How to Get Leads for Online Business in 2023

Finally, after a long-awaited lockdown, the pandemic is pacing down gradually in 2023. We all are aware that many of us have lost our jobs and even well-established businesses during this hard time. But, as now almost everything is open publically, the charm of social life is coming back slowly. However, many of us had to shift to online selling platforms during the pandemic for the sake of survival. But, not everyone is ‘pro’ in the world of ‘online business.’ It is a no denying fact that when a business goes online, so goes online it’s marketing. Marketing is the only means to get leads for a business. The more effective the marketing, the more the number of leads become regular customers.

However, due to being new to the virtual market space, many people are having trouble getting accustomed to it. So if you are also facing this trouble, then this article brings you expert solutions. This article gives you 9 expert tips to get leads for online business in 2022. So here we go-

  1. When you get the leads for online Business so Get a Website and a Mobile App

So you are in the mood for shopping today. What is the first thing you would do? Obviously, you will grab your phone and open Google first. Then you will browse a couple of websites to find out the latest trends, designs and prices. However, it might be possible that afterwards, you go to the mall with your friends so that you may also hang out while shopping. But wait a minute! How many times, it happen that you are attracted to a product online so badly that you buy that as well. You might buy it a couple of days, weeks or months later. But you surely will! Now here you caught the strategy right.

Internet is the first ‘mall’ these days that people like to visit within seconds. Since, it is accessible anytime and anywhere, hence people’s first choice is always a website or a mobile application for everything. So, if you have decided to go online for a business then first you develop an eye-catchy website and a mobile application. It will increase the chances of your getting noticed among your target audience. However, you will need to market your website and app before marketing your products and services. Also, if you lack knowledge about websites and app development, then we have also explained the same in our previous blogs. So go ahead and explore them as well for further clarification.

  1. Add Personal Touch with a Phone Number, Which is Available!

Now let’s think about another condition. Scrolling down Instagram reels, browsing Facebook pages and browsing ideas on Pinterest, are now part of our routine life. You also must have been through a situation, when you really liked a product on Instagram. But you abstained from buying it for two reasons-

  1. First, it asked for your credit, debit or bank account details.

  2. Second, it had no contact details and you could not develop trust in them.

Well, it happens with all of us. Now there are possibilities that the paged you found on Insta, Facebook or anywhere else online was not a fraud. But as you had no trust on them, so you avoided buying from them. Therefore, you must learn from this personal experience and always try to provide a contact number, e-mail and postal address on your website and other online platforms. And also make sure, that whenever a potential lead calls you, you are available to answer their queries.

However, you might be thinking that what if someone calls you at midnight? Well simply put, also add the contact timing details. It will further increase your credibility in the eyes of visitors and they will understand you as a genuine person.


  1. Get Ready for the Pains of Cash on Delivery, Returns and Exchanges

Ordering a product on cash on delivery and returning a product after using it for a couple of days, is a part of your life as well. Right? We all know it very well, that online shopping from top-notch e-commerce apps has spoiled us to a great extent. So, if you are in the initial or promotional stage of your online business, you will have to compete with these popular businesses. Ironically, it is now the time to pay back what you have done with various sellers. Make sure that you provide these options to your customers on your online selling platforms. Otherwise, people will abstain from you and will shift towards competitors.

Besides, people also do not trust new businesses and new online selling platforms. Hence, they do not prefer paying in advance. Eventually, having cash on delivery option is also important. Moreover, providing return and exchange will increase your burden, but if you provide the best quality then the chances of a customer returning your product will be negligible. Hence, focus on quality and increase your flexibility.

  1. Make Your Social Media Presence Felt

During the pandemic, people have become more social on social media than in the real life. Surveys have found that an Indian spends a minimum of one hour a day on social media. And if we, count the maximum figure, the hours will only increase. Hence, create your social media business pages and do not hesitate to link your personal account with the business page. It will bring you a ‘fake’ but an automatic number of audience on your page without much toils. And maybe, some of your friends or relatives may start buying from you. Also, if they like your products, they will also recommend them to their friends and relatives. This will further multiply your leads.

Besides, one more thing we would advise you to remember. In the present-day contexts, social media is not limited to Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. Rather, social media has taken a professional avatar of LinkedIn, Reddit, Just Dial and Google Ads. Making a presence on Facebook and Instagram is much easier. But having a presence on these professional social media accounts is more important. It does not only increase your credibility, but you will find the right ‘target’ audience on these professional social platforms. Otherwise, on the non-professional sites, your business might get limited to a couple of well-wishes and queries from your acquaintances only.

