How Much Does Progressive Web App Development Cost in 2023?


“Mobile Apps” is probably one of the most trending terms these days. Goods or services, today, we can avail anything with a mobile app. Did you know that Play Store and App store, both house around 3.5 million and 2.2 million apps respectively? And no doubt, that the app market is going to depict a huge bounce in the upcoming years. Moreover, IT is a highly progressive sector that goes through upgrades consistently. Therefore, it may be predicted that App Store and Play Store will no longer dominate the app market. Rather, almost every web design and development company tries to bring progress in the field of mobile app development. And progressive Web app development is a new-found trend that has the potential to dominate the web development industry.

However, if you are new to the field of IT and low little of web and app development, then Appinnovix brings a complete guide to progressive App development for you.

So, in this blog, we will discuss-

  • What is a Mobile App?
  • Why a mobile app?
  • Mobile App Development Cost Overview
  • Types of Mobile Apps: Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps
  • Why Choose Progressive Web App Development Over Native Apps
  • App Development Costs
  • How to get a budget-friendly app for business?

What is a Mobile App?

Any computer program or software that provides certain types of functions is known as an application in the IT world. Simply put, the programs that we use on our smart devices are nothing but ‘applications’ or just ‘apps’. In this way, all the programs that we can use on our smartphones are mobile apps. For example, WhatsApp messenger, Zomato, Uber App, Ola App, and even Temple Run are all examples of mobile apps. In fact, if you download these apps from Play Store or App Store, don’t be amazed to know that these two are also prominent examples of mobile apps.

All around the world smartphone penetration has been quite steady over the past few years. At present, the global number of smartphone users has been estimated up to 6.3 billion. And the companies like Xiaomi, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo, and a few others have played a vital role in the growth of the number of smartphone users. The pocket-friendly smartphone devices, that these companies develop, make smartphones accessible even to low-income groups. However, these smartphones are nothing more than a dummy without web and app development services. Eventually, the development of smartphone manufacturers and a web design and development company go hand in hand.

Why Mobile Apps are Significant to a Business?

We can judge from the above discussion that the number of smartphone users is already at a remarkable stage at present. Moreover, this number will rise with the rise in population in the upcoming years. As per estimates by Statista, a popular open-source for research data, the number of smartphone users will far surpass the benchmark of 7.6 billion by 2027. Likewise, the IT sector will continue to progress at a much rapid pace. Even developing countries today own 5G networks and the developers are striving to launch 6G by 2024. Consequently, every web design and development company will strive to upgrade its services steadily.

Additionally, the factors like pandemic and the resultant change of lifestyle of people worldwide have further boosted the growth of smartphone manufacturing and IT businesses. Now people are accustomed to availing of all kinds of goods and services through a mobile app. Why anyone would step out of home when everything is available at the doorstep anytime and anywhere? So, having a mobile app is vital for all kinds of business in the present-day scenario. Small or big, your business requires a mobile app to grow at a rapid pace!

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Mobile App for Business?

So, are you now curious to know how much a mobile app will cost for your business? If yes, then let us tell you that mobile app development is not cake and ale, but this investment often burns a big hole in your pocket! However, one must not see it as an expenditure but an investment. Moreover, the average mobile app development cost ranges from $2000 to $12, 500, that is, from 1.5 lac/- INR up to 50 lac/- INR.

The cost range is quite wide but it depends upon various factors we have already discussed in our previous blog. For example, these factors include-

However, in this blog, we will first discuss the types of mobile apps briefly. And then we will discuss the cost of these apps straight away while focussing on progressive web app development. However, if you want to know about the mobile app development costs in 2024, then you must read our previous blog right HERE.

Three Major Types of Mobile Apps that a Web Design and Development Company Can Provide

Broadly speaking, there are 3 major types of mobile apps and relevant mobile app development techniques. We can understand these 3 major types below-

Native Apps

The most popular kind of mobile app development is native app development. Native apps are mobile applications designed specifically for a specific platform. Apps developed for iOS and Android, for example. We will need to download native apps from either the App Store or the Play Store. Also, native apps will consume device memory on downloading. However, in today’s world, these are the most popular types of apps. The reason for this is that these apps are accessible from anywhere at any time and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Performance-wise, till-date native apps are unbeatable. The fastest-performing and easiest-to-access apps are only native apps so far. Although complex to develop, native apps bring the maximum revenue to every web design and development company. However, to bring such cutting-edge user experience, native apps also require the latest and most competent app development technology. Likewise, they cost much higher than the other two types of apps.

Web Apps

Then comes, the most basic, and probably also the most primitive app type-web apps. Web apps are more responsive websites that provide an app-like user experience. Simply put, web apps are websites that function like apps. For example, we have the Uber website, or web app, which is the most appropriate example of a web app. If you are already using the Uber mobile app, you must also use your web browser to search for the Uber website. Likewise, Twitter and Facebook are other examples of web apps. Obviously, the interface will be the same as in your mobile app.

However, less popular, but web apps have several advantages, of which few include the-

  • Ability to function even on a 2G networks
  • No need to download
  • Eventually, no memory issues and it might prove bliss for the Apple device users
  • And most importantly, a much smaller app development cost as web apps are the easiest to develop for any web design and development company!

