Top PPT Submission Sites List

PPT Submission in SEO: Top PPT Submission Sites List

PowerPoint Presentations or PPTs are one of the most engaging types of content in the digital world. Apart from being traditional and the oldest content type, PPTs also fit in the new era of digital and visual appeal.

Today, in the world of digital marketing, almost every type of business tends to allure its target audience with an engaging social media presence. Instagram reels, Facebook posts, and even WhatsApp and E-mail marketing are used vigorously.

And this necessity to master social media and digital marketing has generated a huge demand for engaging content. Undoubtedly, a PowerPoint presentation can be an effective tool to communicate more visually and less verbally.

Therefore, in this blog, today we are going to discuss the importance of PPT submission in digital marketing. Also, we will try to access the top PPT submission sites list with the help of this blog.

What is PPT Submission?

PPT submission is an off-page SEO technique in which one submits business PPT content to a third-party website that has high domain authority. As a matter of fact, PPTs have been the most traditional and engaging business content tool for years.

Eventually, posting engaging and informative PPT content on PPT submission sites helps promote your business. Additionally, it also creates backlinks and improves your website SEO. Sometimes, a business invests a great deal in business website development.

But still, his business fails to appear on the first search engine result page (SERP) on Google. Therefore, by creating business profiles, and business listings, and posting engaging content on various social platforms a business tries to market digitally.

PPT submission is also one such digital marketing technique. And in PPT submission a business posts PPT content on PPT submission sites.

What PPTs I Should Submit to Promote My Business?

Appinnovix knows that PPT submission must be an altogether new concept for many of its readers. However, Appinnovix will simplify the concept for its readers as much as possible. Simply put, PPT submission is the same as posting an image, reel, or status on any social media platform. However, the only difference is that in PPT submission you will have to post the PPT content on PPT submission websites. So, before jumping directly on the PPT submission sites list, you must first understand that what type of PPT content will be suitable for your business to post on PPT submission sites. Follow these tips from Appinnovix digital marketing experts

Pro PPT Tips by Appinnovix

  • Always make your PPT alluring and engaging with professional appeal.
  • It may be about your business, the services you provide, your products, and their importance for your TG.
  • Your PPT content must have more visuals and fewer words.
  • Even if you have to write some content, make sure it is anecdotal and presented in bullet points only.
  • Simply put, avoid long paragraphs. You can opt for blog posting if you want to write paragraphs.
  • If possible, hire a freelance PPT expert so that your PPT is best to engage your audience.
  • Avoid too dark or too light fonts and colors to make it alluring.
  • And most importantly, create as many hyperlinks as possible to your website content to create maximum backlinks.

What Kind of PPTs I Should Not Submit on the PPT submission sites?

Apart from the aforementioned do-follow tips, you should also keep in mind what not to post on a PPT submission site list-

  • Your PPT must be precise and in bullet points avoid using long and boring paragraphs while submitting a PPT on the PPT submission site.
  • Also, make it universal. Use simple English language and try not to be a Shashi Tharoor or Shakespeare. The language must be as simple as you find in the book of a 4th or 5th standard child.
  • Additionally, the PPT design must not be too difficult to read or stare at for a low-vision person.
  • Never post any abusive or inappropriate content.
  • Also, remember that you must focus on presenting your services and products as the best. And you must never try to demean any of your competitors. Otherwise, your competitor will post poor comments on your PPT and it will negatively affect your target audience.

How Does PPT Submission Help Your Business?

PPT submission is an off-page SEO technique that helps create sufficient backlinks for a business. And creating backlinks helps improve the website SEO. Apart from this, even if the business website fails to rank high on the Google SERPs, these PPT submission sites have high DA (domain authority) and a business becomes visible. Therefore, PPT submission proves extremely beneficial for a business. Also, it acts as one of the most efficient SEO and digital marketing tool for business. Apart from these technical benefits, PPT submission has some psychological benefits as well like-

  • PowerPoint presentations appeal more to the target audience. It is psychologically proven that visual scenes are not only more attractive, but also it is easier to remember information that is presented visually.
  • PPT offers a detailed demonstration of your business, goods, and services in fewer words. Therefore, not only the target audience but also your business investors prefer PowerPoint presentations.
  • Eventually, with PPT submission, you can not only improve your website SEO but also can attract some investors and receive angel funding. So, choose the right PPT submission site and give your best to grow your audience and get more investors.

So, let us now find out the top PPT submission sites list where you can improve your website SEO and grow your business-

The Top 07 PPT Submission Sites

Here is the list of websites that offers PPT submission. We will first discuss the top 07 do-follow PPT submission sites with high DA. Then we will also provide you with the remaining 15 PPT submission sites list.


1. SlideShare

The most popular PPT submission site in the whole world is SlideShare. SlideShare does not only has a high domain authority. But, also the popularity of this platform is really high all over the world. The Domain Authority of SlideShare is such that it always ranks on the first page of the Google SERP. So, it can prove the best PPT submission site to improve your website SEO. Apart from this, students rely most on SlideShare for educational notes. Eventually, if your target group (TG) comprises young adults then you can encash golden opportunities from this platform.

Say for example, you can post educational content in accordance with your product line and offer hyperlinks to your products. Suppose, you offer grooming products, you may create an engaging PPT on marketing tactics, organizational leadership, and management. Also, you can offer examples of your organization and your products.