  1. Provide a Demo

Indian population comprises mostly of the middle incomed, down to earth families. We Indians think thousand times before buying an item. Also, we are in habit of not buying something unless we try it and feel fully satisfied. Therefore, many people still do not rely completely on online shopping. Especially, while buying items like clothes, bicycles, exercising tools and other similar items. Therefore, you will never find a vehicle being sold online! However, in the world of online business, it is not possible to provide a multi-sensory real-time user experience. But, you can provide a detailed demonstration in the form of video to your customers.

Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and all other big online businesses, are today providing demo videos in the product description. A video demonstration usually increases the chances of a product’s sale. So, always provide a video demonstration of your product in the description section. Make the video short, crisp but informative enough. Especially, in the case of clothes and exercise items or for the items requiring assembling by the customers. It will surely help to generate leads for your online business.

  1. Partner with Well-Established E-Commerce Websites

Having and maintaining a well-developed website and mobile app may not be soothing to your pocket right now. So, let it go. Although, we have an easier hack as well. Today, the e-commerce platforms as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility are more committed to joining hands with small home-based businesses. So, you may rather list your products on these already established and popular platforms, instead of spending on developing your own website and mobile application.

Moreover, partnering with them is also not rocket science. So if you visit these platforms you will find options like ‘sell with Amazon’ and similar options for other platforms as well. Therefore, we have resolved one more problem of yours. Getting leads for your online business will be really fast if you partner with them.

  1. Optimise Your Google Ratings

Make sure, your business is listed on Google. It is because today, people also prefer to find your ratings on Google. So always, inform Google about your business. Now, you must be thinking that how can I list my business on Google. Well, if you are thinking that Google loves only famous businesses like KFC, McD or Amazon, then you are absolutely wrong. Here we are giving you a step by step approach to listing your business on Google-

  • First of all, take your phone or laptop and open Google.

  • Then a page will open, where you need to select the ‘manage now’ option.

  • So now, you are ready to fill in all the details of your business such as name, location, products, contact details and everything else.

  • Also, we would give you some ‘pro’ advice. Always, add high definition professional photos of your products, office and staff as well (if any). It leaves an everlasting impression on the visitors.

Moreover, once you have listed your business on Google. It might be possible that not many leads are reaching you. Well, this condition is because of a lack of SEO skills. So, if Google is not listing your business on the top of the search list, then it is just a matter of SEO. All you would need to do is, just reach out to some professional SEO developer for it. You may also come up to us and we can help you with this.

  1. Try a Corporate Office

Further, apart from this technical information, we would also advise you to have a corporate office to increase the chance of people trusting you. However, we are not compelling you to buy a property at all. Rather, you may start your work from home itself. So, on these online platforms, you may provide your home address as ‘official address.’ Well, we know, like any other Indian, you might be thinking what if people reach your home to tease you. Do not forget, that the leads who are browsing your business page are as suspicious as you.

Therefore, they will lack faith in you until you seem perfectly ‘genuine’ to them. So, you will have to take a risk to gain something. However, if you still do not feel comfortable, then we won’t compel you to give your address. You may rather add the address later when you buy one. In fact, a phone number will boost your credibility by 80%.

  1. Have Patience!

Last but not the least, we would advise you to have patience. In the present-day contexts, people have more restless nature. Therefore, if they do not get a profit for a couple of days or for a few months, they rush into closing the business. It is because they feel demotivated. Moreover, many of them try to switch to other businesses just within a month or two. Well, this is not apt. If you have just started a business, then you must remember, that you will not become a tycoon overnight. In fact, it takes more than 15 years to get overnight success. Success comes with time and patience. If you lose any of them, then you also lose the chances of succeeding.

So, if your business is not doing well, always make sure that you are using the right kind of strategy. You must be clear about the utility of your product and your target audience. For example, launching a 20 thousand gear cycle for adolescent children is an example of poor business strategy. Neither the adolescents have enough money, nor are their parents interested in buying such expensive ‘accidental hazard’ for them. Eventually, your idea will fail. However, launching 15 thousand treadmills for home use is still a better idea as it is a demand of the pandemic. Therefore, always be clear of your goals.

Final Remarks

Finally, we would sum up by saying that follow both technical and non-technical pieces of advice given by us. They are not going to cost you any loads of money. But taking a chance with them can help you get leads for your online business which you have just started. Also, these efforts will not take more than a week for you. So, try them once and have some patience. All the very best!

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