Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Appinnovix 

We at Appinnovix keep all your information confidential and do not sell or lease to any third-party source. By visiting this site, you are accepting our privacy policy. This policy also states how we will use your information. 

1. Information we take 

  • Personal data 

We collect your few personal details such as name, contact number, IP address, products selected, and a few other details. Apart from that, we also gather some other information from you such as:

  • Information gathered while communicating with you as a prospective customer;
  • Details gathered when you visit our platform;
  • When you do registration by creating an account on our platform as an end-user;
  • While filling “Contact us” form on our site;
  • Non-personal information 

We also gather some non-personal information of users when they visit our website. Non-personal information includes the name of the browser, type of PC, and some other technical details such as internet service providers and details of operating system and some other details. 

2. Cookies 

We collect data that is included in Cookies. The meaning of cookies is the small text files that get saved when users visit our website. We use these cookies to provide a nice user experience on our website. We mainly use 2 types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: Session cookies are saved when you use our site. 
  • Permanent cookies: Permanent cookies are saved in your device until you remove or delete these files. 

Adjusting settings in your PC will help to remove cookies. 

3. Disclosure of your personal information 

We promise not to leak your details to any third-party source or outsider except to those stated in the Privacy policy. However, we have to share your personal information in certain situations as below: 

  • In case of selling our business to any buyer. 
  • We may disclose some of your details when it is required according to law. 
  • To decrease fraud and the risk of fraud. 

Appinnovix does not sell or rent the personal data of users to outsiders. If there is a need, we might share some geographical information that is not related to the personal data of our business partners, advertisers, and affiliates. 

4. Security 

We at Appinnovix make sure that your personal or non-personal data remains safe from loss or unauthorized access. Personal or non-personal data given by you are saved on our safe and secured servers. 

We also use electronic and managerial procedures to protect your information from unauthorized access. 

5. Third-party sites or links 

Appinnovix may link to third-party sources and sites if needed; however, we do not hold any responsibility for the content of 3rd party sources or privacy statements. 

6. Modification or change in the privacy policy 

Appinnovix has the right to modify, change or edit the Privacy policy. We will inform you about updates at the end of the privacy policy page. We also keep informing our users to review our privacy policy regularly to know the latest changes and updates. Continue use of our site means to agree to our changes in the Privacy policy. 

7. Contact us 

If you have any doubts or queries feel free to mail us at