Digital Marketing Institutes in India

Digital Marketing is a newly emerging phenomena in India. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the importance of digitalization has been realized by the entire world. Especially, the business is now dependent upon digital platforms up to 80%. Eventually, marketing, which is heart and soul of business, too has moved to the digital platforms. Not only this, but it is worthy to mention that digital marketing has also generated multiple jobs in the Indian markets. And it is now one of the most promising career in India. So, if you too are looking forward to make a career in digital marketing, then here are the best digital marketing institutes in India to start with 2024-

Understanding Digital Marketing and Its Significance

Before we discuss the best digital marketing institutes of India, it is necessary to first understand the complete concept of digital marketing. However, many people believe that by digital marketing, we mean only by the Social Media Marketing. But that’s not correct. The term ‘digital’ is an umbrella term under which comes multiple ‘media.’ And social media is just a small part of it. Marketing a product digitally indeed means to promote it on-

  • A business website
  • Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube
  • Blog websites
  • E-Commerce platforms
  • Emails and more

These Media of Digital Marketing require written, video, animated, and pictorial ‘content’ to market a brand in the most effective way. Additionally, having an abiding logo and an engaging website are also a part of content. So, ‘content’ is the tool for digital marketing. Whereas, there are certain techniques in digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing that complete the concept of digital marketing.

In this way, one should understand that digital marketing is a vast concept. And it is a product of IT and creative skills. Therefore, its vastness also paves way for multiple positions professionally. Whenever you search for a job in digital marketing, there will be thousands of option open for you all over India. If you master these skills, then sky will be the only limit for your career!

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Institutes in India

So now when you are aware of the complete digital marketing concept, always remember the following while choosing the right digital marketing institutes in India for yourself-

  • The institute must have an experienced group of faculty.
  • Also, check their curriculum and make sure that they offer to cover the complete concept (as discussed above- Platform + Tool + Technique).
  • They give you practical training.
  • Placement assistance and training.

With Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow How Many Job Opportunities

Right now, We have just open the and check the job opening in lucknow on the post of Digital marketing managers. So we have got this result.

digital marketing job opportunities


Top 6 Digital Marketing Institutes in India to Make You Shine

Now let us find the top 5 digital marketing institutes in India for you that suits your career as well as your pocket-

1. Appinnovix Technologies

Appinnovix Technologies provide the industrial training in Digital Marketing. The main benefits of this institute your trainer is already doing Digital Marketing work, so they are teach what they did. So in Lucknow you can search who will provide best course, Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow so you will get Appinnovix is the best for you.

The Location:

digital Marketing institute in Lucknow

The Lucknow capital of Utter Pradesh that connect you easily with Delhi and Gurugram, you can easily to join best Digital Marketing institute in Lucknow as appinnovix and be a part of IT company.

Experience Teacher

In the Appinnovix We have not a teacher, We have real Developer who have more than 5+ year experience in Digital marketing, SEO, SMO and Graphics Designer, They are teach those things which is working in real time and you know what is your study productive or not.

Certified Developer of Digital Marketing Course

Anand Jaiswal Founder of Appinnovix Technologies who have Google Certified Developer and they have various skills Like Business Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Email Marketing, And Website Design and Development.

Google Certificate for Advance Digital Marketing Course

Harshit Gupta Senior Digital Marketing Manager who have more than 5+ year Experience in Digital Marketing, Specially Backlink Creation. He is very friendly and he take his juniors like a brother and teach every small things that is very important in Digital marketing Course.

Saurabh Tiwari is the core team developer, he has doing great work in the Appinnovix and also doing for his own blogging site and earn more than 1000 USD in a month using Digital Marketing.


  • Appinnovix Website:
  • Address: 1/746, Vardan Khand, Sec-1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, India
  • Courses: Certificate to Advance Digital Marketing Course.
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Fees: 15,000/-
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 9511181999

So, if you find Appinnovix Technologies suitable, then we would recommend you to kindly contact the Company with the information provided above.

2. DigiSkolae, Lucknow

DigiSkolae is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in India. You will find DigiSkolae in Lucknow-the city of Nawabs. However, there are many digital marketing institutes in Lucknow, but DigiSkolae is a trustworthy name. The reasons why DigiSkolae comes first in our list include-

The Location:

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs and has the best connectivity from NOIDA and Delhi. Both NOIDA, as well as Delhi, have multiple job openings for digital marketing professionals every now and then. Eventually, DigiSkolae has been able to make connections in both places and at the completion of the course, many recruiters come from both job hubs.

Digital Marketing institute in India

Experienced Faculty:

Additionally, the DigiSkolae faculty has years of practical, corporate, IT, and marketing experience. Yes! You heard that right! Here at DigiSkolae, you will be able to learn not only about the theory of digital marketing. But also you may learn from the corporate experience of your faculty members. Most importantly, the faculty is bound to give personalized attention to the learners.


Other institutes offer the least flexibility, and the duration is a minimum of 6 months. With DigiSkolae, you can start working in just 5 months with an Advance Digital Marketing Certification in your hand. Also, the institute focuses more on practical training and during your studies, you will be working with great companies on their live projects.

Apparently, DigiSkolae is the best digital marketing institute in Lucknow as of now. Also, once you join here, you will realize that it is indeed the best digital marketing institute in India.


