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We at Appinnovix use WordPress to create functional and high-quality websites for various clients. We have gained the reputation of being a leading WordPress Designing Team for WordPress development Services in India.

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Custom WordPress Development Company

Our company has an excellent and experienced team of WordPress developer. They know all the customized options in WordPress. Our team will do the following tasks such as:

  • Providing a domain name and purchasing hosting.
  • Customizing the appearance of websites by adding themes and plug-in.
  • Creating web pages and adding posts. 
  • Adding features to sites. 

Custom WordPress Development Services

As Appinnovix are the Best WordPress Development Company, and we provide different services of WordPress development service in India such as:

WordPress Website Development

We create powerful websites on WordPress with the help of themes and plugins. Our websites will help to increase the online presence of your business.

WordPress Theme Development Services

We add different themes to your website as per your business needs and requirements.

WordPress Migration And Upgrade

If you want to move the WordPress site to a new host, we will help you in doing that.

WordPress Plugin Development

We know how to make custom plugin for according to our client need.

WordPress E-Commerce Development

Our WordPress team will help you to sell all your products in an online store. We provide premium quality services for WordPress E-commerce.

WordPress CMS Installation & Configuration

Our WordPress experts will install and configure WordPress CMS to build powerful websites for your business.

Our WordPress Development Process

Appinnovix is the leading WordPress Development Company in India. We are following to the Agile web Development methodology such as:

Analysis and Planning

We do deep analysis and plan to develop WordPress Website/Plugins professionally.

Design and Development

The next step we do is to design and develop WordPress Theme/Plugins by adding Widgets and preparing a layout.

Quality and Testing

After designing and developing Website/Plugin, We will test it multiple times to remove errors.


Why Hire Appinnovix as Your WordPress Developer?

Our company Appinovix have worked for many clients and companies in the past. There are different reasons to choose our company as your WordPress developer such as:

  • User-friendly website with customized options 
  • High-quality work 
  • Sites with optimization 
  • The efficient team of WordPress developers


Appinnovix have more than 10+ years experience WordPress Developers in Company, They are developed any kind of WordPress Development work. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients ask some questions to our team related to WordPress development services. They are:

WordPress is a web design and development platform that provides you with a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS). On the WordPress web development platform, you may find numerous built-in or ready-made website templates. And you may choose the one which suits your need and taste.

WordPress Development is the art and science of building business websites and e-commerce stores and creating and maintaining blogs on them. With WordPress Development, you can create websites for business without having to code. It is as it provides open access to free website templates. All one needs is to edit those templates. However, you will still require a good WordPress Development Company to guide you through some technicalities in WordPress Development. It is because, in spite of the in-built CMS, you will require web design and development services for better SEO and good readability to rank higher on the Google SERPs.

In a word, Yes! WordPress Development is better than normal web development due to various reasons. Firstly, you will get free and ready-made website templates to edit. Then, you will need no coding to develop a website with WordPress Development. Moreover, once built, the website can be updated time-to-time on your own without the help of any WordPress Developer. Also, with WordPress Development you multiply your chances of topping on Google SERP.

Yes! Undoubtedly, WordPress Development is really good for your business. It is because owning a website and e-commerce store is a necessity for a business these days. Before investing in a commercial property, having an online presence is more important. However, when you are just starting a small business, traditional web development services might seem way too costly to you. But WordPress developer services are cheaper but equally efficient alternatives. So, it is a great choice for your business.

Actually, WordPress is more focused on website designing than website development. So, with WordPress designing services, you can simply design your websites without coding. However, a WordPress Developer Company will ensure you get a website design of your choice while optimizing the website to rank high on Google. Often people create websites using WordPress development on their own. Also, they publish their website successfully. But, due to not being able to optimize their website, the primary aim of having a business website remains unfulfilled. And, their website ranks nowhere on Google! 

So, you will need a WordPress Development Company to optimize your website with technical SEO skills. For example, if you have a beauty salon and need a WordPress website, a web development company will make sure that when a customer searches on Google ‘Best beauty salon services in XYZ state’, your salon name and website come on the first page of Google at least among top 5 search results. Only WordPress Designing alone cannot fulfill the aim of having a website. That is only a waste of time, effort, and money!

Yes! Appinnovix provides the best WordPress Development Services in Lucknow and all other parts of the world. In fact, Appinnovix has different expert teams of WordPress web designers and WordPress developers. Sometimes, when a non-technical client checks WordPress templates on his own, he gets baffled to choose a suitable design for the website. So, at Appinnovix, a WordPress Web Designer will help you to choose the right website design for your business. On the other hand, the WordPress Developer will do his best to make your website rank high on the Google SERP.

Definitely! Appinnovix always prioritizes the client’s needs and respects his or her privacy and confidentiality. In fact, Appinnovix is the only WordPress Development Company in Lucknow having a set of clientele comprising 15 to 20 years of regular and loyal clients. Eventually, we will readily sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting the WordPress web development services for you!

Simply put, throughout the WordPress Development process, you will receive daily briefings of the world. The Appinnovix WordPress web designer will keep you updated with the website design. Also, the designer will keep giving you suggestions on better design. Moreover, the WordPress developer will also report daily how many website pages have been completed and optimized. In fact, you will also get an expert content writer to tell your brand story in an engaging and SEO-friendly manner. So, we will keep you updated about the WordPress Development project progress. However, that’s only if you need it. Rest you may leave the project completely on the Appinnovix team, and we will deliver your project on the agreed deadline!

You will not need to communicate with the developer directly. We will deliver you the best WordPress Development Services though. But if you still need changes and modifications, then we have a Customer Relation Management (CRM) Team. So, you can reach us out through our contact number as provided on the website. Alternatively, you may also visit us in person at our Lucknow branch. You can tell to our CRM team what changes you want in the web solution. Then, the team will communicate the requirements to the WordPress Developer team, and we will work accordingly!

Always feel free to contact Appinnovix whenever you need further help. So, even if you want changes in the WordPress website delivered, you can contact us again. However, Appinnovix suggests that if you want changes in WordPress Designing, you may log in to the WordPress Account and can change the basic WordPress Website Design like color and basic appearances on your own. That’s what WordPress web development is made for! However, never try to update the website content or add any new features to your website. It is as it may destroy the whole hard work of the WordPress Web Developer. So, if you need changes and modifications in the content or website pages, then come to Appinnovix. 

Simply put, yes! Appinnovix is the best web and app development company in Lucknow. In spite of our branch being located in Lucknow, we have been serving the whole world since our inception in 2015. For the past 7 years, the success graph of Appinnovix has witnessed only upward movement. And the reason behind our success and survival during the hardest times like the pandemic is our customer relationship management process. We remain available to our customers 24*7 hours and 365 days a year. 

However, during the leap year, we are available 24*7 hours and 366 days! So, yes, once the WordPress Development project is complete, you will still receive our support whenever you need it! And that will help Appinnovix to emerge as the best WordPress Development Company in Lucknow, India, and also abroad! Your satisfaction is our key to success. And Appinnovix is determined to be successful. So, you need not worry about the post-project WordPress support.

Appreciation From Clients

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