600+ Free Article Submission Sites List


Article Submission is the process of SEO, With the evolving times, businesses have moved from offline brick and mortar stores to online E-Commerce platforms.  The technological revolution has grown at such a rapid rate over the past few years.  Additionally, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus and resultant lockdown and social distancing restrictions have further intensified the need for technology.  Not only business, but marketing as well have shifted to digital platforms.  Now you must be wandering-why Appinnovix is explaining E-Commerce and digital marketing here.  Well, article submission in SEO is also a part of online marketing in your business.  So, if that interests you, then this blog is particularly for you.

In this blog, we will discuss all the conceptual ideas of article submission in SEO and its relation to your website ranking on Google SERP.  Also, we will not be diving into core details in this part, so that you may understand the whole concept briefly and easily-

What is Article Submission in SEO?

Article submission in SEO is a means to create backlinks for your website.Alternatively, we can say that article submission in SEO is an off-page SEO technique, which helps you promote your website on a third-party page.Well, sounds too technical?Alright, let’s consider an example!Suppose, you are great at making pickles and you have a strong belief that if sold, your pickle can brings you lacs of turnover annually.Do no like lacs?Okay, okay! Then crores of turnover every year.But your only problem is that you neither have a commercial space nor enough money to buy one.Right?

So one day you decide to visit the top 5 grocery stores near you and promote your pickle there.The grocery store likes your pickle and decides to sell your product in their store with a commission (or profit margin).However, they decide that on the pickle packaging the name of your brand will exist.

Article submission in SEO is also the same technique.Suppose you have your own website, but it is not ranking in Google on the first SERPs.In such a case, you may write guest posts on some other popular or top-ranking article submission sites on Google!In this way, you may promote your business on these sites and you may also provide links to your website.This will help your website rank in a couple of days on the top Google SERPs.

Some Most Popular Article Submission Sites in India: The Choice of Appinnovix Technologies

For those who already have some conceptual knowledge about the article submission lists and websites and are here to only find the most trustworthy sites, we are providing the links to our top 6 article submission website choices.The below websites are not only free of cost but also have good DA and PA scores, in addition to being quite popular.In fact, some of them provide instant publishing approval for your articles.So just check them out-

  1. ezinearticles.com
  2. tumblr.com
  3. livejournal.com/ (Gives approval instantly)
  4. quora.com
  5. sites.google.com
  6. github.com

These are the best 6 article submission sites in our opinion. However, the world does not end here. So scroll down the page to explore more links. In this blog, we are providing over 30 best article submission websites in 2022.




Why Does My Website is not showing in Google Search, in spite of Posting SEO-Friendly Blogs on It Continuously?

Now many of you must be wondering why your website does not rank top among the first Google SERPs.Well, there are many reasons why Google does not show your webpage. However, the top 5 key reasons behind why Google does not list your website include-

  • Your Website is New

  • Your Content is not SEO-Friendly

  • You Do Not Use the Right Keywords

  • You Are Using Free Google Ranking Tools

  • Your Content is Too Tough to Read

In this post, we will not discuss these problems in detail to save your time.However, we will now discuss how can you use the afore-mentioned backlink creation or off-page SEO technique, that is, article submission in SEO to improve your website performance.

Why Do We Need Article Submission?

Article submission in SEO has multiple benefits.As we have just discussed, it is one of the best off-page SEO techniques to market your business and official webpage.To be brief, we can list the following benefits of article submission in SEO-

  • Creating Backlinks

By posting your content on a third-party website, and providing your official webpage’s links on it, you get the opportunity to create backlinks for your website and website content. Google prefers only trustworthy websites and businesses. And creating backlinks boosts the trust of Google on your webpage. Eventually, when you use article submission in SEO, you actually create a backlink for your own business.

  • Free-of-Cost Marketing Technique

When you submit your articles or piece of writing to the other more popular business website, clearly you are able to market yourself free of cost. When you submit an article to an article submission site, the site would usually provide your details on their site. For example, a link to your business, your product or your contact details. Clearly, it will help you a lot in your business promotion.

