15 Web Development Trends For 2023

Ditch the Old School SEO and Embrace These Latest 15 Web Development Trends For 2023 and Beyond!

Web Development services are the lifeline of the world today. World Wide Web (WWW) is what our day starts and ends within the present-day context. From needles to swords, now humans tend to seek everything on the Internet. And each web development company in India has joined the race of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to appear in the top-most results on the Google Search Engine Result Pages. However, did you know that no matter how optimized your content is! Even if your content is highly-optimized and appears as the first result on Google, but the user finds it difficult to understand, it will lose its worth!

So, stop targeting the Google Bot and start targeting the audience. And focus on the latest emerging web development trends that can help you overcome the bounce rates in 2022 and beyond. So, here are the top latest 15 web development trends for 2022 and beyond that Appinnovix explains for you-

1. Rising Virtue of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is the latest web development technology that offers web users a highly engaging interactive experience. To put it simply, virtual reality is using 3D technology and taking the user into a fantasy world. This technique is being used by many gaming zones to attract more customers. Additionally, the hospitality and real estate industries are also the top customers and demanders of this product. For example-

  • Virtual tours of a property

  • 3D Movies on the big screen

  • Virtual tours of a hotel

All these features enable a potential customer to know a hotel or a property better. Moreover, children are the biggest fans of 3D movies and games. Virtual Reality will continue to rise and will also make efforts to raise the bar. Eventually, focusing more on VR, conducting research on it, and developing further applications and websites with VR technology will prove a boon for your Web Development Business.

2. Augmented Reality- The Step Sister of VR

in Web Development Trends, Unlike taking VR, Augmented Reality (AR) tends not to take the user into a Fantasy world. But it enables the user to experience the App or website in his or her own environment. For example, in VR while watching Jurassic park in 3D will make a user feel that the Dinosaurs have surrounded him from all sides. But AR will let him interact with them! Augmented Reality is therefore a step-sister of Virtual reality. AR is the rising web development technology that enables a user to interact with Apps and websites. Some noteworthy examples include-

  • Virtual Try-On Makeup Features on Nykaa and Amazon

  • The latest Lakme App allows the user to try lipsticks and Eyeshadows with their front mobile cameras

  • Pokemon Go App by Nintendo that engages users in catching Pokemons in their surrounding locations.

However, it is mention-worthy that VR is the base of AR. But, both the trends will have a dominating effect on the web development industry in 2023. And all the web development services will have to pay a specific focus on VR and AR-based apps and websites. Especially, if your top customers include E-commerce stores, fashion retails, and Makeup businesses, then a strong knowledge of AR and VR will make you rise and shine in 2023!

3. Fake it Till Make It with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another web development technology that is getting popular by leaps and bounds. Have you enjoyed watching Hollywood movies like Men in Black? Where the machines and robots have assisted humans in a way we dream of! Well, AI is a small drop in the ocean of our fantasies! Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence used by computer devices to help us, humans. The top examples include-

  • The MS word and your mobile keyboard Autocorrecting your typing errors.

  • iOS Siri sets alarms, calls, and texts on the command of your voice.

  • Google maps assist you in reaching the desired destination while driving alone!

  • Face Recognition and Biometric Detection at your office gate.

Thus, AI is replacing your best friends, wives, and secretaries gradually! Well, joke apart! No machine can replace a human, but it can perform some of its tasks to reduce the load of humans. Therefore, AI is also getting popular by leaps and bounds and will continue to rise further in upcoming years. Moreover, AI is also a major focus of IT researchers and it will continue to rise further. Hence, as a web developer, it is important for you to stay tuned with the latest AI developments.

4. Conquering the World with Voice Recognition

As Google has vowed to spare no age group, sex, ethnicity, or nation, internet access for all is another matter of concern in web development. Accessibility for the rural, senior citizens, and differently-abled is a hot research area these days. Voice recognition is a major part of the accessible-for-all approach. It has come out as a boon for those who cannot type on smart devices like laptops, computers, and mobile phones. Voice recognition enables its user to use his or her voice to command a smart device. For example-

  • Siri in iOS

  • Alexa

  • Google keyboards with Mic

  • Search with Google Voice

These are some prominent examples of voice recognition. And apart from Android, iOS has raised the bar so high with its iPhone XII onwards series that it also ensures device security. Did you know that you can no longer talk to Siri on other’s iOS devices as it will not respond to the commands of a voice that does not match that of its owner? Oh Oh! Bad news! But worry not and if you are the provider of web development services, then start researching and developing your skills in Voice Recognition.

