Can AI Content rank on Google?

AI Content: Can AI Create Content That Ranks High on Google?

Have you ever paid attention to the smart devices and intelligent systems you use daily? Don’t you feel that in the present-day scenario, your smartphone understands you better than anyone else? Well, I do feel like that, and I can make you feel the same way through this article! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is behind such user experience! AI has conquered the world in many ways. From driverless cars to smart homes, all are the blessings of AI. But do you know that AI is now also penetrating the world of content? Hmm….sounds interesting? So, are planning to replace your demanding Content Writer with an AI tool? Stop and read this article before taking any steps! Remember that on one hand, AI Generated Content can rank high on Google, but on the other hand, it may also be too imperfect to rank on Google at all!

In this article, Appinnovix Technologies is sharing the whole concept of using AI in content creation. There is a fine line between generating high-ranking AI content and poor-ranking AI content! And in this article, we shall discuss how to intelligently use Artificial Intelligence for content creation. So that, you can get the best AI-Powered Content ranking high on Google SERP. Also, we will list some best AI content-creation tools. So let’s dive into the world of AI Content Generation

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Before understanding AI Content Writing, we first need to understand AI. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by a machine in a human-like manner. But how a machine, smart device, or intelligent system can demonstrate human-like intelligence? Well, do you ever wonder how Google regularly advertises the products you browse on E-Commerce platforms? Sounds interesting?

Let’s take another example! Watch a funny reel on your Instagram, and then keep watching similar reels every time you log in. Also, listen to a party song on YouTube and see a party song playlist immediately built by YouTube exclusively for you! All, these are some subtle examples of using Artificial Intelligence in your daily life. Alternatively, it seems that Artificial Intelligence uses us to keep us engaged with our smart devices!

In a similar way, the biometric security in your smartphone is the next level of human-like understanding between you and your smart device. Do you know that the famous Siri on the latest iPhone series (iPhone XI onwards) responds to its owner’s voice only? Even if you try hard to articulate the voice of its owner, it will never respond to you! Such a level of understanding between a smartphone and its owner! OMG! I wish such understanding develops between all of us and our partner!


Understanding the Role of AI in Content Generation

Now coming to our main matter of concern- AI in Content Creation! So, in simple words, we can say that now your smart devices and machines can also write for you! Yes, you heard that right! AI-Generated Content is any type of content that a machine creates or generates for you like a human. All you need to do is to provide a topic and some keywords to the AI content-creating tool and in a few seconds your article will be ready!

In recent years, technology has expanded its horizon in a dramatic manner, and developments in the field of AI have taken the life-experience to next level. Recently, OpenAI, a popular research laboratory based in San Francisco, California has developed a language model named Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) which utilizes deep learning to produce human-like textual content!

To everyone’s surprise, when AI tools generate textual content, it usually produces simple sentences which increase the chance of ranking high on Google! Oh, so you have just made up your mind to kick out your content writer? Well, don’t be that excited, and always remember two things-

  1. Artificial Intelligence is a creation of the Human Mind.
  2. Human Intelligence still holds superiority over artificial intelligence. There is a popular saying in our Indian culture- ‘A Guru never teaches everything to his disciple’ and so is the relation between AI and its creator!

So, replacing your content creator may not be a really cool idea. In fact, it might turn the tables on you by generating poor-ranking content that does not even make any meaning. However, it might save some of your costs. To understand better, we will need to quickly discuss the pros and cons of AI-Powered Content.

Advantages of AI-Generated Content

AI content tools have multiple benefits. Some of them include-

  • AI tools create Headings and Sub-Headings of an article or blog automatically which improves readability.
  • The Auto-gen content is usually in simple language and AI uses no flowery language which further improves the readability and the chances of ranking high on Google alike.
  • Keyword research is not a problem while generating content through an AI tool, but the AI generator auto-detects some relevant keywords and prepares a copy with evenly distributed keywords.
  • Similarly, writing a meta-description for the blog or article copy is also an automatic task with AI content generator tools.

In this way, one can judge that if one needs a simple content marketing copy in form of a social media post, blog post, or article without tolerating the tantrums of the content writer, then AI content tools can prove a boon! But, wait a minute and have a look at the other side of AI tools.