  • Building Better Business Relations

Eventually, this technique will also enable you to build better business relations with other businesses. It might also be possible that you receive angel funding or even an offer of merger and acquisition with some large firm for your small businesses. It will bring great success to you.

  • Getting a Wider Reach

With the help of the best article submission sites, you can definitely reach a much wider audience for your brand promotion. When you reach a wider audience, obviously you will generate more leads for your business. Thus, article submission can bring your business to life.

  • It May turns into a better-paying Job

Business is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is quite normal that you put your 200% into a business, but still, you are not able to take it to the heights you desired. However, when you have great skills in article writing, and brand promotion and have good business relations with the best article submission sites, you may approach them and ask them for a job. So, we can say that it creates a backup plan for your financial stability.

Is Blog submission in SEO is same as Article Submission in SEO?

In a word, No! Blogs are different from articles. While blogs are the documents that we write in an informal and interactive or conversational tone, the articles are more formal and professional pieces of writing. To know more about the differences between blogs and articles, we would suggest you wait for our newer blogs.

For now, let us focus more on the top article directory sites-

What are Article Submission Sites?

Basically, as it might be much clear from the discussion above article submission sites are those third-party websites that allow you to submit your informative pieces of writings like blogs and articles. These websites are generally in Google ranking. So when they publish your article or blog on their website, you get a larger number of readers for your content. It gives you an opportunity of free content marketing for your business.

Now let us have a look at some of the most popular free article submission sites 2022-

Top Article Directory Sites

Article Directory sites are just the same as the article submission sites. Some of the best article submission sites in 2022 areas below-

Free Article Submission Sites

S. No. Free Article Submission Sites 2022 Domain Authority (DA)
1 https://blog.shopolop.com/ 07
2 https://www.howcube.com/ 09
3 https://www.bloggersroad.com/ 12
4 https://article.advertiseera.com/ 17
5 https://blogs.findermaster.com/ 21
6 https://articles.h1ad.com/ 23
7 https://story.wallclassifieds.com/ 27
8 https://article.classifiedsfactor.com/ 22
9 https://blog.freeadstime.org/ 35
10 https://www.ologames.com/ 22


High DA and PA Article Submission Sites

DA expands Domain Authority and PA expands Page Authority. Let us not dive into the core details of DA and PA in this article.Just understand one thing DA and PA are the kinds of scores in number. An article submission site with high DA and PA, has more tendency to get listed on the first SERPs of Google.  The higher the scores, the higher will be the chances of ranking.So below we are introducing the top article submission sites 2022 with the highest DA and PA scores-

S. No. The Best Article Submission Sites 2022 with High DA and PA Scores DA PA
1 https://www.articlecube.com/ 47 56
2 https://www.amazines.com/ 48 59
3 http://www.articlesfactory.com/ 52 61
4 http://www.articlealley.com/ 55 58
5 https://vocal.media/ 62 48
6 https://www.brighthub.com/ 76 60
7 https://www.buzzle.com/ 77 65
8 https://www.thefreelibrary.com/ 77 65
9 https://www.seekingalpha.com/ 90 69
10 https://www.playbuzz.com/ 91 62

Top Best Article Submission Sites (Evergreen)

We have given you the links to some of the best article submission sites. However, there are some more popular article submission sites. These articles are popular for years and they are a brand in themselves. So just have a look at the below sites-

S. No. The Best Article Submission Sites 2022 with High DA and PA Scores
1 sites.google.com
2 github.com
3 iSnare.com
4 quora.com
5 tumblr.com
6 articlebiz.com
7 ezinearticles.com
8 livejournal.com/ (Gives instant publishing approval)
9 buzzfeed.com/ (Gives instant publishing approval)
10 academia.edu/ (Gives instant publishing approval)
11 wattpad.com (Gives instant publishing approval)
12 https://seekingalpha.com (Gives instant publishing approval)


180+ Free Article Submission Sites List


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
1 articles.h1ad.com
2 story.wallclassifieds.com
3 article.classifiedsfactor.com
4 bloggersroad.com
5 seekingalpha.com
6 hubpages.com
7 ehow.com
8 biggerpockets.com
9 brighthub.com
10 zeenews.tech
11 abpnews.tech
12 articlesbase.com

