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With a rapid rate of digitalisation and the massive focus of the Government of India on campaigns like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’, small businesses based in Indian households have gained great momentum. In the present-day scenario, homemakers and young students have tasted empowerment and financial independence especially by starting small home-based businesses. However, these creative minds have great potential to globalize their business. But their business fails to reach people only because they do not recognise the need of having a website for small businesses! Small or large, a business website has a myriad of benefits for a business. And especially in the case of a small business, a website always proves a boon! There are many top website development company, like Appinnovix Technologies, that can help you get the best small business website in your budget in 2024.

So, are planning to have a website for your small business in 2024? Well, if yes, then you must read our latest blog carefully before you start! In this blog, today Appinnovix Technologies is going to present a complete guide to small business websites for you. And today we will learn-

  • 10 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Business Website
  • Benefits of Creating Website for Small Business
  • What Should Be Your Small Business Website Design?
  • How Much Does It Costs to Create a Small Business Website in 2024?

10 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Website for Your Small Business

Maybe, you are highly satisfied with your small business performance and your nearby customers are loyal to you. But don’t you feel like expanding your small business to a medium one? Profit may not be the sole, but it is the primary aim of every business. Moreover, growth and development are not only the necessities of life but also for a business. So why don’t you plan business expansion in 2024? A small business website built with a good website development company can help your small business grow. How? Well, here are the top 10 reasons-

1. Look Trustworthy & Genuine with a Small Business Website

Trust is a major issue when you advertise your small business. In our day-to-day life, we come across many small business advertisements, but we often overlook their existence as we overthink of the-

  • The credibility of small business
  • Product Quality
  • Returns and Exchange etc.

However, when you have a professional business website designed by a top website designing and development company, and you advertise the website and not the business. Then, your business appears credible to the TG. So, having a business website makes your small business appear genuine and not a scam.

2. Look Professional & Serious as a Small Business

People are quite smart nowadays. They would often opine that if a business is maintaining a website, which of course takes a good amount of time and effort invested, then the business must be serious enough and the product quality would also be professional.

On the contrary, if your small business does not have a business website, the TG will always be skeptical of your product quality, deadline abidance, and professionalism. So, when you invest in a website a good amount of money and effort, people judge that yes, you are here for the business on a serious note.

3. Flaunt Your Business Style & Your Happy Customers

Furthermore, when you add pictures of your physical place of work, customer testimonials, team, and products on the website, then it leaves a positive impression on the visitor or Target Customer. Moreover, it also enhances your business image. However, you can flaunt these pictures via social media as well, but when you do it on your website, your small business looks more professional.

Also, nowadays, people prefer to visit a business website only as they get additional information from there. Social Media offers only images but the website offers detailed business information in a well-organized manner.

4. Appear on the First Page of Google SERP as the Best Small Business

A professional website design and development company uses various SEO techniques and relevant keywords to make your business appear on the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This helps you appear on Google when people search for a business using keywords like-

  • XYZ business near me
  • The best XYZ company in the ABC state
  • Best XYZ services near me
  • The best SYZ services in ABC state and more

These are the top keywords that people use to look for a business. They might be searching for a restaurant, beauty salon, wedding planner, or even a website designing company. So, whatever small business you have, you need an optimized business website to make your presence felt among the best businesses of your kind!

5. Generate More Leads

When you come in notice via Google, believe us, you will generate uncountable leads for your business. Do you know that researchers have found, that in 2022 Google had over 4.2 billion users from around the world? Not only this, but with the growing population, this number is determined to increase only! Also, according to Fit Small Business, a website dedicated to educate small business entrepreneurs and aspirants-

  • Around 71% of small businesses already have a website today.
  • 97% of potential customers learn about a small business from the internet only.
  • Especially, half of the potential customers find a local business via Google only.
  • 62% of the searchers ignore a small business without a website presence.
  • Also, around 5% of potential customers judge a small business by its website appearance.

Clearly, a small business website and its website design have a great role to plan in business lead generation. So, always remember these stats while creating website for small business.


6. Invite Investors to Fund Your Small Business

Apart from generating leads, if you are planning to expand your business, then with the help of a professional-looking website, you can also invite investors to fund and invest in your small business. As stated earlier, around 38.5% of people judge a business on the basis of its website design, hence you must get your website designed by a good website designing company.

