Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow

Appinnovix Begins its Journey to Becoming the Best Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow!

Hurray!! Your best web development company, Appinnovix, is now on its way to becoming the best Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow. After months of persistent hard work and constant research, we have finally developed our own Nidhi Software Company. This latest software from our developers’ team will adorn our Business Intelligence line that comprises our HRM, Invoice, MLM, and Real Estate management tools. So, in this blog, we are discussing who all can benefit from our new service. Also, in this blog, readers may find a detailed specification list of Nidhi Software Company by Appinnovix Technologies-

What is Nidhi Company and Who Can Benefit from It?

It was in 2013 that the Government of India (GOI) decided to end the monopoly of banks in the banking system of India. In order to promote financial liquidity and a simplified bank process in rural and urban India alike, GOI launched NIDHI banks.

A Nidhi Bank or a Nidhi company aims at providing financial services to its members. Although, Nidhi company offers majorly banking features, but in a more simplified manner. Nidhi Bank comes under the category of Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) and is driven by the ethos of mutual benefits.

Also, a vital aim of the GOI behind the formation of Nidhi Company was to promote the habit of savings among Indians. Simultaneously, it saves the Indian audience from complex paper works prevalent in the Indian banking system.

However, the Nidhi banks can be considered a boon for the rural and humble population of India. But it does not mean that the urban and literate population cannot benefit from it. There are no locality, age, or educational restrictions to becoming a member of Nidhi bank. Popularly, even the audience lacking formal education or literacy can also avail the benefits. So, everyone can benefit from Nidhi company’s banking services.

So, when Nidhi banks are for everyone’s benefit, Appinnovix has launched a Nidhi Company software in Lucknow for the benefit of Nidhi Banks. Now let us find out how our team of developers defines their heavenly weapon for the Nidhi company management system-

Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow

What is Nidhi Company Software?

The IT sector has been advancing at a rapid pace day by day. Each new day brings a new technological advancement to the world. And Business Intelligence (BI) tools are a unique gift of the IT sector for small to large-sized businesses. Business Intelligence tools allow judicious and optimum use of Human Resources by eliminating clerical work. The pretty small clerical things that earlier used to take human efforts are now conquerable with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this way, the BI tools allow a business to use its HR more optimally and encourage judgment and decision-making among them.

Today there exist many Nidhi companies in Lucknow as well. And therefore the demand for Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow is increasing in parallel to the rising demand for Nidhi banks.

How It Will Benefit the Nidhi Companies?

In a similar way, bank management too had certain clerical processes that took human intelligence earlier. But now the bank and finance BI tools like Tableau, MS Power BI, Domo, and more have simplified the big data storage, retrieval, and processing issues miraculously. That data management and data analytics that took days of calculations are now as simple as a couple of computer clicks. Nidhi Company Software also allows a smooth Nidhi bank management for its users by automating the following processes-

  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Creating profiles of new members and storing and managing relevant data
  • Passbook update
  • Rate of Interest and total loan or FD amount calculation
  • TDS deduction
  • Internet Banking facilities
  • Salary and Incentive calculations for the staff
  • Nidhi compliance management as per GOI

However, it is worth mentioning that not every Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow has been able to provide an all-in-one place user experience so far. And the bank management and bank process for Nidhi companies are yet to be simplified. Keeping, the market needs in mind, the Appinnovix web developers’ team took deep research, and tried to automate maximum bank processes in its product. So, let us now find out what Appinnovix Nidhi company software has to offer-

Features of Appinnovix Nidhi Company Software

Appinnovix has made the most diligent efforts to automate a maximum number of bank processes. Here are the most intriguing features of our Nidhi Company Software by Appinnovix that are sufficient to beat any other Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow

nidhi software company

Managing Your Routine Nidhi Bank Management Tasks

Appinnovix has introduced fully automated bank management features for Nidhi Banks like-

  • Member database creation and storage
  • NDH 3 preparation
  • Deposit account opening
  • Loan account opening
  • Passbook updates
  • Bank statement generation

So, be happy and relieve your workers of their unnecessary public dealings. And use their knowledge, skills, efficiency, and intelligence in some ‘real’ processes. While ‘Artificial Intelligence will take care of the clerical jobs, let the ‘real intelligence’ take problem-solving and decision-making roles for your business.

