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The Best Forum Submission Sites: Website List!

After a great response to our previous blog-‘PPT Submission in SEO’, today Appinnovix brings another unique off-page SEO technique exclusively for you. Forum Posting in SEO is another unique but effective off-page SEO technique in digital or SEO marketing. However, lesser-known, yet forum posting gives highly effective outcomes in website SEO. Many of our readers must be hearing about forum posting or forum submission for the first time. But no fear, when Appinnovix is here. As we discussed PPT submission in detail in our previous blog, today we will discuss about forum submission.

In this blog, we will first explain the meaning of Forum submission. Then we will also provide you with top 15 forum submission sites with high DA scores. So, let us make you ready to have an edge over your competitors-

What is Forum Submission?

Simply put, forums are online discussion platforms where debates, discussions, and conversations take place. Forum submission is the means to partake in such online conversations. These days, just like PPT submission, forum submission is another off-page SEO technique that may be less popular but is highly effective. Now the question is ‘why a business would like to partake in forum posting?’ Well, an online discussion may be on any topic such as new emerging technology, personal health, hygiene, fashion, or anything.

So, whatever industry you work in, there is a forum discussion topic on it. By forum posting about your product, industry, or brand, you can create brand awareness for your products. Also, you get a chance to market your product directly to the target group.

Top 5 Forum Submission Sites: Appinnovix Expert Picks

However, the internet is loaded with a myriad forum submission sites, but as per our content and web experts, the following 5 platforms have the highest DA and they are the best forum submission sites in 2023-

1. Quora

Who has not heard about Quora? But did you know that Quora is a forum posting site? Well, sometimes we tend to find things while they are already present around us. Quora is the fit example of that. This platform has a Domain Authority Score of 93 which is extremely good. Moreover, Quora is a popular platform for public discussions in India.

At present, Quora has over 300 million users alone in India. In this way, even if your business is limited to India, Quora can be the best forum submission platform for the online SEO marketing of your business. Thus, pitch your products to 300 million Indians today with a forum post on Quora!

2. Reddit

Yes, you read that right! Apart from being a popular PPT submission site, Reddit also allows forum posting facilities. Moreover, this American platform has a DA of 93 points and it houses around 50 million users from around the world. Eventually, Reddit can kill two birds with one stone. And you can post PPT and forum simultaneously on this platform. It will save you time and effort. And also, it will improve your appearance on Google SERPs by making your website SEO better with sufficient backlinks.

3. Discord

Although, Discord is a newbie in the world of SEO marketing, yet it is the fastest-growing forum posting platform today. Not only this, but Discord allows its user to share video, image, and voice content as well. It gives chatting facilities to anyone at any time. At present, Discord holds 100 million users, and the number is growing at a fast pace. And the cherry on top is that it has a DA score of 93 points which is way too sufficient for improving off-page SEO.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow offers online forum discussion facilities in the Question-Answer format as Quora does. The platform has a DA score of 92 though, the only limitation of this platform is that it is dedicated to the field of technology and stack development. Eventually, if you are in a technical business like web development, app development, or digital marketing then Stack Overflow can be a house to you. However, in the opinion of Appinnovix, this platform is best suited for the IT-schools, colleges, and institutes.

5. GitHub Community

GitHub is another popular forum posting site. Mostly, marketers use GitHub for guest posting. However, GitHub Community also allows users to hold forum discussions. At present, GitHub Community claims to house around 83 Million users worldwide. The number of users is a bit small though, but the DA score of GitHub Community equals 49 which is good enough for creating backlinks with a 500-word forum post.

How Forum Submission is Important for Website SEO and Business?


Forum Posting is a boon for our website SEO as it helps create sufficient backlinks for your business website. You just need to be careful about the keywords and brand communication in your forum post. Moreover, forum submission in SEO is not limited to creating backlinks for off-page SEO but it has various other benefits too. For example-

  • Forum posting helps in connecting to the target audience directly. You may address their queries and issues directly over the forum submission platforms. Also, it further multiplies your appearance on Google SERPs. The more you are active online, the more you are likely to be on top of SERPs. Thus, forum submission helps in online marketing and SEO marketing
  • Also, forum posting is helpful in making new business contacts. You may find business people of similar industries and make contacts with them. Hold valuable discussions with people of the same business niche and multiply your knowledge with these forum submission platforms.
  • Forum submission makes you look knowledgeable and scholarly person. It makes your business image better. And these days, the young generation prefers to believe in a wise and learned businessmen only. So, if you present scientific facts about your products on forum posting sites, the audience is likely to believe faster.