Afterward, when you look for investors, they always ask for a link to your business website on a primary basis. Eventually, if you pitch 100 investors, you are likely to get at least 38 investors for your business based on stats. Also, the chances of receiving angel funding or getting acquired by a big brand multiply a hundred times.

7. Hire People or Make New Business Partners

Even if you are already a medium-sized business not limited to a couple of family members and friends as team members. Then, you might be looking for hiring expert professionals. However, sometimes a start-up, small business, and even a medium business face trouble in maintaining good employee retention. Freshers tend to join small businesses but head toward large corporates after receiving training and gaining experience. This harms the reputation and productivity of a small business to a great extent. Also many times, people do not apply for a job in your business when you lack a professional website doubting it is a scam.

However, when you have a professional website that offers a transparent job listing, existing team information, and a resume submission feature, then a job aspirant finds it more impressive and credible. Eventually, you get access to more educated and professional job seekers. A professional website development company will always add this feature to your website design while creating website for small business. And if they don’t, you must remind them!

8. Make Your Small Business an Online Business

Also, you should remember that the pandemic has changed our lifestyle as a customer to a great extent. Today we rely completely on e-commerce and online business services. Owing to the social distancing norms and busy corporate schedules, visiting crowded and time-bound markets is now too old-school. All the customers prefer to buy things online today. Eventually, you must consider making your small business an online business. Especially, if you are dealing in clothes, groceries, medicines, and food items, then having an online e-commerce store is a necessity. So, always ask your chosen website development company to add an e-commerce store to your small business website. This will bring more sales to your small business.

9. Know Your Customers Better with Data Analytics

Did you know that having a website also gives you insightful information about your customers? And this insightful data helps you judge your customer needs better and plan business activities accordingly! Suppose you get information like-

  • At what price a product was bought maximum during a month?
  • Which product is in the card of most of your customers but is not bought due to higher price?
  • In the particular time slot, your e-commerce website is visited by the largest number of customers
  • The location of your customers and similar other personal information

Woooo……isn’t that like a genie’s magic? How easy it will become to plan sale prices, timings, and alluring offers for your customers! Additionally, the boost it will give to your business sales will be exceptional! Your chosen website designing and development company will always help you get insightful website data analytics. And your business will fly like a rocket!

10. Build a Business Community with Regular Blogs

Fit Small Business also explains that the businesses that offer blogs to their readers generate 67% of more leads. Also, around 61% of US buyers make a purchase after reading a blog. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact a website development company today, and get a professional business website for your small business right away. Also, do not forget to get the ‘Blogs’ tab on your business website. And build a business community with regular blog posts. Also, do not forget to market your products in a subtle manner in your blog posts. Then see how it boosts the sales of your small business!

Top Benefits of Having a Website for a Small Business

So, all in all, we can sum up the following benefits of creating website for small business

  • Increases business credibility.
  • Also, brings professionalism to business appearance.
  • Makes businesses searchable on Google.
  • Helps generate more leads.
  • Increases business sales.
  • Improves business image.
  • Leaves a good impression on potential customers and investors.
  • Brings insightful customer data to light.

Thus, having a good business website has a myriad of benefits for your small business.

The Right Small Business Website Design

So, are you planning to create a professional business website for your small business in 2024? Well, if yes, then you must be wondering how to make the perfect-looking professional website for your small business! So, remember that you must instruct your chosen website designing and development company to add the following content and features on a primary basis to your business website.

The Design

The small business website design must always be professional and the content should be well-organized. Make sure, that you use light and professional colors in the website design. Also, add optimized images to the small business website design. Moreover, the load time must be as short as possible. The user interfaces that the performance of your small business website must be fast and smooth so that no visitor contributes to an increased bounce rate.

If you wish to know more about- How to Improve Your Website Performance then you must read our previous blog right Here.

Furthermore, you must remember the expert tips from Appinnovix Technologies for creating websites for small business-

The Content

Content is the king of Digital Marketing. And a business website is the primary tool of digital marketing. A website gives you a virtual space to present your small business and pitch your products and services to billions of people. Therefore, the website design must be professional and the website content needs to be engaging and informative. So, always ensure the following while creating website for small business

  • Be precise and accurate while writing information
  • Provide maximum business information on the small business website
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes as it will make you look less professional
  • Use enough variety in content and use written content, image, and video content in good proportion.