Disadvantages of AI-Powered Content

In spite of its ability to perform the process of content writing all by itself, Artificial Intelligence is still unable to compete with the creativity of your content writer. So, have a look at what AI generator cannot do for you-

1. Content Research:

Any AI content generator tool will not do the content research the way your writer does. Your content writer makes you pay through your nose because he or she just does not write content, rather it takes a lot of research to make one engaging marketing or non-marketing content!

The writer will collect statistical and scientific facts and data from reliable sources like Statista, Government websites, news articles, and research papers. But on the contrary, the AI tool will gather information from non-reliable blog posts ranking high already on Google!

2. Creativity:

Moreover, AI-Powered Content can never be out of the box. Rather, only simple informative content is presented by means of AI content generators. A content writer on the contrary knows the value of reader engagement. Eventually, the writer always designs content in a reader-friendly manner.

They apply techniques like using story-telling methods of writing, interactive tone, and real-life examples in their content to ensure that the Target Group reads the copy with interest. Especially, when it comes to marketing copy and advertising content, catchy lines and creativity are all that we need. But AI fails to fulfill that requirement!

You may get the content generated from an AI tool. Also, the AI content might look as perfect as done by humans. It will include proper keyword research, headings, sub-headings, and even relevant images. But in the end, you will have to create the backlinks on your own!

So, AI does 80% job only, and for the remaining 20%, you still need human assistance. So, there is no complete package of AI content marketing tools.

4. Adding the Right Images:

AI acts in a robotic manner and in order to get the task done in seconds, it overlooks the quality. While a human will use the most interactive and eye-catchy images in the content marketing copy, the AI tool will just copy-paste an image found most quickly! In this way, AI content is not able to engage its reader and the chances of increased bounce rate remain at peak!

5. Grammatical Errors:

Have you ever tried Quiltbolt? Hearing that first time? Well, let us explain! Quiltbolt is an AI content tool that is best known for its paraphrasing abilities. If you have done academic writing or know an academic content writer, then you must have heard about Quiltbolt. However, let us introduce Quiltbolt further, it is an American AI tool. But, if you try it for paraphrasing a piece of content you will find-

  • Firstly, it just converts the active voice to the passive voice and vice-versa in name of paraphrasing.
  • Secondly, the content it reproduces is grammatically incorrect many times! Yes! An American making grammatical errors in English due to its Artificial Intelligence.
  • Additionally, Quiltbolt reproduces the content with Artificial or programmed intelligence. Now suppose, you and your friend paraphrasing the same content simultaneously! Its programming is such that-
    • It will first convert the voice
    • Then it will replace some of the terms with a similar term
    • Later, if you rephrase again and again, it will just shuffle the words here and there meaninglessly!
  • Ultimately, you and your friend, both will end up having the same content and when you post it on different websites, it will never rank due to plagiarism!
  • The Google ranking will be hindered due to grammatical errors and the use of passive voice as both are against the rules of Content Management Systems.

So, did you understand the fact that since an AI content tool is programmed systematically, it will produce the same content for everyone? Suppose 5 people generate AI content on the topic- ‘What is Artificial Intelligence’ with the same AI tool! All 5 will get the same content and none will rank on Google!

6. Lack of Subjectivity, Opinion, and Judgement:

Additionally, while preparing marketing copy, subjectivity, opinion, and judgment on the writer’s part are the soul of a blog post, article, or any other type of marketing content! However, AI tools cannot generate opinions in a human-like manner. Although, the AI tools might pick some subjective content from other similar posts, only to paraphrase and reproduce! Eventually, it takes the soul of content away!

So Can AI Content Rank High on Google?

In a word, yes, it can! But it is not necessarily true in all cases. In spite of using AI content generation tools, Human Intelligence is a necessity to proofread the content and bring life to it with creativity. Content writing is a combination of art and science. It is the art of conveying a message to a particular Target Group in a scientifically convincing manner! When we compile research, systematic data collection, technology, analytics, psychology, and literature together, then we get a content writer!

Eventually, using AI tools for high-ranking content generation may be a good idea but it requires careful proofreading and testing on appropriate Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress engine. Failing to present the content in accordance with CMS guidelines can only make the content rank poorly. It might lead to re-writing which eventually leads to the wastage of time and effort!