Web Development Trends

5. Connecting Connectivity Devices with IoT

The Internet is now old school and the Internet of Things is trending around. IoT is the latest web development trend that is developing gradually. However, at present, it is majorly accessible by the high-income groups only. But soon in the upcoming years, the IT sector will strive to make it accessible to middle and low-income groups as well. To define IoT in simple words, it is the art and science of connecting inert objects (things) with the internet or the web. Such that, the object or device senses the surrounding environment, assesses the necessary function required, and performs the same without any human interaction. The most prominent examples of IoT include-

  • AC sensors automatically increase the temperature limit when the rooms are properly conditioned.

  • Smart lighting that auto-brightens as the surrounding darkens.

  • Vehicles that can self-perform the Brake function when an object comes near to the car.

IT sector is going crazy after IoT these days. In fact, IoT has the potential to let humans live a king’s life and free their servants simultaneously. Eventually, software engineers and web developers who have extreme expertise in IoT will dominate the world in the upcoming time!

6. Motion UI

Gaming is central to all age groups these days. And Motion UI has a major role to play in the gaming sector. Gone are the days when people were dependent only on board games in name of indoor games. Today, web developers have developed numberless mobile and pc games to play indoors. And games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and various other car games have popularized the Motion UI as the latest web development trend.

In fact, web developers are not expected to implement Motion UI in website designs as well. As it will swift the User Experience and more audiences will be driven towards the website. Eventually, Motion UI will also dominate the IT and Web Development sectors in 2022 and beyond!

7. Personalisation with Machine Learning

We all need a friend and a partner who understands us. But what if we say that even the smart device that we use must understand our likes and dislikes? Well, isn’t that cool? So, Machine Learning (ML) is the mechanism in web development that targets at making the devices understand their users. However, ML is right now a toddler which is growing at a rapid speed in the field of web development. Some prominent examples include-

  • Optimized web searches such as Google near me feature

  • Social media friend and pages suggestions

  • Shopping advertisements on your web pages

  • Google articles and news feeds on you smart devices

All these are some basic examples of ML. These aforementioned results depend upon the insights that your device gains about you. And it will show the search results and suggestions based on these insights. What you browse all day on your internet allows your device to know what are your likes and dislikes. And based on these insights, the suggestions come your ways. ML is proving a boon in the Medical Industry as well. And if your clients are from the Medical, Healthcare, Pharma, and Biotech industries then you must work on your ML skills to retain your clients in the upcoming times.

8. Cloud Computing- A Rival that will have an “Edge” Over

In Web Development Trends Cloud computing is the latest technology that is planning to replace Edge computing in upcoming years. While edge computing stands for the storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data near the edge devices (mobile and PCs), cloud computing enables to perform these functions away from these devices. For example, Google Drive is the most suitable example of cloud computing in the present-day scenario. Google Drive has enabled users to store large quantity data for years and access it anytime anywhere with a Google account.

Moreover, cloud computing has also removed the dependency on memory cards, hard drives, and pen drives for data storage. Additionally, have you ever imagined what if your phone was stolen and you had no backup of your photos, important files, and social media passwords? Well, we can judge how horrendous the thought is! But cloud computing in web development has removed these obstacles too. And at the time when the IT developers are working on the 6G evolution, cloud computing will be the sole base!

9. Cyber Security- Evergreen Trend and Concern

In the previous generation, there was a time when almost everyone had an MBA and a B.Ed. degree. However, today is the time when almost everyone is striving to secure any IT degree, diploma, or certificate. During the pandemic, people observed that IT was the only sector in corporate that survived like no other. So, eventually, get ready for a flood of freshers in the IT sector. However, having a degree and having the skills are two altogether different concepts.

The IT professional with less knowledge and weak coding skills might survive but will not be able to have grand success until they code strongly. So, strong data encryption and perfection in coding will dominate the web development sector in upcoming years. And among all kinds of web development services, Cyber Security will be a major concern. Eventually, Apps and websites with strong codes and negligible possibilities of third-party involvement will rise astonishingly in demand. Thus, get ready to strengthen your coding and encryption skills.

10. Automation Testing

In the world of 24*7 connectivity, it is not possible to make a human work for more than 8 hours a day. Also, neither is possible to hire multiple staff in times of post-pandemic economic downfall. As a matter of fact, ‘automation’ is the weapon in the hands of the IT sector that can reduce the cost of operating and increase the 24*7 hour availability simultaneously. Therefore, in 2023 and beyond, automation testing of software will also trend high. Quality is a major concern when deploying a Business Intelligence solution in an organization. And a web developer cannot expect that after implementation of the solution, feedback will come and he will address the same. In fact, any client would want perfect software in a single go.

