What Makes You the Best Software Development Company in 2023?


With the continued rise of the IT sector all across the globe, it is the hottest topic among all the software development companies these days. It was evident during the pandemic that after the government sector, the IT sector is the only promising corporate sector. In fact, the IT sector was the first to adopt flexible ‘Work from Home’ models and the percentage of layoffs was the smallest in this sector. So, now many IT start-ups are on their way to blooming. And, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh is one of the hottest IT hubs in India, after Bangalore. And there are many new IT start-ups blooming in Uttar Pradesh these days and Lucknow is becoming a new hub. So, if you too have a dream of running a software development company in Lucknow, and making it best all over the world, then Appinnovix stands with you.

Here we are providing you with a complete guide on how to become the best software development company in 2023. This blog brings you knowledge of both technical as well as interpersonal skills to win the IT sector this year. Here we go-

The Panacea to Become the Best in Any Business

Be IT or any other sector, the only key to success in a business has two aspects-

  1. Soft Skills

  2. Expertise

Soft skills and Expertise are the be-all and end-all for the success of any business. While your expertise attracts customers to your business, a set of great soft skills will act as a drug to make your customers addicted to you. If you are the best in what you do then clearly success will never repel from you. And on top of it, if you know how to please your customers with gentle behavior, no one can make your customers disloyal!

So let us provide you with 5 softs and 5 technical skills that will make you the best software development company very soon-

Let’s Win the Software Market Softly

Having necessary soft skills is not an additional but a compulsory requirement these days. Especially, if you are in the IT sector, do not forget that you have the whole world as your potential and existing customers. In fact, if you are a software company, then clearly you will be dealing with small to large-sized corporates as your valuable customers. So, work on a few soft-skills such as-

1. Communication Skills

Good communication skills are the part and parcel of every business. The perfect voice tone, clarity of speech, and power to convince and negotiate are the essentials of success in business and trade. And, communication skills are the highly demanded skills in corporates these days. While you run a software company in India, clearly all your clients will be corporates and businesses from healthcare, education, and other industrial sectors. Eventually, you must follow the right body and spoken language with your clients. Remember that-

  • Always, use a gentle tone with your clients and sound professional.
  • Never misbehave or reply rudely even with the fussiest client.
  • Moreover, keep in mind that a client demanding a particular type of software solution is unaware of the technical IT language. Therefore, always make sure that you explain your products and services in a language comprehensible to the client.
  • For example, suppose a client demands an HR solution. In lieu of telling him that your product is capable of analyzing, synthesizing, and processing data chunks, just let the client know that your product can collect the employees’ login-logout data, productivity hours, and check-ins and outs. Moreover, at the end of every month, it will convert the whole data into easy-to-comprehend charts and figures. Additionally, it will calculate the pay and overtime automatically. So, that will be a customer-friendly approach!
  • Your tone must never sound as if you are trying to put the client down or flaunting your knowledge and skills. But the client must feel like being guided. So, always try to ensure the client that you will suggest the best for him.
  • Moreover, hire a professional if you think so.

2. Spoken English Skills

When your major clients will include small and large corporates, English speaking skills are going to be mandatory. Moreover, the IT sector has connected the whole globe through a single mantra which is ‘WWW.’ Therefore, the sky is the only limit when it comes to the expansion of your IT business. Eventually, stay updated and be able to communicate in the English language. It is because English the global language and it is the second language of a maximum number of countries. Eventually, your international and even national clients will expect you to communicate in a language comprehensible to them. Additionally, if you need, you can also hire a professional for the business communication needs of your business. While dealing with elite corporate clients, you will need to go through oral and written pieces of business conversation and correspondence. And the English language will be a necessity then!

3. Focus on Teamwork

No matter what great IT developer you are, you may still not lead the whole army alone when it comes to the IT business. From coding experts and software engineers to quality analysts, you will require a hierarchical team of professionals. So, pay attention to teamwork. We will suggest you have a multi-level organizational culture. Hiring professionals in a hierarchical order will ensure greater quality. It is because a product (or software) will go through multiple testing before delivery. Therefore, keep an up-to-date multi-level team and ensure the best quality for your clients. Only the best quality of work will make you stand out as the best software development company in Lucknow!