Automating the Financial Processes

In a similar way, the bank and finance processes such as-

  • Rate of Interest calculation
  • Loan interest calculation
  • EMI calculation
  • TDS deduction
  • Opening of Loan account and form filling

All these Nidhi software features by Appinnovix are ready to take the load off your accountant’s chest. By auto-performing these financial tasks, Appinnovix Nidhi company software leaves enough space for your finance team to focus on decision-making. Also, the finance team can focus on business development and research work. Additionally, it will allow your finance team to focus better on monitoring and optimizing the financial health of your Nidhi Company. Also, we would emphasize that any other Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow will hardly provide such complete automation.

nidhi software company in lucknow

Automated Lending Processes

From filling out the loan form to the deduction of EMIs from the concerned accounts, now the Nidhi software is up to eradicate all the human efforts in bank loan handling. The software is capable of doing the complete process fully automated. So, now you may use your finance team in business development and customer relation handling. Also, let us take pride in mentioning that Appinnovix is the only indigenous Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow that provides such needle-to-sword industry automation for the Nidhi bank loan processes.

Let them focus on bringing more customers, and enhancing the cash liquidity in Indian markets. Be the largest contributor to boosting the purchasing power of your borrowers. Let them fulfill their dreams. And let your business goals be fulfilled as well.

Ensuring Compliance with GOI

Appinnovix team has also paid particular attention to compliance management. When it comes to a bank and finance business, it becomes imperative to adhere to government norms. Even the slightest error may lead to major consequences. A human might err, and make the entire organisation suffer. But mechanization is the key to eradicating calculation errors and adhering to the rules. While you may not expect such an in-built compliance management system from a Nidhi Software Company in Lucknow, the Appinnovix team has paid special attention to the compliance module.

So, the Appinnovix team has developed an in-built notification system that will notify the user as immediately as a wrong bank entry is made. Not only this but also the system will notify all the failures to EMI and TDS payments. So, in this way, now you need not worry about any errors, flaws, misconducts, and even frauds in your Nidhi Company.

Simplifying Some HRM Processes As Well

To add a cherry on top, our developers’ team has also provided the in-built salary and incentive calculation features. So, now you may also free your HR managers from clerical work. And you may now let them exercise their analytical skills in uplifting employee efficiency. Additionally, use your HR managers in boosting the morale of your employees. And see your organization flourishing day by day at a much more rapid pace.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Appinnovix has tried to introduce an ‘all-at-one’ place experience for the Nidhi companies. Our developers’ team has undertaken deep market research and the end product is Appinnovix Nidhi Company Software. The team has tried to compile all the major Nidhi bank processes into a single software. Nidhi banking is now a matter of a few clicks. So, now the software is waiting for implementation in the market. However, already our loyal and age-old customers have pre-booked the services. In fact, some of the companies have also started working with the software and their reviews have been satisfactory.

However, constant updates in the IT sector bound Appinnovix to work for the further development of the software continuously. And Appinnovix is already working on major updates. So, there will be a lot more to come in the upcoming times. This software by the company will enable the Nidhi companies to focus more on decision-making, problem-solving, researching, and developing the business further. The software has the potential to replace unnecessary human effort in clerical jobs. Eventually, the companies will be able to use their employees’ analytical skills to better fulfil the business goals.

Also, we must admit that our valuable team of developers and our loyal customers have helped together to make Appinnovix the leading web and mobile app development in Lucknow. And now we are hopeful that the hard work, research, and toil of our developers coupled with the faith of our age-old clients will also make us the best Nidhi software company in Lucknow.

Further, to read a critical review of Appinnovix Nidhi Company software, click right here and see what the tech experts have to say about our little new Nidhi Software weapon!

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