Moreover, not all the AI content generators are reliable sources, but only a few hold water! So, let us now list the 5 best AI content generator tools, to reduce the time, effort, and your (paisa per word) PPW cost-

Best 5 AI Content Generator Tools


1. WriteSonic

This particular AI Content generator tool claims to produce marketing copies, blog posts, and even product descriptions. However, the tool gives one free trial, but later it becomes fully paid. Also, WriteSonic claims to be based completely on the latest GPT-3 technology. Moreover, since this article is not generated via AI Tool, let us inform you that our content writer has tried the free version as part of her content research, and she claims that WriteSonic has an easy User Interface. Also, the platform offers a set of templates for different types of content.

2. Copy.Ai

Copy AI claims to produce content for marketing copies, sales advertisements, social media marketing, and any other SEO content. Not only has this, but Copy AI also offers content in 25 languages. Although, it produces content in the simplest form of a language and is suitable for producing voluminous content only. So, if you need a larger piece of content for your Pillar-Page post, then Copy AI may be the right choice.

3. AI Writer

The best part about AI Writer is that it claims to produce plagiarism-free content. Moreover, AI Writer is also tested by our writer and it has an easy User Experience. However, the writer opines that it is more like an article spinner only and one can get no engaging content with this tool. However, the content is SEO-Friendly.

4. INK

The features of INK include-

  • 60 Writer Templates
  • User-friendly experience
  • 30 Languages
  • SEO-Friendliness
  • Ability to generate marketing content, YouTube descriptions, and website content as well

5. Ryter

Ryter is another popularizing AI content writer that has-

  • Free plan to produce 5000 characters a month
  • 30 templates for marketing copies and product descriptions
  • GPT-3 based AI generation tool

Final Verdict: To Use or Not to Use AI Content Creator, That’s the Question!

To conclude, we can say that technology is to use only! So, it is good to use AI content writer tools without hesitation. AI tools can provide simple and easy-to-understand high-Google ranking content. However, overdependence on AI content generator tools and fantasizing to eliminate the human content writers altogether is not an option. In order to bring creativity, engagement, and grammatically error-free content, human intelligence is a necessity. Therefore, Appinnovix Technologies recommend using AI tools for facilitation only. Moreover, coupling Human and Artificial Intelligence together can produce the best-ranking content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Generated Content?

AI Generated Content or AI-Powered Content is textual content that is produced by an intelligent device, system, or any other machine. AI-generated content tends to articulate human-like text. However, it may or may not be grammatically accurate and cohesive.

Does AI-Powered Content Rank High on Google?

Simply put, AI-powered content may or may not rank high on Google depending upon various factors. The choice of AI tool, its features, and also manual backlink creation together affect the Google search ranking.

What is GPT-3 Technology?

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model developed by Open AI, an American IT research Lab. This language model is autoregressive in nature. Also, it is a language model technology that tends to generate human-like textual content using deep learning, machine learning, and AI technology.

Does Google Penalize AI Content?

Google may or may not penalize AI Content. It depends upon the type of content generated by the AI tool. If an AI tool is capable of generating content in accordance with the Google Webmaster guidelines, then it may rank high on Google. An AI tool producing content as per the requirements of CMS can rank higher on Google. However, it will still need human proofreading and editing to reach the utmost level of perfection.

How to Rank AI Content High on Google?

AI content can rank high on Google if it is backed by proper keyword research. Also, if the AI generator is capable of distributing the keywords evenly, then the content has a good chance of ranking high in Google. However, to increase the chances of making the content rank high on Google, proper proofreading by expert content writers and sufficient backlink creation by the SEO team are more important.

Will AI Content Writer Tools Replace Content Writers?

In a word, never! AI content writing tools are never perfect. In fact, most of the time they produce content that is grammatically incorrect and is in passive voice. Both conditions worsen the Google ranking of the content. Moreover, certain AI tools even produce sentences that are neither cohesive nor meaningful! Additionally, AI tools do not produce creative and out-of-the-box content. Eventually, so far AI has no capability to replace human content writers!

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10 strategies for generating unique content marketing ideas in 2023

Do you know how to write unique Content Writing?