List- 2

S. No. Best Submission List 2022
13 articlecube.com
14 magportal.com
15 buzzle.com
16 examiner.com
17 squidoo.com
18 apsense.com
19 fortunetelleroracle.com
20 Thefreelibrary.com
21 Sooperarticles.com
22 Articlesfactory.com
23 Abilogic.com
24 articlespromoter.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
25 articleseen.com
26 warticles.com
27 articlesss.com
28 articlepole.com
29 articlesubmited.com
30 webpronews.com
31 sharehealthtips.com
32 idleexperts.com
33 jumparticles.com
34 articlecatalog.com
35 articlealley.com
36 articlesbd.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
37 evancarmichael.com
38 articleside.com
39 dreampirates.us
40 trickyenough.com
41 selfgrowth.com
42 prolinkdirectory.com
43 articlecity.com
44 netezinearticles.com
45 articles.abilogic.com
46 articlesforwebsite.com
47 bilalarticles.com
48 galoor.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
49 webmasterslibrary.com
50 articleslist.net
51 article1.co.uk
52 ourblogpost.com
53 articlecede.com
54 openarticles.com
55 uberarticles.com
56 otherarticles.com
57 awebcity.com
58 upublish.info
59 articlesnatch.com
60 howto-tips.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
61 articlebliss.com
62 realestateproarticles.com
63 articlicious.com
64 threadwatch.org
65 loudpages.com
66 writeupcafe.com
67 facearticle.com
68 ezinemark.com
69 myseoarticle.com
70 guestsposting.com
71 webwire.com
72 mazines.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
73 ghrankdirectory.com
75 articlegeek.com
76 streetarticles.com
77 marketmyarticle.com
78 guest-articles.com
79 articlization.com
80 articlebiz.com
81 articlerich.com
82 howtoadvice.com
83 blog.giganticlist.com
84 articleant.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
85 webproworld.com
86 articleclick.com
87 earticlesonline.com
88 homment.com
89 articleblast.com
90 articleslash.net
91 libervis.com
92 top7business.com
93 123articleonline.com
94 sheil.newsvine.com
95 andrey-cruz.livejournal.com
96 marketinginternetdirectory.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
97 knowpia.com
98 sitepromotiondirectory.com
99 a1articles.com
100 ganzok.com
101 articletrader.com
102 topsitenet.com
103 articlemonkeys.com
104 leasedadspace.com
105 yooarticles.net
106 goodinfohome.com
107 techmanik.com
108 bpubs.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
109 usalistingdirectory.com
110 upstartblogger.com
111 articlecell.com
112 businessseek.biz
113 go2article.com
114 learnloftblog.com
115 seoforums.me.uk
116 approvedarticles.com
117 dime-co.com
118 edarticle.com
119 weeno.com
120 onlinearticlessubmission.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
121 articlecompilation.com
122 gruks.com
123 searcharticles.net
124 bestezines.com
125 highrankdirectory.com
126 ukinternetdirectory.net
127 articledoctor.com
128 freesticky.com
129 simplysearch4it.com
130 traveltourismdirectory.net
131 informationbible.com
132 myarticle.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
133 easyarticles.com
134 populararticles.com
135 qwesz.com
136 bysharing.com
137 excellentguide.info
138 articlestars.com
139 netarticleshack.com
140 thepr.com.au
141 articles411.com
142 new-list.com
143 howitworks.net
144 ladypens.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
145 thecontentcorner.com
146 24by7articles.com
147 altegen.com
148 tongshu.net
149 foreverdoomed.com
150 velog.io
151 articlefree4all.com
152 zigyasu.com
153 submitanarticle.info
154 articlegold.com
155 afreearticle.com
156 articlejoe.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
157 datasoftsystem.com
158 ezine-articles-planet.com
159 yesarticles.com
160 articleclick.info
161 ezinearticles.org.uk
162 umumble.com
163 ezinepost.com
164 articlet.com
165 ezinehub.com
166 articlepool.info
167 expertarticles.com
168 articlesupport.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
169 thewhir.info
170 thehealthyvillage.com
171 article-diary.com
172 olmaweblinkdirectory.com
173 readezarchive.com
174 adarticles.net
175 articledesk.info
176 writeonwall.com
177 addmyarticles.com
178 articlerealm.com
179 accessinfohub.com
180 hubpages.info