You can access SlideShare at-

2. SlideServe

Another free-of-cost PPT submission site is SlideServe. Not only it is free of cost, but it also allows its users to upload PPTs in more than 4 languages. Also, one can create and share PPTs by creating free channels of own. The SlideServe website also claims that at present it has 1.2M users and 420k+ daily visitors. Eventually, you can not only market your business digitally here but you may also find valuable business contacts.

So, you may access SlideServe at-

3. LinkedIn

Surprised to see LinkedIn on this list? Well, natural but not needed. Although, so far people identify LinkedIn only as a job search portal. But, LinkedIn has expanded its horizon to education, content, and social connectivity spheres as well. Simply by keeping your profile or business page ‘public’ on the LinkedIn platform you can share almost any type of content with a large audience. Today, LinkedIn houses nearly 875 million users all over the world.

Moreover, you may simply upload your PPT content on your business profile page at this platform. Additionally, if you wish to share the PPT as a post only, click on the ‘+’ icon (which is add post). Then, you will automatically get an option to upload an image, pdf, doc, or PPT file.

So, access LinkedIn right here and get a free-of-cost profile and business page-

4. Microsoft Sway

Unlike the other PPT submission sites provided in this blog, Microsoft Sway is a presentation program. However, it is one of the most user-friendly PPT programs and has alluring features. And especially, if you are not willing to hire a PPT expert and cannot even create engaging PPT content on your own, the in-built PPT templates in Microsoft Sway will prove a boon for you. Also, you can share your PPT content online with Microsoft Sway.

However, the only disadvantage of Microsoft Sway is that it allows you to share PPT content with your selected friends and co-workers only unlike the other public and social platforms. But, engaging PPT content is just a ‘sign in’ away and you can use any of your Email accounts or even phone number to sign in. Additionally, Microsoft Sway is an MS office family programme but it works as a web app and you do need not to download the program.

In fact, you can access Microsoft Sway here- and see the magic works.

5. Google Drive

Our employed and student group audience must be aware of Google Drive. Google Drive is another online PPT submission platform that belongs to Google- the king of the internet. Therefore, being worried about the DA and PA scores is futile while uploading and sharing a PPT via Google Drive. However, Google drive will also allow you to share content with whom you wish to share. In a nutshell, your PPT will not be a publically accessible document. However, you will need to sign in for Google Drive as well. But the process is similar to signing in to the MS Sway!

You can access Google Drive at- and start uploading PPT and other MS Office documents to share.

6. Slides

This platform also provides you with features similar to MS Sway. But the difference is that you can share publically your PPT content here. Apart from PPT submission, also offers creative and easy-to-edit PPT templates. So, if you are not an expert PPT creator, then Slides is another platform you may rely on. Also, you can share your business PPT content publicly with this platform.

But at present Slides has only 2 million creators and the platform is still seen as a start-up. Also, the PPT templates are highly professional without a doubt, but they are not free to use. However, it is always best to give a try to every new thing as you never know what trends overnight in the digital world.

Here is the gateway to Slides-

7. Reddit

Now, let us discuss an amazing business content-sharing platform- Reddit. Reddit is an American social platform that allows its user to share business content of any format publically. In addition to sharing content, Reddit also serves as a discussion forum where its users may connect with each other to hold discussions. Therefore, Reddit can prove a vital digital marketing tool for generating leads via engaging and alluring business content. Additionally, Reddit also serves as a PPT submission site with a good domain authority (DA score).

So, you can access Reddit here to explore more about it-

In the opinion of Appnnovix, the 7 best PPT submission sites or PPT submission platforms are as provided above. All these platforms are extremely popular not only among business people but also among the audience. Therefore, you can use these free-to-access high DA PPT submission platforms for the improvement of your website SEO. Use PPT submission for online marketing of your business with consistency and raise the digital marketing bar for your competitors. Once you access and understand these websites completely, you can also access the following sites to add more backlinks for your website SEO

Some Other PowerPoint Presentation Submission Sites

The following PowerPoint submission sites are also ‘do-follow’ websites with high DA scores. Once well-familiar with the above-mentioned 7 platforms, start creating backlinks with-



1. What is PPT submission in digital marketing?

PPT submission in digital marketing is an off-page SEO technique that is used to improve website SEO. By submitting PPT content to a PPT submission site, one can create sufficient backlinks for his or her website SEO.

2. How PPT submission can benefit my business?

With PPT submission, you can create a sufficient number of backlinks to your business website and improve your website SEO. Additionally, if you use ‘do-follow’ PowerPoint submission platforms like SlideShare with high DA scores, you may also appear on the first page of Google SERP.

3. How PowerPoint Submission is important in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has various channels including business websites, apps, social media platforms, and more. But PPT submission is a less popular but more effective digital marketing tool. So, if your business already has a digital presence with a good website and social media, then PPT submission will help you to raise the bar with your competitors.

4. What are the top free PPT submission sites?

In a word SlideShare. Apart from it, all the aforementioned sites are one the leading PPT submission sites all over the world.

5. Is PDF submission is same as PPT submission in SEO?

In a word, NO! PPT submission is uploading PPT content on a PPT submission site to improve website SEO. Whereas, PDF submission includes the submission of PDF documents. A PPT submission site may or may not offer PDF submission facilities. And if not, then one can submit PDF papers on different research publishing platforms like Research Gate, Emerald, and more. However, it is going to take deep research work and will target only the scholarly audience. But PPT submission targets a bigger and less specific audience and is easier. Also, PPT submission will consume less time and effort.

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