Content marketing is crucial to grow your brand and reach the right audience. It is one of the vital aspects to focus on for the modern time marketing process. Content designed should be customer-problem solving.

If you succeed in keeping up the expectations of your customers through your content, you win the game of digital marketing. Good content helps a company to gain more customers. Without appropriate content, a business will not be able to generate leads or create a concrete email listing and hence, it will not grow and expand.

All a business needs to do is focus on the latest content marketing trends and use them to strategise content marketing. We’ll today note down all the strategies to make 2023 the best year to make most of content curation.

1. Instantaneous Demand:

Instantaneous demand is the term we can use for selling FMCG or regular use of products in the market. But when we consider content, it simply means instantaneous demand stands for quality, relevance, originality and trustworthiness in content.

The readers are always finding something new, something spicy yet interesting to get profound knowledge about a piece of news or business or product. Make sure your content is unique and reveals facts and most importantly, should meet the expectations of the readers.

The quality, readability, obviously makes your content worth the read. Readers have different demands for different content and hence, it is necessary to fulfill those demands through facts, latest information, statistical figures and much more. If you keep on giving better quality content, the response of the readers will always be positive.

With an original piece of content, it is sure that the reader or prospect will be interested to become your long term customer.

2. Focus on customer intent:

Whenever you start a business, product line, design a marketing collateral, advertisement or just making out a content, it is extremely necessary to focus on the customer and his/her wants, It’s simple.

When you manufacture or design a product or serve a business service, you have to absolutely keep in mind the perspective and point of view of the customer or buyer. Likewise, when we create content or design any marketing material, it is necessary what a customer wants.

In the year 2023, it will be a necessary task for a content curator to focus on the reader’s intent. Understand not only what your target audience or a reader is looking for but also implement the demands of a reader or your consumer.

Customer demands change with time and hence, it is recommended to highly know their demands. A business has to do an intense research and implement or execute steps to fulfill the demands of customers or readers.

3. Content Proliferation:

So have you ever heard about the term proliferation? Well, it’s not a new term but it simply means how you create and present your valuable content to the targeted readers. In the year 2023, challenge yourself to think about unique and outstanding ways to present your content and stories in front of readers.

The proliferation of content is necessary to strategize. It is necessary to spread your content on different digital platforms. The content should be in the form of video, visual image, voice podcast, reels, stories and much more.

Furthermore, you can publish this content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn via mobile devices. Appropriate distribution of content attracts more and more genuinely interested readers.

Voice search has become one of the trendiest digital content attracting a thousand of young viewers since 2020. There are plenty of voice-enabled devices such as Alexa from Amazon, Google Home Mini or Apple’s interesting Siri voice generator, every device has a unique feature and helps to deliver your message clearly to your target audience.

Millions of people across the globe have invested in smart speakers which have helped them in solving business communication hassles and much more. Voice Search is becoming more and more popular and hence, marketers and content creators are incorporating the same into their campaigns.

Approximately 140 million Americans possess voice-activated assistant gadgets. FAQ content can also be delivered through voice-assistant gadgets. Your customers and readers will always have questions but you can use it to solve their queries and doubts in a personalized and emotional way.

In the future, not only people in the United States but people from different countries will invest in smart voice-assistant gadgets to enable the smooth functioning of the business. Also, this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to communicate your message clearly to your target audience in any part of the world.


5. Specialized content:

It’s a challenging task for startups and mid-sized businesses to build their brand recognition. And in order to build a brand and business on a larger scale in the market, it’s necessary to use extensive content and focus maximum on marketing to get the best result gradually.

Focus on building content that makes you unique over your competitors in the eyes of readers and viewers. It is necessary to include latest information, facts and statistical comparison number data to make your content real and unique.

Likewise, staying informed about the latest trends and development in the relevant niche is extremely necessary. In this way, through this content you can provide them with the solutions and fulfill their needs.

When you focus on specialized content, you can achieve three major goals:

  1. Demonstrate your skills and competence. Expand your knowledge.

  2. Stand out from all the competitors and you can then establish your brand in the market.

  3. Evaluate your target audience and create content focusing on the target audience

Specialized content helps a reader to get more and more ideas about your brand, products and organization as a whole.