  • DigiSkolae Website:
  • Address: Digiskolae, F 3, Goel Plaza near Lekhraj Metro Station, Faizabad Road, Lucknow
  • Courses: Certificate to Advance
  • Duration: 5-6 Months
  • Fees: 45,000/- INR
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 9519000321

So, if you find DigiSkolae suitable, then we would recommend you to kindly contact the institute with the information provided above.

3. Freelancers Academy, Navi Mumbai

Another shining name in the field of digital marketing courses is Freelancers Academy. Freelancers Academy is located in Navi Mumbai and is the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai for working professionals. As we discussed earlier, digital marketing is an ‘emerging’ phenomenon. Therefore, not only young students but also existing professionals willing to make a career switch are also seeking professional certification. For example, there are many freelance content writers, graphic designers, and working sales professionals are now seeing digital marketing as a career catalyst.

For these people, Freelancers Academy is a great option as it offers flexible batches during weekdays and on weekends. So, if you are working or freelancing already, there is no need to sacrifice work. But with Freelancers Academy you may study and work simultaneously. However, they offer placement assistance only within Mumbai. So, before joining check whether you are willing to make a career in Mumbai.


  • Freelancers Academy Website:
  • Address: North Side, Near Charni Road Station, 3 A New Queens Road, Charni Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004
  • Courses: Certification (SEO, SEM, SMO, Google Analytics, Email and Mobile Marketing)
  • Duration: Not Available
  • Fees: Not Available
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91937262170 (Charni Road Branch)

For Fees and duration information, you can directly contact to the institute with these details.

4. Delhi Courses, New Delhi

If you are a Delhite or simply a small town being who wants to settle in Delhi, then getting a promising job in Delhi NCT or NCR is the key for you. And Digital Marketing is a promising career that can open your gates to stay flourishing in Delhi. So, what are you waiting for? Call Delhi Courses today and book your seat in the digital marketing courses offered by Delhi Courses institute. This institute is a leading name not only in Delhi but also all over India.

Additionally, you may also learn at their NCR centers in Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and even NOIDA. Also, the digital marketing curriculum at Delhi Courses makes it the best digital marketing institute in India. Apart from the traditional digital marketing tools and techniques, they also offer specialized courses in Google Adwords and Blogging. So, you can also become an influencer with their course!


  • Delhi Courses Website:
  • Address: 410, Chabra Complex, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station Gate No. 02, East Delhi, Delhi – 110092
  • Courses: Basic to Advance Certification in Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Google Adword
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Fees: INR 20,000/- (offline mode) and INR 25, 000/- (mnline mode)
  • Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Contact Number: +91 999071 6846

5. UpGrad (Online)

However, if your work and freelancing schedules are too hectic to join even weekend batches, then online education is the best option for you. And in the field of digital education, UpGrad is the most renowned name in India. So, UpGrad is also a leading name when it comes to find out the best digital marketing institutes in India. With online batches, you can learn at your home’s comfort at any time and from anywhere.

So, for people with busy schedules, UpGrade is the right option. It also offers multiple types of digital marketing courses ranging from certificate to advanced diploma levels. Additionally, placement assistance is a cherry on top. Moreover, you will receive a MICA certificate valid all over India!


  • UpGrade Website:
  • Address: Online only
  • Courses: Advance Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication
  • Duration: 32-50 Weeks
  • Fees: INR 3, 256/- per month
  • Placement: Yes
  • Contact Number: Not Available

6. CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat (Online)

Another online option for people having tight schedules is the latest IIT Madras Digital Marketing course. IIT Madras since the time of the pandemic has been experimenting with its curriculum continuously. And these experiments are being extremely fruitful for many IIT aspirants. Now to be an IITian, you no longer need to pursue engineering. But you may also take the glory with various IT short courses offered at IIT Madras online mode. For example, the Advance Diploma in Data Analytics by IIT Madras was launched recently in 2022.

Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Analytics is another such option which is launched a couple of months ago. And the specialty of this course is that the industry professionals have designed it. Also, you will get a chance to learn directly from the IIT Madras faculty. Although, it is a collaboration between CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat. Additionally, they will also teach about marketing ‘data analytics’ which can give an exceptional boost to your skills and career.


  • IIT Madras Digital Marketing Course Website:
  • Address: Online Mode
  • Course: Advanced Certification In Digital Marketing And Analytics
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Fees: INR 5500/- Easy Installments (Monthly)
  • Placement Assistance: By Intelipaat
  • Contact Number: +91-7022374614

However, we are keeping it in the 5th position because IIT Madras holds information and technology as its forte. And marketing is not the niche of IIT. Although IT is an indispensable part of digital marketing, we opine that the candidate might not get the ‘creative’ exposure with them. But still, receiving certification from IIT is a boon! Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

So, the final thought is that digital marketing is a new phenomenon in India. The pandemic and trending culture of hybrid work and E-commerce have created a strong market for digital marketing professionals. Many existing and even new aspiring professionals are now seeing digital marketing as a rewarding career. However, having a strong IT background and a professional certification in digital marketing is mandatory to rise and shine. So, we have provided you with a detailed list of the best 5 digital marketing institutes in India. Now, it is completely up to you whether you opt for online or offline mode.

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