How SMO Works

These days SMO has changed its Algorithms and working strategies are changed so lots of companies fail to do SMO. Appinnovix is the best SMO company in India and follows latest algorithm for SMO.


Create marketing Strategy


Create Social Media Pages


Create Graphics Design


Submission on all Social Pages

Social Media Promotion

The Next Generation of the Our Marketing

Appinnovix knows the next generation of marketing is SMO, We have an expert team of Social media and we work on the latest algorithm of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkdln. 

Product Promotion

We are getting the product from the client and start working on analysis of marketing and then make smart promotion for them.

Perfect Execution

When your analysation is perfect so your social media promotion execution goes very good. Your sales growth also going up.

Our Latest techniques Based on Google Algorithm.

We know the latest algorithms of Google, Facebook and Instagram That will help up to make reaches of our customers and his goals. 

Analysis latest Algos

Our SMO experts have started the analysis of the latest algorithm that will be updated by Google and other platforms, and add to our strategy. 

Create Reports on Work

Appinnovix are provide a Monthly report of our work progress and let you know where we need to make improvement and how to fix errors. 


Best SMO Services in India

We are the best SMO company in India who provide cheap rates for promoting your company and make you a brand.


Market Research

Before starting work we will do research on the market and strategy.


Content Analysis

After that, we will analyse the content that is trending and what the best for our promotion.


Creative Layout

We will create a unique layout of every post that will be uploaded on Social media pages.


Use Graphics & Content

Once content is ready and Graphics are also ready, so we will start uploading to all social media pages. 


Create Graphics

Once our layout is finalized so our graphic design team start work on that and provide PNG and JPG images.


Awesome Support

We are here to provide 24x7 provide you with support.

Our Innovative SMO strategy will make your Business high and branded.

As you know our innovative strategy on SMO we are to provide you best services in India and make you a brand. Appinnovix is the leading company that worked on Social media promotion all over the world. 

If you are looking Best SMO company in India so you are in the right place, Feel free to contact us for more details.


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    Some frequently ask question

    Basically Many Clients want to know more about SMO Services.

    SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. Today, social media marketing plays a vital role in businesses. In fact, it is the heart and soul of digital marketing or internet marketing. So, when a business attempts to make its social media presence easily findable with the help of IT, it is called Social Media Optimization or SMO. With the help of SMO, businesses tend to provide more informative content about their products and services that a 30-second television advertisement or a printed advertisement cannot offer. Also, through the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, businesses can connect directly with potential consumers and convince them. Moreover, professional SMO services by a good IT company can do miracles in the digital marketing of the business.

    In terms of digital marketing, SMO is the process of optimizing each social media page of a business such that it-

    • Makes a business findable through social media
    • Provides detailed information about the business and its products and services
    • Generates more leads and helps reach and pitch the Target Groups
    • And also manages the business reputation by clearing rumors

    SMO is a part of online marketing or digital marketing. And today, almost every business has an online presence. Moreover, customers also depend upon Google searches and even social media platforms to find all types of goods and services. Therefore, it is important to use social media as a marketing tactic. And it is even more important to keep the social media business pages optimized all the time. An active, informative, and engaging social media page of a business adds to its positive image. Moreover, the customers are more likely to trust the business and give your products and services a try. 

    Well, if you have a good knowledge of social media marketing, content strategy, geo-tags, and hashtags, then, of course, you can. Additionally, social media optimization is not a one-time task. Rather, a social media page is optimized when you have a proper content strategy, and keep on posting great content with proper hashtags and geotags. Therefore, it is a daily job. Eventually, you need an SMO expert permanently working on the social media marketing of your business. But if you do not know what geo-tags, the right hashtags are, and how to maintain a business account on social media platforms, then, you must not do SMO of your business page on your own.

    In a word, no! SMO and SEO are not the same but similar. While SEO means Search Engine Optimization, SMO is Social Media Optimization. Although, clear from the name. But to explain in simple words, SEO is a technique of optimizing a business website and drawing natural traffic toward it. On the contrary, SMO is the optimization of social media pages to bring traffic to the social media business profile. However, both have certain commonalities. For example, using the right keywords, creating sufficient and reliable backlinks, applying appropriate geo-tags, following the right content strategy, etc.

    Undoubtedly, Appinnovix Technologies is the best SMO Company in Lucknow. It offers content strategy, social media optimization, and hashtag expert services and advice. In fact, Appinnovix has 15+ years of experience in the field of information technology services. Moreover, it has a great team of software developers, IT experts, and content experts from all over India, unlike other small IT firms in Lucknow. The experts work remotely but dedicatedly towards client satisfaction. Therefore, Appinnovix is the best SMO Company in Lucknow.