6. Content Strategy:

The companies, organizations and startups have successfully implemented the content creation and content marketing strategy. But these strategies were implemented with no formal documentation. As per research and studies, it is concluded that almost 41% of content marketers apply content marketing strategies without concrete strategy.

As we know, day by day the demand for content marketing is exponentially increasing and hence, the importance and significance of content marketing is also increasing at a greater pace. Therefore, it is now extremely important for documenting your strategy.

It will make your content marketing strategy efficient and organized. Content marketing strategy includes case studies, ebooks and brochure strategy, blog tactics and strategy, website content, infographics, podcast strategy, video marketing strategy, whitepapers, social media marketing content strategy, email marketing strategy and much more.

In the history of digital marketing, appropriate content marketing strategy has helped businesses to get leads and clients.

7. SEO:

Just making efficient and satisfactory content isn’t a thing. But you have to focus well on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the content. Content that is authentic, original and unique can be ranked higher on search engine platforms and gets more views.

Take care of readability and redundancy of content. More than 95% of readers and users only check the first page of the search results on search engine platforms. Potential viewers and prospects can also see your content and read it more if you make content worth the read. Hence, it is extremely important to optimize your content every time you upload online.

Your content should be impressive, persuasive and worth the read. Content with solutions are given more importance. Further, use vital keywords and focus on particular visitors and readers. Google and other search engine platforms can recognize your page and compute the ranking and relevancy of the content.

The content marketing team should not consider search engine optimization and content marketing as separate entities. Likewise, they actually work together to get massive success in the marketing field.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Good content, which is worth reading, always gets appreciation. And the demand for good content keeps on increasing day by day. This is simply because content marketing and content curation is one of the non-perishable marketing techniques that can help brands to accelerate sales and business as a whole.

However, writing something worth the read and connecting with real readers is a challenging task but it’s always possible. It’s simple: read more and mention the facts.

But in order to deliver bulk content in a short period of time, you can make extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Content operations include a lot and lots of research, discovery, editing, writing and actual distribution can also be automated easily.

You can always thank social media platforms and vast platforms like Google, Netflix, Microsoft as just because of these platforms, it has become easier to distribute bulk content in a fraction of time. Infact, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a vital part of our lives. However, we have hardly noticed the same.

As per Salesforce statistics of Marketing, more than 50% of marketers are making extensive use of artificial intelligence and more than 27% global businesses are planning to bring in artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming time.

From natural language generation (NLG) to business intelligence (BI), AI is already helping in expanding content marketing in many ways. These tools help in researching the right data, examine the same and distribute to the correct targeted audience. It literally helps in reducing human efforts, time and energy.

AI gives immeasurable success and brings out interesting changes in the content marketing for growth:

1. Delivering unique experiences including understanding the demand of an individual person.

2. Creating original and curating content

3. Extracting appropriate data, making data-driven and intelligent strategies

4. Optimizing content and making content search engine friendly to gain maximum traction.

5. Providing authenticity to a business and a brand as a whole

6. Playing along the creativity

7. Interpreting and computing results

9. Align your content with SERPs and Google Guidelines:

Convincing Google and other search engines that your content is best and unique is not an easy task. First of all you have to make sure that you follow all the Google guidelines accurately. Simultaneously, you need to be aware of plenty of opportunities you are getting at the top of search pages apart from old blue link results.


  1. You need to analyze the SERPs where you need to publish your content. Just discussed earlier, you need to optimize content for getting on the first page.
  2. Review, check and revamp your content, optimizing the same for better ranking, types and opportunities.
  3. One needs to make appropriate use of markup language to exactly understand Google and its guidelines.

10. Podcasts:

Have you ever heard about podcasts? Well, podcasts are normal audio files. These are made in the form of episodes. These episodes generally include business and marketing tips, lessons or about the brand and company as a whole.

More than 50% of people in the globe listen to podcasts to gain knowledge about the company or business of a brand. Therefore, podcasts help brands to share their stories successfully and deliver their messages to the target audience.

They give a personal touch to the listener and they can be your client as they convey emotions that touch hearts.


A well-planned content curating and marketing strategy can help you to get genuine clients. Hence, you should focus on the above strategies well to make your business a success.

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