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
181 articlegift.com
182 thefunmedia.com
183 guestnode.com
184 iroot.world
185 arberbiotech.com
186 www.contentcreativity.com
187 nowtodaytrending.com
188 hookyoup.com
189 articlerockstars.com
190 theonlinearticleplace.com
191 articlewipe.com
192 www.article-buzz.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
193 rollbol.com
194 shapshare.com
195 openarticlesubmission.com
196 articledirectoryzone.com
197 articledirectoryproject.com
198 www.easy-articles.com
199 story.wallclassifieds.com
200 story.wallclassifieds.com
201 creativebloggerworld.com
202 bloggerwlogger.com
203 youmobs.com
204 hubfirms.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
205 inaltcoinswetrust.com
206 moodydose.com
207 www.otherarticles.com
208 www.linkworld.us
209 www.pr6-articles.com
210 www.professionalsuk.co.uk
211 articleabode.com
212 popularticles.com
213 articleusa.com
214 articlessubmissionservice.com
215 articledirectoryid.com
216 article.classifiedsfactor.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
217 www.ezinepost.com
218 www.galoor.com
219 bigarticles.com
220 www.trendzzzone.com
221 article-realm.com
222 blogulr.com
223 www.excelebiz.in
224 newslover.in
225 articleavenue.com
226 likekaba.com
227 www.friendbookmark.com
228 yourarticles.co.uk


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
229 webarticleservices.com
230 www.articleinquiry.com
231 articleside.com
232 www.pr7-articles.com
233 www.starsuntold.com
234 articles.powerphpscripts.com
235 articlesjust4you.com
236 articlexpress.co.uk
237 articles.h1ad.com
238 www.articlecatalog.com
239 smallbizarticles.com
240 www.blogoval.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
241 www.gossipgirldaily.org
242 www.storybaaz.com
243 bookmarking.info
244 greatarticles.co.uk
245 www.article-book.com
246 bloghub.com.au
247 www.articleyard.com
248 articlegods.com
249 www.goarticles.info
250 www.webzworks.com
251 www.netezinearticles.com
252 postbuck.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
253 www.profzilla.com/articles
254 dailyarticlenews.com
255 loudpages.com
256 www.warticles.com
257 www.article.rugsofworld.com
258 unswap.com
259 centyfy.com
260 www.freeartico.com
261 www.sharehealthtips.com
262 submitmyarticle.in
263 groundofsuccess.com
264 www.aniarticles.com


S. No. Best Submission List 2022
265 www.articleblock.com
266 palscity.com
267 www.jumparticles.com
268 www.wikiblog.com.au
269 gardenlocked.com
270 www.prejon.com
271 hangxom.org
272 www.goyourstory.com
273 moniispace.com
274 moniispace.com
275 www.bloggersinsights.com
276 www.calloutloud.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
277 www.bloggersroad.com
278 www.thelistfolio.com
279 articleroof.com
280 articles87.com
281 articlecarbage.com (instant approval)
282 http://www.icinch.info
283 http://www.articlethis.com
284 http://www.free-online-articles.net
285 http://www.zippedarticles.com
286 http://www.business-home-resource.com
287 http://www.articlehoard.com
289 http://www.ibusnet.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
290 http://www.publishersnook.com
291 http://www.articlezon.com
292 http://www.articlecrack.net
293 http://www.ezincome07.com
294 http://www.articlefreedom.com
295 http://www.webmoneyguide.info
296 http://www.wonderoffice.com
297 http://aawebmasters.comarticledirectory
298 http://www.americanahost.com
299 http://www.qwesz.com
300 http://www.easyarticles.com
301 http://www.propertymagnate.comarticles/