Additionally, while designing website for small business, ask the website designing and development company to add following pages or tabs-

Home Page

Always make your home page alluring. It must appear lively and must provide a summary of your business. For example, if you are in web design and development, then your homepage must inform the same primarily. Like- “We are the Best Web and App Development Company in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh”. You must also include the number of successful years you have been in business for. Say for example- “we have been serving the areas of Lucknow, Greater Noida, Noida, and even Delhi for the past 10 years”. This adds credibility to your small business.

Also, flaunt your business values, ethics, and ethos on your business website homepage. Most importantly, add a slideshow of images having the happy and smiling faces of your business workers. It brings a positive vibe to the visitor and he or she is likely to trust your business and your claims faster.

About US

Then, comes the ‘About Us’ page. ‘About Us’ page is the backbone of a small business website. Not only the potential customers but also the business investors and the top corporate researchers visit this website page to find out more about your small business. Eventually, your ‘About Us’ section needs to be the most informative section on your small business website. Also, you must instruct the website development company to include the following information on the About Us page-



The founded year, founder details, and the developments your small business has gone through since its inception are the most vital information. How you came into this business and how many successful years you have spent in the industry is a ‘must have’ on the about us page. So, provide this information clearly on the About Us page.


Who are the founder of the business and the leaders of the business is the piece of information that most investors would look for while planning to invest in your business. Also, job seekers and job aspirants look for leadership information before applying for a vacant situation in your small business. So, add images of your founders and leaders along with their titles and qualifications. Adding their experience and expertise information further makes the small business website appear more professional.

Team and its Expertise

Likewise, never forget to flaunt your team of experts and their skills and expertise on your small business website. This further leaves a better impression on the website visitors and they are likely to make business with you quicker. Additionally, when you add pictures of your staff members to your website, it also motivates your workers and their loyalty and respect increase towards the company! Thus always add team members’ happy photos to the About Us page while creating website for small business.

Apart from the above, the following pages or tabs must also adorn your small business website-

A Detailed List of Services

Always provide a robust list of the products and services that you offer to your customers. For example, you must check the official website of Appinnovix Technologies. We never forget to list even a single product or service that we offer. It is because sometimes it happens that a customer visits the small business website for a particular product, but buys another product or service as well if it leaves a good impression on him.

And to leave a good impression on your customer, you must provide precise and informative product descriptions. Also, add images of your products if applicable. Moreover, you must also try to include a portfolio of successful projects delivered so far!

Contact Information

Last but not the least, contact information is the ultimate information that helps you generate business leads and queries. Therefore, provide valid contact information on the business website. Make sure that you remain available on the provided phone number and email address. Lest you should lose the business lead. Moreover, add Headquarter Address in addition to the phone number and email address. Also, you must ask the website development company to add a Google Maps Link on the contact page itself.

This page must disclose the Privacy and Cookies policies such as what information the website collects for analytics. Also, you must offer the legal terms of your business. This will further help build trust among the visitors!

Cost of Creating Website for Small Business in 2024

So, now you must be curious to know that how much it costs to create a website for a small business in 2024! Well, simply put, the cost of building a website for a small business ranges from $200 to $10,000 depending upon the website design, pages, and features. Moreover, in India, the cost of creating website for small business is INR 10, 000/- to INR 2, 50, 000/-. However, on average if you add fewer animations and choose a simple website design, then you may get the job done within a price bracket of INR 10, 000/- to INR 50, 000/-.

The website features and content pages listed above are sufficient for a small business website. So, Appinnovix Technologies advises you to go for the above pieces of information only during the initial stage. Once you start generating a good number of leads and your revenue increases, then you must go for adding fancy and advanced website features. For example, having an online store with virtual try-on products may replace a simple online store in the future. Likewise, you can increase the animations as well after your revenues increase.

Final Thoughts

So, we can sum up that having a business website for a small business is really important these days. By building a professional small business website, you can not only boost the credibility of your business but also you can leave a more positive impression on your potential customers and investors. Also, lead generation and increasing sales become much easier with a Creating Website for Small Businessas a digital marketing tool. So, hire a professional website designing and development company today to create a website for a small business of yours in 2024. Start the New Year with a new business website. Appinnovix Technologies wishes your small business all the very best!

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