Writing the Best Content for Forum Discussion Platforms: Pro Tips for Forum Posting Content

Having understood the benefits of forum posting for business relations, customer management, and website SEO, you must now be curious to know ‘how to write the best content for forum discussion’. Well, in simple words, while you write content for forum submission, you must look as knowledgeable as Albert Einstein, Shashi Tharoor, and Shakespeare. But worry not! We are not asking you to read thousands of books, newspapers, and novels. But Appinnovix, like always, explains to you how to ‘look’ scholarly in the forum posting activity. So follow these tips-

How to Write Forum Posting Content?

Word Count

Always remember that these days, people prefer short reading time due to busy life schedules. Therefore, do not write forum posting content of more than 500 words. Unlike on-page SEO, you do not need 2000-3000 words of content for forum submission. And within this word limit, you have to present only the important facts and a justification of how your products are distinguishable and useful.


Also, the topic of your forum submission must be relevant to your product and industry of business. For example, do not waste your time and effort writing about fashion and trends when you have a mobile phone manufacturing business. Always choose relevant topics and pitch your products the right way.


Conduct thorough research on the topic you are writing for. For example, if you are writing about smartphones, then remember that IT is the most rapidly advancing sector. So, when you pitch your latest smartphone to the customers, make sure that you provide detailed information about all the features that are trending high. Such as 5G network support, processor details, RAM and ROM explanation, and so on. Moreover, over include scientific facts, the latest research discoveries, relevant stats, and numeric data and figures in the forum posts. It will give weightage to your claims. Also, add links to online accessible research topics and facts, it further improves the SEO of your forum submission content.

Tone and Language

Additionally, never use marketing language in Forum posting. Appinnovix suggests you write in a friendly tone like a blog, but present information like a scholar or researcher that appears like an academic piece of writing. After all, if you sound like a learned industry expert, only then you will be able to impress the present-day audience. However, keep the language simple and comprehensible, so that the readability of your content does not fall apart.


If possible, then also try to add more bullet points, images, graphs, and smart charts to your forum content. This will make the content readable and help you in SEO marketing. When your forum post is readable, it is more like to appear on the top results of Google SERPs. The more your content is discoverable, the more your business is discoverable.

What to Keep in Mind while Writing for Forum Discussion platforms?

Apart from these valuable tips, Appinnovix also suggests that never try to demean your competitor through forum posting. It is because forum submission websites are public and accessible worldwide. So, if you speak ill of your competitors on a public platform, it may lead you into legal trouble.

Eventually, be cautious while writing content for forum discussion platforms. Furthermore, make no false claims about your product as an experienced customer is likely to comment publically. It will also harm your image. Moreover, if possible, always take help from a professional content writer as he or she can do the job best for you!

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Content for Forum Posting Platforms

All in all can sum up that one should not commit the following mistakes while writing for a forum submission website-

  1. Never write defaming content about your competitors.
  2. Also, do not post anything on a forum submission site. Rather, write completely research-based content on an online forum.
  3. Avoid content larger than 500 words as it is a technique of off-page SEO. If you write too long content, then the bounce rate (people not reading the content fully) will increase and it will destroy your SEO marketing

Some Other Forum Posting Sites

So, now we have provided you with the best 5 forum posting sites to begin your new SEO marketing journey in 2023. However, by posting on 2-3 forum submission sites, out of the above website list, you can create sufficient backlinks to improve your website SEO. But still, if you want more, then you may go for the following sites as well-


All of the above forum posting sites are do-follow websites with a good DA score. Eventually, you can post forums on any of the above website lists.


What is Forum Submission?

Forum Submission is an off-page SEO technique that helps improve website SEO by creating backlinks for business websites. Additionally, forums are online discussion platforms where a business can spread product and brand knowledge via debates and discussions. This off-page SEO technique helps in online marketing and boosts website SEO.

Is Forum Submission same as Forum Posting?

In a word, yes! Forum posting and forum submission are the same and they can be used interchangeably.

Does Forum Posting Really Improve Website SEO? How?

Yes, forum posting really improves your website SEO. It helps your business create sufficient backlinks. You can offer links to your company website pages, online product pages, and E-commerce store pages via a forum posting. This helps improve the SEO and also helps in the online marketing of your products.

Which is the best Forum Submission Site?

However, there are many forum submission sites, but in the opinion of Appinnovix, Quora, Reddit, and GitHub are the best!

How many words should I write for a Forum Discussion Platform?

For Forum posting, the content must not exceed 500 words. It is because writing long content on forum submission sites increases bounce rates. So, try to be concise, engaging, and informative with short and knowledgeable content while posting online for forum discussion platforms.

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