesare everywhere in the world, but our skills, expertise, dedication, values, and loyalty towards our customers together make usAppinnovix Technologies– the Best software development company in India! And now we are determined to emerge also thebest Nidhi Software Companyin Indian Territory.


All Online Software Solution with all Nidhi Company kit.

Custom Software Development with Nidhi Software Development

However, ourNidhi company softwareis already powered by all the necessary features, but we are still open to providing custom software development services to fulfill your specific business requirements. While the other software development companies will promote their ready-made Nidhi Software, Appinnovix is there to listen and cater to your specific needs.

So feel free to if you need an add-on feature or if you need fewer features to your Nidhi software! Appinnovix is the onlyNidhi Software Companyto cater to your individual needs at the time!

Nidhi Software company
Nidhi Software Comapny

An Impeccable Nidhi Bank Software

Appinnovix Technologies has designed an impeccable all-featureNidhi Software. It is not just software but theKing of all Nidhi Software. We have automated all theNidhi Bank processesvia single software. FromBank Entryto the allocation of shares and profits, Appinnovix Nidhi Company Software takes care of all your needs.

So, install our Nidhi Software once, and forget all your worries. For more details, scroll down and check what features AppinnovixNidhi Software companyprovides!

History of Delivering the Best Banking Software and Finance Software all over the World

Since its inception, Appinnovix Technologies has designed and implemented over 600banking softwareand over 10,000finance softwareto banks, corporates, and other financial and non-financial institutions. Moreover, we take pride to mention that to date we have received no negative client feedback. And we are sure that ourNidhi Softwarewill also pass the quality measures of our customers and soon you will find us the topNidhi Software companyin India!

Our clients are spread across India, the UK, Dubai, South Africa, and even USA. And we have offered them custom software development with family-like after-sale support and services. In return, our clients have gifted us with brand loyalty and our customer retention rate has been 99.9%!

Nidhi Software company in India

Nidhi Software Features that Appinnovix Provides

It provides you with competitive advantage, profitability, convenience, automation, comprehensive work flow and easy navigation at affordable price

Best GST Support

User Friendly Design

Training facility

Clear User Interface

Best Integration

Trusted Brand

nidhi software company in lucknow

High Success Rate in Developing the Best Software for Business

Also, Appinnovix is not a bank and finance company, but it is a true web and mobile app development company that specializes in iOS, Android, Software, and Website Development. Eventually, software development is our core business and we have 15+ years of expertise in it. Out of our thousands of clientele, around 33% are from thebanking sectorand 42% demandfinancialsoftwareto manage the business. The remaining demand for Business Intelligence tools and our clients have always put their blind faith in us whenever they needed thebest software for business.

In our latestNidi Company Software, we put our 15+ years of skills and expertise in custom software development, web design, banking, financing, and automation. And the same is evident in our final product!

Best Nidhi Software Company in India Documents

Appinnovix Technologies Also provide the all Nidhi Banking Documents with Soft Copy and hard copy at low cost.

web application development

Member Application Form

When any new member joins the Nidhi Company, they need to fill out the Application form that will be uploaded to the server.

nidhi software in lucknow

Account Opening Form

When any applicant opens an account in Nidhi bank, they need to fill out the Application form.

Nidhi Software company in India

Loan Application Form

When any applicant wants to take a loan from Nidhi bank, so they need to fill out the loan application form.

Nidhi Software

Cash Withdrawal Receipt

When any customer wants to cash withdrawal so they need to fill out the form that form is called is cash withdrawal receipt.

Nidhi Software

Customer Receipt

The customer receipt are used to provide when they can purchase any share or loan.

Nidhi Software

Share Certificate

When any customer purchase a share then Nidhi Bank provide a certificate that call is share certificate.

Nidhi Software company

Letter Head

When any customer wants any kind of approval or shares details so Nidhi bank gives him details on Letter head.

Nidhi Software company

Deposit Slip

When a customer deposit money then they need to fill out the deposit slip and mention all the details of the amount.

nidhi software company


A passbook is a small book where all the transaction is mentioned by the Nidhi Bank. That will be printed by the software.