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
302 http://www.ezinelisting.comcategory-3.html
303 http://www.klienwachter.comadarticles/
304 http://www.articlefirst.org
305 http://www.archivex-ht.comarticles/
306 http://www.honestinformation.comcontent/
307 http://www.efunhosting.comt14-home
308 http://www.34tr.netarticles/
309 http://www.weknowdubaidirectory.comarticles/
310 http://www.todays-woman.netwriting-resources-cat-349.html
311 http://www.1stratearticles.comArticles
312 http://www.onlinearticle.net
313 http://www.miarticles.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
314 http://www.adamginsberg.comarticles/
315 http://www.onlyarticles.cn/
316 http://www.roseindia.netarticles-directory/free-articles/67
317 http://www.holisticjunction.com
318 http://www.lists.topica.com
319 http://www.top-affiliate.com
320 http://www.justarticles.com
321 http://www.articlecrash.com
322 http://www.articles.intpedia.com
323 http://www.internetwondersezine.com
324 http://www.affiliatesummary.com
325 http://www.oarticles.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
326 http://www.idea.thebusinessresources.com
327 http://www.work911.com
328 http://www.zinos.com
329 http://www.web-source.net
330 http://www.websitefuel.com
331 http://www.promotenews.com
332 http://www.lilengine.com
333 http://www.jorbins.com
334 http://www.chiff.com
335 http://www.internetbasedmoms.com
336 http://www.ecomallbiz.com
337 http://www.powerhomebiz.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
338 http://www.ezau.com
339 http://www.ebooksdeal.com
340 http://www.digital-women.com
341 http://www.impactarticles.com
342 http://www.smartads.info
343 http://www.cyberindian.com
344 http://www.webmastertraffictools.com
345 http://www.uniterra.com
346 http://www.cashflowseller.com
347 http://www.patsula.com
348 http://www.themanager.org
349 http://www.theallineed.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
350 http://www.myxoft.com
351 http://www.homebusiness-websites.com
352 http://www.awomaninbusiness.com
353 http://www.business.afreepress.com
354 http://www.biz-ewomen.com
355 http://www.articlepoint.com
356 http://www.businessknowledgesource.com
357 http://www.workathomearticles.net
358 http://www.upromote.com
359 http://www.promotiondata.com
360 http://www.sales-masters-world.com
361 http://www.clearviewpublications.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
362 http://www.marketingpitbull.com
363 http://www.commonconnections.com
364 http://www.webhosting-articles.com
365 http://www.firstpagefitness.com
366 http://www.articlewhizz.com
367 http://www.createonlinebusiness.com
368 http://www.family-content.com
369 http://www.jogena.com
370 http://www.mainstreetmom.com
371 http://www.promotenewz.com
372 http://www.storebuilder.co.uk
373 http://www.theezine.net