The only con of web apps is the user experience issues. The over-dependence on a browser makes web apps more time-consuming for a user. Eventually, these are less popular among users. However, the IT sector is bound to provide what is best for the public. Therefore, a mid-alternative is gaining popularity these days which is-

Progressive Web App Development (PWA Development) or Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications, as the name implies, are programs that have the functionality of both native and web apps. Progressive or Hybrid applications are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world. And the reason for their rising popularity is their low cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. To put it simply, hybrid apps have functionalities that are similar to native apps. Moreover, today every web design and development company will suggest its customer opt for PWA development. PWAs allow users to download web applications to their home screens, receive push notifications, and even operate offline. This is feasible due to current browser improvements as well as the Cache and Push APIs.


Why Choose Progressive Web App Development Over Native Apps?

A progressive web app or a hybrid app can have combined features of a native and web app. For example, a user will find an app icon on the device’s home screen like a native app. However, on touching the icon, the user will land on a web app that runs over a browser. But it shortens the process of opening the browser, typing the URL, and then accessing the web app. Moreover, a progressive app will function even when the networks are not strong. And in some cases, the progressive web app can also function offline! Above all, it will cost almost half of a native app development cost! Isn’t that intriguing?

To sum up, progressive web app development advantages will include-

  • Best user experience, more downloads
  • More downloads will result in increased sales
  • Progressive app development costs will not burn a hole in the pocket
  • Last but not the least, one can avail maximum and the best technology at the lowest price!

Understanding the App Development Cost in 2024

Be progressive or a native app, the app development cost depends upon various factors. However, from the view of technology, one can we can say that the following factors play a prominent role is determining web app development costs-

  • The Technology User by the Web Design and Development Company

The latest the technology, the higher will be the cost of development. Generally speaking, native app development utilizes the latest and adapted versions of the technology. For example, Kotlin, Python, Java, and C++. However, a web app uses the most basic forms of programming languages and technology. Say, for example, HTML, Swift, and Ionic. A progressive web app development will utilize a combination of different types of upgraded and basic versions of the technology. Eventually, the cost will lie somewhere between that of native app development and web app development.

  • Number of Features One Adds to the App:

An app can have various features like user log in, payment processing, calling, and even GPS tracking. The more features your app and business model require, the higher will be cost of development. On average, you may judge the app development cost on the basis of the following estimates-

  • User Login- $500-$1,000
  • Profile Creation- $900-$1,000
  • Calling- $14,000—$16,000
  • Payments- $2,500-$3,000
  • Messaging- $900-$3,000
  • Maps- $3,000-$4,000

However, the cost might vary from web design and development company to company.

  • Use of animations and motion UI:

If you choose to develop a fancy app for your business, clearly you will require more animations and motion UI techniques. Eventually, it will multiply the progressive web app development cost by double. Additionally, if own an apparel business and need a virtual store for your progressive web app, then the cost will go even higher.

In a nutshell, progressive web app development might cost between $5000 and $12, 500 depending upon the complexity of the progressive web application you aspire to own. Additionally, factors like the location of the chosen web design and development company and its brand value will also affect the costs. The bigger the brand, the higher the cost!

How to Pull Down the Progressive Web App Development Costs in 2024?


While choosing progressive web app development for your business, you will need to optimize your approach toward the app development process. And your target must be to get enough efficiency and performance while minimizing costs. Therefore, you will need to choose between the features quite wisely. Appinnovix suggests the following-

  • Be Less Fancy, and More Upgraded

Always pay attention to quality and prioritize simplicity over fancy. In place of spending on animations and motion, make sure that the app development process is backed by the latest and highly upgraded technology. Eventually, pay attention to the web design and development company you choose. Ensure that the developer’s team is fully updated and knows the best. The coding techniques the developer uses will affect the efficiency of the app to a great extent. Even a slight code error might spoil the whole game. Moreover, poor encryption may lead to third-party penetration and cyberattacks. Therefore, prioritize the best the most secure coding techniques over fancy animations. So, choose the company and features wisely.

  • Use Fewer Animations

Secondly, never fall prey to a web design and development company’s sugar-coated talks. Always, face the sales team of the company with sufficient knowledge. These days what the sales and marketing team of an IT company does is fool the customer who lacks sufficient knowledge. So, you might get fooled if you do not know what Appinnovix has disclosed to you in this and its previous blog. The company will ask you to go for features that you do not even require. But adding them will only benefit the company. So, make sure that your service provider is adding no fancy animations unnecessarily to your progressive web app.

  • Be Ready for the Ready-Made Codes

Appinnovix will also give you a pro tip. So always remember that be progressive or native, it is not necessary to write each code for an app every time. Say, for example, if you need a progressive app with features like user login and profile creation, the developer can simply copy these codes from existing popular progressive apps like Twitter and Facebook. And the developer will require to just change the branding and appearance. However, the developer company will never disclose such things to you. But since Appinnovix prioritizes its customers’ welfare, hence we are letting you know it. In this way, you may ask the web design and development company to use ready-made and available codes as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

So, Appinnovix has now given you enough training to choose the right kind of web design and development company for app development. Moreover, we have also given you a complete guide to progressive web app development costs in 2023. On average, a progressive web app will cost you around $5000 and might go up to $12,500. So, now you may estimate that progressive web apps (PWAs) will have an edge over native apps in the upcoming times. Also, the budget and user experience friendliness of the progressive web apps will raise their demands. So, if you too have a small or large business, consider Progressive Web App development as a necessity.

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