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Welcome to the website of Appinnovix Technologies. It caters to the clients looking to avail services in the mobile application development, web app development services and software solutions domain. In the passage, we and we are referred to as company while you denotes the users of the website. The content of the web pages is general information and can be changed without any advanced notification. We do not guarantee the authenticity and the accuracy of the information and do not take any responsibility for the same on behalf of the third party entity. Liabilities incurred by the users due to such information is legally binding on us. The users would be only responsible for the way in which they are using, the information and data available on the website. Readers have to take the responsibility of availing the services meeting their requirements and specifications. Reproduction of the content in any format or layout is not allowed and if found would have legal consequences for the users. Trademarks on the website are intellectual properties of the Appinnovix technology and could only be used by the third party through prior notification. We do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the products and services offered by us, and the users are solely responsible for the same. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the use of the website anytime without any prior notification.

Some More things:

  • Appinnovix shall raise the bill after each milestone, which will be shared before the start of the project and payment for the same should be made within 15 days.
  • The number of hours has been arrived at by considering the percentage of utilization for each resource.
  • Appinnovix would hold the project if there would be no response for any queries or payment after 1 week of time.
  • All change requests other than the defined scope will go through the change management process and will be charged on per time and effort basis.
  • Future Scope is a high-level cost mentioned in the document as it would be revised at the time of the actual analysis of features.

For more details contact us via sales@appinnovix.com or +91-9511181999 | +91-9580588999