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
374 http://www.webmomz.com
375 http://www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com
376 http://www.articles.rolista.com
377 http://www.article-emporium.com
378 http://www.articlesubmissions.com
379 http://www.businesstoolchest.com
380 http://www.freetraffictip.com
381 http://www.home-business-directory.com
382 http://www.home-based.com
383 http://www.home-business-tips-newsletter.com
384 http://www.netterweb.com
385 http://www.top-web-marketing.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
386 http://www.warriorforum.com
387 http://www.work-at-home-jobs-iowa.com
388 http://www.articlegraffiti.co.uk
389 http://www.1st-in-articles.com
390 http://www.aardvarkarticles.net
391 http://www.adswise.com
392 http://www.advisor.com
393 http://www.alternative-finance.org
394 http://www.articleagency.com
395 http://www.articlecentral.com
396 http://www.Article-Marketer.com
397 http://www.Articlematrix.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
398 http://www.articleresponder.com
399 http://www.articles4content.com
400 http://www.articleshow.com
401 http://www.articles-online.biz
402 http://www.articlez.com
403 http://www.bestparentingresources.com
404 http://www.bullmarketer.com
405 http://www.businessknowhow.com
406 http://www.business-opportunity.biz
407 http://www.buyincomeproperties.com
408 http://www.choosetoprosper.com
409 http://www.clickforcontent.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
410 http://www.cyberprosper.com
411 http://www.DigitalWomen.com
412 http://www.directonlineloans.co.uk
413 http://www.ebooksnbytes.com
414 http://www.ebusinessbasics.com
415 http://www.ezadsuccess.com
416 http://www.ezinefactory.co.za
417 http://www.ezineplug.com
418 http://www.e-zinez.com
419 http://www.fabaroo.com
420 http://www.financeresourcedirectory.info
421 http://www.articlegoldmine.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
422 http://www.webmasterarticledirectory.com
423 http://www.articles.relationshipcoachinginstitute.com
424 http://www.mainarticles.com
425 http://www.articles.kreationstudio.com
426 http://www.article-broker.com
427 http://www.articlecopy.com
428 http://www.articlehole.com
429 http://www.articlestash.com
430 http://www.articletower.com
431 http://www.articlesbasket.com
432 http://www.articlesforprofit.com
433 http://www.articlesnow.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
434 http://www.articlelinksdirectory.biz
435 http://www.articlemotron.com
436 http://www.searchpro.info
437 http://www.websitedesignarticles.net
438 http://www.outleted.com
439 http://www.insightpros.com
440 http://www.homeschoolarticles.net
441 http://www.content.onlypunjab.com
442 http://www.cursebustersound.com
443 http://www.surefreearticles.com
444 http://www.internationalpractice.com
445 http://www.articlesfeed.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
446 http://www.ebaykings.co.uk/login.php
447 http://www.optimizedarticledirectory.com
448 http://www.article.4flat.info
449 http://www.traxwebdesign.com
450 http://www.macfriendly.com
451 http://www.articlesaboutbooks.com
452 http://www.az.co.cz/article-directory/login.php
453 http://www.essenceofchocolate.com
454 http://www.besthealtharticles.net
455 http://www.24hourwealth.com
456 http://www.youcandoitpublishing.com
457 http://www.smallbusinessadvertisingarticles.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
458 http://www.carcareiq.com
459 http://www.lokis-treasures.com
460 http://www.article-worx.com
461 http://www.articlekingpro.com
462 http://www.articlegolf.com
463 http://www.coin-articles.com
464 http://www.articlesportfolio.com
465 http://www.agentque.com
466 http://www.keywordarticles.org
467 http://www.realestateinvestmentarticles.net
468 http://www.asia-europe-connection.net
469 http://www.dietarticles.info



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
470 http://www.physicalfitnessarticles.net
471 http://www.wenzhangku.com
472 http://www.proarticles.net
473 http://www.customizednewsletterarticles.com
474 http://www.bestglobalwarmingarticles.com
475 http://www.free-article-info.com
476 http://www.starsguide.com
477 http://www.kingofthejunglemovie.com
478 http://www.jllt.com
479 http://www.infodezine.com
480 http://www.cruisazy.net
481 http://www.getwilliams.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
482 http://www.halleberrymovie.com
483 http://www.simplewebsitetips.com
484 http://www.allwinearticles.com
485 http://www.cleaningarticles.com
486 http://www.ezinexpress.com
487 http://www.marketingarticlebank.com
488 http://www.freegardeningarticles.com
489 http://www.articlesltd.net
490 http://www.poker-articles.net
491 http://www.allinteriordesignarticles.com
492 http://www.articletraffic.net
493 http://www.freearticlesubmission.net



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
494 http://www.legalinfoarticles.com
495 http://www.articles360.net
496 http://www.freearticlemaster.com
497 http://www.ezine360.com
498 http://www.articlesome.com
499 http://www.ezinetology.com
500 http://www.articleplatform.com
501 http://www.articleplacedirectory.com
502 http://www.b4uarticles.com
503 http://www.convivium.co.za/login.php
504 http://www.besthealthsavingsaccountarticles.com
505 http://www.startaid.com



S. No. Best Submission List 2022
506 http://www.article-library.com
507 http://www.bettergolfarticles.com
508 http://www.sexyplus-sizelady.com
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