4. Make it Professional

Communication is the only key to removing any obstacle. When it comes to business, the communication gap between co-workers for any reason is a big loophole. Especially, in the IT sector, it is important to have an environment that is free of any communication gaps. When you hire people in a hierarchical order, it is important to have no communication barriers between them. It is better to ask than to err. And especially, in the field of software development, a single code error can lead to major problems.

Therefore, while keeping it professional, no communication barrier must appear between the staff members. And as an owner, giving them an open and fun environment, where they can discuss their doubts without any hesitation. However, ensure simultaneously that they do not indulge in wasteful gossip and the relationship is perfectly professional.

5. Be the Fittest to Survive: Adapt Constantly

How many 5G phones have you seen so far? Well, iPhone 12 was the first to adapt to the 5G network and it was launched past year only. Apart from iPhone 12, there is hardly any other phone that offers 5G support. But did you know that the researchers and developers have already started to work on 6G networks? Similarly, be it Android, iOS, or Windows, every Operating System receives updates almost every month. So, we can say that even before mankind learns a new update, another update is already waiting!

Eventually, in the field of IT quick adaptability to the latest technology is a mandatory skill to survive in the long run. Learn from the failure of Nokia which was the bestselling mobile brand and dominated the national and international markets. But since it could not adapt to the latest changes in IT, it failed really badly. Eventually, be adaptable enough if you want to run an IT business. And be prepared to learn the latest updates.

So, now let us now discuss some latest technical skills that will make you the top Software development company in 2023-

Now Pay Attention to These Technicalities for Becoming the Best

Apart from the above set of soft skills, the most important tip to make you the best software development company in India is to maintain high standards in your technical and industrial knowledge. So let us pay attention to the following to become the best software development company in Lucknow in 2023-


1. Be a Role Model

If you are the founder of the firm, then always remember that Lucknow is still a small town. Not every youngster here is as lucky as you are. And maximum people here belong to a humble background. So, you will have to become a role model for them. And if you have gained higher IT education from a big college, make sure that you share the knowledge with your staff. Additionally, always be flexible and whenever a new technology or upgrade in software comes into existence, be the first to learn it.

It is because if you have a better educational background, then clearly you will be more comfortable adapting and learning faster the latest updates. Then, your next job is to make it easy to comprehend for your staff members with humble backgrounds. Moreover, talking about the latest and futuristic technologies, Appinnovix will advise you to pay attention to the following trends on a priority basis-


Blockchain technology has the tendency to replace basic coding soon in the IT sector. It is because Blockchain technology is seen as better in its encryption. In fact, it is considered to have better data structuring than general coding. And therefore, many IT companies are today adapting to Blockchain technology at a rapid rate. To know more, we will suggest you must read our previous blog Here

Cyber Security

Internet security and data issues have always been a hot topic in the IT sector. Even the IT giants like Google and Apple have not been able to escape the allegations of data breaches. Thus, strong encryption and data security are going to be the first choice of most clients. So, stay updated and have an innovative outlook toward cyber security in your software development business.

Artificial Intelligence

As mankind is growing more dependent upon machinery to live their routine life, having an ‘understanding’ machine in life is as important as having an ‘understanding’ partner. Eventually, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to rise in the upcoming years. Therefore, you must pay attention to excelling in the art and science of AI. And you must integrate the same into your software products.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Similarly, Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are other rulers in the IT sector. The developers are keen to improve these two technologies in order to make the human experience better with the websites, software, and applications. Therefore, you too must make diligent efforts to integrate AR and VR into your products religiously.

2. Hire Consciously

The next technicality relates to the HR processes of your business. Use HR analytics while hiring a candidate, if necessary. And make sure that you hire the best professional in the following fields-

Quality Analyst

The team of quality analysts must comprise of the best software engineers in your firm. They must be experienced professionals with proven experience in the field of testing. So, make sure that you hire the right candidate, in fact, candidates with good knowledge and expertise for this position.

Web & App Developer

Next comes the web developer in your firm. The web developer must be an expert in the latest technologies like coding, Blockchain technology, encryption, cyber security, VR, AR, AI, and everything else relating to IT. After all, he is the one that will bring quality to your products.

Web Designer

Moreover, these days, people prefer to have fancy apps and websites that are interactive and engaging. Eventually, the role of web designers has increased these days. Therefore, make some investments in web designers as well. And also make sure that they have the necessary skills and expertise. In fact, your designer too must have a robust knowledge of AI, AR, and VR elements as the client will demand interactive and engaging website designs more.