Therefore, it is important to test the solution several times before delivering and implementing it. But, testing by humans will be tedious and time-taking. Thus, Automation testing will trend at a rapid rate in the upcoming years. And the web developers will have to develop automation testing software and rely on the same.

11. JavaScript Will be Crowned as The Queen of Programming Languages

In Web Development Trends, The world is progressing so fast and IT is progressing faster than the world! We heard of 5G networks a few months ago only. But do you know that the developers are now working vigorously to contribute towards 6G? Almost every 2 months we receive software updates on our phones! But do you know that we use only 10% of features in our smart devices over their lifespan? Interesting!! Right? So, in the world of rapidity, JavaScript frameworks are about to rise!

JavaScript frameworks are pre-built codes that one can use in different software. So, when the web developer is free from writing the same codes again and again, it will not only save his time and efforts. Rather, it will help the web development industry to swift the IT sector further! And JavaScript is a simple code language with the Global language English as its base, which will dominate the IT sector in the upcoming years. It will be the first choice of developers all across the world.

12. Responsibility of Websites will Increase

In the era of smartphones, homes, watches, and more, people will expect even websites to be smart enough. Thus, responsive websites will gain importance in 2023. Today, people tend to access a website using different types of devices. However, certain websites are too heavy to work on mobile and tablets. While some websites are too simple for laptops and PCs. Eventually, a responsive web design that is adaptable in a smart way, is about to trend in the web development and web design sectors. Websites that can adapt their size, appearance, and interface as per the device are already trending in 2023. Moreover, it will continue to trend in upcoming years based on the universal rule- survival of the fittest.

13. Chillaxing with the Dark Modes

Although it is a basic and small IT development, the Dark Mode settings are becoming popular everywhere today. Actually, the increased screen time and increased health consciousness have necessitated Dark Mode settings in every device, app, and website. Even YouTube and Google have developed Dark Mode settings. Eventually, as a web developer, you too will need to pay attention to this minor specification. And, maybe in the upcoming times, it might also be a part of Google SEO as Google has vowed to prioritize user comfort, readability, and accessibility.

So far, we have discussed the general trends which are gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Now let us make you future-proof with the top 2 potentially rising trends that are silently ahead of all others-

14. Flashing Back to HTML with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

HTML is now history in IT! Do you feel so? Well, if yes, then you are on your way to doom. Do not underestimate the power of a common HTML code. And pay attention to Uber, Starbucks, and MakeMyTrip websites. If you have used the app of these companies, we will suggest you open another Tab on your PC and search for their online websites! And you will be astonished to see that these websites are 90% the same as the App on your phone! These are the latest Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs are the amalgamation of websites and apps and it is a new revolution and craze in the field of the web development sector.

These PWAs are nothing but websites that gives you an APP-like experience. Moreover, the size of these PWAs is really small to run even in 2G networks. And the development of PWAs is based on HTML codes to eradicate the slightest chances of hanging. PWAs are another way to increase accessibility for all anytime and anywhere. Therefore, if you too are a provider of web development services, then plan to grow as the leading web development company in India. Learn PWA development today and give wings to your business.

15. Blocking Cyber Attacks with Blockchain

Blockchain development is another future-proof trend that has the potential of replacing general coding and web development in upcoming years. As the Sun shines brighter, the Sunset time comes nearer. And we all know that the IT and web development sector is shining really high like the Sun at 3 PM in the afternoon. Moreover, it is advancing by leaps and bounds every day. Soon, Blockchain technology will replace simple coding systems.

Unlike simple codes, in Blockchain technology, the data or codes are first stored in the form of blocks. Every block has its own storage capacity. And when a Block (set of data structure) completes, the developer will create another Block and will link every Block. In this way, a chain of blocks or inter-connected data structures develops. Blockchain technology is a proven solution for data security. And Blockchain technology is more prone to replace simple web development practices.

Final Thoughts

Life is a race, if you do not run faster, others will crush you over! And IT sector is a living example of this. In fact, IT is the only sector that requires a professional to continuously adapt and learn new advancements. So, pay strict attention to these latest emerging trends in the web development sector and ensure your survival in the IT corporates in the long run! Never stop learning and adapt to these latest trends today!

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