There are so many documents that we provide you and make us Nidhi & Mini-Banking Software Solution Provider. We offer reliable & Low Price Nidhi software with Best Online Nidhi RD FD MIS Software Company India, Please have a look at some of the forms below.

24*7 Hours After-Sale Services & Support

Apart from our expert software services, our customer retention is majorly the result of the family-like support that we have provided to all our customers. We have fulfilled not only the business software and app development needs of our customers but have also catered to their after-sale needs like a parent! Appinnovix has taken care of the dynamic nature of the IT sector, and we have been the quickest to upgrade our products to the latest technologies. Our latest Nidhi Company Software is also compatible with the latest technology. Moreover, we have ensured that as 6G is already in the pipeline, our team too is already working on the upgrades needed 5 years later. We have made our Nidhi Software the most compatible with future requirements! So, we are Next-Gen Nidhi Software Company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the important query of all clients before choose our Nidhi Company Software.

No, Appinnovix is not aNidhi Company. But it is a software development company that offers custom Nidhi software development services. In this way, we are aNidhi Software Company! Also, we have the kingNidhi Company Softwarewith us ready to implement.

In a word, yes! Appinnovix providescustom Nidhi Company Software Development services. All you need to do is to tell our developer team what features to add and what unnecessary features to remove. Appinnovix is the onlyNidhi Software companythat offers customization ofNidhi Company Softwareas per yourNidhi Bankingneeds.

Well, as the name suggests ‘custom’ development enables you to remove theNidhi Company softwarefeatures unwanted in yourbank process. Not all Nidhi banks are the same, but a few are large-scale while others are small-scale businesses. Eventually, the banking needs of everyNidhi companyare different. Our existing ready-to-implement Nidhi Software has a needle-to-sword model. It is designed to automate each bank process. So, if you are a smallNidhi company, then customization will be a better option for you.

Our Simple User Interface and Automatic Government compliance alert system which is in-built into our product is our USP. No othersoftware companywill offer you such a simple and auto-comprehensive user experience. Additionally, it is our guarantee that only Appinnovix offers an auto-notification system. So, with Appinnovix’sNidhi Company Software, you will not need to remember any dates and deadlines. Also, stay free of the worries of calculation and general accounting errors.

Appinnovix has 15+ years of experience, skills, and expertise in software development. During our tenure, we catered to thousands of financial and non-financial organizations’ business software needs. To date, we have delivered over 500banking softwareand more than 800finance softwarefor banks and corporates. Eventually, we have knowledge of both industries-software developmentas well asNidhi banks. Eventually, we are ready to become the bestNidhi Software Companyin 2023!

Definitely! We will provide you with a complete demo of Nidhi Company Software before implementation. And not only Nidhi Company software, but we provide demos for all our business tools and software before implementation.

In a word, yes! We do sign NDA with our clients for a tension-free experience. And since, Nidhi software is used asfinance softwareand contains sensitive customer and business information, therefore we necessarily get the NDA signed.

It’s all depends on you, If you want fully codes for your company so we can provide you but mostly clients only want our published code that will run on your server.

We are provide user-friendly software where you and your employees are easily to understand all things and they get how to work on our software.

Yes, We will sign NDA and everything will be confidential regarding to your work, data, and codes.

Yes, We will provide you 24×7 days call, Email and message support. If you want anything from us.

It’s are depends of which software you choose and what you need from us.

Yes, We are provide you Demo before starting the customisation, you can see all the models and after that you will provide me your features and functionality what you want.

Yes, We will provide you all kind of mobile app like for Members, Agents, and admin.

Because you don’t need any CA (Charted Accounted ) for your all legal advisor queries. You don’t know how much laws in Nidhi Company, So we provide you a CA for run your business smoothly.

Undoubtedly! Appinnovix provides 24*7 hours of customer support via phone calls, email, and WhatsApp messaging. So you need not worry about the after-sale services.