3. Focus on Quality and Keep the Prices Genuine!

Being at the start-up stage and being a software development company in Lucknow-a small town, you have the advantage of keeping the prices highly competitive. See, the IT giants and big multinationals like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, Civica, and more burn a hole in the pocket of their clients. It is not because they provide quality higher than others. Obviously, their employees will use the same codes as your employees do. AR, AI, and VI technology updates will the same for each of you. But, they are giants with a larger staff existing globally! They have to maintain so many offices and also have to pay great packages to their workers!

And this is the reason why their products are a little ‘over-hyped’, so we will advise you to keep the cost of operation as low as possible while maintaining the highest standards and quality of work. However, never compromise your employees’ self-esteem and needs. Give them the salaries they deserve. Otherwise, your employees will learn at your work, and their productivity will go to Infosys, TCS, and Civica. So, focus on employee retention and continuous training and education. But, do not waste money on unnecessary things like office décor, extra office boys, and so on!

4. The Best Infrastructure and Resources

Just like the highly trained professional employees, a well-built IT infrastructure in your software development business is another investment. The product of these two elements is the only key to your success. Eventually, make sure that your workplace is supported by the latest 5G network infrastructure and offers 24*7 connectivity. Offer a sufficient number of latest and updated laptops for your workers. Moreover, you can offer extra payments monthly to employees who can use their own laptops. This will reduce the additional cost of buying laptop devices. Additionally, ensure sufficiency of the financial resources and invest your money in becoming the best and not in ‘showing off to be the best! Remember that!

5. Market Robustly & Market Digitally

Today, IT start-ups are shooting like mushrooms in the jungle. And already, the international MNCs have dominated the Indian markets. On top of it, great Indian corporates like Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, and more have continued to raise the competitive bars. However, the many small, medium and even large non-IT corporates want to come out of their dominance, but they do not find the options. After all, since the time of the pandemic, every corporate and individual has realized the importance of saving costs.

But do you know why these corporate clients are unable to find a small IT company with the best technology? Well, there are two reasons-

  1. These IT companies and start-ups do not market robustly
  2. They fail to impress the client!

So, now let us discuss these two issues in detail-

Marketing Overlooked!

Undoubtedly, marketing is the backbone of every business. And in the present-day context, it is not limited to television commercials, newspaper advertisements, and even Google ads. But, present-day marketing is also influenced by IT advancement. And marketing has now moved to digital marketing. Especially, when you are a software development company, you will have to flaunt your digital skills. So, in order to make your presence felt on the internet, you have to ensure that –

  1. You have a well-built responsive website.
  2. Also, you have a good presence on social media! So, create professional business pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. Be as informative as possible. Moreover, we will share some tips on how to make your social media page look professional and authentic in another blog!
  • Additionally, you have to keep all these internet pages optimized. So, keep on posting business-related information and promotional material with hashtags, geotags, and the most searched keywords.

Apart from this, the old-school traditional marketing methods such as word-of-mouth marketing, pamphlet distribution, posters, banners, and print advertisements, will always remain evergreen. So, do not forget to use these methods as well and market your business until you create a distinct identity in the market!

Impress the Client by Flaunting Your Skills

Do you know that the first impression is indeed the last impression? So, while pitching to a client take care of two things-

1. Communication Style- As discussed above as well, your communication style must be highly professional but comprehensive to the client at the same time. Your conversation style must reflect confidence and your tone must be convincing, guiding, and advising! This will definitely convince your client and he or she will develop the initial stage of faith required to carry forward the business.

2. Appearance- These days, even before contacting you, a potential client will search on the internet about the kind of business he needs. Therefore, you will receive a call usually after one finds your internet. However, in certain cases, the word of mouth marketing will bring a customer inquiry. Whatever the case, you have to look your best! And the first resource that your ‘would be customer’ will search is your official website! Then he will check the Google reviews and then your social media pages and customer review on them! So, now you are intelligent enough to understand what we are trying to convey to you!

So What’s the Bottom Line?

Finally, we would conclude this blog by summing up that expertise, excellence, and the set of right soft skills will bring you tremendous success in your business. Moreover, flexibility to learn and adapt quickly will ensure your long-term survival in the corporate world. So, follow these tips religiously and get ready to become the best software development company in Lucknow, then in India, and then in the world. The best wishes of Appinnovix are forever with you!

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